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  1. 2 part question: Do you think Phillip Rivers is overrated and good looking?
  2. Do you like the Sports Junkies or do you think they are But Hurtin?
  3. After week 2 I can officially say I am hooked. I think I ❤️ the show. I was unhappy with the format at first, but now I am hooked. And Kelly looks so Hot!
  4. All NFC East team planes crash leaving no survivors. Then they win the east. They are not getting a wildcard spot.
  5. Haskin has Akili Smith written all over him. i did not like the pick
  6. I do him, wait, what was the question?
  7. Just finished season 3. 11 is a super bad ***. cant wait for season 4 ps- the bickering between Will’s mom and the sheriff was WAY too much. Became annoying.
  8. I have refused to watch this so far. am I missing out? waiting for Watchmen and getting tired, but still love Superhero series and movies. looks interesting, but it’s getting too much for me? I think?
  9. Watched the first episode. WTF, did not realize it was going to be this type of format. Hmmmm, I’m dumb, I’ll watch at least 1 more. Very disappointed it is not a continuation of the original. btw.... Kelly is so HOT!
  10. You need to have some working knowledge of the Manson Family murders to appreciate and understand this movie
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