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  1. They suck. I’m over it. Cole, Judge, DJLM, Voit, and a couple relievers are the only ones worth a damn. And Sevy if he can get healthy, but it’s been a while.
  2. I'm still in big on SOS, as well as EBON. SOS has been heavily shorted as well, hoping for an explosion soon.
  3. People said Josh Allen sucked and the Bills should’ve moved on. I’ll leave it at that
  4. Clausen didn't have that arm, and Rosen was too much of a statue.
  5. I appreciate all feedback. And while i did name call, and i did say i didn’t want this out of anger during the first talk, that part hasn’t happened again since. I have name called in the past, in ways i thought were casual. It wasn’t great. Example i would say she was being ignorant to finances. Just to add to the perspective. I also, for not wanting to bash her on here, there were times she did these things as well. I remember numerous times her cussing at me and calling me a b word etc in front of my parents. There’s been these times that this has happened. I may have made it sound like thi
  6. It’s just hard to fathom. A. because a lot of things she had issues with me doing she did too (maybe not to the extent) but it didn’t bother me. It’s frustrating that i was/am able to look past things but she isn’t. It is what it is I guess. Just sucks and hurts
  7. She’s just so deep in her own head it’s crazy
  8. Just wanted to update you guys. Everything was going really well until yesterday. She got really emotional and said she was going to stay at her parent’s (who are out of town for the weekend, however her sister and brother in law live there too) for a few days. She told me that she was really upset because she could tell how hard i have been trying, and that it’s making her feel terrible because she’s still having doubts even with how much i have been trying. Idk. I haven’t really been “trying” I’ve still been myself I’ve just been being make respectful of the things that caused
  9. Mets Nats cancelled today and tomorrow. Making me wait for DeGrom’s season debut smh
  10. How am i just reading about this. This should be a massive story
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