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  1. I have no idea about their trade machine, but it's entirely possible. One thing to try is if you put the other team's sending salary at either $5M or $10M higher than what Beal's contract says it is. That would account for the kicker.
  2. Yes, I suspect he could, but I could only see him doing that if he was going to a likely "championship NOW" team. I mean to waive that would require him to leave $5-10M on the table as a parting gift from the Wizards. The funny thing is that he likely would be more willing to waive a complete no-trade clause than the kicker because of the money he would earn.
  3. Well, if they're willing to take 51, 74, and AGG, I don't know why we would also send 124? Who would be targeted at 26? I feel like the trade up to 4 was because it was fun to trade up, but that caused problems as there wasn't a clear plan of what to do once we were there. For the record, using the Rich Hill trade chart, it doesn't look to bad (AGG = late 3rd)
  4. Provided Garoppolo was actually playing. That's the problem for the 49ers: in his three full years with the 49ers, he's missed 23 starts.
  5. https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2018/12/hoops-rumors-glossary-trade-kickers.html So, to trade Beal, if I'm reading this right: The Wizards would have to pay him $10.76M for the privilege of sending him somewhere else. (it's possible that it would only be $5.18M because 2022-23 is a player option year) They would take $5.38M in cap hits in 2021-22 and 2022-23 to account for the kicker. (if only 2021 counts, it would be $2.59M per year) His new team would have to account for the kicker in his contract when sending back equivalent salary. And then there's the possibility of
  6. And that's okay. That should mean we improved the talent base from where it was.
  7. Counter argument: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/washington-football-team/yearly/cap/ Free Agents After 2021 LT Cornelius Lucas T Geron Christian T David Sharpe G Brandon Scherff (pending long term deal or 3rd franchise tag) Free Agents After 2022 RT Morgan Moses G Wes Schweitzer G Wes Martin So of the seven players you mentioned, only two (Charles and Ismael) are under contract for more than two years. Potentially, three players that would comprise their two deep at tackle will be gone after this
  8. Actually, that's a radically kind of stupid if he just tore his ACL 4 months ago.
  9. Whereas I disagreed with you on Larsen and Mayo as roster fluff, I'm with you here. RBs can be found late or in UDFA. Don't know why you need a guy whose basically done.
  10. The advantage of always drafting linement is that it builds resiliency into the system. While it hurts to miss on a top 100 pick, if you've got a strong pipeline, it's not the end of the world. In the years leading up to LeRibeus' selection, Washington only used two top 100 picks on offensive linemen: Chad Rinehart (2008 3.33 (96)) Trent Williams (2010 1.04 (4)) Before these two, you have to go back to Derrick Dockery in 2003 (random trivia: Dockery's last season in the NFL was LeRibeus' rookie season). Instead they went with a series of late day picks that panned out to n
  11. That's going to get expensive since that has a 15% trade kicker on top of Beal's 2021 $34.5M salary.
  12. Well, he's only got two years left on his contract, so it's not like it is that long term of an investment. He definitely comes with major injury risk, though, so I wouldn't send a 2nd for him. I would have liked to know what we have in Heinicke and/or Allen (I think I know on the latter, but I'm open to being proven wrong) before clearing the decks for next year.
  13. So, I just ordered and ate from a brand new Chinese restaurant, more or less sight unseen beyond a couple of reviews. My wife (out of town) is worried I would get food poisoning. How I am supposed to differentiate the vomit in my mouth from the food or this statement?
  14. No one has had the heart to tell him the "play on 10 teams and get into the Hall of Fame!" punch card he was given after being drafted in the 7th round way back when was a prank.
  15. And it's entirely possible that Larsen is cut down to the 53. If that's the case, Washington's out $50K a signing bonus and he doesn't even count against the compensatory equation (he might not already if he was cut; don't know don't really care all that much). And while I appreciate Washington trying to draft linemen regularly, Christian and Martin are looking like busts. That's going to happen. Larsen's a hedge against maybe them actually being busts, or he could be the "oh crap my job is on the line" boost they need. I just don't view him as as a massive issue one way or the other
  16. 🧐 You do realize that if Fitzpatrick is taking snaps, those are snaps that Allen and Heinicke aren't getting, right?
  17. What do you mean nothing?? They signed DAVID MAYO!! /s
  18. Oh I get that. It's why as I have said Fitzpatrick was my last choice for FA QBs. No matter what you think of a Trubisky, Mariota, or Winston, there's a possibility of upside with those guys. Going with a Bortles would have been just a place holder in case the younger guys both crap out (Bortles would likely cause lots of losses to put Washington into position for the 2022 draft). Fitzpatrick gives you no upside long term, probably will cost you a game or two that will put you out of the playoffs, but play well enough to keep you out of position for finding the next QB or allowing the tea
  19. There's a reason I didn't grade those guys: they are "unnecessary reach" filler. If an IOL or a MLB is within a reasonable grab point for Washington, the presence of Larsen and Mayo won't be a deterrence. However, it prevents the team from thinking "wait, we need to get a backup Mike and there's no one who would be reasonable value here ... crap, go get the next guy on the list even if it is a round too early because we need to get that backup!" You can tell this is the case because Larsen got a "vet-min plus" deal. The deal in question gives him $990K salary plus $50K for a signing
  20. Too bad he went THE Ohio State University and not "The U" ...
  21. Oh, in that case, I can probably do it. And by doing it, I mean ghosting you and not accomplishing anything. BTW, it's spelled Samuel (lose the first U)
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