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  1. Does more need to be done?

    Couldn't beat the Pack in the Superbowl, stole our player... Are the Steelers good for anything?
  2. Glass Half Full 2020

    Every 1st and 2nd rounder for 20 years. 100 million guaranteed at signing and 40 guaranteed per year.
  3. Glass Half Full 2020

    Man I loved Edmunds as a prospect...
  4. Does more need to be done?

    Would've been sweet if they didn't let Kerrith Whyte get away to the Steelers (?)
  5. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    I just don't want the coverage to be on rioting and looting. That's just a way of discrediting the people that want to change things for the better. Definitely think the majority of people there are there to be heard. We may be getting too political for this board though. Oops.
  6. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Can't get behind that. Those people looting were going to take advantage of any situation they could just to loot. The people rioting are tired of seeing this tragedy happen over and over every day on tv. At some point, when nothing else is working, everyone reaches a tipping point. Hopefully it can open eyes and the country can fix what's going on with itself, but it's going to take massive overhauls.
  7. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    I'd love JJ but what more does he add? We saw in 2018 that an absolutely elite defense that holds offenses to a TD or two a game is held back by their own inept offense that goes 3 and out every drive. If they make a big trade it needs to be on offense. OBJ, OJ Howard, anything to get the chains moving.
  8. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Anyone see the Kevin White article that's been circulating around?
  9. Does more need to be done?

    But it becomes a big problem when Monty goes down with injury for multiple games. He's the only complete back on the roster rn and he's still an unknown. I'd rather have the insurance of a guy that has shown he can handle 20 touches a game over a turd like Ryan Nall.
  10. Does more need to be done?

    I'm very intrigued by Artavis Pierce. Seems like a Kareem Hunt lite... good vision, balance, speed. Give him a lane and he can get you 5 yards a pop kinda guy.
  11. Does more need to be done?

    Turns out holding out for more money at RB isn't the best idea.
  12. Does more need to be done?

    Well Patterson definitely showed he can be a lethal weapon... Nagy just didn't use him. The kick returner thing I agree on, but he was excellent as a gunner. Miller can catch. He's not Forte, but he's not Carlos Hyde. He'll be a complimentary back that can change it up here and there.
  13. Does more need to be done?

    Fair. I also would've done that, but I won't be mad if/when that guy starts tearing it up.
  14. Does more need to be done?

    Do you mean Johnson or Kindle? I'm not mad at Johnson because that guy looks like a stud. Kindle, I can understand wanting to get ready for the future, but OL is just so much of a need that you can't pass on it. Also, I actually liked Hackenburg at the time. Thought he'd need a few years to sit behind an established guy, but apparently I'm blind 😅😅
  15. Does more need to be done?

    That would be disappointing, but at least he's only a 5th rounder? Hackenburg for the Jets was a 2nd and never even threw a pass 😅