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  1. Against a team that prior to today had not won a game all season. Oh, and we're also forgetting the sack/fumble that necessitated Washington needing the late drive to nearly win/tie the game. Color me impressed!
  2. The rest of the teams I could see getting a win or two along the way (the Giants directly from Washington). I don't see how the Jets get one, though.
  3. With my fiendish plan, it was THE RIGHT CALL!!
  4. So, they took out the guy who had the upside for the "welp I guess we go to [insert player name here] because ... why not?" Coolio.
  5. If we take out all of his bad plays, his ceiling is a meh backup, maybe an okay game manager? Am I misinterpreting this? (honestly asking)
  6. Well, it sounds like it was made more ferocious by deciding against blocking their players?
  7. Something to consider: Due to their tie, Cincinnati and Philadelphia are both 1-4-1. If the draft was held after today, they would 9th and 10th, respectively. The NFL is very unbalanced right now: really good teams combined with really bad teams, with not much in the meh-middle (the mehddle?). One win or one loss can radically change a franchise's draft position. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  8. If the records are tied, it would go to strength of schedule. Given that the rest of the NFC East sucks so hard, it would be highly unlikely they would be in front of Washington. That said, should both teams tie on strength of schedule, it would go to a coin flip at the NFL Winter Meetings since Washington and the Jets don't play each other this year.
  9. I'm not exactly sure how Joe Flacco throwing 21 of 44 for 186 yards (4.2 YPA), 0 TD, and 1 INT and having the team scoring 0 points is missing proper context.
  10. No no no ... that's HASKINS' thing! Dwayne's the one who takes sacks because he runs into the opposition! Wait ... is it the scheme?
  11. ... I ... cannot do this anymore ... it's too painful
  12. Thank you all for taking the bullet for the rest of us.
  13. AHEM! Erasure much?! That's #kyleriveraturner thankyouverymuch! (I'm old ... can hashtags have hyphens?)
  14. Ah yes, but keep in mind, Haskins' 300+ yards against Baltimore (a much better team) was just fluff.
  15. Going to brunch with the wife is also is suitable alternative. Got to enjoy some tapas and overhear some women talk about their hair for 45 minutes (much funnier than it sounds). Chances of going back to Dwayne: 0%. They burned that bridge something good. Maybe they should have a "Loser Leaves League" match? (I assume this was when I looked at my phone and Allen through the pick late in the 1Q or early 2Q) If the play ends up in the hands of opponent, are they really using the WRs? Or just chucking it up in on a wing and a prayer? They aren’t doing it on purpose though lol ... or are they? *puts on tin foil hat* Think about it. Rivera and Turner saw Allen up close last year. They know he was turnover machine. Maybe they thought Haskins would give them too many wins and put them out of position. They didn't want to develop him (especially if they thought they could get the Great Savior of the Franchise (Trevor Lawrence)), but they had to make it look reasonable before going full tank. Then, when the division suddenly looked "winnable" they changed their game plan (previously: throw Haskins out behind a piss poor OLine and break him, allowing them to go to Allen and/or Smith to finish off the job) to their "tank" plan sooner than expected. EVEN BETTER! If they can make Jones look good while having made Haskins look bad previously, they can get away with the crazy train plan to tank in plain sight. AND keep the Giants locked in with Jones! HAVE FAITH, MY FRIEND! IT'S ALL GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN!! The water ... it's JUST PERFECT! COME ON IN!! If you're Haskins, do you even want to go back out for these clowns? Wow ... this is what it came to ... celebrating two complete passes followed by throwing it away? Brunch was totally the right call. WHY CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?! What is good is bad. What is bad is good. War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! We've always been at war with Eastasia! Live look at Dabo upon receiving said contract: The line? It's bad? ITIS YES! We need MORE McKissic!! PERFECT! KEEP HIM IN CONTROL!!! EXACTLY!! IT'S THE NEW PLAN: NFL Rope-a-Dope! They have them RIGHT where they want them!! A field goal! A field goal! If you think only WFT has ever inquired about Dabo's interest in coaching in the NFL Hang on ... this guy? Live look at Jeezy: That's cause WFT is this giant dinosaur (continuing further)
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