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  1. Jets game this week $6.00 tickets

    My coworker accidentally entered into the company ticket lottery (she thought it was for the Nats) and won. This will be her first NFL game. I have already apologized to her multiple times.
  2. Gameday Thread: Prepare for takeoff!

    I'm taking my daughter to her first volleyball practice, work on the HP:WU community day challenges. That sounds like a much better use of my time than watching this disaster.
  3. I was crossing the streams. Always a dangerous choice.
  4. I guess if you finally do the right thing you should get a little credit for it. The Washington Redskins - they do the right thing ... eventually ...

    @fluhartz, just for the record, I was rooting for the tie.
  6. Amazon Prime

    Being a minority owner in the Redskins isn't going to give him that influence. Only the main guy gets that. Which would be interesting, but only really come to fruition if he was the top dog. The only players I would have considered purchasing a jersey for would have been Kerrigan and Williams ... oh well ...
  7. would it be hard to pass on Burrow?

    If I may perhaps summarize, "multi-draft BPA evaluation?"
  8. yay ... they did the the only rational thing that they should have done three or four weeks ago ... bravo ... go team ...
  9. When have Brice and Danny chosen "good PR/make nice" over "being able to say 'I'm right!'" when given the option? Do they? Or do they just not care anymore? They're also trying to change the local story by leaking that they're trying to extend Ryan Kerrigan. The future FAs are looking to Landon Collins and his contract resetting the market. Washington has gone from just paying the "Dysfunction Tax" to the "Dysfunction LUXURY Tax." There's a reason why FedEx Field is a half empty stadium, and that half is mostly opposing fans. The Washington fanbase have just stopped caring. We know that Snyder won't sell the team (the Bezos rumors are just there to give us a false sense of hope ... only to be dashed again on the fact that Snyder is just in his 50s). The advertisers don't care all that much. The one possibility that changes this equation: the Nationals winning the World Series (hey, @ET80, how are you?). Going to the parade I saw a huge number of 8-12 year olds. When I was they're age, they were decked out in Washington Redskins gear. Now, it's all Nationals red. The one (almost assuredly vain) hope I have is that the Nats' continued success and winning the whole thing makes Snyder decide to do something drastic in the way he runs the franchise. If you told me twenty (heck even ten) years ago that I would voluntarily choose to get a haircut or weed my yard over watching Washington play on Sunday, I would seriously consider getting you medical and/or psychiatric attention. If you told me that when my son was born that I would not only not force him to watch football with me but that I would actively not bring him into the fold and encourage him to find other teams, I would think that I must have slipped a gear or three. However, that's where I (like so many other fans of yesteryear) find myself. I know I cannot escape the morass that this franchise has become, but I cannot in good conscience make my children suffer my fate. It's not even like rooting for the Cubs or some other band of "lovable losers." No, the Snyder-owned Skins are just repeated scar over my childhood and the DC metro area. The saddest part: I'm not angry when I find myself writing all that, just resigned and saddened. I have made peace with the fact that I will likely be long into my retirement years before Washington has a new owner, and that the team I love will be tied to the millstone of Snyder, sucking me back into the tar pit every year.
  10. Who do you want as HC

    Owes both Kevin Colbert and Minkah Fitzpatrick a pair of big old steak dinners.

    You're welcome. *cries quietly to himself*
  12. AITA = Am I The A**hole? A subreddit devoted to people describing a situation they find themselves in and the rest of the world voting on whether or not the poster is in fact an a**hole, or if they're in the clear. One of the voting options is "ESH" = Everyone Sucks Here. In this particular case, no one comes out looking good. The medical staff, though they got their reputations seriously dragged because of Williams' allegation of malpractice, doesn't have a good track record. At all. Williams looks like it was a money grubbing move. Brice is Brice and dicked over everyone to be right. ESH.
  13. would it be hard to pass on Burrow?

    All of the draft discussion back in April was that Haskins fell into Washington's lap and that he was a steal. So, yeah, most had him as a 1st round pick. Now, he could be a first round projection and still be a project due to his lack of starts (and the ineptitude of the coaching staff in Washington). There's no guarantee he succeeds. That said, I'm not sure how you pull a Rosen and cut bait on him right now. Maybe we will change our minds by the end of the season (since Washington has committed to riding Haskins as the starter for the rest of the way). Who knows?
  14. would it be hard to pass on Burrow?

    That changes if Bruce is gone. So yeah, it’s not changing. Not sure it does even if Brice is given the heave-ho. Even if Brice is fired, is he actually gone or is it the Ceratto-in-the-shadows scenario? Even if Brice is fired and is completely disconnected from this franchise, would any top flight coaching candidate want to come to the merry-go-poop-around that is Washington? If Snyder couldn't keep out of Gibbs and Shanahan's way, why would he not meddle with any other candidate?
  15. would it be hard to pass on Burrow?

    I still think there's a small but too large to not notice chance that Bill Callahan is the 2020 coach. I think that stays in line with my original point.