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  1. Damn missed someone had posted it already but still hilarious
  2. Harris? Nahh… Running game comes from offensive line play, and our offensive line has been doo doo. I’m taking what Greg has flashed so far over Harris every single time. We drastically need to improve our offensive line thing. We have JAGs across the board. We need to get an anchor somehow someway.
  3. They could easily lose one of the browns and bengals games as well as Packers and Rams. Still a lot of time left, and the only teams with .500 or better record left on our schedule are the Bucs, Saints, and Panthers.
  4. Yeah, i mean I’m glad we played a tight game like this, obviously outside of the outcome. We play in a terrible division and after the bye we have Miami, Jacksonville, Jets, Colts, Saints, so i expect us to go on a nice little run.
  5. Yeah, if i have any complaints it’s that we called a timeout at iirc the 40ish second mark. We had a rhythm going that wasn’t necessary..
  6. Yep. Settled for fg too many times. Interior offensive line got ABUSED. Josh was good, receivers were good. Defense was Henry’d, and that’s about it
  7. This. I loved the call. Simmons made a great play, Feliciano got blown off the line.
  8. Smh. Good game. Bum *** Feliciano got blown off the line
  9. Why tf did we take the time out??
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