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  1. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    I get what you're saying here in general. Yes, Pace would be putting himself against a wall by signing Hunt. However, the players you named (Coleman and Ingram) are not a deal breaker compared to Hunt. I left Bell out of the convo because that just isn't realistic. Also, the idea is to win a SB this year in 2019, or he 2020, and looking at anything beyond that serves no purpose right now because if Mitch doesn't turn out to be what Pace thought, then we're starting all over again anyhow so why look too far ahead? Hunt would have provided us a cheap option in the 2 years we are making a legit run for a title (2019-2020).
  2. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    1) Players on waivers don't get to choose where they go like they do in FA. 2) Chicago is not that far from his home. I'm from Toledo Ohio where he went to UT at and have traveled all over (including CHicago MANY of times) and I can tell you right now that played no factor into it. I don't even fly by plane and It's a easy trip to make.
  3. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    I won't ignore this as a possibility because you could very well be right. However, If Pace doesn't have this much control over the team by now, then something is wrong here and we all need to start questioning who is really in charge and start questioning who we are &/or not praising whenever it seems fit to. (I.e Is he responsible for the draft and the FA?). So is it McCaskey or Phillips who have been shackling Pace? This opens up a whole nother can of worms because I'm still not convinced that it was Pace who chose Nagy in the first place and I said that the day we signed him. But I digress on this part. Anyhow, yes, Nagy wanted him and that's where my problem lies. IF Ngay wanted him then why did Pace deny it? At this point, Pace has put it all on the line and has trusted his selected staff to make the right decisions to make the team better so why stop now? Why stop Nagy from getting a familiar face on board? If we're just gonna look at it that way, then I would LIKE to think Pace has learned from his mistakes in the past when he put too much trust into Fox and we seen how that went. There's a flaw here either way you look at it.
  4. Did Marvin Lewis underachieve with the Bengals?

    The Bengals had a good chance to win a SB in the mid-90's and failed to do so because of the constant outside distractions surrounded by the players in the locker room who felt like they had free reign to do anything they wanted. This falls on Lewis. There is a difference between being a players coach and a coach who has no control over the locker room and that is exactly what Lewis was.
  5. Did Marvin Lewis underachieve with the Bengals?

    This is another one of those "in hindsight" post.
  6. Who gets in Hall of Fame 1st of 2004 QB Class?

    Yes. Have you ever forgot he was a Manning? Yeah....... the voters won't either. Despite how mediocre he has been his entire career. ??? Another Giants QB says hi. I don't think you know what this word means......
  7. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    The Mahomes hype is getting out of hand now. Not only is this a reach to compare any organization to the Patriot but I don't think you know Reid's history either.
  8. I hate the Steelers but there is so much wrong with this post. It's 3am and I'm trying to work so I don't have time. But I'm curious of this part particular....... If this is as easy as you make it sound then why haven't other running backs figured out this simple philosophy and used it to their advantage? Especially during the running back era?
  9. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    He was signed for the same reason Pace should have claimed him. To add another much needed dimension on offense in time to make a playoff run, late in the season . Sorry but no thanks. Despite what the pundits may say, Duke is nothing special at all. He is a C grade RB who can be found in any mid-late draft and is also entering his 2nd contract year. We're better off giving Howard a 2nd contract -- which is very unlikely due to his limited ability. -------------- I like Pace but he effed up on this one. Pace should have kept Howard and Cohen for 2019 (no additional cost), then bit the bullet and ignored the PR BS and signed Hunt off waivers. We would have had the same two RB's that we had this year until Hunt's suspension is up. This would have given Hunt plenty of time to acclimated with the players, locker room, team schedule, etc and time to learn the playbook (a playbook that Nagy claims to be so extensive) so he is ready for the 2nd half of the season and most importantly, the playoffs when we're making a legit run for the SB. Nagy's backfield would have looked like this: Hunt/Howard/Cohen <<< Match made in heaven that is setup for every scenario. --Early down between the guard short yardage back: Hunt/Howard --Any down short outside yardage back: Hunt/Cohen --Any down receiving back: Hunt/Cohen --Late game run clock powerback: Howard/Hunt --Long 2nd and 3rd down runner: Hunt/Howard --Goal line back: Hunt/Howard ^^This right here is the perfect backfield for a Nagy type offense that is predicated on the shotgun formation running a heavy dose of RPO's. Not only are you protected from the possibly of an injury without having to trout out a Mizzell or Cunningham but the amount of mismatches that it creates would open up the playbook so much more. With that much diversity in the backfield, you damn near can't lose.
  10. Who gets in Hall of Fame 1st of 2004 QB Class?

    Eli is not getting in because of his two rings. He is getting in because his name and storyline. The rings are an afterthought and always will be unless he does something miraculous before he retires.
  11. Who gets in Hall of Fame 1st of 2004 QB Class?

    How I think it will probably go in order: Ben-Eli-Rivers.....in that order. How I think it should go: Ben and that's it. MAYBE Rivers years later. Eli should not get in, but will. Ben should. Rivers, I'm on the fence about.
  12. Kevin White Seen As High Value Free Agent

    It’s kind of hard to trade a free agent. As Blk said Unc, he's a free agent so we can't trade him unless there is a sign and trade deal put in place which would make no sense for us and is absolutely not a realistic scenario. But just for ****s and giggles to past time in the off-season, I'll pretend the trade is possible. Where do I sign right now? Treadwell started the season with a case of butter fingers but got alot better as the season went on and showed progression when his routes were reduced to shorter field routes. This is something Mitch could use for 100 plays or so and are some of the things WHite could never really do consistently even when he was healthy.
  13. I remember the same thing being brought up around 2009 or so after the 2008 draft when the league was filled with AP, Chris Johnson, LT, Jamal Lewis, Steven JAckson, Matt Forte, Mendenhall, Ray Rice, DMC, Brian Westbrook, Jamaal Charles, Steve Slaton, Deangelo WIlliams, Stewart, Micheal Turner, Frank Gore, Marion Barber, Ronnie Brown and probably a half dozen more I can't remember off the top of my head.
  14. Why Signing Bryce Callahan Makes Sense

    This is a solid question/thought. Is Pace willing to spend that much on the safety position and more importantly the entire secondary with Fuller on the books as well? My answer would be yes. Look at the Seahawks LOB for example and what it did for that team. Sherman, Chance and Earl all received extensions despite already having dumped a ton of money into their front 7. And it may be too soon to say this because they have to continue to prove it for more than 1 year, but our front 7 is better than theirs were with most of them already locked in on long term contracts (Mack, Hicks, Goldman, Smith, Bilal, etc).
  15. Has Julian Edelman punched his ticket?

    DOn't underestimate their stupidity man. Sure, Eli was benched and his starting job is now on edge and he has been nothing but average throughout his career. But 10 years after he retires, the voters are not going to remember any of that. Their going to remember that his last name is manning and that he beat Brady and the Patriots twice in the super bowl. Again, I agree that Eli is not a HoF QB but the HoF has become a joke in the last 10 years or so. It has become more about politics and less about on-field accomplishments. Sad to say but it is what it is.