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  1. 1994 NY Jets. Dan Marino's fake spike put an immediate end to the feel good story of the mostly downtrodden franchise's pursuit of their first division title since the 1970 merger. They were led by a young, energetic, new age, first year Head Coach who seemed to be fulfilling his potential as perhaps the next big time coach in the league and up to that point seemed to be beloved by his players. Then Marino hit Mark Ingram in the end zone with 38 seconds remaining, the Jets lose a game that would have had them in the driver's seat for the division with 4 games remaining in typical "Same '
  2. Tangential thought: While I don't agree with the op's idea, I do wish the NFL had an inter-conference rivalry week(or border wars if an inter-conference matching doesn't work). Yep, along the lines of college football's rivalry week. So there'd be an annual battle of NYC, PA, TX, FL, CA (2X), MD, The Mojave Desert (AZ vs LV). That's all I can think of for now but the rest of the matchups can be decided by someone with a higher paycheck than me lol. Do it maybe week 8 or 9 as a mid-season treat for the fans. And I'm aware many of these matchups occur in the preseason but I'm not too concer
  3. He speaks the truth. It was mentioned in the John Elway / 1983 Draft 30 for 30 on ESPN. The same draft that gave your team Tony Eason
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