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  1. You've a couple of months to write something up ... to tear into me ... and that's what you came up with?
  2. That's two he probably should have had. But we'll take it!
  3. Okay, I owe Gruden an apology. He swallowed his pride and fed Peterson with a N/S play.
  4. You know they're bad when you would much rather watch an Eastern Motors ad.
  5. Almost! Now ... a reasonable coach would say "I have one of the best RBs in the league. He runs north/south. I need one yard. Feed the man." Gruden is not that coach.
  6. OKAY! Was going to say ... That said, the fact that the refs automatically blamed Washington ... not a good sign.
  7. And of course, we take a timeout ...
  8. No one holds against Washington, only they do.
  9. Rushes for a first down on his own Fox stat - Peterson - 2 rushes, 2 yards Good job, guys.
  10. Yeah, a north-south runner cannot do anything useful, right Gruden?