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  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Ok, I see your point but as I said above to the other user, the numbers shouldn't be taken as gospel either tho, imo. There are still too many people that have not been diagnosed or even know they have it at all until it's too late. Take this bus driver for example who was furious that a women got on his bus and coughed several times without covering her mouth. So he took to social media to go on a rant about the stupidity of people not taking it serious and died a week later to COVID. He didn't even know he had it. Also, what constitutes as a peak in this scenario? Because according to numbers the US saw it's highest number of deaths just today (or something like that, I could be confused on that). IMO, expecting nearly no cases to start happening as early as 30-60 days seems like a best case scenario.
  2. Pace: There will be open competition between Foles & Trub

    Gotta make it short to 5" to compensate for Nagy's play-calling tho.
  3. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    Long story short. Buddy Ryan was already in the midst of building a defense surrounded by his revolutionary 4-6 defense before Ditka came into the picture. the lockout and injuries derailed the idea but it didn't stop him. He spent 4-5 years getting players like Singletary, Wilson, Jeff fisher(yes that fisher(worked out on ST), McMicheal, and a couple others who I can't think of at the moment were all there before Ditka showed up. Combine this with Payton and the center (forget his name too) and all of them played a pivotal role in the SB championship. Now this is just my opinion, but this is why Ditka and Ryan didn't really get along at time. I say my opinion because both of them have grown up and reconciled or whatever, but I still think Ditka didn't like the idea of Ryan getting more credit than him from the meda and fans at the time. The one big thing I will give him credit till this day was how he handled the 1985 and 89 seasons when seemingly all of his starters held out to start the year. He still made it work.
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I don't have an answer to your question but IMHO all of those numbers (worldwide and US) should be taken with a grain of salt and only used to get a general idea of the impact. Aside from the low amount of tests, there are also countries that seem to run a very tight lipped Gov't (Russia, japan, N Korea) who's official numbers may or may not be questionable at best. JMO. That's a very optimistic view but I wouldn't be so sure about this. This seems like a very early date. I understand that your predicting the warm weather to help alot in slowing it down. But what is happening is not like anything we have ever experienced or been prepared for in the modern era and with that comes unforeseen events that could potentially make things worse despite the warm weather theory. In fact, it could end up throwing fuel on the fire. For example, this morning I was watching 60-minutes that was (somewhat) about the increased strength and numbers of hurricanes over the last 4-5 years and how bad it's predicted to get again this year. This got me thinking, what's going to happen to those people when hurricanes, floods, tornado's or other natural disasters strike while we're all supposed to still be practicing social distancing? Where would those families go and turn to? To my understanding, people who lose their homes often rely on hospitals, hotels, shelters, people opening up their homes to a select few, or other buildings that can fit a large group of people in order to have some sort of shelter. (someone feel free to correct if I'm wrong here about the living conditions, I live in the midwest and luckily don't have to deal with it---only basing this on family word and what I have read) This alone is a scary thought because then it becomes a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation and almost forces you to potentially spread the coronavirus which is essentially going to make things worse. And there are far more realistic scenarios like these that neither of us can think of at the moment that could cause more spreading of the virus.
  5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Gloves I don't know. But alot of people, like my aunt in law, are making masks with hepa filters themselves and giving them away to churches, homeless shelters, and hospitals.
  6. Where Does the Bears Roster Stand Today?

    I'm pretty sure they are just labeling them as the 3 best WR's right now and placing them in that order and to be honest, Wims IS the 3rd best WR on the roster right now. Ridley is the only competition and he isn't ready. Patterson is a gadget player but not a good WR. Wims has solid hands, size, length and a good catch radius but is still a bit rough around the edges in the route running dept. He is fit more for an outside position as a sub than he is a WR who can line up all over the field. Right now the WR lineup looks something like this. 1) Arob - Wims 2) ??? Slot) Miller - Patterson This is interchangeable of course but only shows just how badly we need a WR who can play opposite of Arob and take pressure off. Miller is a solid slot and has the potential to be that guy but I'm not sure he is there yet until he gets his head in the game.
  7. Can't think of any player that is necessarily boom or bust right now but I will say Nagy.
  8. Time travel: Stopping your team

    I'm a Bears fan take a guess.
  9. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    The expiration date would probably still be the deciding factor.
  10. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    I knew I would get flack for this. Ditka is overrated. That SB team was built before he got there and they should've won more than one. Granted, McCaskey was a DB but Ditka was an ahole and also played a big part in why they never repeated.
  11. Pace: There will be open competition between Foles & Trub

    Lucky bastard. Go back and get me a microwave then dammit lol. When all of this started we wasn't going to be one of those greedy people who bought everything in site without thinking of others and so we only bought 2 packs of TP and 2 paper towels. Knowing we was going to run out. Which we did. Luckily, a friend of mine got a bunch of industrial rolls of TP from work before this **** happened and gave us 8 of them. Already out of paper towels though but we manage by using my shop towels in the garage.
  12. Bears Covid Group Chat

    It's more than that. White hackers have found some serious security flaws in their software, including those surrounded by webcams. The fact they would allow such a simple and quite obvious flaw to get by them so easily raises a big flag on what else they missed. Especially for a company who claimed it supported end-to-end encryption. And some of these issues are gonna take time...they can't just be fixed with a simple overnight hotfix either. I'm just saying, I personally wouldn't trust it.
  13. Bears Covid Group Chat

    I would do it but between the wife being sick(not covid) and work, my hours are too sporadic right now. Already not getting any sleep. Btw, word of advice, stay away from Zoom. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/y3m9dj/zooms-explosion-in-popularity-revealed-a-host-of-privacy-issues
  14. Pace: There will be open competition between Foles & Trub

    I don't wanna hear it. Microwave and coffee pot both died within the last week. I went to Walmart yesterday and the only microwaves they had in stock were too small and 250 dollar ones (not paying that much for a microwave).
  15. Pace: There will be open competition between Foles & Trub

    With limited to no off-season programs are they gonna battle it out on Madden then or what?