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  1. Quite possibly the most depressing part of this year is reading that you compared Wentz to Daniel Jones and Jeff Driskel, instinctively rushing to defend Wentz, and then subsequently realizing he 100% deserves to be mentioned among the worst QBs in the league. Crap, man. Also to the Steelers......I wanna say yes. I think they have a way better shot of knocking off Balt than they would of beating KC in the playoffs. I can't see the Pitt offense keeping up with the KC offense. But hey who knows. Revisit this in a few weeks after they've played more than just the worst teams in the NFL.
  2. I'd love to see what Reich could do with a competent QB like Stafford. I think Rivers is washed, and he showed us this last year, unfortunately. It's a shame because I like this Colts team a lot and have a soft spot for Reich, being an avid Eagles fan. Stafford needs to get outta Detroit. I think he is a Superbowl caliber quarterback, and has years left of high-level play IMO. Him behind that amazing OL, talented backs, and solid receiving core....with a creative coach like Reich. Stafford deserves those things. The only thing you can say about Detroit that he's had at any sort of consistent level is good WRs I suppose.
  3. No. Not really. I think he is what he is. His inability to throw to the left side is baffling and inexplicable. I'm not sure it's something he can improve or learn. If he hasn't even been able to grasp how to throw in that general direction by now......
  4. Super glad we paid JP 6 million dollars more just to suck hard at LT instead of G. Thanks, Jason!!!
  5. Trade him for some OL help, ideally. I wouldn't be psyched losing Ertz and in turn losing our whole "having 2 elite TE" gimmick of our offense, because it can be successful......but, we need help up front so freaking badly. Our window is right now, and we don't have time to wait on guys like Prince, Driscoll, Mailata (if that ever happens) to develop at the OL positions. We have a roster capable of going far if we can stop guys from dropping like flies all season long. I'm not sure exactly who we could target. Ertz obviously has some value, honestly, given that he is still in his prime mostly and his contract is pretty team-friendly given his talent/production. Maybe something like Ertz for Riley Reiff and a 3rd?
  6. Rams really are going in on the stars/scrubs team building model. In 2021, they'll be paying a combined 84.9 million in cap space to Goff, Donald, and Ramsey alone. That's about 48% of their cap allocated to just three players...one of which is mediocre IMO (Goff) That's just so much of your cap being tied up to only 3 players. And to top it off, they are without a first round pick again next year....And when you tie up that much of your cap to just a few players, it makes first round picks all that much more valuable. I'll take a wait-and-see approach. From what I have heard, their expectations are Superbowl or bust and they will view anything short of that as a failure. Can they win 9-10 games this season? Maybe. In that division, in this conference as well that has so many fringe contenders, it's gonna be really tough.
  7. Would be great. Also gotta assume JP will likely stay on in some coaching role. As far as where I have been...busy lol. So I'm a bit behind on my Eagles news/updates. Been real busy with work and the wifey
  8. Wait, Connor Barwin works for us now? Since when? Pretty cool though. Seems like a lot of former Eagles, even guys who played on other teams or ended their careers elsewhere, tend to stay bleeding green. Chris Long is my #1 dude. Guy BLEEDS green.
  9. Lombardi is a joke. I'm glad he isn't on theRinger anymore. I like most of their NFL guys, but he was the worst. Crapped all over Doug, then barely admitted that he ate a big pile of crow for that take.
  10. I see @Matts4313 is still making his presence known. Arguing semantics with someone. Hey bud let me guess....you're single 😄
  11. Haven't been around in awhile. One thing has remain unchanged, which is: Dak still sucks.
  12. Okay we won't judge it off of that. We will judge it off of the irrefutable video evidence lmao
  13. I also think this LAL team is the worst one he's had (in terms of his other Finals teams in Cleveland and Miami). That 2011 Heat team was god-like. Not even a question that team was better than this LAL team. And in Cleveland the year they won, he had Kyrie (superstar, top 15 player) and Love as 3rd banana....where now he has a superstar center who's effing afraid to play his position and prefers just roaming the perimeter......and Kyle Kuzma as his 3rd banana lol
  14. Dude, just defense alone this team should have been the best in the NBA. They were 6th, which is pretty good, but not when you consider the defenders this team has. Richardson has underperformed most of the season offensively but on defense he's very good. Simmons (pre-injury) was a DPOY candidate. Embiid is a DPOY candidate. Thybulle is arguably the best rookie defender we've seen in 20+ years. Horford is very good on D. And Tobias Harris is anything if not solid on that end. I think part of it is the weird fit, but most of the blame lies on Brett Brown. He's just bad. This team should have been suffocating teams all season long, but instead they were this just balloon of disappointment.
