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  1. On a Scale of 1-10

    WELL. I’m now at about a 2. Thanks Tomlin!
  2. So It Begins... Steelers Visit the Patriots

    Maybe they really want to cut Anthony Chickillo but are just waiting until after the Pats game...we can dream, anyway
  3. On a Scale of 1-10

    Well, I can’t decide if the developments of today made me more or less excited for the season… probably less, since we all know what will happen this season now. But karma has to catch up with the Pats, or Brown, or both at some point… Right? Right?!
  4. On a Scale of 1-10

    Hello everyone! I recently discovered this place after lurking, and occasionally posting, on the hockey equivalent of this site for years. I found this website because I am more excited for the season than usual. On a scale of 1 to 10 (“I’ll watch maybe one game“ to “Don’t even bother calling me on Sunday”), what is your level anticipation for the team, or the return of games in general, compared to the beginning of recent seasons? I would say my level of excitement is an 8. There seem to be a lot of new players and young talent, and I think a lot of us hope the Steelers will play as a team more than they have in a long time. Will JuJu and Connor excel because of playing with chips on their shoulders? Will Ben Roethlisberger have fewer interceptions due to not needing to force the ball to Abnormally Bighead, or is he simply declining? Will kicker Chris Boswell be the cause of multiple losses again? Will Mike Tomlin have the team prepared or learn how to use timeouts? (HA...I already know the answer to those last two.) In general, I am also excited to see if the Browns live up to the hype (I’m sure the Steelers will do their part by being frustrating for at least one of the two games), and I want to watch the Toxic Twins on their new teams! So, how excited are you for the season, and why?