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  1. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I'm too lazy right now but somebody remind of how often a cornerback that gets taken in the 2nd round doesn't start for their team? The C19 may be an issue, with vets getting the upperhand, but the only competition JJ has at this point is Roberson and Toliver. Pace beat out about half of the league to get Roberson and, let's be honest, Toliver didn't play any better last season than a broken down Prince did.
  2. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    I was trying to be nice and ignore it but yeah....that's what it is and we all know it at this point. I strongly disagree with this. He has been playing in the NFL for ~7-8 years and If he was that good then he would have already found a starting job. Instead he has been bounced around to 5-6 different teams. There's a reason why he has been a back up QB. Secondly, do we even know the offense at this point? Claiming that Foles knows the offense is a stretch. Especially considering that one of the 5 or 6 offenses that Foles has played second fiddle too was featured on an offense that was co-operated by Nagy himself back in 2016 with Alex at the helm. If Reid and Nagy saw no value in him, then what does that tell you? Foles is not a starting caliber QB....he has been lucky. He played in the same offense that has made Wentz look good. That said, Foles is a high end back up QB and that's what he was brought in for. Foles>>>>>>>Chase <equal> improvement.
  3. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    I actually think you're wrong about that. I think we'll have fun watching this guy contribute. This is just another case of bearddown riding the coat tail of Windys' propaganda. Don't ask him to back it up with facts or actual game play though. That's difficult for him.
  4. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    I hear ya. No, there wasn't any major additions added to the offense, but I think the more significant changes that we will see comes in the way of the offensive play-calling and seeing more 2 TE set formations now that we have Kmet. This was something that we couldn't do in 2019 that worked well in 2018. In 2018 we ran 21% of the plays from a 2 TE set and only 13% in 2019. This was largely in part because Burton. This will help in a few different ways. 1) It will allow us to keep a TE in to help block more to help the OL. 2) We will see a reduction in plays designed for Cohen in the backfield. 3) Give Mitch better security blankets.
  5. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Very weird indeed.
  6. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    While this may be true, we still had holes that needed to be filled. Plus, we needed to keep the strength of our team as strong as possible and these additions, presumably, does just that.
  7. Does more need to be done?

    One thing I read recently about Kaep def speaks to how conservative team owners are. It was suggested that they approximated back then that if any owner would sign Kaep they would lose an estimated amount of gate sales (forget the number but it was a significant amount). And that makes sense. Afterall, it's a business.
  8. Had To Share This With You All

    I wasn't impressed with Love as a prospect. But the one thing I hate about the Love pick is that he gets to sit behind one of the best QB's of all-time and the Packers ALWAYS seem to get it right. I swear I'm gonna scream if he turns out to be another HOF.
  9. Had To Share This With You All

    There's a large gap in your logic. You are essentially saying that if a player is drafted at 33 instead of 32, or 28 instead of 37, then there's automatically less of a chance of him being successful just because he didn't get drafted in the first round, and not only is there is so many things wrong with this line of thinking but it's also false. Your blowing this out of proportion. He has hyped up his players every year for the last 2 seasons about MVS, Jones, Williams, and Lazard. It's HIM who has been messing up. The only thing they have really ignored is the TE position. Not everything can be fixed all at once. Again, the defense has needed alot of work for several years now and their lack of development and missing on picks has hurt them alot and has caused them to continue playing catch up. Their poor defense has wasted the majority of Rodgers career. 2016, 20th ranked defense so they drafted Kenny Clark, Blake Martinez, Fackrell, and Dean Lowery. to shore up the DL and ILB. 2017, 20th ranked D with the 27th worst pass defense so they drafted CB Kevin King, S Josh Jones, DT Montavius Adams, and LB Vince Beigel to help the secondary. 2018, 29th ranked defense with the 28th worst pass D so they drafted 2 CB's in the first 2 rounds, another ILB in the 3rd, and added both Smith's and Amos in free agency. Meanwhile, over the same span (from 2016-2019) offense hasn't been the problem. Ranked 4th in 2016. Rodgers was injured in 2017 and the offense still finished 15th. 7th in 2018, and 8th in 2019. It could have been Rodgers just looking off the saftey but yeah, Adams completely gave up on the play. There is def some truth in this.
  10. Predict the 2020 NFL Season

    That's an awfully dark take but it is a legit concern.
  11. Hall of Fame Game Canceled

