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  1. The NFL isn’t rigged but some Refs are corrupt

    So what the OP is saying is that refs have their own individual bias, not that the league has an overarching plan for the outcome of games. That I could buy. Biggest problem for me isn't that the refs get the call wrong. It's their refusal to correct their mistakes. Look at how they refuse to overturn clear pass inference mistakes when challenged. The NFL implemented a new rule to make the game more fair. And what do the refs do? They refuse to acknowledge it. They have a holier than though attitude. They are willfully ignorant and spiteful on the field. They throw a bad flag one play then throw a ticky tack make up flag on the other team a few plays later. I also think that since they are human, they probably don't like being yelled at by coaches and players on the field and I think that probably effects what they call and what they choose to see. However if it bothers them to that degree then they shouldn't be officiating. A coach should be able to yell in their face all day and yet they should still call the game fairly. It's their job as overseer of the game.
  2. How does this affect Cam?

    I think they're gonna see where he's at after surgery.
  3. Do Matt Moore and Alex Smith take away from Mahomes success?

    It doesn't take anything away from Mahomes at all. Matt Moore has been an underrated QB his entire career thats all.
  4. Did McCaffery score on last play?

    They also should have called grounding on Rodgers on the RTP. The Panthers didn't do enough to win obviously but that call was huge because its Rodgers and you are only going to have so many times to stop him. I think McCaffrey did score but Samuel was blocking the camera angle so it wasn't reviewable. Knowing our luck though we wouldn't have got the 2 pt conversion.
  5. Report: NFL has discussed moving the Chargers to London

    Dunno about this one. However they shouldn't be taking away a franchise from the states. They need just add a team in London and call them the Knights or something.
  6. Hilarious Compilation of Poor Officiating

    Superbowl 50 is a highlight reel of grade A rigging.
  7. Is the NFL rigged?

    The reason its a sham is because they won't overturn the challenges. They refuse to try and make the game better because the refs are ignorant and spiteful and simply don't want to be told that they are wrong. Since the NFL shield backs them up, the refs take advantage of it. That's the elephant in the room.
  8. Is the NFL rigged?

    The refs straight up cheated the Lions. There's just no way around it. It really makes you not want to watch the game to see stuff like that. The players and the coaches work way too hard to get screwed over like that.
  9. Is the NFL rigged?

    Hard to argue that it isn't with what happened last night. In my opinion its not that it's out right rigged. Its that the officials are biased again certain teams and players they don't like. Just watch Cam Newton career till now. They also are human beings. And with that they get emotional too. They don't like being called out and yelled at and being told they're wrong. So they make calls out of spite and they also throw make up calls when they mess us to try and cover their ***. In general they are pathetic.
  10. Is this the worst year of officiating since 2012?

    The lack of overturns on the challengeable penalties just goes to show you the real flaw in the officiating. It's that the officials are indignant and don't like being told they're wrong. And unfortunately the head official they all refer to backs them up 100%. If the men can't handle getting yelled at in their face by coaches and then getting called out with reviewable video evidence then they don't deserve to call the games. Their emotions shouldn't play a part in getting the calls right.
  11. I 100% agree with you on Cam. However it wouldn't be fair to say Allen isn't winning the games. He's playing a significant role. He has a knack for sustaining drives and letting his weapons make plays. You have to give him credit for that. It just might be possible that the Panthers have two good QB's when healthy.
  12. It's both. No coach is going to have great success without a good QB. Cam has certainly carried the offense and willed them to victories on his accord in spite of supporting cast and bad OC's in the past. Ron's a great defensive mind. But he has some bad decision making skills at times. Not kicking a FG on 4th and 1 to go up 7 was one of them last week.
  13. Raiders LB Vontaze Burfiict suspended for season

    BS. "Not trying to hurt the man." That's the most comical excuse I hear players say every time someone gets knocked out or injured. You blasted him in the head, what do you think might happen when you do that? He's a total idiot and deserves to be banned for life before he kills someone.
  14. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    Smart move on his part. It is at the end of the day its just a game, a brutal one at that which can cripple you in so many ways. He got to play QB in the NFL, that's a milestone by itself. Dude is set for life.
  15. All or Nothing - 2018 Carolina Panthers

    Really excited to watch this as a Panthers fan. Also excited for NFL fans to see the real side of Cam and not the way the media has consistently slandered him