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  1. Not expecting much out of the Bills rookies to be honest. Aj Epenesa is on a deep defensive line that i think will play towards the vets in this crazy off season. Zac Moss i would just like to see him be a bowling ball and hammer in short distances. Hodgins and Davis are projects that won’t see the field much if at all this season.
  2. TB DAL AZ ATL DEN If we are talking strictly WR and not including TE.
  3. To be fair, i think Edmunds, and Ed Oliver will be blue chip players, but i get what you’re saying that in current state this what he has. Obviously Diggs is a top 15 WR as well. The most impressive thing is what he does with secondaries, Micah Hyde, and Jordan Poyer especially were cast offs that have become absolute studs for us, the #2 CB spot opposite of Tre has changed the last couple of years as well and still they are a top ranked secondary. Now that we have Oliver, and some better defensive line pieces i think the defense is about to go to a whole nother level which is scary.
  4. What is the best deal a Clint Frazier/Miguel Andujar package could net? They both are big league starters that aren’t seeing playing time, and need to be. We are wasting their talents.
  5. I remember this forum scoffing at the DJ LeMahieu signing. LOL
  6. This is funny. Bills have success, other people say Josh Allen sucks, our head coach (who runs our defense, which supposedly carries Josh Allen) is mediocre....soooo who gets the credit in this situation?
  7. Tyrod wasn’t starter worthy at that point though. If anything he deserves criticism for going back Peterman the next opening day.
  8. Too many battles back in the day i had with people who thought Tyrod was a stud lol. YIKES.
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