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  1. I can't believe he's already 33 years old. Jesus time flies. I remember grading him pretty high in the draft and was surprised he slipped as far as he did. I thought for sure he was one of the safest picks in the drafts at the time. Then the Steelers drafted him, and then went on to hire Muchek, and I thought that was the best thing that could've happened to him. He was solid but never lived up to the expectations that I believed he was. Needless to say, I was wrong. Shows what I know I guess lol.
  2. Bears DE: Akiem Hicks LT: Charles Leno RT: Bobby Massie TE: Jimmy Graham NB: Buster Skrine
  3. You mean kind of like your post? I never said he couldn't post what he wants.
  4. I didn't consider them because that would be insane. The Jimmy Johnson value chart is very outdated. Especially since the 2011 CBA. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/10/bill-belichick-every-team-uses-the-same-draft-chart/ The 1990s Cowboys were built in large part by Jimmy Johnson’s wheeling and dealing with draft picks, and Johnson developed a chart that demonstrated how to value draft picks. Soon every other team started using the same chart. That chart is now obsolete, as the rookie wage scale and research showing greater value in accumulati
  5. ummm.....okay? No disrespect pf9, but these random thoughts and ideas you have rattling around in your head doesn't really leave a lot to discuss because they are just that....random thoughts. Posts like these leave no room for discussion. They are no open-ended questions or ideas to even build on. And again, I wanna reiterate, that I mean no disrespect here. I have read threads from you, similar to this one, and I have made an attempt to further the conversation in order to try to generate some sort of discussion, but it fails because again there really isn't much to go on.
  6. Agreed with both teams. I really think both teams are only a good QB away from being true contenders. But, as Forge said, it's too early to tell because a lot can change in the next 6 months.
  7. Oh, no doubt. Foles will be fine. He seems like a very good guy who really goes the extra mile to look out for people around him. He makes this keto coffee for everyone on the team to help keep their diets in check and by all reports acts as a sort of mentor to a lot of players. Hell, I even drink his coffee now lol, save for the keto balance ****, the oil is too strong, and I don't need it. Leaf is a head case. Well of course they do. That was the whole point of adding a rookie pool in 2011. Before that players were getting paid like a top-3 player before they even set foot
  8. They already knew what they had in Geno, and it wasn't good. Geno started 2 years and then lost the starting to Fitz and then Fitz was benched for Geno after about 8 games when he was leading the league in INTs by a wide margin. Then Geno was benched again for Fitz. It was kind of like the Mitch/Foles thing here last year. Foles has better touch and better control. Both are statues in the pocket, neither can anticipate routes, and both are easily fooled by defenses. Neither of them are starting quality QBs.
  9. Cmon AZ, with all due respect, I don't think you thought this through because you're not making a fair comparison here. Not all draft picks are treated equal. Claiming the Rams moved up with only one 1st, two 2nds, a third, etc mean nothing without context. The Rams had more draft capital to offer in the first 2 rounds ALONE (514) than the Bears do in their entire draft combined (449). --The Rams had 645 points worth of draft capital to offer in the first 3 rounds alone while the bears only have 430 to offer. That's a HUGE gap in value. A 215 point difference in value to be exac
  10. I want nothing to do with any QB who was benched for Geno freaking Smith. Foles is better than Fitz. Lol. Imagine being Foles right now. First there were rumors about the Bears going after the guy who kept him on the bench (Wentz), and now the Bears going after the guy he was benched for (Minshew). All of this after losing his job to Mitch. Someone would need to check on him.
  11. I was in no way, shape, or form calling anyone on this forum an idiot. I was only speaking in general to the idiots on social media who believe everything they read, which are usually only headlines b/c they have the attention span of a light pole, and feel the need to dramatize and overreact about EVERY little thing like high-school girl's. A player could tweet "I'm tired" and these idiots will automatically assume he hates the coach, his teammates, the city, and the entire planet. And yes...they are still idiots...whether anyone likes it or not. They were idiots yesterday, they are stil
  12. Never believe what you read from the media at this time of year. Alot of it is used as a smokescreen. Unfortunately, you have idiots who do believe everything they read on twitter or other social media outlets.
  13. Wilson is not being traded. Seattle would have to take over 60 million in dead cap to trade him. It's funny how he decided to be so vocal about of all of this right after the same time he was already set to receive his 19M in guaranteed money for 2021.
  14. It's much easier to deal with when it's only done in text. I've never met anyone who talks like that in real life but I imagine the convo would not last long. I congratulate it because I'm on my 12th or 13th lol (we got married on my b-day Oct 4th 2008). The fact that you survived this long is a blessing. That's more than enough to be thankful for. LMAO. Damn. I feel for Ty though. Even though he brought it upon himself lol, right Seabears? (or whatever else that he used to call you lol) Yeah... yeah there was. And also how I imagine how you fight lol. Which speaks
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