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  1. I am currently painting tiger stripes on my face and getting ready to scream my lungs out for the Bengals
  2. I like what I see out of our Team here lately. Carolina, San Fran, and Philly are all very winnable games. Who knows - we might get lucky with Pittsburgh as well. This is the kind of "overlook" from a winning team that results in a loss. Not likely- but hey, either was me landing my wife.... still happened!
  3. We have 4 days to incite the Eagles fan base too!!! How glorious!
  4. Boys boys boys - we all know who the Game ball belongs too right? ME!!!! 11 beer chugs my friends.... it worked!
  5. I might buy a Gibson jersey. Kid is really good.
  6. That's really a bummer. Hope all is well for the family and the Cowboys.
  7. I have the rest of the week off.... willing to put this team on my back and do full blown beer chugs at the start of each drive for good luck. For this reason - I see a victory!
  8. In full disclosure I lost a ton of $$$ last week on Ohio State. This is fueling my outlook on Fields I am probably being a bit immature about my outlook on Fields; however, he just didn't look like a QB that will succeed in the NFL.
  9. I saw the game. He looked terrible .... and when he was under pressure even worse. I didn't see any progressions or pre snap reads. Anytime this kid sees a defense with such similar talent - he is terrible. Didn't he throw 2 picks against Clemson last year? Very hard pass for me.... I would take a handful of guys before him.
  10. Did u watch him last Saturday? The struggles were on full display. I don't want anything to do with him.....
  11. This... Justin Fields is a joke. Hard pass for me. Last weeks game just showcased what his critics have been saying for two years now. Dude couldn't even beat out Fromm. GTFO here....
  12. Brandon Sherff is a very over rated top 5 pick.
  13. We are a 2nd half team Let's goooo.....
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