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  1. You're claiming sacks matter but ONLY when it fits your narrative. Using sack numbers to justify your blatant homerism and hate for another team/player only makes you look more like a fool. Why was he better? And by what numbers?
  2. Unrelated question and then continue. When was Derek Carr and Alex Smith in this thread?
  3. I know, right. Just like Aaron Donald was snubbed in 2017 with only 8 sacks and Shaq Barrett was snuffed HARD last year league leading 20. I'm shocked he didn't win it either. Highest number of sacks = DPOY = El Ram logic.
  4. The problem with this argument is that 2 of those TD's(Graham+Miller) were so well timed and well placed in spots that even the best CB/DB would've had trouble defending them. The game winning TD to Miller speaks for itself. The defender played it as well as he could've. There are some plays where a defender can play it perfectly but still get it wrong. He could get beat by a good pass &/or good catch and that's exactly what happened. It didn't matter what player you had CB.....it was going to be a TD regardless. Those are called 'indefensible' plays. Now, putting a 6'0 corner on a 6'7 TE at the goalline in man-coverage is on the coaching. That made it way too easy. Nagy LOVES to run short stick/hitch/hook routes that put the WRs/TEs in better position to win those one on one matchups against smaller guys in man coverage and the Lions fell for the bait. Those type of routes are about timing and the QB and WR/TE have to be on the same page. The QB has to release the ball at the exact time that the WR/TE is coming out there break and they have to be ready for it. Which is exactly what happened. Mitch through the ball behind Graham, just in case the timing was off, because there was no way in hell a 6'0 DB was was going to stop Graham from getting to the ball. And if Graham's timing was off...incomplete pass. Live to play another down.
  5. Yeah I wasn't saying that you said Mitch was bad. I was talking about the people who think he did play bad 3 quarters. I was only saying that I will respond more into your post when I address them. The NFL FINALLY released the all-22 tonight so I'll start doing a breakdown tomorrow.
  6. If a team has to pass the ball over ~50 times in games, chances are they won't win.
  7. I think you could say the same for almost any QB. That said, it's been two games into his career. Albeit against the Chargers and Browns.
  8. If you're going to be an idiot, why not act the part.
  9. I was just having fun with it because if I had to pick any state for this to happen in, it would be Florida. Protesting for being delusional idiots that puts others at risk during a world-wide pandemic is not a protest.....it's simply just a bunch of uninformed idiots running through a store screaming and craving for attention. I don't care about this enough to debate it. But, for one, I don't know if they were or were not kicked out--maybe you do? It's not something I'm going waste time following up on. Two, most stores like Target, Walmart, Meijer, etc are largely running short staffed as it is, especially during this pandemic, so expecting them to respond immediately to a bunch of idiots who suddenly decide to a storm the place is not realistic.
  10. Hey, if anything, I actually find it entertaining. I have alot respect for vans for protecting his hill(s) like he has. It may be outlandish but goddammit that's HIS spot and he ain't moving from it.! It's actually inspired me to wanna start saying Mitch is only a bad QB because his OL sucks, his supporting cast sucks, his coaching is horrific, and his defense is bad.
  11. It was a tough week for Kickers. There were a total of 16 missed FGs in week 1. That's the most in a opening season week since the strike in 1982 (18 misses). League wide average for Kickers was 76.1%. Tied w/ 2010 for the lowest since 1999(75.0%). Kickers on 22 different teams missed a FG. Most since 2012 (23).
  12. Yeah, this is why I'm still cautiously optimistic about the offense right now too. It gonna take consecutive performances before I get my hopes up too high. One game in the books, let's see if they can keep it going.
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