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  1. I don't think Dan is investing in the team anymore, he's closed the purse strings. He might actually believe he will be booted out of the NFL.
  2. We should continue the trend of signing Bears O-Lineman... and grab James Daniels. He is a stud; and clearly, Nagy's cru didn't have great O-Line coaches. Leno and Lucas have been legit studs in DC.
  3. Scherff is a joke. He doesn't want to be here - just like K Cousins. INCREDIBLY overrated .... wish him a long career, just not on this team.
  4. With Sherff - 0 Wins in Playoffs Without Sherff - 0 Wins in Playoffs ^^His impact can be summarized by the above comparison. I won't ignore the opportunity cost of adding other talent to the roster that could change our success in the post season.
  5. I hear you my friend - I just don't think this years' class (other than Pickett) is the answer.
  6. We don't necessarily have to draft a QB1. Of the 8 Playoff teams remaining - 4 of them have a QB starting that they didn't draft. 3 of those QB's have taken their respective teams to the Superbowl in the past 4 Years.
  7. Sheehan said that the front office confirmed that we offered him the highest contract for a Guard and he turned it down. He can walk, not even that good...
  8. I would honestly just trade a 4th Round pick to the Bills for Trubisky. I got no problem burning a 1st round pick on a QB; but this is not the year.
  9. That's what everyone said about Tom. Wilson has the same fight as Brady - he still has gas in the tank.
  10. Spoken like a true WFT fan! NFL Playoffs + Superbowl, and it does not even register with us that it could be exciting to watch our team compete for a championship.
  11. This isn't really a valid point. By this logic, any team in the NFL would have a Naval heritage. Plus, nobody likes three syllable teams. It's either one or two- just rolls off tongue better. Everything about it is dumb.
  12. Wolves are symbolic with our former team name. Did you not watch Season 4 of Yellowstone?
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