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  1. That's hard to believe. At worst it's looking like this will peak in early May. Many think mid-April Many are optimistic baseball will start in June
  2. If baseball is back by July at worst, you gotta think football will be on time
  3. My Comeback Player of the Year Candidates

    Alex would have actually been a good fit for the Patriots
  4. It will be nice to see the draft in a small room

    I do miss the draft on a Saturday afternoon a little Primetime on Thursday night has been kinda neat though, even with all the insane hoopla. Similar to the NBA
  5. Sean Payton tests positive for Covid-19

    Will we have football
  6. Witten was solid this past year
  7. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    Some guy on another forum thinks this is a good trade, lol Hopkins disappeared last season.Jax 5 rec 40 yds 0 tdsCar 5 rec 41 yds 0 tdsJax 8 rec 48 yds 1 tdsKC 9 rec 55 yds 0 tdsTB 5 rec 23 yds 0 tdsNE 5 rec 64 yds 0 tdsGood player? Sure, but it would be idiotic to overpay when rookie WRs are blowing up in the NFL at a fraction of the cost.
  8. Baltimore trades TE Hayden Hurst to Atlanta

    Ravens are deep at tight end. Overall good move
  9. Dolphins sign DE Shaq Lawson (3 years, $30 M)

    Decent player but yeah, 10 million is a bit too much
  10. CBA Approved

    Lol at expanding the playoffs.
  11. 2020 Vote: Where does Brady ultimately decide to go?

    Lol at calling him average
  12. The Official XFL Thread!

    If XFL isn't cancelled, this is the greatest thing that could happen for it