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  1. Trent Williams to report to Redskins?

    he played the position very well when He looked real solid out there before he got hurt He stoned the steelers and Dolphind
  2. Trent Williams to report to Redskins?

    And Wynn is coming back after 3 more weeks.. It was only turf toe. They only put him on IR so they could save a roster spot. And if you look at the sacks most of them are him going down before the hit.
  3. Trent Williams to report to Redskins?

    Why are the pats desperate? Wynn is able to return to the roster by week 11 which is the week after thier bye. They have games against the skins, jets, giants without Barkley and the ravens along with the browns, I think the pats will be favored by at least ten points in the first three and will be a small favorite in the Ravens and Browns games.
  4. I don't know what cap space has to do with signing a kicker that is out of a job. What do you think Mike Nugent would expect 1 mill pro rated so it is 750,000.
  5. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Not to single you out, but this 1st and a 3rd could be an overpay or could be considered by others robbery of the Jags. Is the first a top 10 or the pats pick? Kind of a wide range there don't you think? he bears are having all sorts of trouble offensively. They might not make the playoffs, a Mid 1st say pick 16-18. has a lot more value that what will likely be a very late 1st from the Ravens. say pick 26-28. I would think to move up 10 spots would be a 2nd.
  6. It’s times for Danny Dimes!

    Lets see if this Giants FO can do better putting a team around him than they did for Eli. I don't expect much from him this year as his weapons are sub par.
  7. This hurts in the Mahones will get hit more often and that takes it toll as the year goes on.
  8. turf toe is a major injury? He is only going on IR because they need the roster spot. With two olinman down, you can keep somebody on the roster for 4 weeks and not have him play.
  9. it will be 6 numbers and one of them will be a different color, and all the numbers will be between 1 and 69 and the powerball number will be 1-26. again, when you make the trade you make it with taking in consideration the wide range of where the pick will be. Having just a 20% possibility of being pick 5 to most fans here skewers the trade in favor of the fins. Like said in an earlier post, I may have made the Trade saturday, but I would not have made in Monday.
  10. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Why do you figure a late first as worth a 2nd? Hell if that was the case BB would never pick in the 2nd he would just trade it for a 1st the next year. I see the jump in a 3rd for a 2nd but even then it seems like it is not the pats trading pick 96 to the bucs for pick 36 the next year. I just think the jags would want to see Balt pick the year when they have to go against a manned Pitt squad and give Cleveland more time to mature and maybe in 2020 the Ravens don't have as good of a shot for the playoffs as they do this year with Ben out and Mayfield still growing
  11. Taking helmets off penalty

    yes it was, guys like Mark Gastinieu, Steve Michaels, Andre Tippett, would all do it for sacks. Deion Sanders, The fun bunch, The redskins smurfs, In the 80s and early 90s it was common.
  12. Taking helmets off penalty

    At one time players did it all the time. When the league decided to try to take some flamboyance out of the league as part of the "no fun league" campaign this rule was added. The marketing of players have been hurt due to the public not even knowing what some all pros look like. IMO The league made this change with an eye to minimizing players and maximizing laundry. I think the league should take a page out of the NBA and BB and market players more.
  13. Taking helmets off penalty

    Why when a guy scores a touchdown and takes his helmet off it is a safety issue? The refs and 100 cameramen and the cheerleaders don't have helmets. The play is over.
  14. Taking helmets off penalty

    This rule should be scrapped and players encouraged to take the helmets off after big plays. I think marketing the game will be well served. Plus delay of game penalties while players struggle to get thier helmets on would be fun to watch after a sack .
  15. Do NFL executives want a Patriots-Cowboys Super Bowl LIV?

    The NFL would like two teams with the most well known players playing. Not even the best teams. Football fans are going to watch, they need to capture non fans and non fans just know names and want to see people they know. Their dream match up would be the state farm guy against the nationwide guy.