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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    @JBURGE - that was one was irritating for the waiting part. However, my reaction when I saw "Apparatus" in the shrine trial title: I still don't understand how the movements of the controllers translated onto the screen.
  2. Supp Draft at 1 p m ET Today

    Assumptions of why a team would intentionally do this Long term plan Pros: Assuming your defense aligns with what those schools teach, it should make for a smaller ramp up time for those players as they'll understand the concepts already. The players will already know the tendencies of their teammates, so chemistry in the various position groups could come easier. Cons: Assumes you will not change your defensive staff/scheme, or that the schools that you are drawing from won't change their staff/scheme. May make talent acquisition myopic, missing better players. Laziness/Cheapness Pros If you don't have the time or money to scout out every prospect, focus on those schools with a track record of providing talented players. Cons Means you likely will be missing better players
  3. Isn't it obvious?! He hasn't managed to score negative runs against his opponents!
  4. Things other than Redskins

    I do this with some hesitation: If you desire a name change, take a gander at that. Also, if you would be so kind, come back here and say what your previous name was. You can also look up name changes:
  5. Name Change

    What are you talking about, Wordy McLengthyName?! Four letters?? Pshaw!
  6. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I can think of two off of the top of my head that I have no earthly idea how I would have known they were shrines without looking them up (I mention them in the spoiler tag, so don't look if you don't want to know)
  7. Supp Draft at 1 p m ET Today

    Probably we will be awarded one, but we won't know exactly what we get until next spring. Keep in mind, the compensatory draft pick will be our natural pick, so the comp pick for losing the free agent will be by definition a lower pick.
  8. Nintendo Switch Thread

    The random shrine quests that you have to find on top of some random mountain with no clues whatsoever unless you stumble by it (or look it up) are particularly irksome.
  9. Supp Draft at 1 p m ET Today

    Normally, I'm not usually a fan of compensatory selections (you don't get the full evaluation that you do on other players), but at the price of a sixth? Eh, sure, why not?
  10. Or a shorter version: a second round ceiling
  11. Class Act- Guice

    I like that he got his mom new wheels ... but the Jaguar was the wrong call. Should have gotten a more reliable brand. Still, he's a good kid.
  12. Also from the article: Between Wall's impending supermax deal and his trade kicker, I don't see him moving. Beal or Porter? Those would be the ones that would have to move, but it requires some salary moves that I don't think would work out.
  13. Nope. To be honest, that hasn't changed since early-to-mid April.
  14. Prior to Fedde going on the DL, I figured they could gamble with a bit and have a Hellickson/Fedde double headed starter. Get 3-4 innings from each, have them rotate the starts/wins. They are both only good for 80 or so pitches, but you could treat them as one guy giving you 60 a piece, it could work. Granted, it makes the pen thinner, but, in theory, that would mean that you wouldn't expect to go to the pen often on day five. If they're getting shellacked, oh well, no need to really burn the pen arms.