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  1. There should be a link somewhere. However, you're welcome for me gifting you the win.
  2. Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    For the record, if the season were end right now, we would be picking 20th (first team out of the playoffs - Atlanta would take the last playoff because of a better conference record).
  3. Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Absolutely. That list assumes that if you have equivalent talented players at their particular position available to you when you are picking. If you have a more talented player at a lower need position, then you go with the talent.
  4. Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Again, I was mainly thinking from a four man front. In that case, we have Allen and Ioannidis as our two DTs. If we want to keep up the 3-4 charade, then okay. As for switching RB and ILB, I think our interior linebacking corps is thin. I'd rather bolster that than grabbing another RB. Call it a flip of a coin between the two.
  5. Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Assumes we keep Brown. While it would seem to me to be a no-brainer, we have some brainer-less folks in charge. If it's the BPA, I could roll with it. Assuming that Cousins is re-signed (since if he isn't, that's priority #1), my need order (for defensive picks, assume they are 4-3 since we use a four man front most of the time): WR OG RDE ILB RB LDE OT (thinking swing tackle here) QB (depth pick) OLB I'm willing to listen to alternatives
  6. Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Indy has to come out of this draft with one mission accomplished: protect Andrew Luck at all costs. Getting a safety instead of a tackle is a failure.
  7. Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    If that's the case, then it makes a bit more sense for him to go top 5. But to the Colts? That still baffles me.
  8. Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    DraftTek has him going 4th (which feels a bit high) to the Colts (which feels stupid).
  9. Since everyone is locked in (and it looks like only @theJ and @TheKillerNacho are eliminated this week), I'm waiving the "wait until MNF" rule this week. Week 8 is now open for picks.
  10. Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I don't care how good Saquon Barkley is - there is NO scenario where you can draft a running back first overall in the modern NFL, especially when you don't have a QB. I love DraftTek and they way they work, but that is an absolute joke of a pick. The Niners picking second is an interesting thing too.
  11. Quinton Dunbar

    Reason: always keep talented players if you can. It will come down to his contract demands. If they're reasonable, sign him. If not, thank him for his time and let him walk.
  12. Redskins 10th in NFL in rushing

    Don't know if there is somewhere that has 5+ or 10+ breakdowns, but at 20+ yards, we only have 2, which ties us with Tampa Bay for 25th in the league. As for 3rd down, I do have something for that from Football Outsiders, but it's a bit fractured. First, DVOA based on down and distance: 3rd & short DVOA: +5.4% (16th) 3rd & mid DVOA: -72.7% (30th) 3rd & long DVOA: +231.% (1st) 3rd down overall: 10.5% (12th) They also have DVOA by type of play: 3rd/4th down by pass: +27.6% (6th) 3rd/4th down by rush: -29.5% (29th) So, in general, we can say we are not all that good at rushing on third downs.
  13. Glad you enjoyed it (sorry for the late response).