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  1. I cannot believe this. I’m not in anymore damnit!
  2. And I’m out. Made a quick hundred. Whats next
  3. I put a grand in at 134 made about 10% so far. Holding a little before i sell
  4. Damnit of course i went in on BB instead lol
  5. Who do you have as the four? Brady, Montana, Manning i assume. Who is the 4th?
  6. I completely disagree. You’re saying Rodgers and Brees aren’t all time greats? Are you eliminating any QB without multiple Super Bowl victories from your all time great list?
  7. Sure, but he will still have more super bowl appearances and equal amount of wins as Rodgers. So if he keeps up what he’s been doing in the regular season he will have a leg up on him. As far as Brady is concerned, i don’t think his goat status will ever be matched. Mahomes and Rodgers “look better” but what TB12 has done for the last 20 years is utter insanity. I can’t predict anyone coming close to his length of greatness. He’s just absurd. He’s the most accomplished team sport athlete of all time and IMO it’s not even ******* close.
  8. Good. Let him suck in Boston
  9. He’s made more super bowl appearances than Rodgers at a younger age than when Rodgers played in his first. Tbh
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