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  1. My job right now is brutal in terms of hours. I probably won't be able to help much at all except on weekends.
  2. To lead? No. But I'll chip in my usual thoughts here and there.
  3. Glad to hear it went well for her.
  4. @MKnight82 - do you know when they lock the rosters? Is it now?
  5. I don't want to worry you, but apparently the second shot tends to knock people out for a day or so.
  6. If nothing else, it will not be boring.
  7. As I said when he was signed, Fitzpatrick was the free agent QB I wanted the least. There's no real upside to him from a long term design of the franchise. C-/D+ Jackson III looks like a decent replacement for Darby. Was somewhat rattled by them letting Darby walk for as little as he did, but give the team credit where credit is due. A- Samuel. If I felt they hadn't just locked onto their guy, I might be more positive on this pick. As @MikeT14 said, this reeks of cronyism. Split grade: B for the player, D for the process, so split the difference and call it a C overall.
  8. Just a tip (passed along from a pharmacist friend of my wife's): when you get your shot, drink some Gatorade before and after. Claims it will help mitigate the aches and pains and other issues people have reported when getting the jab.
  9. Amongst Washington fans? Yes. Here ends another episode of "Simple Answers to Questions by Woz."
  10. Not B&CB - Burgundy & Carolina Blue
  11. What is Keim talking about? Why would we ever be daydreaming about formations where we don’t have McLaurin on the field? Okay, so it wasn't just me that as like whaaaaaaaa?
  12. Well, if Thomas continues to develop as a TE, Samuel could end up being #3 for the targets.
  13. When I saw this on Monday, I walked away from it because I wanted to sit and think on it some more. I started thinking of the scenarios where this signing might work or at least be part of the plan. Here's what I came up with: THE MENTOR: This is what everyone pointed to as the upside for Fitzpatrick: "He can teach the young guys how the game is played!" The only problem with this is that he's had multiple stops along the way of his career and I don't think he's ever done that for any young QB. I don't think that's in his DNA. He doesn't want to be a coach; he wants to be the QB. A
  15. edited since Thai already did a better job
  16. As I said awhile back, to even begin to have hope for the franchise (and that's a fool's game when it comes to the Wizards), you basically have to wait until 2023 and hope they let both Westbrook and Beal walk. They're not going to, but that's the earliest possible glimmer of sunshine for them. Requires a couple more years of decent drafting, and a new coach (like you said). Even then, they'll still probably Wizard all over the place. But at least you had hope!
  17. Some of us knew that they were a crappy team long before they even drafted John Wall and have been proven correct ever since.
  18. Again, this franchise has to start thinking more than six months down the line. 2022 free agents CB Greg Stroman DT Jonathan Allen [re-sign him now, what are you waiting for?] DT Tim Settle [trade him or maybe re-sign him to a decent contract now] G Brandon Scherff [what is the plan here? Either get the deal done by mid-April, or plan to draft a guard high] ILB Jon Bostic ILB Josh Harvey-Clemons K Dustin Hopkins LT Cornelius Lucas [unless you are sure that Charles can step in, drafting a LT now makes A LOT of sense] QB Ryan Fit
  19. Lucas was adequate at LT. Schweitzer was decent at LG. Lucas is a free agent next year, Schweitzer after 2022. Oh, and Morgan Moses' contract expires after '22 as well. OH, and then there's the question of whether they sign Scherff long term. So, while they don't have a need right now, they need to be looking forward and planning ahead. Free agent after this upcoming season, and they have no one outside of him. Moss's kid is still completely unproven. MLB absolutely needs to be upgraded, and I'm not totally sure about Hudson. I'd give him another spin, though.
  20. Like I said earlier, welcome to the La Meh-a Tar Pits
  21. But Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't say mean things about the team in a magazine interview!
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