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  1. I just don't understand it. I have patriot gear that people buy me for christmas/Birthdays etc- sweatshirts and stuff. But a jersey with another man's name on it just always struck me as weird. although my 90 yo aunt has a Ted Williams jersey
  2. Well I don't understand why a grown man wears a jersey with some guys name on it.
  3. Redskins sign OT Erick Flowers (1 year, $4M)

    I don't see the downside, I was thinking the same about him for the pats. As long as the SB was something like 500,,000 or so and with playing time incentives. You get him with your OL coach either Callahan or Scar for 3 months to see how he adapts, he don't you cut him at the end of camp.
  4. Raiders release T Donald Penn

    he was only getting 5 mill this year, I would think 1/2 that.
  5. Raiders release T Donald Penn

    With Waddle moving on the pats need a b/u LT. He will be great for a year.
  6. The Post FA|Pre Draft Season Prediction Thread

    I think the jets get to .500 but even with the talent, I am not a fan of Gase, Love the signing of Bell, But is Osemele going to return to form or did he take the money and run. I think Greg Williams will make an impact next year, he usually does until the players tune him out.
  7. 49ers cut Cassius Marsh DE

    They had him and let him walk, he said they work to hard up here- honest! It wasn't any fun, and he rather have fun.
  8. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Well being pregnant is not going to save her from him. and the league suspends people for smoking pot. Unbelievable that they cleared cap room to sign him, well it looks like somebody is going to draft a WR in the first.
  9. Steelers agree to 2 year deal with Moncrief

    A good chance for him to get back on tract. I liked the kid coming out of school quite a bit. Wish the pats could have made a play.
  10. Earl Thomas signs with Ravens

    And my comment was he has been less healthy over the last years.
  11. Earl Thomas signs with Ravens

    Oh, so you project that out to 16 games? He is a superior player, all I said was DeCosta is breaking with tradition in signing a big money deal to player that is over 30 and coming off an injury.
  12. Earl Thomas signs with Ravens

    He hasn't played since his last injury.
  13. Patriots re-sign Jason McCourty

    another year for the kids to develop more.
  14. Earl Thomas signs with Ravens

    Decosta's 1st break with Ozzy's way. that is a lot of money for a 3rd contract. He will be 30 this spring and while a superior player when healthy he has been less of that over the last few years.
  15. John Simon re-signs with Pats

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well he played in limited snaps for the Pats last year.