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  1. I’d give up a 1 in a heart beat for Q.
  2. Sunday is a must win in the sense that a loss would be completely and utterly demoralizing. Is cam even going to be the QB we face though?
  3. I swear i read somewhere last week we were top 5, maybe even top 3 in the league at blitzing
  4. I blame COVID for everything 2020 related. Easy out, and fits every narrative needed
  5. Brady winning the MVP would be glorious
  6. Oh good so when they play the Bills in two weeks they might combine for 1
  7. In my previous post i said his stats are there, but he’s had numerous timely turnovers that have been terrible. A case can be made that he’s still the leader of the race but he could’ve been far far ahead.
  8. Mahomes hasn’t laid an egg like Wilson just did (timely turnovers, not cumulative stats) or Rodgers did last week tbh.
  9. Sure, but how about Mahomes?
  10. Facts. He also had a terrible interception that looked like it was going to cost them two weeks ago late against the Vikings, but Minnesota couldn’t convert a 4th and 1 that gave him a second chance.
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