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  1. No, two totally different things. Tanking has nothing to do with having class. It is a method of rebuilding the team. Just because it does not reach the highest ideals of the sport it can not be compared to fining a player who wants to have surgery. Now I can understand fining a player for having surgery during the season, when the team advised him to get the surgery during the off season, and the player made the decision to try to let it heal on its own. This coming from a team, whose team doctor led the nfl coverup on concussions, I would think the jets were to be more aware of the public reaction on this issue.
  2. But if you trade him you lose the 4th rd comp pick. Nobody was going to give a 4th for him.
  3. he is a 4 year vet and not subject to waiver wire. How much more is a team going to give him for the last 8 games than the pats are. He is already getting his salary from the Ravens already correct? He was on the opening day roster so his salary is guaranteed. If I was going to sign somewhere, I would go with the team with a great shot at the SB
  4. and that is a reason to let the game to be the way it is, because BB is smart, he is smart now, and he will be smart no matter how they change rules. Besides an inadvertent whistle there is nothing that should not be able to be challenged and it should not affect your time outs. If it was patently obvious that you are challenging a call just to try to get an extra time out, the refs could then dock you a time out.
  5. you don't understand why I only picked on name out of three? why would it even matter what name I picked? the scenario I painted was valid. If you don't sign a Free agent and he walks the deal is a good deal for the Ravens. If he returns to play like he did for the for KC his first three years, you get a real good to great deal. If he plays like the last two years and you sign him for 10 mill you get a bad deal. I like peters, he is skilled, but he is just too grabby and with the way they call PI now, he is just not as effective.
  6. you will be getting 2 good comp picks but you would have gotten a 3rd but you signed thomas, would it have made you feel any better if I said you were not getting a pick for brown or smith instead of mosley.
  7. just do what bb wanted, every coach has three challenges per game, all plays/calls can be challenged.
  8. Well, as you know the comp pick is contingent, as you wont get a pick for mosely as you signed thomas. but yeah, it could work out great.
  9. I thought the kid the Ravens traded was going to be a good fit for them. Speccialy with Mosley moving on
  10. you have peters for 10 games, they have corbett for 42 games.
  11. I don't think there a re a sho in to make the playoffs. They are #15 now and in 3rd place in thier division. I see him as an upgrade to peters, but they just lost Talib for the year.
  12. That is a lot of draft capital. They better hit on thier late rd picks. Next year they have 100mill in just 4 guys. Before paying him, even with the first year low, I cant see how they keep a team together. .
  13. he played the position very well when He looked real solid out there before he got hurt He stoned the steelers and Dolphind
  14. And Wynn is coming back after 3 more weeks.. It was only turf toe. They only put him on IR so they could save a roster spot. And if you look at the sacks most of them are him going down before the hit.
  15. Why are the pats desperate? Wynn is able to return to the roster by week 11 which is the week after thier bye. They have games against the skins, jets, giants without Barkley and the ravens along with the browns, I think the pats will be favored by at least ten points in the first three and will be a small favorite in the Ravens and Browns games.
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