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  1. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    If Jones is back for our first playoff matchup 100% healthy then his loss for these last few games doesnt bother me at all really. I'm kinda excited to see Street and Solly get a bunch of snaps in the interior. Next to Buckner we should still have a beasty front. Secondary injuries are way more concerning imo, Ward is always a snap a way from a bone break. Tartt's rib injury might not fully heal til next year, Sherms hammy/knee sucks, K'waun isn't easily replaced by anyone on the roster, and Witherspoon just got over a 6 week injury to his foot.
  2. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    You're probably right, I just get hyped up during these winter meetings. I remember kruk & Kuip last year mentioning the giants might start using a humidor (like Colorodo), i wonder if that would make much of a difference. Nonetheless I think most view the giants as frontrunners for Castellanos. whats weird is I havent really heard any other position players connected.
  3. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    man so pessimistic. Money talks. Plenty of other states have high taxes too. I'm sure he had some deep center outs that would be home runs in sf. same with the corners. Overall the dimensions aren't too crazy outside of triples alley.
  4. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    He can’t be worse than Dickerson (in the field), and once Ramos comes up in 2021-or sooner Castellanos can be full time in Left. His power seems to fit all areas of the park, even that spot where #25 hit 756.
  5. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    why not? He was the Cubs best player in 2019. He'd instantly be the best bat in the lineup
  6. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Giants. Last year ownership signed off on Harper for 300m. No reason they wouldnt on Cole. Crawford is his brother in law too
  7. clark is backpedaling like it’s 2009
  8. Official 2019-20 SFGiants: Giants hire meathead

    Longo had a pretty solid year, I think he's got plenty of juice left. His contract isnt that bad, its basically the same as Mike Moustakas moving forward. Buster, Craw and Belt are a little rough though so I hope one of the 3 can get dealt in these winter meetings. Speaking of the winter meetings, Baggerly did drop this nugget the other day.
  9. Official 2019-20 SFGiants: Giants hire meathead

    Duggar isn't anything special and I'd bet Jaylin Davis is slotted ahead of him if there were a depth chart. I'd rather see Yaz the every day centerfielder and a power bat like Ozuna or Castellanos. Heck maybe both if the deal isn't a lot of years. Bring the Boom. I like the starters of Cueto, Shark, Beede, Webb. Theres forsure room for a couple more heading into ST. If we strike out on the young(ish) hitters I want Bum back. I think hes got another solid 5 years easy in him.
  10. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Wil Myers rakes in SF. Giants should swoop.
  11. 2020 Draft Thread

    I was wrong about the injury costing his season, but he's gonna be a fun one to keep an eye on todays game vs Utah. With the Tartt injury and Ward as a FA next year keep an eye on #8 for Oregon.
  12. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    Not saying it will or even should but who is the most qualified on this 49ers squad. Looking like it’s Warner or Sherm to this point even with the pass rushers numbers so far
  13. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    If the NFL DPOY comes from this 49ers defense, who would you say it goes to? Armstead, Bosa, Warner, Sherman, Tartt? maybe even a vote or two for DJ Jones since he's getting so much love.
  14. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    Vegas has 7/1 odds for a superbowl win. BRB going to Reno.
  15. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    I feel bad for Moore, but Im kinda excited to see Valoaga get a shot in the rotation. His preseason was spectacular, I'm really surprised he didnt get scooped up at any point.