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  1. #FireBruceAllen

    Okay then, the franchise's under him solely record is 35-44-1 (photo is from mid-2018 season). 0.431 vs 0.413. Never better than a nine win season. Not like it's that much better.
  2. Huh. Jeezy's apparently bucking for my "#1 on Thai's S---list" crown. Back off before I have to cut you!
  3. Marvel Mafia - Signup Now!

    Going to sit this one out as I'm going to be gone for more than just the weekend. However, if by next Thursday or Friday you need a sub, I could be talked into it. Maybe.
  4. #FireBruceAllen

    Technically, a smidge over (due to that tie). But my word, that is an eminently punchable face.
  5. ... given the responses of your fellow team, they might dispute the first part of that.
  6. Probably Mankind. I seemingly enjoy the pain too much.
  7. Four had we lynched him one more time. Still a bit peeved you counted Dude Love as an indy.
  8. I quickly scanned other sites (they're wiping out the 2019 boards to protect the foolish) and NFL.com at least gave a comp between them. Still, there was a big drop off from White and Bush to the rest of the ILBs. If we're going truly hindsight, it's possible we could say Washington should have either passed on Ross Pierschbacher for Mack Wilson (and gambled that Pierschbacher would have been there with their 5th compensatory pick). As for band aid's, I think they stay in house and see what they have between Josh Harvey-Clemons, Shaun Dion Hamilton, and Cole Holcomb. If the injury gremlin keeps coming or the young guys don't look up to the task, then they might start sniffing around the guys on the street like Will Compton, Zach Vigil, or maybe further afield a Manti Te'o. Compton and Vigil will likely be called before someone like Te'o because they've got experience in DC ... not that they were any good, but they are known commodities in Ashburn.
  9. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    OH! You mean the place I can fly if I want to go to Cedar Point?? Why didn't you say so??
  10. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    It's in that one squarish state ... no no, not one of the flyovers, it's next to a big lake ... no, not the one with Philadelphia, the other one ... right? (making Geography teachers' eyes twitch is fun (am married to a former Geography/Social Studies teacher))
  11. #FireBruceAllen

    There's a reason this thread is pinned and featured. The guy is a snake.
  12. Can I call one of the many faces of Mick Foley? The repeated smashing my face into things but keep fighting ... that feels real to me.
  13. Uhh ... was not expecting this. Thank you.
  14. He was probably, but last night I spent a lot of time going over everyone (including myself) as to see if there were any patterns. The one thing I should have brought up but didn't: Flacco had voted for mafia once (the hammer on Matts). I thought to myself: he never hit anyone else? Really?