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  1. I just don't know right now.I will surely make the decision at the last minute!. If I watch this game, the volume is going to be at off,this is for sure!
  2. I respect that you and the other Patriots fan in this forum are not arrogant with this situation.It's really bad for the image of the league that a player with an awful behavior is rewarded for that. We'll see how it's going to end, but I would not be surprised if AB is an angel with the Pats.
  3. I like the defensive game when every yards is hard to win and things like that as it was the case in the Steelers vs. Ravens rivalry but games like the Packers vs Bears, it was mostly bad offense and they were too much rusty because they did not play in the preseason. But I do not like games that defenses have no solution and it's too easy for the opposing offense!
  4. With what happened in Brown's situation, I do not know, if I'm going to have the taste of watching tonight's game.I'll probably be sleeping during tonight's game
  5. Maybe not quickly like that, but nobody should be surprised by Brown's terrible behavior with the Raiders ... It would have been very surprising that it would have worked ....
  6. I don't think Brown will be able to continue doing things like that on social media with the Pats...
  7. This is what AB wanted and he found a way.
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