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  1. Tracking the new coaching staff

    I hate to point this out but you are jumping to conclusions that it will all work out. Again perhaps speaking out of turn, but our reasons for being pessimistic is that history (both here and in the NFL as a whole) don't point to this coming up all roses. At all. Maybe Rivera and the Redskins break the trendline, but it gives us a lot of concern that decisions like giving the coach the final say, having Snyder involved in the football decisions, etc. do not give us hope for that. Like I said, we hope to be wrong. We just fear that we aren't. I do think that Rivera might do something to help with the culture amongst the players (especially if they clear a lot of the older players out who aren't really acting like veterans). That would at least be something.
  2. With Bruce gone

    My point is that any talk of contracts now is a bad idea on his and his team's part. He should just show up, no restrictions up front. That would be the best path to getting a new contract.
  3. 2020 Draft thread

    I'm sorry to hear things aren't going so swimmingly over in Chez turtle. Hang in there. We'll still be here (if for no other reason to bicker about the team we all love)
  4. WC: BUF@HOU

    Just 54 pages bigger than the next second largest (and nearly 65 pages bigger than the other OT game). But close!
  5. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    For the record, I voted that they wouldn't have been playing the Saints today for three reasons: Bruce Allen Jay Gruden Greg Manusky Yes, having Kirk Cousins on the 2019 Washington Redskins roster would have lead to more wins ... but 6 or 7. Not good enough to make the playoffs, not bad enough to get rid of those people. They needed to burn the whole thing to the ground.
  6. Tracking the new coaching staff

    I think the simple point is: if this were Baltimore or Pittsburgh (two franchises that have long track records of doing things "the right way"), I think most of us "old guard" types would be more willing to give them slack. We might not necessarily agree with it, but we'd have faith in the front office based on their track record. Snyder's track record? Umm ... yeah ... Track record of coaches that have complete control? Umm ... yeah ... Track record of "same old gang" getting new results? Umm ... yeah ... While I may just be speaking for myself, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that most of the less-than-optimistic crew wants desperately to be wrong in their worrying. I (and they?) would love to see you all telling us this time next year how we were all a bunch of pessimistic worrywarts and that the ship of the franchise is turning to deeper, calmer waters. We just fear that we've seen this movie before.
  7. 2020 Draft thread

    You've been a tad quick on the "return fire" trigger the past day or so. That's two separate posters (mods even) who you opened up on. Just saying you might want to double check before coming out blasting.
  8. With Bruce gone

    Again, the win-win play would be to show up and ball out. This would have the best chance for Williams getting paid and/or traded to a new team. By going this route, he can maintain the high road position ("it was solely Allen and the training staff") and the team can "scrape up" some more money or trade him to someone who would in an advantageous way (read: playoff caliber team). However, if tries to hold them over the barrel some more, then it reveals itself as a money play. Snyder won't want to play that game. Then, the pissing match goes on longer and everyone loses.
  9. WC: BUF@HOU

    You said that they could have called penalties, but they didn't. You say that if the crew thought the ball was live, they could have called penalties but they didn't. So, why not? I suggested they missed the call. The kickoff, as a play, is one of the most boring plays around. Yes, most of everyone thought the play was over, but the ref who was closest involved didn't and neither did the coverage team. The fact that the other refs didn't react to the play is meaningless.
  10. WC: BUF@HOU

    Except refs miss calls all the time.
  11. With Bruce gone

    Come again? Washington's best defenses of the past twenty years were under Gibbs. I hope you're right about Rivera.
  12. 2020 Draft thread

    I honestly asked where you got your information because I like having stuff at hand. No need to get your knickers in a twist.
  13. With Bruce gone

    I think you want to re-read what you just wrote. You said it was working for Washington under Gibbs when he had final say but that Gibbs made awful decisions but that those were the responsibility of Snyder and Vinny (which begs whether he had final say). But the simple fact that you said "[Gibbs] made some awful decisions in terms of who to draft and with trades" should make you more wary of giving Rivera that sort power as Gibbs was WAY more of a coach than Rivera is.
  14. With Bruce gone

    Yes, in reference to his value dropping from a potential first to a mid round pick to now who knows what if he doesn't show up?