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  1. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    Says NFLExpert..... You should change your name to "NFLExile49".
  2. Some people...smh. Right now, it don't look good for him (*ducks from other blinded Bears fans*) but we'll have a better idea after week 4 after the bye week.
  3. Bears could win it all If they had a halfway decent QB

    I can tell you don't pay attention to anything else outside of the Patriots because this one of the most rediculous takes I have seen yet. They did not go all in for this season. Pace went all in with the ideology that they could become a contender within the next couple of years. Not this one. And FYI before I get the usual "your just biased" heat....well guess what, not me. I may be a Bears fan but I'm as about as unbiased as you can get as a fan--regarding ANY team. I spend hours watching OTHER teams so it changes my perspective on things unlike most who only watch their own team exclusively. It used to be my "job". I have been very critical of a few moves that Pace has made this off-season that I was not fond off in the least. I didn't really care for the Nagy signing and tbh, I'm still in up in the air with him--it's too early. I didn't like signing Mack, although I'm liking it more now than I did after the contract. I didn't like giving Fuller a huge contract until he proved himself for another year and would've rather have used a F-tag. I laughed at the signing of Bennie Fowler (knowing he was just a camp body) when other Bears fans were calling it a "great signing" that would push out Bellamy. I didn't care for the 10M we gave to Goldman but I wasn't mad about it either, all things considered, because I didn't wanna lose him either. Now, whether or not Pace's plan works out or not....I don't know. But I do know as a Bears fan who has suffered through 30+ years of torment is glad to see a GM who isn't afraid to risk EVERYTHING, including his own job, to FINALLY try an bring a title to a city that hasn't seen one in over 30 years after the biggest 2nd half let down over 10 years ago in 2006. We sat through Stedt, ANgelo and Emery......none of which had the balls to do what he is trying to accomplish. Like I said, I have been critical of Pace in my own right. But I sure as hell respect his effort and always will. No matter the outcome.
  4. Bears could win it all If they had a halfway decent QB

    Three things to this answer. 1) It's not really because of either. They have the talent (question mark--I'll get into this) but not the depth. And roster depth is so freaking underrated anymore (thank you madden video games and fantasy football who have warped peoples brains). 2) When healthy yes. The talent is there--based off of last year as far as the starters are concerned anyhow. Depth...not so much. It's only two weeks into the season and before we see the inevitable injuries take it's toll and that's what I'm worried about (not really worried because it was kind of expected, hence, it takes time to build and we're not there yet) but you get the point. The defense in particular. Players like Floyd, Goldman, Tre and Prince are all one play away from missing games and the thought of Kwiat having to play 80% of the snaps is depressing. Aho is good backup but nothing else. We don't know about FIts yet. Not too mention the OL. Rookie Daniels is our only real hope and he only has experience on the interior. Sowell COULD be a solid back up outside and I think the staff believes in him but it's a certianly nota sure thing. Outside of that... we have noone that can be reliable at ANY position. Coward showed a little in the preseason--but take that with a grain of salt going against 2's, 3's and 4's. Most Bears fans don't think Leno/Massie are any good but I disagree with Leno....I think he's pretty solid and Massie, while he isn't very good starter, he would be a very good backup. So I hope we address the T position next off-season. These are legit concerns that most of us knew going into this season. 3) How many players over-achieved last year? We have a few starters on defense who may have (and I feel) overachieved a bit last season given their past records. Prince, Goldman, Fuller and Amos--3 out of 5 secondary players-- all had a few down years until last season when all of them suddenly had the best seasons in their careers. Sorry if I don't believe that ALL 3 of them will continue in that direction moving forward. Again these are things that need to be ironed out and cannot be done overnight---That's unrealistic. tll;dr . The Bears team this year has alot a good talent on both sides of the ball but also have just as many unanswered questions as well. And most Bears fans knew this. Most of us knew that this year wasn't going to be a playoff bound team....we were just hoping for a competitive one. Win or lose - like the Packers game (Atleast I was anyhow. I don't wanna sound like I'm trying to speak for the entire fan base here). And next year we would then have a beter idea of where this team is at going forward and make the necessary changes to become a playoff team NEXT YEAR. Not this one.
  5. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    Can't hit a QB high or low or in the mid-section.....now this. Damn. I have always agreed with the notion that owners make too much and former players should get better compensation but this is not the way to go about it. That said though. Hear me out. IF the league did indeed start to force owners to use revenue sharing for retirees, that may also mean that they would be forced to not pay QB's, pass rushers, etc the money they are now, which would not be a bad thing. BUT! On the other hand, I don't know how I feel about that either because if they were to make any move that would effect any position's salary I would prefer it be RB. I don't think they make enough--despite it's shorter term lifespan. They got screwed in the last CBA.
  6. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    Hey you never know. Last year everyone (including myself) thought the Rams/49ers game was going to be a complete joke but it turned out to be one of the best games of the year.
  7. Best NFC North Receiver?

