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  1. Things other than Redskins

    Just missed seeing Breeland on the sidelines. Go get 'em kid (especially the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants)!
  2. He went down to Jamaica (I believe) and apparently stepped on a either bottle or edge of a can. Sliced his foot up, and if I recall, it may have gotten infected. The short version was that he was going to be on the shelf for four months. The Panthers (I want to say) decided they weren't interested so they pulled back the contract (it happened before he signed the new contract).
  3. Welcome to the Dirty Dozen. Tiebreaker status (cannot believe I had to calculate this in week 3): @Shady Slim = 4-4-1 (tied for 2nd) @Longhorns90 = 5-4 (tied for 2nd) @Lurker = 4-3-2 (tied for 4th) @Mega Ron = 5-2-2 (tied for 4th) @Packer_ESP = 6-3 (tied for 4th) @Johnthejetsfan = 6-3 (tied for 7th) @DreamKid = 7-2 (tied for 7th) @blkwdw13 = 7-2 (tied for 7th) @roysmyboy31 = 7-2 (tied for 7th) @MikeT14 = 7-2 (tied for 11th) @SWATcha = 7-1-1 (tied for 11th) @FrankRizzo = 7-1-1
  4. He hasn't learned by now after twenty years of owning the team. He is who he is: a less affable, (unfortunately) younger Jerry Jones.
  5. It's kind of why I dropped mine after one year (living in VA and driving to FedEx sucks). It's a problem regardless of which side of the river the stadium is on.
  6. Umm ... ... ... @ET80 do you need to hug it out with @Shady Slim?
  7. I leave to others to do this, if they want. I personally don't because it leaves the possibility of accusations of bias or unfairness should I forget to tell someone.
  8. DE Hayes tears ACL, QB Carr remained unhurt

    I would be amiss if I didn't point to the team that defeated the Golden Knights.
  9. DE Hayes tears ACL, QB Carr remained unhurt

    Well, there's always the Blackhawks, Redwings, and Wild ...
  10. DE Hayes tears ACL, QB Carr remained unhurt

    For 2018, perhaps. Alternatively, the sack numbers will drop significantly for most quarterbacks (guys like Roethlisberger and Newton who don't generally get the calls may not see this happen). Going forward I think they have to rethink this rule, especially in light of happened to Hayes.
  11. This is so much more interesting/amusing to contemplate if you assume "doc" is @Doc Draper.
  12. One of the advantages of getting blitzed with work is that I end up having to take a couple of games off regularly. It helps that my track record is then spaced out between games. It’s very frustrating as a host One of the disadvantages of getting blitzed with work is that I easily screw up and miss the first day. Sorry about that Dome.
  13. Things other than Redskins

    If it stays civil and calm, fine, continue discussing it. It rarely stays civil and calm.
  14. Things other than Redskins

    If you guys want to debate the merits/flaws of Cousins, take it to NFL General or Minnesota's board.