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  1. As placeholder QBs go, Fitzpatrick was at the bottom of my list.
  2. No no, the GIF was the best case scenario ... we're now digging.
  3. Counterpoint: if Ryan Fitzpatrick beats anyone else out on this roster, they do not deserve to be on this roster.
  4. They did spend $2.5M on Hopkins! #nothelping
  5. Well, yes, but given that KPL just went for $8M total, that's a bit disconcerting. EDIT: I'm sure he'll be able to find another guy for 1y/$2M to be a drop-in starter. It happens all the time.
  6. Depends on what version of "bad" you are envisioning. If they go 5-11, that would only be a two game worse performance, so Rivera probably survives but is on the hot seat. If they go 3-13 or worse, he's probably canned. I think he would, barring him falling in love with a player. Again, depends on how bad "bad" is. If I were the new ownership group, I would give the current administration a year to turn it around before I would go looking to make changes ... unless it was an unmitigated disaster. Yes, the product on the field might not be that good, but the off-fiel
  7. At this point in their respective careers, Allen's mind muscles look like Ahnuld back in the 70s and 80s in comparison to Haskins's. As I said at the time, Pittsburgh is probably the best place for him. If anyone can get him straight and focused, it is Tomlin. If he cannot help/fix Haskins, then he's going to wash out of the league much faster than would be expected for a first round pick.
  8. Happens to the best of us. And turtle too. (sorry, couldn't let that go by )
  9. At some point, you have to point to the lack of the development of the muscles between the ears ...
  10. I don't know ... basically every position except RB, DL, and McLaurin? What's wrong with that?
  11. Outside of corner, it was the same needs they had before free agency.
  12. That guy is constantly hurt. For what WFT has signed of WRs in free agency, that's exactly what ace said: he'd be their perfect prospect!
  13. Cool cool. Glad to know that they won't get Samuel either.
  14. Well, that would be oh-so-much better. Instead of Davis or Samuel, they get
  15. BTW, in case it wasn't radically obvious, the Curtis Samuel deal offsets any potential compensatory gain for Ronald Darby.
  16. @naptownskinsfan please select the 2022 free agents from the following list: C Matt Paradis CB Donte Jackson DE Marquis Haynes DE Zach Kerr G Trenton Scott ILB Jermaine Carter S Juston Burris S Sean Chandler TE Ian Thomas WR Robby Anderson WR Brandon Zylstra Taylor Moton isn't on this list as I expect him to be signed long term. However, he obviously becomes priority target #1 should he become available.
  17. Setting the O/U line for "Number of games Golladay actually plays in over the life of this contract" at 41.5 What say you all?
  18. As I said, I hoped you were wrong.
  19. @e16bball - $12.5M AAV for Corey Davis vs. $12M AAV for Samuel ... Carolina connection wins apparently. #smdh Ron Rivera : anyone associated with Carolina :: Bruce Allen : anyone associated with Tampa Bay
  20. I know. You and @lavar703 (I believe) were big on the "they aren't going to spend diddly" train. I had hoped it was only the first year with COVID and wanting to see what they had. Now, I know better. Expectations are now set appropriately.
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