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  1. My top 15 QB's Currently in the NFL. Rated 1-100.

    Foles is a below average QB and you're trolling me with Foles > Rodgers. I'm not biting.
  2. Cowboys @ Rams

    These guys are literally paid to be obnoxious attention seeking trolls and the more attention they get for trolling the more likely they are to keep their job. Just sad. If this clown was a poster on this board he probably would have been permanently banned by now lol.
  3. What movie are you watching?

    Without going too into detail, I don't see how this movie would be more offensive to Asian culture than any other movie displaying and/or exaggerating certain aspects of other cultures. As far as character portrayal, it basically had all the typical romcom character archetypes of any other Hollywood film not featuring Asian characters aka every other Hollywood film.
  4. My top 15 QB's Currently in the NFL. Rated 1-100.

    He wasn't particularly good under Andy Reid his rookie year, fell back down after one great year under Chip Kelly, was terrible under Fisher, and fell back down again earlier this year with Pederson. This isn't a Fisher thing, he hasn't been consistently good for any HC he's played under.
  5. My top 15 QB's Currently in the NFL. Rated 1-100.

    I don't even know where to start with this logic. Should I mention team success vs individual success, the backup QB phenomena that guys like Foles and Fitzpatrick live off of where casual fans actually think they're good until they undoubtedly fall back down again, or the many flaws to Foles' game such as inconsistent scattershot accuracy, below average arm strength, and the accompanying overcompensating aggressiveness. He has his good stretches, but he is what he is, let's just leave it at that.
  6. Pete Carroll vs Sean McVay

    An old, stubborn geezer who pretty much let his locker room tear itself apart if you listen to Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, or pretty much any other former Seahawks players. The dissent and disrespect these guys show in interviews and by their actions are astounding. I will give credit where credit is due, Carroll is still winning despite the controversy but have you ever heard anyone have a bad word to say about McVay? McVay gets all the credit for his playcalling ability, but when people on this forum ask about what kind of culture he has built just check out his post game speeches and the way his players and coaches, former and current, always talk about him. That and the humility he has a young coach in this league to admit he doesn't know everything and to let his GM Snead and DC Phillips actually do their jobs without micromanagement. Someone like Josh McDaniels was supposed to be Sean McVay and probably has a similar mind for the game but he lacked all of the interpersonal skills and humility which make McVay truly special as a head coach. That's why I want him as my HC over any other in the league right now, he's the complete package and is only just getting started.
  7. Sooners' Kyler Murray officially declares for NFL draft

    Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, Brandin Cooks, Randall Cobb are all no. 1 WRs that play at around the same size as Kyler Murray. All of them receive around 100-150 targets per season which translates to about 100-150 hits of varying degree when the ball comes their way. And for the record he's listed at 195 lbs not 180 lbs, for whatever that's worth.
  8. Sooners' Kyler Murray officially declares for NFL draft

    Logically, why would a WR be able to handle punishment at that size and not a QB? It's pretty clear which position takes more hits in today's NFL.
  9. Pete Carroll vs Sean McVay

    It's called a joint effort. I like Snead but he isn't the sole decision maker when it comes to personnel matters, he listens to what the coaches say they want and then he points them in the right direction. He worked under Fisher the same way, the difference being Fisher never exactly knew what he wanted hence confusing picks like Tavon who clearly never fit his kind of stuck in the mud offense. Yes, Snead technically pulls the trigger but I'm not even sure who would have the final say because they're supposed to be on the same page.
  10. Pete Carroll vs Sean McVay

    Except for the question is not who is the most accomplished, it's who is the best. It's easy to say Eli Manning is more accomplished than Patrick Mahomes, he has two superbowls. But who is the better quarterback?
  11. Sooners' Kyler Murray officially declares for NFL draft

    I don't really care that he's 5'10 just like nobody should've cared that Russell Wilson was 5'10. The kid has a strong arm, he's accurate, seems intelligent, seems like a quick learner given how he's been able to excel in two different sports at once, and is electric with the ball in his hands. He's a good NFL prospect who will have his many detractors due to size just like Baker did last year. Hindsight is 20/20 but there were very, very few on this board that called him going no.1 overall prior to the draft rumors coming out. Plus is it really a coincidence that Kingsbury goes to the team with the no.1 overall pick and right afterwards Murray has reportedly changed his mind and is going to declare for the NFL draft? C'mon people, you're smarter than that. There's literally a video of him saying he would take him no.1 overall if he had the chance.
  12. BirdBox {Netflix)

    Do people think this movie was actually good? It was basically the Happening with slightly better acting... If you look at movies within the subgenre, it wasn't even 1/10th as good as A Quiet Place.
  13. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    And lost another one last week on an offsetting penalties play
  14. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    Are you seriously asking how important a guy who has over half of his team's sacks is to his defense? Considering how many close games we've been in this year and how many game changing turnovers/drive-ending plays/pressures he's made this year, especially late in games, he's pretty darn important. We would almost never get to the QB if it wasn't for him and teams would probably average about 10 more ppg against us. We'd probably be about 7-5 instead of 11-1, more like the Bucs than a SB favorite.
  15. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    Then what's the point of an NFL Comparisons section then lol