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  1. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but he was mainly suspended for destroying his phone.
  2. 2018 Draft Order

    Good one - CB. In fact, we may have a wire to wire winner. As if it isn't true, Todd Bowles should be given the Coach of the Year.
  3. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    And I am sure the NFLPA and the players will make changing the system one of their major bargaining points when the new CBA comes due in ... oh god ... it's only three years before we start that whole circus again.
  4. Okay, now with everyone moved over here, we must DRINK LIKE VIKINGS!! Wait ... that's not it ... well, it is but not what I was going for. oh yeah, sign up
  5. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    I must have missed it: what crime did Tom Brady commit?
  6. I'm not sure how they could make that argument convincingly. Even if they could, the counterargument is even easier: The starting offense got six snaps in game 1. They need more work if they're to fully gel. They started 0-2 last year, including dropping a winnable game in week 2 against the Cowboys. In those two games, Cousins posted his worst and fifth worst games per passer rating. This required them a "do or die" game in week 3. Unlike OTAs and minicamps, this is preseason football. There's nothing that contractually limits the amount of players play in the preseason. The only thing that limits their playing time is the risk coaching staffs are willing to take. In most cases, NFL teams are usually risk-averse during meaningless games to avoid injuries derailing seasons. There's nothing to stop teams from going further and playing their starters longer if they feel it is necessary. They just adjust how many ushers/vendors/parking attendants are needed. Snyder doesn't care since he's already made his money from your season ticket purchase.
  7. Sunday Preseason Games

    What the ever-loving fluff has gotten into this board?!
  8. Sunday Preseason Games

    I would totally love to see the current group of Redskins do the Fun Bunch. Just one time. They've got two TNF games scheduled; that would be the ultimate Throwback Thursday.
  9. Colin Kaepernick

    Honestly, @EliteTexan80, at this point I think you should just lock it regardless. Most have stated one of the three prevailing opinions (he's being disrespected; he's disrespectful; he's not a good quarterback), and it's been going for 13 pages. I'm not sure there's anything else that anyone can say that won't get people up in arms.
  10. Eh, I don't know about that. He definitely was rusty last year when the season began, and I remember them being very hands off with him. Especially since he only got six snaps against the Ravens, I think they have to roll with him at least a quarter-plus.
  11. And that might be what gets him on the roster. I couldn't give a very good eval of the line because they all sort of stunk up the joint last night.
  12. 12 would be even better. BTW, I set the rules for the league, but those are not set in stone.
  13. Gruden said yesterday that Cousins not playing against the Packers was not on the table.
  14. From the little I saw, Brown brought both to the table.
  15. So, we have 7 invites so far (plus me), but I think two haven't signed up yet. If you want in, we still have room.