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  1. And it wasn't good for Nebraska to bolt for the Big Ten or Mizzou to the SEC Oh wait, they got a whole lot more money in doing so. So, it all worked out.
  2. You can think that all you want. Both conferences disagree. Uhh ... yeah ... I'm not sure that's not the argument you want to pursue. (go look at the academic rankings for the rest of the Big 12) There's more to college athletics than just football, even if it does have the biggest seat at the table. The schools that make up the conferences want to prioritize academics, and as such they make it a major criterion for entry. Well, you just literally previously argued that "big time College football athletics" doesn't revolve around academics. It doesn't revolve arou
  3. hey ... *sigh* gonna be a long year
  4. Fun random factoid: Norm Snead is one of only two quarterbacks in all of Washington's history to start three consecutive seasons completely at QB. Cousins is the other.
  5. Oh, that's us too. Except we don't have the one shining hope that our owner could die in the next handful of years.
  6. Late with this, so just cutting to the point: Rooting Interests In Week 14 Pittsburgh at Minnesota New Orleans at NY Jets Atlanta at Carolina Seattle at Houston Detroit at Denver NY Giants at LA Chargers San Francisco at Cincinnati Buffalo at Tampa Bay Chicago at Green Bay LA Rams at Arizona If you are thinking of just making the ayoffsplay, you want the Cardinals. If you are thinking of the ivisionalday owncray, you want the Rams.
  7. Of course, two of the last seven picked Tennessee, including the @Nabbs4u who was in the lead in the tiebreaker, the week before. Both died when the Titans inexplicably coughed up a hairball to the Texans.
  8. Louisville wasn't the team that the academically-minded schools wanted; that was Connecticut. Plus, UConn had (at the time) top men's and women's basketball programs. However, when the football-focused schools basically threatened to revolt and leave because UConn football is poo poo, they switched to the Cardinals as a compromise. Per US News & World Reports, Louisville is ranked 187th. No other school in the ACC is outside of the top 80 schools in the nation. Duke = 9th Notre Dame = 19th Virginia = 25th North Carolina = 28th Wa
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