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  1. Likewise, I get the idea of the "best five," but given that Nsekhe is a 32/33 year old RFA (which makes him a 33/34 year old UFA next year), addressing the LG position for the long term would be a better plan.
  2. With the 8th Pick....

    And me apparently ...
  3. With the 8th Pick....

    Same thought process here for me, but I went with Sutton (my small school bias here).
  4. Best and Worst Drafts of the last 20 years

    I didn't start following the draft until 2005, but I assume the 2nd was traded for Clinton Portis. 2004 was the year Gibbs returned. We have a winner.
  5. Comp picks

    The Redskins never get these so the novelty is intriguing. It does in theory give them more chances to make picks (or trade up for other players). In a perfect world, Moron will be fired and a competent GM will replace him so that the new GM will have more bullets.
  6. Sylvester Williams visiting

    Since Williams is now with the Lions, I'm going to redirect the conversation over to the Hankins thread since that seems to be where it's heading and lock this one up:
  7. Remaining Possible Free Agents...

    Thank you for the assistance.
  8. Remaining Possible Free Agents...

    Emphasizing for those who missed it ...
  9. Remaining Possible Free Agents...

    He gained not getting cut outright in March before his bonus fully converted. It's possible that the front office thinks that having him means they can perhaps look at other positions than the DL. They're idiots if they think this (yes, I know, redundant), but that could be the "thinking."
  10. While it could happen, the fact remains that Catalina was a 2017 UDFA (every team passed on him over and over again), Kalis was a mid-season pickup (after we cut him and he signed with Indy; also a 2017 UDFA), and Kouandjio was a draft pick who didn't pan out that we only brought back due to injuries. Oh there's also Demetrius Rhaney, another midseason pickup who had two starts in three years with the Rams (but 32 appearances). If one of them develops into a quality starter, that's spectacular. However, banking on any one of them developing is bad planning.
  11. Taking their swing tackle and moving him to guard because they didn't properly address the depth and talent on the offensive line is completely a front office failure.
  12. While it isn't over, the pickings are mighty thin at this point. Per NFL.com (ages at season start): North of 30 Allen Barbre - 34, 10 seasons (6 teams (Seattle twice)), 92 games played (57.5%), 40 games started (25.0%) [listed in some places as a tackle] Joe Berger - 36, 13 seasons (4 teams (Miami twice)), 145 games played (69.7%), 84 games started (40.4%) [listed in some places as a center] Alex Boone - 31, 8 seasons (3 teams), 105 games played (82.0%), 86 games started (67.2%) Jahri Evans - 35, 12 seasons (2 teams), 183 games played (95.3%), 183 games started (95.3%) Shawn Lauvao - 30, 8 seasons (2 teams), 94 games played (73.4%), 85 games started (66.4%) Mike Person - 30, 7 seasons (7 teams), 43 games played (38.4%), 18 games started (16.1%) [listed in some places as a tackle] Evan Smith - 32, 9 seasons (4 teams (Green Bay twice)), 112 games played (77.8%), 53 games started (36.8%) Kenny Wiggins - 30, 5 seasons (1 team), 45 games played (56.3%), 25 games started (31.3%) [listed in some places as a tackle] Young'uns Oday Aboushi - 27, 5 seasons (3 teams), 34 games played (42.5%), 26 games started (32.5%) Dakota Dozier - 27, 4 seasons (1 team), 32 games played (50.0%), 5 games started (7.8%) Nick Easton - 26, 3 seasons (2 teams), 23 games played (47.9%), 17 games started (35.4%) [listed in some places as a center] Kyle Fuller - 24, 1 season (1 team), 9 games played (56.3%), 2 games started (12.5%) [listed in some places as a center] Adam Gettis - 29, 6 seasons (3 teams), 17 games played (17.7%), 1 game started (1.0%) Luke Joeckel - 26, 5 seasons (2 teams), 50 games played (62.5%), 50 games started (62.5%) Joe Looney - 28, 6 seasons (3 teams), 59 games played (61.5%), 13 games started (13.5%) Greg Mancz - 26, 3 seasons (1 team), 29 games played (60.4%), 23 games started (47.9%) [listed in some places as a center] Marcus Martin - 24, 4 seasons (2 teams), 26 games played (40.6%), 24 games started (37.5%) [listed in some places as a center] Kevin Pamphile - 27, 4 seasons (1 team), 53 games played (82.8%), 33 games started (51.6%) [listed in some places as a tackle] Amini Silatolu - 29*, 5 seasons (1 team), 48 games played (60.0%), 31 games started (38.8%) Jeremy Sirles - 27, 4 seasons (2 teams), 30 games played (46.9%), 15 games started (23.4%) [listed in some places as a tackle] Anthony Steen - 28, 3 seasons (2 teams), 21 games played (43.8%), 13 games started (27.1%) [listed in some places as a center] Xavier Su'a-Filo - 27, 4 seasons (1 team), 56 games played (87.5%), 41 games started (64.1%) Jeremy Vujnovich - 27, 2 seasons (1 team), 18 games played (56.3%), 16 games started (50.0%) [listed in some places as a tackle] Earl Watford - 28, 5 seasons (1 team), 43 games played (53.8%), 21 games started (26.3%) David Yankey -26, 2 seasons (2 teams), 6 games played (18.8%), 0 games started (0.0%) Bolded names started 50%+ of the possible starts; bolded and italicized started 80% of their possible starts. I don't know if the low percentages are due to injuries or poor play. To be honest, it doesn't really matter all that much since I'm not sure the Redskins should bring in an injury risk at guard (and they certainly shouldn't bring in a guy who couldn't get starts with his previous team(s)). Note: some of these players missed a full season (for example, Silatolu, Steen, and Yankey (missed two seasons)). I did not penalize their percentages. * Silatolu's birthday is September 16th, so he'll be 30 right after the season begins.
  13. Salary cap values of each of these guys for 2018 (per Spotrac): Jonathan Allen = $2.636M Matthew Ioannidis = $0.630M Projections for draft pick If taken at 13, ~$2.5-2.7M If taken at 44, ~$1.0-1.2M [not going to try to project free agent costs] Anthony Lanier = $0.633M Vets Terrell McClain = $4.688M [10th highest cap value, 2.76% of cap] Stacy McGee = $4.800M [9th highest cap value, 2.83% of cap] Evander Hood = $1.584M Let's assume for a moment the Redskins take a DL at 13 and he costs $2.7M against the cap for 2018, but don't sign any of the free agents you list in #4. That would mean that the defensive linemen would in total take up $17.671M in cap space, or essentially 10% of the cap. McClain and McGee by themselves represent 53.7% of the DL's cap space. You listed them 6th behind everyone we have or project to maybe sign/draft. Does spending 53.7% of the DL cap (and 5.4% of the team's total cap) make sense for the 5th and 6th ranked players? Keeping Hood as a backup makes sense in this analysis; yes, he's more expensive than Lanier or Ioannidis but it's manageable (9.0% of the DL cap, 0.9% of total cap).
  14. Except we regularly see Williams and Moses gut it out with reoccurring injuries. Having Nsekhe ready to step in will be key. Plus, it's a different position with different responsibilities and muscle memory. If they have to go that route, fine, but that will be yet another failing of the front office.
  15. While I don't disagree they need to take two OL, any lineman past the third is perhaps a bit of a long shot to be a starter.