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  1. Kyler Murray

    Darn tootin'.
  2. Thanks for the insight @MKnight82, @Umbaugh21, @PARROTHEAD, @naptownskinsfan, and @taylor made. For the record, the algorithm had us taking Metcalf on Monday and Murphy as of today (they had to adjust the player pool due to players declaring or staying in school, which caused things to change up). In both cases, I thought an ILB would make a lot of sense (they have the three of them ranked (as of today): Murphy 11, Metcalf 12, White 14); I wonder if Murphy's size will be an issue (listed at DT as 5'11", 182).
  3. Things other than Redskins

    They did? Oh, okay *hefts his shovel and starts digging some more*
  4. Kyler Murray

    Let's not re-litigate the who-got-what in that trade. We did that for plenty of times back in the day, no need to rehash it yet again. Sufficed to say, they took a big swing ... and it failed, setting back the franchise years. I would argue that the trade underpins a lot of the modern day indifference to the franchise. Had they not made the deal, the Redskins would be in better shape from a talent perspective and not looked like a joke of a franchise. Maybe.
  5. Gateway? I think we're already at the 2nd or 3rd circle by this point.
  6. Cam Newton to sit out 2019?

    Well, based on the Osweiler precedent, a 2nd round pick?
  7. Cam Newton to sit out 2019?

    #6 will blow your mind!
  8. Only possible theory I can come up with: Brice knows that Gruden is a mediocre coach. So, he shivs him now so Jay fails in 2019 thus creating another scapegoat for him. Then he gets to replace Gruden and hang around longer. Since Snyder has apparently decided that Brice and only Brice can get a new stadium done, all Brice needs to do is to deflect enough blame off of himself to some other patsy to keep his job. Why Snyder has convinced himself of this, I have no earthly idea.
  9. My take: they know Manusky sucks, but they cannot fire because they are afraid they cannot hire anyone better than him (probably accurate). So they were playing footsy with other just-fired coaches in hope they say "yeah, I'll come be your DC" so they could then upgrade from Manusky. Problem is those guys looked at the situation Brucie has created combined with the fact that Gruden's in the last year of his contract and said "thanks, no thanks." Basically: they want to upgrade their defensive staff but the stench of Ashburn is keeping potential upgrades away.
  10. I can see CB more than SS. That's not me saying he could play corner; I don't think he has the requisite skillset to do it. Just that CB makes more sense that SS. And I agree he'll likely be a FS.
  11. The "Tomorrow (and next year) start the same old thing again" line resonates. Too much so.
  12. Kyler Murray

    And with the CBA as it is, it's not like he can get a lot of refinement of those tools once he hits the NFL prior to stepping on a field.