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  1. Newly signed Patriots OT Jared Veldheer retires

    If he does not give back the SB th pats lose 750,000 in cap space till next year.
  2. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    I think Smith wil be the Y and Croom the F now. But I loved Knox and think he will be the combo as the season goes on
  3. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    he caught this one!
  4. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    This year- but going forward it doesn't realy matter much. Just like the Revis Deal, put the put a bonus in the 2nd phony year. The guy got more than 60 mill so far in the career in his pocket, waiting a few months for another 5 mill is not an issue.
  5. Which teams improved/regressed the most on paper?

    I just took exception to the statement the the pats project to regress from last year's 11-5 season. The off season is not even over yet, and we are in the hunt for Rudolph and or McCoy.
  6. Which teams improved/regressed the most on paper?

    Gee, I thought the pats got better at DB, LB and Dline than last year, Better at RB and WR. Gronk only caught 50 balls last year, certainly not a lot of production to replicate. I think they do better than last year's 11-5 . I have concern more for the coaching staff than I do for the players.
  7. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    I still think The commissioner re-instates him with a year off at most, which means he is back in December. Goodell even said he was a good man, but with a problem.
  8. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    It is not 100% negative. I am there every day at training camp as I am retired. There is constant praise for doing something right, you do something wrong you get called out on it. Everyone. The only exception that I remember was Seau. When the pats set up thier draft board, they say they put emphasis on players that can take getting coached hard. If you could not take hard coaching, it pushed you down on the board.
  9. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    Solid signing for a 1/4 mill tryout. Splitting time with VanNoy/Bentley/Hightower and Roberts, don't even see him being on the field 50% of the time unless he returns to 2015 form. They have now got 4 three rotational players for under 8 mill real that don't count towards plus minus FA comp. I still would still like to see them get another DT either 3 or a 1. Maybe Shelton returns, but I am hoping for Bailey. .
  10. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    Wel in two years when the new CBA and they don't test for pot like the other leagues- then would he deserve to play? Look the guy breaks a rule and smokes pot, but even the league is going to change their stance. This isn't 20 or 40 years ago when pot was thought of as bad by the majority of the population. It is going to be legal in 1/2 the states before long.
  11. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    Because the Browns offered 4 years and 50 mill. You might like to win, but the browns put 30 mill in his pocket that the pats would not have. When your 33 and never won something you might take less for a chance at a ring but not when you are 26.
  12. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    Good coverage LB that the chiefs could get a 6th comp pick for the following year. Well worth the cost for very little money and draft capital. Nice ability to cover the rb out of the backfield, Just don't ask him to fight off the block to make a tackle. Don't see how it makes much sense for the jets just to get a 6th a year earlier. With all the moves they made I Thought a coverage LB only making a couple of mill was better off on the roster. Maybe there was a clash with the coach
  13. I don't think philly is going to let douglas who is under contract go, unless his deal ends next March. A 3rd rd pick ?
  14. I know he was only a rookie, but I don't see him getting past an "average" qb.
  15. Kansas City cuts WR Sammie Coates

    What diff does that make? He was the 4th/5th in cleveland and he would be the 4th/th 5th in KC. KC was not who they were because of the 4th or 5th wr on their roster and the browns were not that bad because of the 4th of 5th wr.