    We can thank all of those people who are not taking this C19 issue as serious as they should have been from the jump.
  12. Had To Share This With You All

    Fixed. THIS! All the way! You gotta work on that soulman. I have family members that are Pitt and Cowboys and that's bad enough, but Packers fans......that's drawing the line. CONVERT HIM DAMMIT LOL! My closest niece is a packers fan and it hurts. Albeit, she didn't start watching football until her late 20s and is only a PAckers fan because she decided to choose a team by literally throwing names into a hat just to be different lol. Because they didn't need too. They invested in their OL and they needed a defense. Not sure why the #1 pick is the cutoff though. That's a weird take. And the PAckers current situation is nowhere near comparable to the Cutler era. Some solid writing, especially for his age. Congrats man. I wish him the best in the future. I don't necessarily agree with his opinion that the WR position shouldn't be a concern moving forward but I will say that it's not as MUCH as of hindrance as most people are making it out to be. Rodgers still has Adams, Lazard and Jones (for this year anyhow--Jones is gone next season). I do still think they should have used taken advantage of the deep WR class instead of a QB because they have alot of key players who are coming up on the end of their contracts next season and they can't pay them all. Especially now with the C19 virus affecting the cap salary for 2021. But I do agree with him about Lazard though. As he mentioned, Lazard is a big body receiver with solid hands and good catch radius. He has a lot of potential. He needs to work on his footwork, cut routes, and be able to move through traffic better though -- especially in the Packers scheme where they use alot of bump and crossing route concepts---but all of this is coachable and comes with time. One thing he didn't bring up was his deceptive speed for a guy listed at 6'5" over 225 pounds. No, he's not a burner but his very long strides (6 feet apart at full speed) allow him to get to point A to point B extremely fast for a kid his size (ala Megatron--he was also 6'5 over 225 and was never a "burner " either but his long strides helped make up for what he lacked in natural physical speed). To help illustrate the point of his long strides, here is a couple of screenshots from the Giants game last season comparing his strides to Davente Adams, who is no slouch himself, where Lazard lines up inside next to Adams and both of their routs start out in-line with each other, which offers a good chance to compare the two side-by-side. You can see how much longer Lazard's strides are compared to Adams. I took two screenshots seconds apart after they both get a chance to gain a bit of speed and before their routes broke off from one another. And this is in snow! Here is a full clip of the play that went for TD. Here is a bonus clip from the same game that should have been a TD if Rodgers makes a better pass and leads Lazard instead making him slow down and change his route. f
  13. Earlier, I tried to trade our entire next two drafts for the number 1 pick in 2021 and the trade STILL got rejected!
  14. You Get One Move

    Lol. We tank hard next season and grab Lawrence in 2021. Then we tank again in 2022 and grab Khail Mack...I mean...Nolan Smith.
  15. You Get One Move

    But 45M guaranteed for 3 years is well above the average---that's the deal breaker. Teddy Bridgewater didn't even get that much in the open market this offseason. He only got 33M gtd and 46% of that was a SB(15M). At 45M gtd, your talking about roughly a 20M SB. That's alot of coin for a player like Mitch. The structure of the contract would matter but I would not do this at all. Even if we had the cap space to do so. You would be looking at cap hits of (roughly) 15/APY. I would be okay with keeping Mitch if he would be willing to take on a back up role AND take backup QB money. In fact, I think it would be perfect for him and us. My whole thing with Mitch is this. He is not a starting quality QB but he is also not a QB who is bad enough to just faze out completely. He will find a job somewhere IF he is willing to take on a backup role. By all accounts, he's a high character guy with a good work ethic who is very open and willing to listen and learn without any issues. All coaches love teaching him and every player loves playing with him. A good locker room guy. That alone can go along way in this league. Ironically, look no further than Nick Foles as a perfect example of this. Backup QB's are valuable assets and I would love for Mitch to stay on the team because I do like him as an individual and I value backup QB's and I do think he could be a high end one. I just don't want him to be our starter. My perfect QB scenario for next offseason (while also keeping it realistic) would be this. Draft a QB in the 1st round and allow him to sit for a year and learn the system, speed of the game, and other nuances needed instead of just throwing him into the fire (ala Rodgers, Mahomes). So in order for that to happen, realistically, we would need a decent backup QB to carry us over for one more year in 2021 and I think we already have that in both Mitch or Foles. If I'm Pace, this is what my future schedule is looking like.