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  1. Gamble was a stud. Probably the most underrated player in Panthers history. Definitely not flashy and risky like Norman, but I don't remember Gamble ever getting beat deep much at all.
  2. I think would think Warriors would be most appropriate. Redtails would be great if it was a brand new franchise. But they should pick something that reverses Redskins and at least honors Native Americans.
  3. Haha yeah and each position could be a separate super hero.
  4. Not a conspiracy, just blatantly obvious when you watch the game. He's head hunted multiple times and again in the rematch in 16. Cam has not been treated fairly by the league or the media.
  5. Nah it was one of the most biased games in recent memory. Multiple headshots on Cam Newton no call. Denver offsides on two missed Panther FG's, the egregious non call on the Cotchery catch. All of those impacted the game more than one play where Cam didn't dive on the ball that he wasn't going to recover anyway. The league wanted Cam to pay the price for his confidence and let Manning ride off into the sunset.
  6. Funny how people bring this play up but they don't want to talk about the refs cheating the Panthers out of the game so Peyton could get his retirement trophy.
  7. Great move for NE. Cam's gonna make Tepper look like an idiot.
  8. Well the way I see it, it was pretty effective. We are still talking about it now are we not? To kneel on the anthem on a national broadcast is effective, simple, powerful and far reaching. To call it disrespectful is your opinion and to say he didn’t do enough and didn’t quit that second and form a protest in the street is also arbitrary. He doesn’t have to meet your standards of protest or do any more than he felt at the time. But it was smart way to go about it because it forced millions of people to see it every week. And clearly he sacrificed his career at this point. He also doesn’t have to be a perfect person to fight an injustice. He and others used their platform to shed light on the problem. That’s needed whether they experience the full gamut of oppression or not. We seem to fundamentally disagree on what’s respect for the military. In my opinion it was shameful of the NFL to try and suppress a players right to kneel. Kaep kneeled at the suggestion of a veteran also. The league is showing itself to be behind the times.
  9. He was a hell of an athlete and amazing college player. I think for him and this is just my memory of him, but his blend of talents was a little odd in the NFL. Killed it in college but he had this slender sort of upright physique . But not necessarily able to be small enough to go between the tackles and didn’t really have the power to be an all down back. He looked like a kick returner trying to play running back. Even still I felt like he could have been more in the NFL. Just didn’t seem like he had defined role.
  10. I watched the whole thing. He emphasized his own experience. He wraps it up in a nice bow about unity but he still doesn’t get it and doesn’t understand that kneeling is probably one of the most effective forms of protest his grand fathers ironically fought for.
  11. What I mean by that is no one can force him to shut up. But yeah he can be told to shut up. Actions have consequences. He is entitled to be wrong.
  12. Well Brees while entitled to have a say and an opinion, is frankly wrong. Being able to protest is at the core of America’s history. You can’t force people to stand for the anthem. You can’t force nationalism on people. That’s fascism. No one is telling Brees to shut up. But his own free speech has consequences as we are seeing here. He deserves to get roasted for it.
  13. You can’t equate cultural customs and rudeness with 400 years of oppression, slavery , and police brutality. I’m not saying you are just that it isn’t a good analogy. Its totally going over Brees’ head. Maybe he should consider that his grandfathers in WW2 fought for Kaeps right to kneel and everyone else’s right to protest. Black people don’t have the same American experience that Brees has. They are running out of reasons to believe in America. Brees was definitely insensitive here and he’ll need a lot of explaining to do with his teammates and and a hell of a PR campaign to dig out of this one.
  14. He absolutely deserves it. If you ever needed anymore proof that Brees has always been candyass there you have it. Most overrated stat padding choke artist QB of all time. He just ruined his whole teams career.
  15. Matt Moore He's always been a solid QB. I think he had a window where he could have been a legit NFL starter but when he was with the Panthers he was never given a leash to grow by John Fox and he favored Delhomme who was well past his prime and Jimmy Clausen who was trash. I still hate John Fox for not pulling Delhomme in the 2nd half of that 08 NFCCG and not giving Moore a shot. He was the best chance we had to come back in that game. Had Moore been drafted I think his career might have turned out differently. Even still you have to give him a lot of credit for being a great teammate with the Dolphins and now the Cheifs. Best back up in the NFL.
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