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  1. When I say underrated I mean people rarely talk about these guys as being busts when in fact they were. This will be long because there’s so many underrated busts. #1. First guy guy I’ll talk about is a guy that if you grew up in the 80s and your a colts fan you might remember him. Or not lmao.. his name was johnnie cooks. Now cooks was taken 2nd overall in the 1982 draft out of Mississippi. He was a 1st team SEC and 1st team Ap All American. He’s best noted for posting a career high 22 tackles in a game against auburn. The colts selected cooks over chip banks who was a multiple time pro bowler in Cleveland. And Jim McMahon while McMahon didn’t have a hall of fame career he was still a pretty damn good qb and oh yeah he won a Super Bowl. Marcus Allen was also in this draft. But for cooks career he never really did much of anything he was with the colts from 1982-1988. But never made a pro bowl or an impact in anyway. Later in his career he played for the giants and was part of that 1991 Super Bowl team. But that’s about it cooks did absolutely nothing. He retired shortly after due to quote on quote nagging injuries. #2. You ready lions fans? Chuck long. Good grief.. I know lions fans consider him a bust. But I rarely hear his name when it comes to biggest busts ever. The guy had alot of potential he was one of only 2 qbs in college history to throw for over 10’000 yards. And of course your gonna have people defending him saying oh it was his o line oh it was the lions blah blah blah. Bottom line is the kid was a massive sleeper bust. His best season he threw 11 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. I rest my case. #3. Ron Holmes. Boy oh boy the Bucs were a mess in the 80s? Kind of like they are now eh? Holmes was considered a standout defensive end at the university of Washington. He was said to have quote on quote. Pro bowl talent. What was the problem then? Well the guy couldn’t stay healthy to save his life. But but come on man it’s not all his fault ughh here we go. Bucs fans you realize someone by the name of al toon was still on the board right? Oh yeah what’s that kids name you know the guy that’s the greatest receiver of all time is it is it jerry rice? Oh yeah it was jerry rice. Just a bad decision by the Bucs but at least years later they finally did something right by drafting warren sapp. #4. Rickey Hunley. Now this wasn’t a good draft for the first round Denver fans. All you had was Irving fryar and Carl banks, honestly and Wilbur Marshall. Oh who am I kidding it was still a decent first round, I mean you had 1 borderline hall of famer, and 2 very good players. Now New England had the first pick and fryar was snatched up. But banks or Marshall would have been better choices over bum Ricky hunley. What a shame broncos fans. #5. Audray Bruce hope I spelled his name right but who cares!!! Now to be fair the 88 draft wasn’t the best ever. Atlanta took Audray Bruce and Bruce was getting compared to Lt. aka Lawrence Taylor. To be fair Bruce had a solid rookie season but Bruce never developed after that. He bounced around the nfl for years and was a journeyman. All the while guys like Neil smith and sherling sharpe where on the board, see Atlanta then you wonder why you haven't been able to win ****. Your poor drafting. #6 and 7. 2 guys. From the 1990 draft, Andre Ware and Chris Singleton. Now this wasn’t the greatest draft but the lions were all in on Andre Ware he’s gonna be the future yeahhh baby. And none of that **** ever happened!! The guy was lost in the nfl. All the while a guy like Emmett smith was on the board. But the lions being the lions picked Andre Ware oops. Same thing with New England remember when the patriots sucked? Ahh good ol days. But the patriots with Emmett smith still on the board said nope we’re gonna pick Ray Agnew and Chris Singleton OH BOY!! Yeah How’d that work out patriots fans? Not too good, went 1-15 that very next year didn’t you? Yep. That concludes my underrated draft busts.
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