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  1. They were signed as reclamation projects going to what people considered as likely Super Bowl contending teams with major question marks at QB. Heinicke isn't staying here if he's just get $1-3M per year.
  2. Corey Davis and Allen Robinson would be my 1A/1B choices. Kenny Golladay would be 3rd.
  3. Absolutely. However, the whole thing is sort of jacked up. Read the whole thread But specifically this one or @ET80's cri de coeur
  4. When he almost went toe-to-toe with Tom Brady in the playoffs on a team that really doesn't have any other options (sorry, not a fan of Allen, and Steven Montez is a guy)? That's highly unlikely.
  5. I wonder if (and how much) Heinicke's play today might sway Scherff.
  6. Not as much as you would think. The contract is effectively guaranteed through 2023: 2021 Salary = $10.54M (fully guaranteed) Cap Value = $10.54M 2022 Salary = $35.0M (fully guaranteed) Cap Value = $35.0M 2023 Salary = $20.0M (guarantees in March 2022) Roster bonus = $17.0M (guarantees in March 2022) Cap Value = $37.0M After this, two team year options that have zero long term cap ramifications 2024 Salary = $32.0M Cap Value = $32.0M 2025
  7. Except apparently the owner told him that he would be consulted.
  8. Well, here's the rub on Heinicke: his play suddenly made him look viable. He's also an unrestricted free agent. His price just jumped.
  9. ...and we have a new leader in the clubhouse. Is that why they just canceled the show? He's taking a more day-to-day responsibility in managing Houston? (sorry, ET, had to go with a bit of gallows humor there)
  10. Wait ... you mean Easterby? Ohhhh ... @ET80 - has Easterby been involved in putting together player reunion dinners to gin up nostalgia amongst the fanbase?
  11. Wait ... you mean Easterby? Ohhhh ...
  12. Unless I am missing something, Caserio isn't a lying snake in the grass.
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