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  1. Tom Time

    Counting on him to not repeat seems to be like playing the lotto. The dirty antics don't stop with him. Burfict is easily my most hated player still playing in the league today. He should've been banned years ago. Boy do I know lol I hear ya, but your offense was also the main reason why you guys even won 7 games. And you're absolutely right about this.
  2. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Yeah, he's just looking for anyone who will listen to him at this point.
  3. Around the NFL Thread

    Which would explain why they all declined this year. I'm fine with Whitehair, Daniels, and Massie. With leno, I'm indifferent---the ignorant penalties are out of control but his consistency in pass pro and availability are two things that are hard to find in this league. With Massie., people tend to forget that going into the 2018 season almost all of us knew Massie was a liability as a starter (but would be a solid backup) and that we needed to replace him sooner than later. Then 2018 came around and he had his best season as a pro and suddenly everyone forget about their expectations and his previous lackluster years.
  4. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Oh god. PLEASE don't get him started. This is his schtick.
  5. Tom Time

    IIRC, you guys had a ton cap space last year and spent 6 draft picks on the defensive side of the ball in the draft and STILL managed to get worse.
  6. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC; John DeFiliippo as QB coach

    I would even throw in Ted as a bonus just to get rid of him.
  7. Tom Time

    And still no defense.
  8. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    Even though you're username is very bothersome. This is a very good point.
  9. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    Could you imagine if KC wins the SB this year and then they decide to put Mahomes on the trade block this off-season? Man screw the internet, this would blow up the world.
  10. Please test new features here

    Yeah, that was my first thought too. But I'm currently using Brave browser and I have it set to clear everything every time I close it. I don't think it's the browser either because I had this same problem with Opera in the past as well with the same settings. I supposed it could have something to do with Chromium-based browsers though. I haven't had the time to look into any further.
  11. How big is the gap between Mahomes and Watson/Jackson?

    Good post ET. Thank you for at least adding some context. Yeah, as I said, I understand BOB is not the greatest play-caller or even the best offensive mind but I also don't feel like he is as bad as people make him out to be either. I mean, I always read/hear people just saying "he's a bad play-caller" or making jokes with no context, and I hear it so often that I feel like it's become one of those things where a couple of people say something and everyone just goes along with it. Hell, you would think that BOB is the absolute worst coach in history with how often it gets brought up on this forum. Whenever he does call a bad play it gets amplified tenfold and repeated over and over. Yet, I never hear anyone giving him props whenever it's deserved for a good play call. It seems to only ever be a good play because Watson, or another player, MADE it a good play and not the design or play-call itself--which are attributed to BOB too. As a fan, I've found that two of the hardest things in football to judge objectively are play-callers and OL. That's usually because not only are they typically the hardest to judge in general, but because we're only seeing them from one perspective and not comparing them to the rest of the league. Every fan will tell you that their OL is the worst in the league. Or that their play-caller is the worst in the league. This is obviously a bit of hyperbole but you get the point. Anyhow, my point is, this whole BOB is a such a terrible play-caller thing has been blown way out of proportion, IMO. Does he deserve criticism, yes, absolutely? But not to the extent that he has. Wouldn't these instances classify as good designs and situational play-calls though? These are some good points and I could see how this may seem counterintuitive to your above quote, but I still wouldn't consider this "bad" play-calling, IMO, because BOB's offense has had success using this format as well. It seems to me like this would fall more in line with being more "inconsistent" than anything else. Are you sure you're looking at this with an open mind and not with a preconceived idea that BOB is such a terrible play-caller? I'm only asking because I admittedly do the very same thing with Nagy at times--I'm fed up with his play-calling. I'll say that play call was trash and then I go back and rewatch the game and say...okay I can understand it now. Maybe BOB designing longer developing routes doesn't happen as often as you may think it does. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/glossary Per NGS, Hopkins averaged 10.3 yards per targeted air yards amongst all WR's and TEs with at least 43 targets in 2019--middle of the pack. And 11.9 yards in 2018. And over the last 2 years combined, HOU ranks 18th in the league on average targeted yards among all qualifying targets (10.28). Meaning, there are a lot more coaches who are designing much longer developing plays downfield than BOB has. It's also worth noting that HOU ranks 8th in average separation (2.99) over the same span. Shouldn't he at least get some credit for these?
  12. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    lol. Edit: Apparently I'm out of footballs.... I know you're only joking around here. But in all seriousness, he sold the play-action as good as you will see from any QB in the league which opened up the run game more than people realize. I mean, he sold it so well that even the cameraman/men were tricked on a few PA rollout plays, and this shouldn't go unnoticed, nor underappreciated IMO. The ability to be able to truly sell a PA is not as easy as it may look on TV. And let it be known, I'm saying this as someone who is doesn't necessarily hold JG in the highest regards either. But do I call it as I see it.
  13. Weekly Bets Thread

    Nice. As bad as it may sound, it looks like Coleman going down with an injury played in your favor.
  14. Weekly Bets Thread

    I second this. I imagine the over is going to be much higher within the next 2 weeks.
  15. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    I honestly wish you would go to sleep.