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  1. The local high school team down the street beats Maryland by 70 last year. What does that have to do with Ohio State always being insanely overrated
  2. Ohio State is so atrocious that Maryland will not allow over 500 yards passing. Sad
  3. Allowing over 500 yards passing LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Compared to the slow 10, they have NFL defenses
  5. Hyping up Indiana to cover for your overrated trash team with no defense. Ok
  6. Ohio State would be irrelevant If they were in the SEC LOL
  7. Agreed. Maryland has a much better QB than Indiana's. They would have beaten this trash Ohio State team
  8. Indiana is solid, but they would get rocked in the SEC. Ohio State in the SEC would be funny
  9. That play looked like a trash team to me
  10. This trash team should not be in the playoffs Maryland would have beaten them since Tua is better than Indiana's QB
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