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  1. What happened to The Warriors? Why not keep a Native American name but one that isn't insulting like Redskin?
  2. Not to put on the homer glasses but I do think Smith genuinely has a case to be ranked the best of this bunch. At his peak he was the most dangerous of this group, his speed, YAC ability, his contested catch skills were stunning. And to do it at his size was something special. Additionally he was targeted far less than all of these other players throughout the years and didn't have the luxury of playing with Peyton Manning or Kurt Warner. His stats should honestly be much higher and its remarkable he finished with 14k receiving yards, playing on a run first team and losing prime years due to
  3. 1. Jerry Rice 2. Randy Moss 3. TO 4. Calvin Johnson 5. Steve Smith HM: AB, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald
  4. Lol blurry splices of Burns making clean hits and his shin hitting a helmet isn't the same as Mac Jones sweeping his leg and twisting his ankle.
  5. Well it was a pretty classless and trash move by Mac Jones. Hope he gets smashed the rest of the season.
  6. That official should be suspended and made an example of. That was a perfect example of how refs influence the game through their indignance and straight up arrogance. They are part time employees running on power trips just because they have a shield on their back. You see the same thing with a mall cop. It is absolute trash that these people get to influence the livelihood of coaches and the best athletes in the world who literally dedicate their life to this game. You guys dont think officials influence the game? You just saw it.
  7. Mac Jones is a candyass of a QB that tried to injure Brian Burns after getting sacked. Should have been called for PF if not ejected from the game.
  8. Leo’s too old and not in good enough shape to play the life events of Tom Brady. Plus they are Eskimo brothers. Would be weird.
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