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  1. I get the appeal of these type of topics (and I know it'll never end), but I don't understand the point of it either. Trying to compare one player's impact from one sport to another is as useless as debating whether Lebron would make it in the NFL.
  2. I honestly don't have any problems with the Pats staying put for Mac Jones and not giving up future assets for Fields. I personally have very mixed feelings about Mac. Meaning I don't think he will necessarily be a "terrible" QB in the NFL but his ceiling is relatively low IMHO. Had Fields not been there at 11, I guarantee the Bears would've jumped ahead of the Pats to get him. That said, if there was one team who I thought could maximize his talents was the Pats simply because of the strong relationship between Belichick and Saban. Two coaches who are real friends and both of whom I h
  3. "doesn't have the mind to dominate in the NFL" LMAO. I wonder what that "something" is but at the same time I'm afraid to ask.
  4. Something tells me this dream still wouldn't crack the top-50 weirdest you've ever had.
  5. It's not a stretch at all. That's how shared revenue works. 60% of ticket sales goes to local funding (home team) while 40% goes into a shared revenue (away team). The total amount of shared revenue is then spread out equally among all 32 teams at the end of the year (after owners take their share) which is then used to calculate the salary cap for the next season. For example, the NFL made 12B this year in total shared rev. Per the new CBA, the owners are supposed to pocket 51-53% while the remaining 47-49% go to the players. 49% of 12B = 5.84B 5.84B divided by 32 teams = 1
  6. Nick Foles. Simply because he introduced me to some good coffee at relatively cheap price. Long story short, he makes Keto coffee for every player in the locker room on his own dime and when he talked about it in an interview I was intrigued so I tried it and haven't look back. FWIW tho, he gave detailed instructions on how to make it like he does and so I was gonna try his way first.......bad call. The oil he uses has the strongest and nastiest taste of any product I have ever tasted that has NO ACTUAL taste. It was so bad I seriously felt like the cup I used tasted like that oi
  7. Wouldn't it be our luck if Mitch turned out to be a top starter under a new regime and Fields ended up busting lol? Could you imagine the amount of backlash? My god. I know it's typical of fans to say "i'm done with this team"....but I legit think this particular scenario might be enough to put alot of folks over the edge and actually jump ship. Hell, I can't even say for certain that I wouldn't. It would literally make me question everything I think I know about life.
  8. As far as College though, I think another aspect about rebuilding a new stadium and raising the seat limit is that the stadium would immediately become future proof to host more College events too. Especially when College players inevitably start getting paid-- (which should be used as a good selling point as well. Atleast that's how I would see it as an owner/invester). And if/when that happens, you best believe the NCAA and players alike are gonna wanna play their title games in the largest stadiums in order to maximize their profits. Right now the only competition in the state is ND du
  9. Latest? 2023 offseason when his contract expires. Possible destinations; Broncos, Dolphins, Texans, Steelers......... Saints, Falcons. Probably somewhere in that order. If the Packers do trade him AFC will be the priority if they can help it.
  10. BJS was trying to score with pot shots that lookd very weak. Canelo's head movement slowed in later rounds but was slipping alot of them early.
  11. What the hell. I gues it lasted longer than I thought and BJS did much better than I thought.
  12. You aint lying. I've missed this so much in sports. I got it 5-3 Canelo.
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