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  1. Any QB has to be better than our QB, that's just Bears fan logic.
  2. My Payton jersey is untouchable. The rest can go... Mack, Trubs, J. Howard
  3. Same here. I'm looking to sell a bunch of jerseys because they trade off the good players, overpay the bad ones and then burn bridges with the legends. I'm just a fan of football now, no need to spend my money on a team that doesn't care about the fans. I'll like players and that's it.
  4. I'd rather have negative temps than anything over 40. Only bad thing about it is your car possibly not starting, but at least you don't gotta die in the heat.
  5. I'd love to have him. That'd be amazing... Or knowing our luck he'd be halfway retired and not care at all
  6. I'd still like to see them in the playoffs because anything can happen but also... They're going to get mollywhopped by almost anybody
  7. Yup. Rodgers will (probably) be 21-5 against us. That's horrendous. A stain that will never be removed.
  8. That being said, I don't care one way or the other if he's signed or not. He's only 27 and is a good player 🤷‍♂️ Bears don't often have good receivers so... Horse a piece to me.
  9. We can play that game all day... You have your opinion, someone else has theirs. Robinson is a good player, but it's debatable how much he's worth to the team. All there is to it.
  10. Has he been the reason we're winning though or is it Monty finally getting going? I don't think he's a necessary component for the money he wants
  11. Why is it that Mitch is so hesitant when he runs? He'll have lanes in front of him and just start jittering. It's frustrating.
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