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  1. Parsons is a bonafide stud. Curious what off field issues there might be?
  2. The Ravens won't be able to keep all of their Olineman - but someone told me earlier that the Skill set of Ravens lineman might not gel with our scheme.... I am not sure I agree. I would take him.
  3. Word on the street is that WFT's offer for Matt Stafford was better than the Rams..... For the love of god....
  4. I love Javante Williams all season.... he's an animal.
  5. Yea but that is hilarious that he had the nuts to come out and say that.
  6. That being said - Rivera and Kyle Smith did a good job with our Free Agents..... and We were awfully critical. Darby, Fuller, KPL, Lucas, McKissic, and Thomas were all pretty good..... Do you guys not agree in hindsight that we had a good free agency?
  7. I agree. I just kept yelling "the kid can play" all wasted like...... my wife was not amused.
  8. Just a huge let down tbh.... I have been looking forward to this game all effing week.
  9. Oh man boys - I grabbed some Heineken as well but fack.... I will say this though, if we can find a way to win.... that will galvanize the team somen fierce.
  10. He is also a tremendous young man in terms of Character and Leadership.
  11. Hahha - @ET80 your right. ... I see now that your front office efforts this season have far exceeded the WFT's in term of success. But all joking aside - we are not accomplished and I am not walking around as such.... its more that the Texan's (BY ALL MEASURES) have orchestrated the worst moves of any team in the NFL For the 2020 season. Thus its childish to compare your front office to any other team ... and I think deep down inside you know that too. Any who - thanks for the laugh. You Texas fans are always the best!
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