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  1. Which probably further hurt his value.
  2. And then when all of the people who were responsible for that were fired/replaced ... then suddenly it became about his contract. Honestly, early on, I was backing Trent because I know exactly The Poop Wizard Brice Allen operates. However, after enough time, it became apparent it wasn't just a one way thing.
  3. As much as we might want Washington to add to the tight end position, it looks like that isn't going to happen unless they make a major reach. ... I just realized that the UDFA situation is going to be screwed because they won't have the rookie minicamp. Damn.
  4. I think we're thankful this is over as well.
  5. Probably. At the same time, they should have decided that if a deal wasn't finalized by Thursday at 5PM ET, they should have said "we're keeping Trent for the long haul" if the plan was the maximize value. I think they just wanted to be done with it.
  6. And I get that. It would have been a play. At the same time, with the new front office and coaching staff, they wanted to get it behind them. Did they sell low? Probably. However, that was happens when you get worked into a corner, a good chunk of it your own fault. Like I said, it was the mistake of the previous administration. This was their way of cleaning up the mess so they can move forward.
  7. ... apparently it was a good thing I muted my computer for the past 10 minutes or so ...
  8. Yes, they did. Trent did his fair share of poisoning the well too, though.
  9. Question: why is Washington solely responsible for the diagnosis? If he was concerned, why didn't he seek a second opinion?
  10. While there likely was a misdiagnosis, Trent is not blameless in this. The main thing is he wanted more money. He just used the medical stuff as a smokescreen so it made his holdout look more principled. Once the training staff and GM were fired, suddenly he wanted a new contract. That's what this has always been about. The problem is that he got horrible advice as to how to get it and in the process may have done severe damage to his brand. He now has one season to repair it and maybe get that one last contract that he so desires.
  11. Wait ... you mean if you treat your players well, they'll return the favor?!?
  12. The ankle can heal. Unless they're putting Robertson on the rack, he ain't growing (and that will make his ankle hurt too). ... let me have this one thing ...
  13. There was little to no reason for him to come in this season. Especially without the training and learning the new system. So, while I don't know for certain, I think it was a strong bet. Principles. At the same time, Washington didn't have much leverage. We only found out about Staley retiring after the trade was finalized. 49ers played it right; Washington did not. This is where they end up.
  14. 5'8", 187 vs 6'1", 202 Just sayin'
  15. *hangs head* But, as I said in the countdown thread, it is perhaps better I finish out the "five digit era"
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