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  1. Damn, it hasn't really hit me yet how close we were. We had this so close but we didn't get the ball to our best players enough when we needed to move the chains. Kittle needed double the targets. Mostert needed more touches (especially with the lead), Jimmy cant have those 4/5 balls batted/tipped at the line, and the chiefs receivers made Sherm look silly. Everywhere else I felt the niners executed and played hard, I'm proud of this team and the season. But those are the key takeaways for me.
  2. Green Gay sends 1220 - Jimmy Graham - TE Buffalo Trades: 2185 - Star Lotulelei - DT Pick 125 (4th round) @squire12
  3. Buffalo Bills ERFA Signings 1592 - Levi Wallace CB 2035 - Robert Foster WR
  4. Buffalo Bills Trade: 5th round - pick 156 49ers Trade: 2273 - Tevin Coleman RB 2018 - Richie James WR
  5. Buffalo Bills release: 2384 - Tyler Kroft TE 2177 - Spencer Long C 1698 - Matt Barkley QB
  6. Are any drafts picks excluded from potential trades? @mountainpd and I agreed on a trade involving pick 142 but it appears that might be a compensatory pick that hasn't officially been released yet. I was just using the workbook as the source for draft picks, could there be drastic changes to the distribution of picks in there?
  7. Trade Not Accepted - The deal I agreed to was Miami Dolphins give 0600 - Daniel Kilgore - C pick 142 Buffalo Bills give 1793 - Mitch Morse - C
  8. Breida or Jeff Wilson whos getting more touches this quarter?
  9. @ny92mike I'll send you a message also.
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