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  1. Favorite Team: Bears Week 2 pick: Denver Broncos
  2. Speaking of which. Let's be direct here. 1) Do you think Fields will be a good QB? 2) Which other two QBs did you have in front of Fields? (edit; I'll be surprised to get an answer)
  3. Names 5 players in a 7 year span* Congrats, you just put Pace in the same field as 31 other teams. Yeah.....that's considered false narrative.
  4. When Fields get's the start and ends the season on a high I just want everyone to remember they questioned the coaching staffs apporach. We wont win with Dalton but fruck this season if it means having a legit QB for the next decade.
  5. Stop it. I have never said either of these things so don't start putting words in my mouth just because it doesn't fit with your very own "written bible" that Nagy is somehow developing Fields wrong before he even takes a snap in the NFL. I'm only calling out fans like yourself who have spent an entire offseason complaining about Nagy being patient and cautious with Fields and how "Fields should start" and him getting "1st team reps" is the best way of development....whilst also spending the last 100 years complaining about this organizations inability to show patience, proper development
  6. Where does Saquon Barkley rank among busts? Currently about 152,567th....give or take a few. This forum never ceases to amaze me. He's only 24 years old and only 2 games into his 4th year and you're already calling him a bust?! My god....I understand a RB's shelf life is relatively short but damn. This is further proof of just how fickle some fans are. I guarantee this thread wouldn't even exist right now if the game wasn't on prime time and/or he had 100 yards last game. But because he didn't (while playing injured) now all of sudden he's a "bust". Threads like these are a
  7. People might complain about teams that look bad on paper being on primetime but more times than not they end up being more entertaining than those you would expect to be a good game.
  8. They shouldn't have even had to attempt a FG to win if you go back to the Joines TD that was taken away by a false call.
  9. Please do not encourage him. Next we will have a "games should be played in space" thread.
  10. Big markets>>>more investors>>>more money
  11. He's playing injured too. I imagine that some effect.
  12. I apologize for everything I said about Heinicke
  13. Meh...blindside hits dont impress me.
  14. Theres a rule....if you can touch the ball with 2 hands then you should catch it.
  15. I was thinking the same thing. That face was Eli 2.0 no question.
  16. Slayton should be cut.....not after the game but right NOW.
  17. The promise land for us is a throw further than 10 yards. That's a pretty low bar.
  18. *Revised. I think is this what you meant to say lol.
  19. IDK....Your playing against WAS offense with Hienecke at Qb. I think I take the points and leave it it my defenses hands.
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