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  1. *raises his hand* Why does Detroit agree to this trade? If Justin Fields is there, why wouldn't they just take him especially since they already have the Rams 2022 and 2023 1st round picks? Having Goff isn't going to stop them from taking a QB.
  2. Do you pronounce it with an "ahh" sound as in "waft" (the smell of the crap that is being slung around) or "ihh" sound as in "wiffed" (as in their decision process)? Inquiring minds want to know for proper usage.
  3. Brett Favre was a second round pick for Atlanta (33rd overall). Sam Darnold was drafted 3rd overall. Brett Favre was drafted before modern free agency existed. Per Wikipedia, his rookie contract was a 3 year, $1.4M contract with a $350K signing bonus.(1) Sam Darnold signed a 4 year, $30M contract with the Jets. During Brett Favre's rookie year, he threw four passes.(2) During Sam Darnold's rookie year, he threw 414 passes. Brett Favre was traded after his rookie year. If Sam Darnold was to be traded, it would be before his fourth season in the league. Brett Favre sat be
  4. That's an interesting stat. 22 players all drafted in the first round, none still on their original team. I may have looked over someone, but I believe the QBs from the rest of the rounds are: 2012 Russell Wilson (Seattle) [rumors he wants out] 2014 Derek Carr (Oakland/Las Vegas) [possibly on the trade block] 2016 Dak Prescott (Dallas) [in the middle of a contract dispute; minor chance hits free agency this year] That's three out of 84 picks. So, while better than 0%, not that much better. Also, the first round picks actually played for their teams in some variety. P
  5. (in all seriousness, it depends on what the "issues" are) (it's not Parsons, but I'm not going complain about taking offensive linemen)
  6. So historic that it happened last year? Or that it went 1, 3, 7 (and 10) in 2018?
  7. Trying not to thread necromance up too many threads after being away for so long, but this one is interesting. I'm on board with this deal ... with one hesitation. To make this work, Miami and Houston would need to agree to trade Watson before the draft. That in turn means Houston would need to agree to the trade with Washington before the draft. By doing all of that, Washington robs itself of significant draft flexibility. However, given what is likely available at 19 and what they need, I still think I make this deal.
  8. Is Winston ranked there due to the immaturity? The turnovers? Or both?
  10. While I can completely agree with you on Samuel (*sigh* think that's looking to small, but eh, what can you do), I wonder how much "comfort" Rivera might have with Cam. He's seen him up close and personal. Does he want to deal with that again? If he goes with Newton, then he basically has to erase any potential development for Allen and Heinicke because Newton will command all of the attention. Only way the other two get any meaningful reps in the offseason is due to an injury in the offseason. That's when the important reps are. Yes, they could easily get snaps midseason due to Newton in
  11. I'll try harder next time. Will keep trying to get better. If you had to ask me, I would say 30% chance. I think the "let it ride" option or sign Taylor as the "vet" are perhaps a bit more likely.
  12. Okay, I'm breaking this up into two parts because it was getting long already and I know the collective patience of the forum can be short (1) Continuing on then, we have OPTION 3: Go sign 'em! What makes this offseason weirder is that there are fair number of QBs available in free agency, and not the normal detritus either. QBs with 50+ starts, older than 30 Andy Dalton (34 years old, 142 starts, 62.2% career completion rate, 4.6% career TD rate, 2.6% career INT rate, 87.5 career QB rating) Joe Flacco (36 years old, 175 starts, 61.7% career completi
  13. So, after taking off about six (1) weeks from football, I dropped my head back into that time honored tradition here at the Washington forum: figuring out what to do at quarterback. I had noticed that there were various threads of discussion that would crop up here and there as to "what about this guy" or "rumors he's available." So I thought I would help @Thaiphoon and @naptownskinsfan a bit and maybe consolidate the conversations into one thread to try and keep it sane for them. (2) I thought about naming this thread "Path to THE Quarterback" or "Choose Your Own Adventure: QB edition" b
  14. It only took you half (more than?) your life too! In all seriousness, congrats to all of the winners! They were all deserved.
  15. Fair point. So he has his pack of barking poodles to run interference.
  16. He just won his 3rd league MVP award. While it might be a bit cheaper to get Rodgers relative to Watson, it's not going to be that much less.
  17. If Rivera was smart he wouldn't worry about defending a division title in a season where the entire division was abysmal. Instead, he should be focused on building the team for the long haul. Unfortunately, he's a head coach and went and got his own pet GM to focus on the short term so ...
  18. I don't think the Packers trade Rodgers this year because they would have to eat a lot of dead cap to do it. Next year? That's a different story.
  19. Somewhat surprised that no one has mentioned the Panthers and their moves: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/are-panthers-clearing-so-much-cap-room-to-make-a-run-at-deshaun-watson-heres-what-carolinas-cleared-so-far/ And then there's this: https://catcrave.com/2021/02/20/deshaun-watson-3-trade-packages-christian-mccaffrey/ (specifically option #3) Watson out of the AFC? Check. Get 3 first round picks in the deal? Check. Get a QB back in the deal? Check. Get a defensive player in the deal? Check. So, while having DeShaun Watson on the roster would b
  20. They were signed as reclamation projects going to what people considered as likely Super Bowl contending teams with major question marks at QB. Heinicke isn't staying here if he's just get $1-3M per year.
  21. Corey Davis and Allen Robinson would be my 1A/1B choices. Kenny Golladay would be 3rd.
  22. Absolutely. However, the whole thing is sort of jacked up. Read the whole thread But specifically this one or @ET80's cri de coeur
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