    Cmon now man. Take the blinders off. I'm a Bears fans and I would love to be able to say that Adams doesn't belong on this list but that be foolish to do so. Adams isn't a top-5 receiver or anything but he certainly belongs on this list. Since 2016, he has the most receiving TD's in the league among all WR's (24) with AB a close 2nd with 22---Diggs is 13th, Tate is 28th and Thielan is 29th. Rk Player From To Tm Lg G GS Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Y/G Ctch% Y/Tgt 1 Davante Adams 2016 2018 GNB NFL 32 31 258 162 2034 12.56 24 63.6 62.80% 7.88 2 Antonio Brown 2016 2018 PIT NFL 31 31 350 225 2977 13.23 22 96 64.30% 8.51 3 Jordy Nelson 2016 2018 TOT NFL 33 33 248 155 1792 11.56 20 54.3 62.50% 7.23 4 Mike Evans 2016 2018 TAM NFL 33 33 328 184 2552 13.87 19 77.3 56.10% 7.78 5 DeAndre Hopkins 2016 2018 HTX NFL 33 33 347 188 2520 13.4 18 76.4 54.20% 7.26 5 Kenny Stills 2016 2018 MIA NFL 34 34 194 106 1696 16 17 49.9 54.60% 8.74 5 Michael Thomas 2016 2018 NOR NFL 33 28 300 224 2651 11.83 17 80.3 74.70% 8.84 5 Michael Crabtree 2016 2018 TOT NFL 32 32 262 155 1715 11.06 17 53.6 59.20% 6.55 9 A.J. Green 2016 2018 CIN NFL 28 28 260 152 2203 14.49 16 78.7 58.50% 8.47 9 Tyreek Hill 2016 2018 KAN NFL 33 16 202 148 2035 13.75 16 61.7 73.30% 10.07 11 Brandin Cooks 2016 2018 TOT NFL 34 29 248 155 2501 16.14 15 73.6 62.50% 10.08 11 Doug Baldwin 2016 2018 SEA NFL 33 32 242 169 2119 12.54 15 64.2 69.80% 8.76 13 Marvin Jones 2016 2018 DET NFL 33 33 227 124 2139 17.25 14 64.8 54.60% 9.42 13 Stefon Diggs 2016 2018 MIN NFL 29 27 226 160 1923 12.02 14 66.3 70.80% 8.51 15 Rishard Matthews 2016 2018 OTI NFL 32 21 199 120 1748 14.57 13 54.6 60.30% 8.78 15 Odell Beckham 2016 2018 NYG NFL 22 20 234 141 1831 12.99 13 83.2 60.30% 7.82 15 Jarvis Landry 2016 2018 TOT NFL 34 33 314 218 2298 10.54 13 67.6 69.40% 7.32 17 Devin Funchess 2016 2018 CAR NFL 33 25 183 96 1329 13.84 12 40.3 52.50% 7.26 17 Amari Cooper 2016 2018 RAI NFL 32 28 241 142 1958 13.79 12 61.2 58.90% 8.12 17 Larry Fitzgerald 2016 2018 CRD NFL 34 34 326 226 2283 10.1 12 67.1 69.30% 7 Now granted he has Rodgers -- something that I would have argued as well -- but last year 6 of 10 TD's came after Rodgers when out with an injury. (although one of them I credit Rodgers for being on the sidelines and telling McCarthy to tell Hundley to go back to Adams in the EZ on the same back shoulder shoulder throw that Adams dropped(?) on the previous play). Adams is also 12th in receptions during the same span(162). Tate, Thielan and Diggs are 5th, 10th and 14th, respectively. If you wanna talk up Thielan and Diggs being better than Adams....talk about Y/Target where Thielan and Diggs are 4th and 10th respectively and Adams is 17th among all receivers with atleast 200 targets during that span (while inadvertently ignoring scheme) . But, I would take Thielan over Adams but it's not as clear cut as you think it is. I would ranked them all something like this. Thielan Adams Diggs Robinson Tate The only reason I put Tate so low is because I value the production of outside receivers over others who spend the majority of their snaps in the slot. In short, I value versatility and all others who I mentioned above him have produced in every role on the field - including the slot or decoy.
  8. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    Just an FYI. Unless you are Steve irwin, you should never use that word Sugar. I don't care if you're Australian or not. That word belongs to one man and one man only.
  9. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Kind of off-topic but I pointed out in the 2nd or 3rd Q about Nagy abandoning the run game. Now I get that Howard doesn't exactly fit his style of offense but it would have atleast helped take some pressure of Tru.
  10. Bears could win it all If they had a halfway decent QB

    Thats teh key right there though. the NFC North. We are clearly behind the Vikes and PAck in terms of competing this year. Next year? It's not out of teh question, IMO.
  11. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    I would agree with this to an extent. Yes, a QB needs to learn velocity and when or when not to put too much into a throw. But only when that happens too often and I don't feel like Tru does that alot.
  12. Bears could win it all If they had a halfway decent QB

    The Bears weren't winning it all anyhow. It is still a developing team who were not even a playoff team to begin with. And anyone that told you otherwise were either a Bears fan with goggles on or someone who don't pay attention to football. Saying "they could win it all" is nothing but BS.
  13. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    I disagree with this. the first one was one him but not the second. The 2nd INT was a heads up a play by the front 7 who jumped up and tipped the ball and then the DB made a great play to secure it before it hit the ground. Disclaimer: My opinion is based on live TV and I have not watch the play in all-22 yet.
  14. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Good catch on the bolded Tank. That is nuts.
  15. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    I get that. I was just throwing a little jab in is all. It wasn't meant to be taken too serious. But again, it was the same mistakes that we have seen from him.