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  1. I think we should do that. Elevate Duce to co offensive coordinator/run game coordinator and bring in a Todd Monken or even Flip as pass game coordinator. They would get together with Doug and plan together. That's when Doug is at his best....with other creative minds throwing ideas out there. Doug is a great leader but he's not someone who can succeed by himself.
  2. Who is the best QB whisperer of all time?

    Andy Reid for sure . He has done some awesome work with QBs....and he was absolutely a wizard when it came to knowing when a QB was done. Judging from how he traded the all those QBs for 2nd round picks and they all flopped without him (McNabb to Wash, Feeley to Miami, Kolb to AZ) He even helped resurrect Vicks career....Chip Kelly had a hand in that but Andy is who "groomed" him
  3. Getting Malik Jackson back this year is gonna be huge for that defense...... Such a bummer that we lost him the first game of the season. And it rarely gets talked about, too. Having a three man rotation of him, Cox, and Jernigan would have really elevated the defense this past season.
  4. Monken or Jay Gruden would both be great hires.
  5. I'd be stoked if we got Monken. We need a pass oriented offensive mind to come in and give Doug some fresh ideas. Duce has the run game covered. In fact, IMO Duce is one of the best run game offensive minds in the game. There's a really good article on NBC Sports about why Duce would be a great candidate to replace Groh. The author REALLY loves him some Duce...
  6. Giants hire Joe Judge as Head Coach

    Yeah....there's a ton of talent on that SF defense. Their defensive line is literally a bunch of high first round picks. Armstead, Thomas, Buckner, Bosa.....who else am I missing? Dee Ford was a first round pick as well..... IMO Saleh is being overrated like crazy.
  7. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    How the hell is this on Doug???? His entire offense minus 4 players are practice squad and reserve players filling in....
  8. He has a tendency of starting slow and then heating up .... Seattle has all but gift wrapped this game for us at times.....hard not to think Carson would have capitalized at least a few times and made some big plays
  9. Seahawks have given us every opportunity to win this game.....man, if Wentz was in I really think we'd win this one
  10. At what point do we just fire the entire medical staff? Like this can't just come down to bad luck, right?????
  11. Man I love Cox so much And especially this big Cox!!! Love!!
  12. Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

    I mean he had a chance to go up 4 with minutes remaining but fumbled the ball away....
  13. Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

    It's all but certain
  14. Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

    Wow that would've been some crazy ish if he hadn't been down....as a fan of neither team, and someone who just wants chaotic football, I wish he hadn't been down.....😡