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  1. Joe Thomas; Sam Darnold IS a BUST

    When you put in the title "Joe thomas; Sam Darnold is a bust" that's insinuating that Joe Thomas called him a bust. It's mis-leading and is indeed putting words in his mouth. Whether you meant to or not.
  2. 2018's Offensive Explosion: What Gives?

    Those graphs show exactly what I said about this not too long ago. Last year was simply an anomaly for defenses. I'll try to find the thread. Found it: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/14168-andrew-luck-has-quietly-put-up-26-tds-this-season/?do=findComment&comment=1296938
  3. MVP Race

    So who is the MVP here, Ketchup or Steak? I'm going with ketchup. Very underrated. It's versatile, can be used in almost any package, comes through in the clutch, and the value of the position can't be beat either.
  4. Man, this guy got all of you. Hook, line and sinker.
  5. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    After digging into this alot more, @Madmike90 may not be too far off in saying that we could very well afford to keep all of them with some creative thinking that is far beyond any of our skills or knowledge. It actually shocked me to find out how possible it really is. Looking at this realistically, I used the same info I posted above and I came up with what you see below. This puts the liability cap at $193,943,886 in 2019 and down to $179,707,246 in 2020. Now, 193M ofcourse puts us over the projected the cap ($5,243,886 over to be exact) but that is where Kyle Long's reconstructed contract comes in at (which is not included) as well as the creative thinking from the FO that most of us are not privy too. And let's be real, my projected cap numbers and salaries are just that....projected. But even so, making up for say $10M is not out of the realm of possibility for the FO. Remember when the Eagles were somehow able to pull money out their butts to create the "dream team" when they were already strapped as it was. Yet they somehow scrapped together the means to sign the best corner in the league at that time in Scrabble. Also keep in mind, I didn't included extending Whitehair. Because quite frankly if Pace were to be able to pull this and keep all of the core, depth and good future project players at the expense of waiting until next year....I'm all for it! Just my opinion. Just another note, again I really tried to look at this realistically and even included signing bonuses, roster bonues and workout bonuses. Other possible moves Reconstruct Kyle Long: Savings unknown and not included. $21,755,198 w/ 40 players under contract (4 rookies included) Players to let go: Benny Cunningham Bryan Witzmann Daniel Brown Eric Kush Josh Bellamy Kevin White Marcus Cooper Michael Burton Nicholas Williams Zach Miller Players to retain: (would be a total 51 players under contract--remember only the top 51 for that particular year goes against the actual cap) Aaron Lynch - Solid depth player on the edge. Bring him back on a cheap 3 yr deal similar to Kareem Martin's with the incentives. **Adrian Amos** Ben Braunecker - RFA, good upside at a cheap price Bobby Massie Bryce Callahan DeAndre Houston-Carson - RFA, May as well as keep him. Isaiah Irving - ERFA, May as well as keep him. Pat O'Donnell - Not a big fan but if he's willing to sign another 1 yr deal I'm fine with it. Patrick Scales - Another RFA that will be cheap. Haven't seen any mistakes and we all know how ugly it can get without a good LS. Rashaad Coward - ERFA Roy Robertson-Harris - ERFA ================================= Aaron Lynch: 3/15M 7M guarantee---Cap hit: 2019 ($3,350,000), 2020 ($5,100,000) Adrian Amos: 4yr/34M 19M guarantee (similar to Tony Jefferson)---Cap hits: 2019 ($5,790,000), 2020 ($5,750,000) Ben Braunecker: 1/720k---Cap hit: 2019 ($720,000) Bobbie Massie: 5/32M 12.5M guarantee (similar to Jermey Parnell)---Cap hits: 2019 (5,000,000), 2020 ($7,500,000) Bryce Callahan: 4/34M 18M guarantee (similar to what Aaron Colvin got in the open market)--- Cap hits: 2019 ($7,750,000), 2020 ($8,750,000) DeAndre Houston-Carson: 1/720k--Cap hit: 2019 ($720,000) Isaiah Irving: 1/645k--Cap Hit: 2019 ($645,000) Pat O'Donnell: 1/1.5M 0.5k guarantee---Cap hit: 2019 ($1,500,000) Patrick Scales: 1/720k--Cap kit: 2019 ($720,000) Rashaad Coward: 1/645k--Cap kit: 2019 ($645,000) Roy Robertson-Harris: 2/3M 0.5k guarantee (similar to Ethan Westbrook)--Cap kit: 2019 ($1,250,000), 2020: ($2,225,000)
  6. This is our Moment

    When was the last time any of us were actually excited about an upcoming year/game? Feels weird. In the past, even a win didn't feel like anything. In fact, It was just "okay, so what, all we did was play ourselves out of draft position". It's different now and that's a good thing. I don't care how this season turns out. Playoffs or not, the team has already exceeded my exceptions and has given us something to look forward too next year for the first time in years.
  7. Upcoming Extensions, Options, and Free Agents

    This year(2018) the cap was $177.20 and in the last 5 years the salary cap has increased 7% (or $10.8M) on average. Using this as a baseline, the expected salary cap for 2019 would be $188.70. Year Maximum team salary % Increase Total Increase (in M) 2019 $188.70 6.1% 11.5 2018 $177.20 5.8% 10.2 2017 $167.00 7.0% 11.7 2016 $155.27 7.7% 12.0 2015 $143.28 7.2% 10.3 2014 $133 7.5% 10.0 2013 $123 2.0% 2.4 2012 $120.60 0.5% 0.6 2011 $120 -- -- Total Average $142.42 5.4% 8.2 Avg last 5 years $155.15 7.0% 10.8 As of right now, in 2019, the Bears total cap cost stands at $173,653,136. Using the future projected salary cap ($188,700,000), this puts us at $15,046,864 in available cap space next year. $15,046,864 - $2,000,000 for rookie pool + Dion Sims $6,333,334 ($333,334 dead cap) + Sam Acho $2,375,000 ($250,000 dead cap) = $21,755,198 in total cap space.
  8. MVP Race

    In my area, most of the time you have to order it medium done just get medium.
  9. Do the Eagles win the Super Bowl last year with Wentz?

    When was the last time a QB who started the season ended up winning the SB in his first appearance in the playoffs? edit: It doesn't happen very often and for good reason.
  10. Pro Bowl predictions

    It has been that way for decades for now. It used be week 10 (which you could only read about through SI or PF). This is just the time they pick to start the debates.
  11. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Bell over valued himself. You guys can pretend all you want. I just hope that when it's all said and done, you have the balls to not back-peddle.
  12. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Yet your argument (among others) have been largely based on "they didn't offer him enough money"??? AP's contract was over 7 years ago DURING the new CBA agreement! How is that NOT significant to now? Just stop. Also, AB had no problem signing his extension while being the best in the league at his position. I'm glad you recognize that though. But that's called cherry picking. So who else??? That's not what I am arguing or "trying to justify". You're way off. Has he not been causing all of this turmoil for money? Yes or no? You are either clearly being obtuse here (which is what I think at this point) to save face and/or don't understand the entire concept here.. It's all laid out for you. Right there. Oh boy. This is another arm chair argument but I'll bear with it. Did I hear from others that this company takes care of it's employees? Does that company have good track record of keeping their end of bargain on contracts? Did I just watch another one of my close friends (AB) sign with said company?
  13. TNF GDT: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

    10-6-1 s still attainable. This game don't decide much in terms of the division. All 3 teams are still very much in it.
  14. TNF GDT: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

    Nice job Seattle.
  15. TNF GDT: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

    Not in a game when Rodgers has1 TO left you don't. You play this drive like you're the one down 3 points.