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  1. I will be at the Browns Bears game - so maybe that will be the luck our boys need to sneak one in....
  2. Meh- Ron's earned the benefit of the doubt after Logan Thomas.... Plus, Curtis S is a good ball player who happened to get hurt.
  3. This is the deepest our team has been in 20 years.... Given the state of offense when Ron took over, he has done an excellent job building a roster. It's indisputable.
  4. Friend - your assessment is wrong. McT did not get burned repeatedly.
  5. This seems to be an exaggeration.
  6. These Cuts are not adding up.... we must be bringing in ILB depth from elsewhere.
  7. I agree - I really like our Oline depth at this point.
  8. If you don't have MD behind your name - everything noted above is irrelevant.
  9. This is a tremendously short-sighted view of the whole thing. I would like to politely disagree with your thinking here and add that - vaccinations and immunizations GREATLY REDUCE THE SPREAD OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASE. Thinking about it from your perspective is selfish. I worry every day about the spread of the disease and impact to my family.... everyone should listen to their doctors based on individual facts and circumstances.
  10. This is just so stupid. I'd sit them in a conference room and make them watch films on loop alll day about the vaccine. No practice or nothing till the team as a whole at 85% vaccinated. No cell phones. The 50% of vaccinated players would bully the others into vaccination in like 2 days flat.
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