  15. Also doesn't help that Danny Green has all of a sudden forgotten how to shoot the ball. And at this point, KCP is just useless. He had 1 point 1 rebound and 1 assist. Atrocious, dude. The Lakers are really flawed. I don't see this team even making the WCF. IF they can make it past Portland (big if, IMO), a team like Houston will light them up.
  16. What did they honestly think was gonna happen? They KNEW the body-cam footage would be damning. Just goes to show how unafraid and cocky police departments are these days when it comes to these things. They have no accountability from anyone.
  17. Brown is definitely gone after this season. Even with the Simmons injury, we have the talent to win a playoff series or two and go on a little run, but not with his coaching. Embiid IS good enough to carry a team in the playoffs. Maybe not to a title yet (not with this roster and coaching) but we could beat the Celtics. Just not with Brown as coach. Brand and Josh Harris deserves a ton of the blame as well. They kept Brown way too long, spent 109 million on freaking Al Horford when we could have used that money to sign, oh I don't know, Malcolm Brogdon (who would be a GREAT fit on this team, and make us Finals contenders) or even resigning JJ. I do think we have some good 3 pt shooters right now (Richardson and Harris are both about 37-38 percent shooters, Burcs is a very good 3 pt shooter, Tisse is only at 35% right now but he's solid, and his defense is other-worldly). Like, we HAVE squad that's capable of making SOME noise in the playoffs. But we have to feed Joel and let him wreck s*** in the post. He literally just had THE best post-shooting numbers other than Dirk from 2011 (something like 1.12 points per post-up on a ridiculous 8 attempts a game)
  18. Lakers have no 3 pt shooters (2nd worst percentage in the bubble), and AD is too soft/afraid to play the 5 for some reason. I don't know if it's even an overreaction at this point to think that the Blazers can legit win. They have the bigs to bang down low, and they have Dame and CJ, both of whom are way too good for any Lakers defenders that they throw out there......like, Caruso being the Lakers best option is no bueno. Caruso isn't bad by any means, but he isn't exactly great on D at this point. Dame made more 3s than the entire Lakers roster combined. I doubt LA has THAT bad a shooting night again, but I don't see them really being able to match Portland there. Their best hope is for AD to go off at the 5, but for some reason he just keeps wanting to play on the perimeter.
  19. Thanks friend whoops didn’t know that rule. Sorry bout that so anyone see what DeSean Jackson posted on Instagram? 😐
  20. [Link Removed] Happy belated 4th fellas. From my super hot girlfriend and I whos so clearly out of my league it’s silly
  21. That guy who sucker punched Dallas Goedert the other night is from my hometown where I live lmao.
  22. Our offensive coordinator is Dougy P. So that's a yes. Although Doug is best when he's got other guys around him to pitch and bounce ideas off one another....he still is great. Defensive coordinator is Jim Schwartz. Personally, I don't hate on him like the rest of the fanbase seems to love to do. He is an above average defensive coordinator. But he is very stubborn and not flexible enough in his scheme/game planning. Love our OL. Dillard should replace Peters admirably and our center, right guard, and right tackle are three of the best players at their positions. Case can be made for each of them being THE best.
  23. She just must have a terrible sense of humor. *shrug* She actually just came and visited me over the weekend. I got drunk on Friday night and mocked her for not having come down to see me since we've been dating and only me having flown up to see her. So, just to spite me, she spent $400 on a plane ticket that night to fly in the next morning for not even 2 days.
  24. I showed her my little dingy. Had her hooked from day one. I hadn't seen her in forever. We started chatting again one day because she thinks I'm just absolutely hilarious. We'll see how it goes. Long distance kinda sucks. But it kinda doesn't at the same time. Like, it's actually kind of awesome that I can get home from work and have a whiskey and chill by myself or with the homies. She also just dropped the I love you bomb on me. .
  25. What's up homies? Been a long time I feel like. TAET ain't what it used to be. That's for damn sure. Bacon life update: another smoking hot girlfriend somehow. She and I went to preschool together and she ended up being a super hot, natural redhead. I don't say this to brag. But only to encourage my fellow mediocre looking fellas. there's one out there for all of us. don't settle. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=219850779308424&set=a.107885717171598&type=3&theater
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