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  1. I did read what you said. You said he was a model citizen since being a Raider and I showed you an example of why that isn't true at all but you choose to blindly ignore it and call it "fake news". He's a dirty player. Always has been and always will be.
  2. Alot of them do. Alexander, Lattimore, Jaylon Johnson...just to name a few. The CB position doesn't have a huge learning curve.
  3. Yeah, he just pushed him a little. I don't think you know what that means. Show a play from last nights game that's equally as dirty then? I'll wait. He shoved his head into the ground face-first after the play was over and you guys are still defending this POS of a person and player and calling Incognito of all people a "model citizen" LMAO.
  4. Then what else are you basing it on? Are you watching every QB/team? Edit: I still respect the effort but the method seems very flawed.
  5. That's true and I didn't even think about that. They are so many different ways that this all plays out if the trade doesn't happen. We can argue hypotheticals all day long but noone of really knows.
  6. None of the defensive players that the Raiders have drafted have even come close to being even average at this point.
  7. I don't know how I didn't see this post until now but I'm glad that I did, nonetheless. I don't necessarily agree with some of it (Foles), but it's nice to read an opinion from an outside POV with no agenda. Unfortunately it won't matter though. I've been saying some of these very same things for years now and it falls on def ears because we have some idiot fans who want their cake and eat it too. Fans liked Pace trading for Mack, but were are also mad that we didn't have the resources to fix other areas. Fans were upset about the TE position after last year and are now upset about Pace drafting a TE with the 1st pick. Fans are upset about the starting corner position last year and wanted a replacement for Prince, but now they ***** because Pace drafted a CB---who has played well and is part of a defense which is the ONLY reason we have won games. You can't please some of these fans. They have this utopian idea that it can all be fixed with a new GM. They seem to think that any GM who drafts a good QB means they're a good GM. And I wish to hell that you or ANY Packers fan would come into this sub and explain to these morons that it takes more than just a QB to win a SB.
  8. Yeah tonight it worked out because Mcvay was going against a heavy blitz system (Bowles) so it made sense. But I don't think it's a reliable scheme against most defenses IMO. I wasn't talking about AD as a player but rather how the voters judge MVP. FYI, I don't agree with their logic.
  9. Maybe in a utopia world of football, maybe. But as it stands. QB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everyone else.
  10. The thing about McVay's system is that he likes to use ALOT of play-action and that requires a working run game to work consistently. You can't keep running a PA and relying on your pass game when the defense doesn't respect the run game
  11. Grossman was garbage. The run game/blocking, defense, Robbie Gould, and Hester were the only reason were even in the super bowl to begin with. The Bears are a cursed team. But some Bears fans seem to think changing GM's is going to fix everything.
  12. You know....I was drinking slow and casual, Jofos. Having a good time and then you had to go and bring this up........
  13. Touche'. And so do I. And I remember spending more time than I should have needed too explaining to those people how ridiculous it was. So let me rephrase; All bears fans SHOULD be experts at this point. lol.
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