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  1. We Should Extend Scherff and The Greek Now!

    Per the CBA, the Redskins cannot negotiate a long term deal with Ioannidis until after the season ends (after the completion of his third season). This assumes that Ioannidis is willing to sign a long term deal to stay in Washington at that point. He might want to test free agency the following year, where he would easily be one of the top free agents on the market (barring an injury next year) and get paid as such. The Redskins could sign an extension with Scherff now, but I suspect his agent will wait until after the season so as not to allow the Redskins to get his client to sign a lowball deal since he's injured. My best guess on that front would be Scherff and the Redskins won't come to an agreement until sometime next summer, if they did come to long term deal.
  2. Contact them and see if they'll split the order?
  3. Per the first link (2909.07(C)(2) continues on (but wasn't relevant to the case at hand): 2909.07 also deals with hacking in Ohio (2909.07(A)(6) and 2909.07(C)(3)), which also isn't relevant to Payton but does involve felonies in certain cases. So, unless he would be charged under a separate statute in Ohio (or federal one, though I have no idea what that would be), it's a misdemeanor. As for the fine, it's $500 in Ohio. What the NFL hits him with is up to the whims of Goodell, so who knows?
  4. If not for the defense making some great plays down in the red zone and some just good luck bouncing the Redskins' way for once, they would have lost this game. But because the defense bailed the offense out and gave them great field position (which the squandered on one of two occasions), the TEAM won. If you want to claim Alex Smith is a Good Luck Troll and that all of the team rubs his hair and that's why they are winning, so be it. It would be as accurate as saying that the Redskins are winning because of his play on the field What should be Alex Smith's roster bio photo:
  5. I was watching the SNF game last night and saw both Wentz and Prescott throwing the ball more than 20 yards downfield on regular occasions. I thought that it was kind of pretty, watching those rainbows.
  6. The Oakland Coliseum says "hello." Even if they wanted to, they're tied to the lease at FedEx for another seven or eight years, if I recall correctly. At the same time, attendance for the Redskins has dropped off precipitously. More so than the average situation. TV is part of the blame. The fact FedEx is a miserable place to go to is probably a bigger problem. It's the same old same old. The local fanbase has gotten tired of teams that occasionally make the playoffs once every five years or so while living in the cellar. The owner is a dbag. The GM is a lying yes man. Why get hyped up about this team? Even if the Redskins fail-to-lose the division, do any of us truly expect them to go far in the ayoffplays? Really?
  7. Trent is signed through 2020 (2019 cap hit = $14.776M, 2020 cap hit = $14.656M). What do you sign him for in his 33 year old season? How much and how long?
  8. Is the defense for real?

    They played quite well yesterday, especially given how little support they got from the offense.
  9. http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2909.07 As for punishments: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2929.22 http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2929.24 https://winningwithbinning.com/ohio-sentencing-chart/ Barring a serious Bengal fan on the bench, he's getting a fine and that's it. NOTE: Not a lawyer.
  10. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    One I knew you would recognize.
  11. My first reaction was that it was kind of wasteful (I'm not convinced that Marshall would be any better than Bibbs/Thompson). Then I went back and checked who was on IR and who else could have been designated to return (need to be on IR for 8 weeks so Apke, Lauvao, Richardson, and Scherff would only realistically be available in the ayoffplays, and that would be on limited practice time): Arie Kouandjio (IR on May 23rd) = torn quad [I don't know the recovery time from a torn quad, but he could have been a possibility] Derrius Guice (IR on August 11th) = torn ACL [could be back in time for next preseason; not a possibility] Manasseh Garner (IR on August 11th) = torn ACL [minor figure, could be back in time for next preseason, but might not be here; not a possibility] Robert Davis (IR on August 13th) = broken leg and torn LCL [figure six weeks in a cast for the leg, plus 4-6 weeks just in rehab (maybe longer); long shot possibility] Tyler Catalina (IR on September 1st) = shoulder surgery [reports at the time projected him being done for the entire season; long shot possibility] Cam Sims (IR on September 11th) = surgery due to high ankle sprain [given how tough high ankle injuries are when they are mild, surgery means no possibility] Rob Kelley (IR on September 18th) = toe injury So, assuming that Kouandjio was a zero possibility and they didn't think that someone like Scherff would help them all that much even in the playoffs on limited practice time (he would be eligible to return on the last day of the regular season), the only three choices were Quinn, Marshall, and Kelley. Marshall over Kelley is a no-brainer, so I guess that's why they went that way.
  12. Oh, and since you both have already picked for week 10, Week 11 is now open.
  13. A little cancellation tiebreaker calculation. Dream, of your remaining teams, you've picked three division leaders, two wild card contenders ... and Baltimore (the only sub-0.500 team on your list) Lurker, of your remaining teams, you've picked two division leaders and a bunch of teams whose fans are thinking about the draft in April (four of the five teams are sub-0.500, the "best" of whom (Indianapolis) has the same record as the Ravens). The short version is: Lurker's winning on tiebreaker. By a lot. How much? Add it up yourself.
  14. You picked the Ickles in a divisional matchup. What did you expect? But for @DreamKid and @Lurker - welcome to Head's Up Survivor Pool.