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  1. It does not matter if it is a promotion or not, They tampered. Even if it is a promotion, you still have to ask before talking to him. eating it up!
  2. Why did he sign a contract saying that he could not leave on his own volition.
  3. Even if they already let the #2 and #3 guys go earlier in the off season? If houston would have asked 2 months ago before the other guys left. then robinson could have stayed and got Nick's job. So if Nick moves on the pats have now lost the top 2 guys in the front office, the def co-od, Def line coach, WR coach, qb coach, cornerback coach. And this is one year after Patricia took coaches with him.
  4. Again, I don't understand why anyone would think it was a cheap move. The CS and FO got decimated this off season after suffering loses the previous year also. The organization's responsibility is to the team, not to individual players or staff. His contract ends next off season, he was on the list of a few teams this year and he will be again next year. If he wants to move on, he can certainly do so then.
  5. When did the pats refuse over the last 20 years? maybe 2 or 3 times. Certainly not enough to discourage anyone for applying. Your trying to get the worse caase scenario and apply it to every case. Jon Robinsonn Licht,Pioli, Quinn and Demitroff will argue about the attractiveness of working with BB and Kraft. Dujuan Daniels also left to become Mayoucks Assistant. Bill lets them go, but there are times when the team would suffer and this year it is one. We lost Robinson and Daniels this year from the FO, We lost 4 coaches to promotions a year after losing 3. You have to say no sometimes, BB's first responsibility is to the team not to his proteges
  6. No- how did you get that from my post. The team wants the personnel signed long term. But if you want freedom you choose a shorter contract.
  7. No, I don't think so. He has turned down other interviews in the past. And why do you think the Texans is his dream job. It is the same as NE, Bill Obrien has the final say on the roster as BB does in NE
  8. Well he had a whole year to create stress and did not. If the relationship was toxic he could have left for other positions that became open this off season as Bill would have been glad to get rid of him.
  9. Well then they can sign one year deals and be a "free agent" every year. And once tampering charges are found, I don't think the league would let a GM leave one team to go to the other the same year.
  10. Probably as they just gave him the director of college scouting job last month, after Robinson left to join the bucs.
  11. What? They told the texans no last year too. It did not destroy any relationship. He said he was very happy in NE and enjoys working with Bill and Kraft.
  12. Well first not just the pats but any team. And yes the first 4 out the door get their promotions and also the ones that contract ran out most certainly can. But if the guy is under contract I think the team should have some control. Hell, Jimmy G should have left with two years left to get a promotion to starter too I guess. Well there was 20 people who were on the team last year that wont be with the team next year. It was a reward for what you have done. But if you get invited to a guys house you don't piss on the bathroom floor either, Easterbunny most likely was the cause of the tampering charge. And yes once tampering charges are filed, you have to listen or it won't be a fine
  13. I think they are doing it to paint a big hands off sign. The team's staff and front office has got decimated this offseason. You can't act like a headhunter, the guy has a contract. You need permission to talk to him first. Easterbunny should not have even gone to the superbowl party and spoke to him if they were planning on making him an offer and then the next day fire your GM. You make it seem like the texans could hire a firm and that firm could break the nfl rule without no blowback. There should be a rule where a team can't lose more than 4 coaches or FO personnel in one year.
  14. Vikings extend TE Kyle Rudolph (Four years, $36M)

    Very good deal for the vikings 2 years 8 mill each year. He got 16 mill in guarantees this year and next and will only cost them 3 mil to move on after two years when he is 31/32YO. He was already scheduled to make almost 8 mill already this year. I don't see anything in it for him but staying in Minn for two more years which was a wish.
  15. How do you vet out an interest in a contracted employee? You can't call his agent, He had stated publicly last month that he is happy here and they were denied permission to speak to him last year. Even his potential interest in moving on would have no bearing on his contract as the #1 personnel guy in NE. I think it will be thrown out also after a 25,000 fine or such. But he won't move on as part of the process.