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  1. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    i see the RAIDERS playing a tight game but losing by 2 scores. 27-17 Want to think Jacobs scores twice 1 run 1 pass. Waller goes over 100 yards. And Carlson hits a 40-50 yard FG. Good measurement of the team but just not there yet. hope I am wrong
  2. The Welcome Thread!

    thx. i enjoy reading all the banter.
  3. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    new to posting here. my take is if Brown can strap it up and play. If he can Elevate the WR room, Carr, The Offense. keep his antics undercover and away from the eyesight of reporters then keep him. His antics and apology only strengthen the raiders case when they go and cut him and hold the next 15 mil. Chucky runs all, mayock and AB talked it out.. the captains are good with the outcome.. as a fan im torn because i want him on field but not off.
  4. The Welcome Thread!

    Hello from so cal. been raiders since 97. read alot here but never joined and contributed.