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  1. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    To be fair with Peyton Manning, he was also unlucky in the playoffs The injury of Dwight Freeney at the end of the game against the Jets in 2009 in the AFC title game was a huge factor in the loss in the Super Bowl against the Saints, since the defense of the Colts were built by their pass rush and the fact that Freeney was not himself, it hurts a lot to the Colts and the Colts defense could not leave the field in the last 3 quarter(Brees was 29-32 in the last 3 quarter) The Colts only had 17 points in this game, but in the first 55 minutes of the game, the offense Colts had only 6 offensives drive! ... One of his drives was ended by a huge drop by Pierre Garcon on a 3rd down and another drive, Matt Stover missed an FG ... No margin for error and the onside kick by Sean Payton was huge 2012 is another year where we can say that it was bad luck for his team
  2. 'The Tackle' v. Harrison for 100 v. Butler's pick

    I take the Butler interception, since if this play does not happen, the Seahawks would have had 2 more chances to win this game at the one yard line. If Jones misses this tackle, the Rams would still have a chance to win, since this game would have been in overtime. For Harrison's interception, big play, but there would have had still a half to play
  3. It's embarrassing and it's a disgrace
  4. Which team do you think is overrated and will underachieve?

    The question for the Browns is how they will react if they have a adversity early in the season, especially with a young locker room and an rookie HC ... When the expectations are very high, it can be a big challenge mentally because of the pressure if the team have a very slow start, especially with a very young team.
  5. Which team do you think is overrated and will underachieve?

    Some think that the Browns will win the AFC North easily. I would not be surprised to see the Browns win the AFC North, but it would be surprising if they win this division easily... I think it's going to be a close fight for this division between two or three teams between the Ravens, the Steelers and the Browns. I do not think a team in this division will win 12-13 games, but 10-11 games is realistic.
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    at least they have Michael Jordan!
  7. Who has had a worse ending to their last two seasons?

    Losing the way the Saints have lost in the last 2 years is much worse than anything else.
  8. Of course, with 30 million guaranteed, no way he was going to be out for a long time, especially after his GM called him out...This drama is a joke and it should never be a huge story, but Brown love the attention,good or bad.
  9. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    The Chiefs Defense had been 28th in point per drive, 30th for the time on the field per drive and bottom 5 in many other categories ... I mean, the chiefs lost 2 games last year when they scored 40 points or more in a game, including a game with 51 points!
  10. To be fair,Keenum was not the opening starter for the Vikings in 2017,Sam Bradford was in week 1 against the Saints.Of course he was their starter after the Sam Bradford's injury.
  11. Peter King There is No More To Say About Antonio Brownand His Helmet NAPA, Calif. — But I’ll say it anyway: The Raiders should put Brown on notice today by sending him the dreaded “five-day letter,” which every agent and knowledgeable player would absolutely dread. This letter would mean that Brown would have to return to the team by Friday and (be an adult and) play with a league-approved helmet, or he would be put on the reserve/left squad list, meaning he couldn’t play for the Raiders or any team in 2019. It’s also Belichick insurance, preventing the Patriots or some other contender figuring they can deal with the Brown headache for four or five months if it allows them to win a game or three more. I did consider urging the Raiders to just fire Brown. It just might come to that. But the five-day letter is a good starting point, because it draws a line in the sand immediately. As Mike Florio reported at Pro Football Talk, not reporting after receiving that letter would end Brown’s season and prevent the Raiders from having to pay $29.1 million future guarantees on Brown’s Oakland contract. It’s worth doing. Brown has driven the franchise to this, and he deserves this. Today is not the day to make any judgment about Brown’s mental stability or his frame of mind. He might be fine; he might be legitimately troubled in a way we don’t know. I just know the Raiders went out on a limb to acquire him from Pittsburgh, then paid him a rich contract. Since then, Brown has been beyond childish about an issue that more than 2,000 players have coped with: wearing only safety-approved helmets in accord with a $60-million initiative in 2016 to ensure that every player wear a helmet that has been approved by a joint NFL/NFLPA testing process. Every team has 63 active and practice-squad players. So 2,015 players (some of whom might be ticked off about it) will start the season wearing approved helmets. One wants to wear a non-approved—and relatively unsafe—helmet. That one is Brown. more https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/08/19/kyler-murray-cardinals-antonio-brown-raiders-fmia-nfl-peter-king/
  12. Teddy Bridgewater

    Maybe this is because of that...