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  1. Stock Investing

    Cool. Thanks guys. Also, 401k. That's another thing I should be investing, I assume? I'm trying to get started on this life thing and it's a lot 😅
  2. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Rodgers was a Cali boy his whole life and I'm pretty sure he has one of the best December records ever.
  3. Bears add Demetrius Harris

    I'm not mad at it.
  4. TheRomen's First Mock

    I get what you're saying, but he does tend to have more success in the later rounds and I think we have solid staters everywhere, we just need depth. Pace tends to attack deficiencies in FA and then go get his BPA in the draft...now he has more chances to do that.
  5. TheRomen's First Mock

    Completely forgot Roquan existed 😅 Agree with everything else, I doubt Gordon is there but if he is, grab him. That FA class would be amazing to me.
  6. TheRomen's First Mock

    I couldn't find any reliable sources for draft picks. I could see the trade happening... What would you suggest instead?
  7. TheRomen's First Mock

    Oops, let's just say it's another project OLB. Joseph is a top 3 FA for me. Wanted him in the draft. Cushenberry would be amazing. I should've gone after more OL depth/projects in this, but I believe Pace thinks last year was an anomaly for Leno and Massie.
  8. February Mock Offseason

    If he's the 2/3 behind Robinson and splitting with Miller, I can see him having that. Maybe not so many TDs, but it's not impossible.
  9. TheRomen's First Mock

    This is my first ever mock, so bear with me. Re-sign: Kwiatkowski - Grew a lot this year. Have to keep home-grown talent. My line of thinking is that him and Floyd can be switched up from time to time and keep the opposing offense guessing. Good blitzer. Pierre-Louis - Showed a good amount in his limited time. Won't be a full time starter, but can cover the pass. RRH -- Home-grown talent. Solid depth. Can flash from time to time. Scales - Solid. Doesn't make mistakes. Bush - Could end up being the starter depending on how Free agency goes. More in the box than EJax, which opens him up to his natural role. Knows the defense. Should be fairly cheap. Lucas - Played solidly in his limited time. Okay depth. DHC - Good special teamer. Nick Williams. Good depth. Had a great year and I think he'll stay for cheap. Cut: Gabriel - Not worth what they paid him minus a few plays a year. Mitch can't hit little guys going deep. Prince - As much as I like him, he's paid more than he's worth. Maybe he could restructure or get a new deal. I'd be all for that. Free Agency: Matt Moore - KC guy, Nagy knows him. Just like Chase Daniel. They're going to be all in on Mitch. Hunter Henry - Nagy would love his versatility. Very similar to Ertz and Kelce. Injuries are a concern, but something I'm willing to take a chance on given his talent level. Kamalei Correa - Thumper. Like Kwit, he can play inside or out. Adds another dimension to the D. Stefen Wisnewski - Can play any interior OL. Allows Whitehair to stay and work at C and keep his chemistry with Trubs. Vernon Hargreaves - Disappointing first rounder but has size. Low risk, (maybe) high reward. Ronald Darby - Another disappointing high draft pick, but has good size. Had a great rookie year and is similar to Fuller, can play zone and be fairly aggressive attacking the ball. Injuries are a concern but I like him on a modest contract. Karl Joseph - One of the top picks I have for us to get. Similar to Tony Jefferson a few years ago. Hard hitter. Just hasn't put it all together, but I think he would be great playing over Fuller. *I think we'd only sign one of Hargreaves or Darby, not both. Draft: Trade back... Bears give up 2(43) for Jets 3(68), 5(141), and 2020 6th. Pace recoups some value and loads up. 2(50) - Lloyd Cushenberry - Can play inside or outside. Can be the James Daniel of 2020 and start the year learning and getting stronger, end up starting, taking over for Whitehair or Wisnewski. 3(68) - Thaddeus Moss - Pace attacks positions of weakness, loves athletes and he is a willing blocker. Clearly amazing bloodlines. He's very young too. Lots of room to grow. 5(141) - Anthony Gordon - Could be here, could be gone. If he's here, Pace takes a project and starts to work on him. He is willing to take a hit, has a big arm and reads the field well. If Gordon isn't there, I think Pace would take a big, speedy receiever... Maybe Jauan Jennings. Big target, good speed. Adds another dimension to the offense. 5(142) - Benito Jones - Good name. Big boy. Great athlete. Keeps Goldman fresh. Can take up blockers or rush the passer a little bit. 6(177) - La'Darius Hamilton - Depth. Put up some numbers last year. 6(181) - JR Reed - Pace gets his Georgia player. Seems like a cross between EJax and Joseph. Will compete for the top back up spot. 7(211) - Literally any punter. Competition for O'Donnell. Depth Chart: QB: Mitch/Moore/Gordon* RB: Montgomery/Cohen/Nall FB: Holtz WR: Robinson/Miller/Wims/Ridley/Jennings* TE: Henry/Burton/Moss/Horsted/Sheheen OT: Leno/Massie/Lucas OG: Daniels/Wisnewski/Cushenberry/Bars OC: Whitehair/Cushenberry ----------- DE: Hicks/Nichols/RRH/Williams DT: Goldman/Jones OLB: Mack/Floyd/Lynch ILB: Kwiatkowski/KPL/Correa/Iyiegbuniwe CB: Fuller/Darby/Skrine/Tolliver/Shelly FS: Jackson/Reed/DHC SS: Joseph/Bush ----------- K: Piniero P: O'Donnell/Draft Pick LS: Scales
  10. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    If he doesn't make a move at TE, he needs to be fired.
  11. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    I meant the front office but Gruden is just the face of it.
  12. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    Don't think Gruden sees it this way. I think he's a "Sell tickets, sell merch, hopefully make the playoffs" so they can make the transition into LV smooth.
  13. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    There may be nothing to it, but I saw that David Njoku might be on the trade block. I would assume if he is, Cleveland will have plenty of suitors, but if the Bears could get him for a 4th this year and a 3rd next year let's say (that's what I think he's worth), would anyone do that?
  14. Stock Investing

    So where does a guy get started with stocks? Are any of those stock apps (Robinhood, Acorns) any good?
  15. If the Raiders signed Brady, would you pursue Carr?

    Alex Smith with a stronger arm is an apt comparison I'd say.