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  1. Wait. You think the Bears ST isn't good? Based on what? Wins and losses LMAO.
  2. Yes sir. The game has evolved tremendously over the years. The days of protecting a QBs "blindside" and prioritizing the LT spot over the RT position has been long gone since QB's have become more athletic and versatile and offensive play calling have become creative or diverse to make better use of it than they have ever have been. And in turn, defenses have made adjustments to counter it. The days of "putting your best rusher on the blind side" are also long gone as well. In today's era, you need 2 good OT's on offense and 2 good pass rushers on defenses to have an effective unit.
  3. This checks out. Which makes the decision to run a QB sneak that much more questionable vs running a pass play or taking an easy FG to take it into OT. Especially when the pass protection was working so much better all game vs the run game. Source: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/down-and-distance/2021/defense
  4. The Titans defense haven't been good for about a decade now and they were down to scraps at DB in this game (especially when Jackson left the game). And calling a QB sneak with the game on the line when the OL was having trouble getting a push up front on most run plays all game while also doing pretty good in pass pro was a questionable play call at best. He had two better options here IMO. Keep to the strength of offense and call a pass play to get a first down or TD. Or kick an easy FG and trust your offense to move downfield in OT against a defense that hasn't been able to stop you. I
  5. With the game on the line, yes.
  6. Same. Especially when your offense has shown it can move the ball downfield almost at will.
  7. Duide. Jay Cutler went head on with a defender in the endzone and did a spin he got hit so hard and played for another 10 years.
  8. Eliminating the wedge rule back in 08 or 09 was the first step in the NFL trying to help create more offense. And I blame Devin Hester for the rule change.
  9. Between the rule changes and the refs nit-picking there almost no point in having kickoffs anymore.
  10. Well....apparently the defense agreed with you.
  11. Every QB in the league leaves plays on the fields. The rate at which it happens is the most important part.
  12. I might be alone but I don't have an issue with the announcers accidentally saying the wrong name from time to time. Everyone has done it. Even trhe greats like Madden and Al micheals and everyone of us would do it too. Remembering the names of roughly 150 names for a single game on live TV has to be tough.
  13. Smart play by tannehill to knock that down.
  14. This is sort of moving the goal posts tho by throwing in a completely different element to the topic.
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