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  1. The biggest problem with this is using EPA/play. EPA itself is a weird equation in order to try and separate each individual on the field and rate each player impact based ONLY on the outcome (it's only using raw data and not actual film study). Which itself is wrong in so many ways. Something like this can work with the NBA where only one player can make a difference, but the NFL is the ultimate team sport and there are too many players and factors to put this into any reasonable variable.
  2. Describe the word native and what it means to you. Technically, the indians stole this land too thru war. But to stay on topic. I'm good with just Washington football team for now until the heat settles down and then we can revisit this. There shouldn't be a rush for a name at this point. Especially right now during such a fragile time. Let things cool down a bit.
  3. Did you see that graphic that PFF put out 2-3 days ago? Tanny over the past 30 (?) games has statistically outplayed Mahomes in every major stat but yards. I know these posts are old but I just read it so it's new to me. Nacho, your unwavering amount of loyalty to Tannehill at this point makes me feel obligated to ask for your address so that I personally can buy you some Tanny merch and have it sent to you. Your level of commitment to a former player is on Mission/Barkely levels, and it's admiral and inspiring at the same time. All jokes aside tho. I do always ap
  4. Thank you for such a compelling argument, but next time I would prefer to talk to your parents. I get that and that may be true, but wouldn't you say the same could be said for just about any team in any given week tho? Who were the Steelers missing? Who was playing thru injuries? It works both ways. I understand that playing thru injuries are tough and def have an effect on a person's play.....I'm not denying that at all. But I also understand that; A) not all positions and injuries are equal. B) Their counterparts may also be playing thru injuries as well too. C) Alot of injurie
  5. A few players that come to mind. Some of which may not constitute as late round picks but just some that I remember being high on that never reached their full potential for whatever reason. Charles Spencer. The big 6'5 350 mobile freak with a nasty streak that moved like he was 6'4 250. I had high hopes for him and often compared him to Steve Hutchinson at the time. In fact, I actually wanted the Bears to take him instead of Hester (again...shows what I know). Unfortunately he injured his leg pretty badly and could never recover (IIRC--I'm too lazy to look this up right now). Nathan
  6. Biggest upgrades IMO 1) Getting Cohen back is a bigger upgrade than Williams is. I don't see Williams as anything much more than a well-rounded depth player on a 1-year trial run to give Herbert a chance to get acclimated. Decent to solid, offers a good change a pace for a few plays, but not great at anything. 2) Revamping the OL and it couldn't have happened at a better time. I'm never against any team rebuilding the OL to protect their potential QBOTF, so good on the FO for giving Fields a solid OL to grow with that include a good mixture of both vets (Whitehair, Ifedi, Wilkinson) and youn
  7. Interesting, but still terrible. Is that what you mean? Tebow had the one of the slowest releases in history, had terrible footwork, couldn't read a blitz, couldn't digest a playbook, didn't understand OL reads to get on the same page with his OL, and couldn't read a defense to save his life. He was terrible. They are certain intangibles that can be taught and ironed out in the NFL through good coaching and better prep, but there are levels to this. Tebow was never a good passer, and that was never going to change. Could it have been better with a better staff....sure but how mu
  8. I'm taking ANYTHING GB fans say about ANY player with a large grain of salt. Especially QBs. Their fan base feel so entitled at this point that they will turn on ANYBODY at the drop of a dime. Don't speak bad about em when the QBs are doing good or otherwise you'll be met with a barrage of "your just hater". But the second said player has any animosity then toward the organization then it's suddenly "eff him, he's overrated, etc". They did it with Favre and now their doing it with Rodgers. As a Bears fan, the sense of entitlement is extremely appalling to say the least. I can't wait until
  9. It happens often but people tend to forget about most em after the draft (myself included). That's only because he couldn't hack it. Playing LB in the NFL at the age of 35 is easy. It's even easier while playing for an organization that just treated you like crap after being the face for the last decade and a half.
  10. But is it really tho? Or are you possibly letting your bias get in the way of your opinion? I have no dog in this fight. In fact, hold up....that's not really true either. I ACTUALLY HATE the Steelers. But again, I could see an argument either way. There's no definitive answer IMO and I've already addressed this. Let me be even more clear. If you think the Browns have a better roster than the Steelers and Ravens, then fine. I have no issue with it. But to act like the Browns roster is so much far superior seems ridiculous to me. Much less the 3rd best roster in the league. That's a
  11. Were all of those charges in different counties/states? I'm not sure...I'm only asking because that matters too. Man our justice system is so messed up lol.
  12. I strongly disagree. He was a big part of the reason why they were in the Super Bowl to begin with. He absolutely deserved his contract at the time. Your only looking at it in hindsight.
  13. It's been about 10 years since I've been involved in fantasy fb. It's just not my thing anymore. Too much upkeep and not enough time.
  14. Urlacher was a safety turned LB and we seen how his career went.
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