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  1. I tried so many times to understand 🤣 long week and it's only Tuesday
  2. I've tried to understand it for 5 minutes. I give up.
  3. I'd hope they go with the hot hand, I hate when they take a guy out who just had a 20 yard run or is starting to heat up.
  4. What can be done about Mack's cap hit next year?
  5. It's a good pick up. Paid a bit but WCjr wasn't doing much and Porter wasn't worth the contract he got.
  6. Don't do that. Don't give us hope.
  7. "Hey Virgina, we talked to the Rooney's and Maras again... They say we should give em 3 firsts for Danny Dimes. Can we do it or what?"
  8. They'll rescind the tag and sign golladay to a top 5 contract.
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