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  1. Week One Gameday Thread

    My opinion about Taggart? No. He is like Charlie Strong and other HC's in that position. Very good as Group of 5 Head Coaches, but not very good as Power 5 head coaches. When was the last time a Florida State team expected to win 6-7 games? When was the last time an * win season was considered a success? Taggarts problem is this. He lacks discipline and so do his teams. His last two teams (Florida State last season and Oregon in 2017) have finished 129th and 126th in penalty minutes. Taggart has to realize what his pluses and minuses are. He has not done that in his first two coaching attempts against the big boys.
  2. Week One Gameday Thread

    I think the FSU-Boise State game being moved to Tallahassee just puts more pressure on Taggart to win. If he loses, he is finished. He is not a very good HC at this level going in. I think Boise wins a close one.
  3. Expectations for your team this year

    I am a USC Grad. My expectation is that USC will have a new Head Coach, possibly an "interim" by the 1st of October, their by week. If Helton survies that, then he and Swan both will be gone at the end of the season. With games on the road against Washington and Notre Dame, and at home against Stanford, Utah Oregon, and UCLA, 6-6 certainly is within the realm of possibility. 8-4 would be good, but NOT good enough to save Helton's job.
  4. If you have the ability to do so, now is a great time to take the Chargers -3 in game 1 of the regular season. Best case scenario is that the ankle is on his mind and he plays rather cautiously.