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  1. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Except it wouldn't be because Gruden cannot get around playing "his" guys.
  2. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    Answering a question with some questions. How are you planning on heating the breastmilk/formula? If you are thinking of a microwave with the fridge, does the bottle fit? (and do you have an idea of how long it needs to cook so the milk isn't scalded)? If formula, are you thinking you are going to have that premixed? How are you planning on cleaning the bottles afterwards? How are planning on sterilizing them (or at least setting them aside so you know they need to be sterilized)? Do you really want all of that crap upstairs in your bedroom? Or is it just simpler to use your kitchen with all its nice and handy appliances that you already have and not spend money on stuff you don't really need in exchange for not walking what 50 feet?
  3. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Fair enough. But you're fine bringing back a guy who was at best in his four years here as the #4 option? Because they drafted him? If you want the young guys to prove that they belong on the roster, you kind of need to give them a shot and not waste potential reps on a guy whose ceiling has been hit. Do I know that Quinn and Sims (again, you are the only person mentioning Davis) are better than the vets? No. Do I want to find out? Yes. Will having Quick and Grant on the roster allow us to do that? Not really. So, why bother with those schlubs?
  4. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Umm ... no. Thai was talking about wanting to see if Sims could replicate what he showed in preseason last year with more reps. Given that Richardson is unlikely to make it through a season and Doctson is almost assuredly gone this time next year, seeing what they have in the next in a guy who showed flashes last year as a rookie makes a bit of sense, no? Yes, he absolutely could bust out, but out of the Richardson and Doctson, he's shown the most of the guys on the roster behind them. No, that's not saying a lot, but give the kid a chance. As for Quinn, part of the interest there is his track record of succeeding at every level. He's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder from being named Mr. Irrelevant. Why not feed into that and let him run with that? Oh, and no one has mentioned Robert Davis's name that I can recall (until you posted this), much less said he has a guaranteed spot on the roster. Yes, none of the guys in the receiving corps should feel that their job is safe. The wide receivers last year caught a total of 145 balls. Even though Richardson (13.8% of last year's total) is probably safe due to his contract, he could easily be gonzo next year if he doesn't show anything now. Doctson's (30.3%) essentially playing out the string/hoping to make a big splash in his contract year. Quinn is actually third (6.2%) of returning incumbents. The others? Quick's (2.1%) a JAG that we inexplicably brought back. Again. Darvin Kidsy and Jehu Chesson each caught a ball for 0.7% a piece. The rest left the building with Crowder (20%), Maurice Harris (19.3%), and Michael Floyd of all people (6.9%). So, no, no one should feel safe. At the same time, there's opportunities to be had there for the young guys. Don't bother with Grant and Quick; you know what they are and what this is essentially a dime a dozen receiver.
  5. Washington Free Agency 2019

    What you just quoted there is effectively his ceiling. For further evidence, I give you the following numbers: 38, 43, 57, and 28. Those represent the percentages for his career of those 45 catches, 573 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 7 starts. Maybe Quinn is the next coming of Edelman. Maybe Quinn's a scrub nobody. However, it's going to be harder to find out and harder from him to adjust to the NFL if you are splitting his time, especially with a guy the coach tends to inexplicably keep giving chances to. Keep in mind he's done those numbers once in his career. His other years? Catches: 7, 23, 9, 35 Yards: 68, 268, 76, 334 TDs: 0, 2, 0, 1 Starts: 2, 5, 1, 10 (so don't go saying he didn't get any chances) The Colts paid a 1y, $5M contract for Washington's JAG receiver, and they got a 5th round compensatory pick out of it. No need to return the "favor." *whispers* play. the. odds.
  6. Washington Free Agency 2019

    No. Here ends the reading from the Book of Woz.
  7. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Oh, we're doing what we could have done? In that case, the 2014 draft was horrible when it could have been: 2nd = WR Davante Adams 3rd = OT Morgan Moses 3rd = OG Trai Turner 4th = RB Devonta Freeman 5th = LB Telvin Smith 6th = CB E.J. Gaines 7th = CB Malcolm Butler 7th = OT Charles Leno or S Adrian Phillips Look at all those mistakes! (cheap, isn't it?) For the record, I was right with you there in ripping out my hair when they went with Scherff over Williams, and I agree with you with Kendricks over Smith. At the same time, Washington did get value out of that draft, which is not something they can say for many of the other drafts over the past 25 years. To classify it as the worst in 25 years is actively looking for reasons to denigrate it. Could they have done something different? Sure. Should they? For some of those picks, absolutely (Matt Jones is still a mystifying pick). But to write the entire draft off because it didn't meet what you wanted right then without considering the context of the team at the time and what they were going for is ... I don't even know if I have a word. And that's the one big thing that you are seemingly writing off: for all of his "mistakes" in that draft, McCloughan seemingly had a plan for what the team was to look like. He was looking for not only specific "football players" but was building the entire roster towards something. That is also something that has been missing for most of the past 25 years (only exception was arguably Schottenheimer ... Gibbs dealt away his drafts too often).
  8. Washington Free Agency 2019

    The goalposts, they are moving. However: The draft class is what the draft class is. If you want to compare draft classes, you have to meet them where they are. Allen was here for the RG3 trade. While he was not the top dog, he was involved. We could have just as easily drafted Blake Bortles (the only way the 1st is here is there is if they didn't trade for Griffin).
  9. Washington Free Agency 2019

    I knew I was forgetting a lot ... just trying to give more examples. But please add to the list. He's got a lot to apologize for.
  10. Washington Free Agency 2019

    It's not just that, though. It was setting Doug Williams as the GM and then making deals behind his back. It's the apparent setting Gruden to be a fall guy if 2019 goes as badly as it looks it will.
  11. Okay, was just wondering what you were considering. I don't think they would go for the 80% and playoffs -> 3rd, but might come back with 80% snaps = 3rd, playoffs = 2nd. He is a QB after all.
  12. Washington Free Agency 2019

    The short version is that they haven't really had a consistently good GM since Beatherd left. However, Allen has done more to poison the fanbase than any of the guys who have wear the hat.
  13. Washington Free Agency 2019

    If that's the metric, then 2015 improves as well (Reiter started for Kansas City and just re-signed). Preston Smith >>>> Trent Murphy Brandon Scherff == Morgan Moses (but tip the balance in Moses' favor due to draft position) Crowder >> Breeland Reiter > Grant
  14. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Even you implicitly see the unlikelihood of that happening (and thus Smith improving from where he was). Yes, it's all conjecture but play. the. odds.
  15. Notice I did say that they could have drafted a guard (Orlando Brown? yes I know he's a tackle, but he would probably be better than Christian) as well because I saw the dearth of picks at CB. Another alternative would have been Malik Jefferson. Could have taken Rudolph with 74 and Brown 78. By giving it up, that was one less cheap player they could have gotten.