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  1. Only way the O will ever be good is to spend big on the OL and get a QB. Can't spend 2nd/3rd/4th round picks on RB/WR only to have the QB on his *** or the RB getting hit for TFL every play. Hopefully Pace will start to understand that.
  2. Because Tabor is a terrible coach and a wimp
  3. Probably more than we would've got out of him. It's disappointing.
  4. I'm glad the bears got anything. Just sad that another high draft pick gets wasted and then still gets resigned somewhere else. They at least got SOMETHING out of him.
  5. That's absolutely abysmal. There's nothing else to describe it.
  6. Yeah and he's a long dude. Even if he mistimes something, he's so lengthy that he has a wider window to disrupt something. I think it's DHC that has like crazy long arms or something. Always wanted him to see more playing time just due to that fact. Didn't need to spend mid round picks on DBs. Denmark too, for that matter. DT has been average as of late. Good for him.
  7. Paganos pretty good... Sometimes great. If we're gonna be a defensive team, might as well have him be the HC if he wants it... Or try to get Toub. Old Bear coach, KC I think ever since then? Andy Reid tree. Seems to have good ST every year because ours is awful. Maybe Pagano would stay on as DC? At some point, an offensive coach with bad offense isn't acceptable... Right? Unless you pass all blame off on Pace for an absolutely talentless O, bar a few...
  8. Nagy needs to let go of play calls or go. Pace needs to invest in O or go. Tabor sucks so hard and needs to go regardless of anything else.
  9. It's criminal to pull your TEs in the RZ for Mooney after drafting and signing 6'6" RZ targets in the second round and to a top 5 positional contract. Especially after saying all last year and this off-season how essential TEs are to the scheme.
  10. They should've kept him and moved him to ILB over DT.
  11. Nagy needs to give up play calling or go. It's unacceptable at this point. Pace needs to load up on O or go. It's been too long. The D won't be good forever.
  12. Leno shoulda been hauling *** on that Monty outside run... Jogs. Awful.
  13. Same ol Bears ... 2 scores is an unbelievable amount for the O to get. Defense can't possibly hold them to nothing every single drive after resting for 3 plays. I'd give up too.
  14. Awful. Let Patterson try to bring it back.
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