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  1. Yes, but the NFLPA represents the current members of the NFL, not the prospective members. As such, they decided to fight for shorter contracts so their players could reach free agency (and hopefully, big bucks) faster. The fact that disadvantages younger players at the most complex position is a side effect. They were the sacrifice.
  2. And years ago, it was true!
  3. I hear you. That said, I'm still anxiously awaiting for any and all BotW2 news.
  4. *thinks to himself* That cannot be right, ovfd55 must mean the free agency era. *checks DraftHistory.com* ... holy crap. That's insane. Before Shuler, the last time was 1961 (Norm Snead).
  5. QBs used to also be signed for 7-8 year contracts and not have free agency or the ability to change teams easily too. Different era, different rules.
  6. Minor aside: DraftTek no longer does an average of multiple big boards (hasn't in awhile). They have their own board they maintain.
  7. What's interesting to me is that he points to the Giants. They probably should but won't.
  8. Is he intentionally channeling Owen Wilson? His analysis is interesting, but his cadence and phrasing make think he's on some sort of substance. EDIT: Ah, saw your response later.
  9. Dallas also tried to do everything in their power not to go with Dak in his rookie year. He just got insanely lucky with injuries to the guys in front of him. First, Kellen Moore (the primary backup to Romo) broke his leg during the first week of training camp. Then, Cleveland turned down the Cowboys' offer to trade for Josh McCown. Then, Dallas named Jameill Showers Romo's backup. Then, Dallas decided to put Prescott in as the starter for their first preseason game and saw him go 10-12, 139 yds, and 2 TDs. That didn't bump Showers from the #2 until after Week 2. THEN, he needed R
  10. To be fair, you only need 441 to get max weapons, bows, and shields. But there is apparently some special reward if you find them all. Good luck.
  11. https://www.zeldadungeon.net/breath-of-the-wild-walkthrough/korok-seed-locations/ 900 on the dot.
  12. The Wizards foremost goal should be to get out of luxury tax zone. Then they could start taking on bad contracts for picks without having to get back equivalent salary to build for the future. Having Wall/Beal or Russ/Beal makes that somewhat difficult, but re-signing Bertans for five years made that impossible. This is why a guy like Rui should be nice but irrelevant; by the time they are out from under Russ and Beal's contracts, Hachimura is going to be looking to get paid. If they were out of the give back zone for salary, they could trade Hachimura for a 1st round pick in the next yea
  13. That's because of the panic for QBs. 5-9 could be cheaper, but realistically, Washington would need to trade up with Minnesota at 14 to then leap over the rest of the NFC East.
  14. Given that the nerve damage was in his shoulder and the pick shows him jumping, I wouldn't put much stock in any hope of a comeback. But it would be a nice story; the kid looked like a budding star before it all went to crap due to that injury.
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