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  1. Like how tf do the Dodgers keep getting away with this?
  2. Yep it’s absolutely disgraceful and a stain on the game. You’re the Chicago Cubs, a supposed premier franchise and this is what you do? The Yankees have sucked and they are out here still buying. Love it.
  3. Zero shot in hell they trade him to the Bills. Would be amazing tho
  4. Let’s see who the Yankees gave up, but that’s a big move.
  5. I get Boone is a puppet, but his feel for the game is just the worst
  6. Idek how you trade him right now. You’re either the team selling him for pennies on the dollar, or the team paying top dollar for a massive risk.
  7. I don’t disagree that he will be here week 1, but my point still stands that i personally don’t think he cares enough either way. If he was released, he would relish in the moment.
  8. I wouldn’t go as far as saying he “wants” to be cut. But i also don’t think he cares either way. He’s very clearly willing to die on this hill.
  9. Who said anything about giving up a first round pick? I sure didn’t.
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