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  1. Steelers Draft Pickā€™em List

    Nice job KJtheWicked 5 picks
  2. Who do we get with our 2 #3s?

    lmao I even posted that! Damn I am sleep deprived...
  3. Who do we get with our 2 #3s?

    CB Deandre Baker should be on this list
  4. There goes the first CB... Deandre Baker to the Giants
  5. First 3 Rounds Mock...

    They need more than 2 CBs with the offensive schemes today! And offense? You're an idiot.. It's already been reported they are trying to trade into the top 10...
  6. First 3 Rounds Mock...

    If our first 3 rounds go like this I wouldn't care about the rest... for the most part! 1. Any of these 3 CBs: Greedy Williams, DeAndre Baker or ByronMurphy 2. Darnell Savage or Chase Winovich 3. Gary Johnson 3. Kelvin Harmon
  7. Steeler Pro Day/Visits

    Or the first 3rd round pick...
  8. Not the greatest signing but they aren't just sitting on their hands.... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2825604-steelers-rumors-wr-donte-moncrief-agrees-to-2-year-contract-with-pit https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2019/3/14/18265162/report-steelers-add-wr-donte-moncrief-on-two-year-contract-nfl-free-agency-rumors-news-antonio-brown
  9. Steelers trading Antonio Brown to Bills "Rumor"

    No and there's nothing saying it's close
  10. Steelers trading Antonio Brown to Bills "Rumor"

    Supposedly Oakland offered a 2nd and a 4th
  11. Mean Joe Green, Mel Blount, Rod Woodson, Barry Foster 1992
  12. Free Agency Thread

    Also RB TJ Yeldon who has good hands out of the backfield. May be nice as #2-3 RB with Samuels behind Conner.
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    White tore it up. He looked almost flawless in all the drills...
  14. 2019 NFL Mock Draft, Two Rounds: Murray #1 Overall Pick

    You posted it Sunday! All that stuff went on this weekend...
  15. Free Agency Thread

    I think everyone agrees with the LB selections and that is top priority. But what about taking a shot at WR Devin Funchess? He is still young and been stuck in Carolina with that turd Newton throwing to him! Him and Juju along with Washington stretching the field could be nice!