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  1. The corner didn't need to be addressed until they let the viable solution they had walk. They aren't apparently all that involved in the WR targets (unless they're just biding their time for Samuel once the top tier signs). TE market is high injury risk outside of Jonnu Smith. But some action, anything that shows they are trying. I don't necessarily believe strongly on betting markets, but when WFT is regularly "not involved" or "not interested" I wonder what would require them to be interested. He has a no-trade clause he would have to waive to be shipped out of Seattle. Given hi
  2. Part of it is based on the idea that the contracts you offer in free agency dwarf those that are obtained via the draft. However, part of the team building has to come through free agency as well. The fact that in a year when there is more talent available than should be that WFT is sitting on their hands is ungood.
  3. Lukewarm ones at that. I'm relaxed. Saddened because they could have done a lot to improve the franchise with only a couple of moves, but relaxed.
  4. Quick analysis of the three signings so far Hopkins Your projection: 1y/3M Actual: 1y/2.46M (1.88M guaranteed at signing ... that's just weird for a one year deal) Result: Length dead on, only $500K off value ... A- only because you didn't account for anything guaranteed Darby Your projection: 3y/$28M/$12M guaranteed at signing Actual: 3y/$30M/$19.5M fully guaranteed Result: Again, dead on for length, only ~7% off for total value ... a little too early to know how the guarantees go ("fully" guaranteed monies can som
  5. Woz

    FFMD 2021!

    So you can trade Aaron Rodgers to Washington?
  6. It's happening. We're just not walking up into the store, apparently.
  7. [*best Eeyore voice*] Curtis Samuel ... come on down ... *sigh*
  8. Yeah, saw your post as soon as I posted my comment, hence: SONUVA.... stupid forum refresh ...
  9. Given that Davis just got 12.5M AAV, I think 17m is perhaps a bit optimistic on his part.
  10. SONUVA.... stupid forum refresh ...
  11. Change that to Corey Davis and I'll certainly be in a happier place.
  12. They "crushed" it by getting cheap pieces and having them outperform what they paid for. They also tried that in 2017 when the signed guys like Terrell McClain and Stacy McGee. It blew up on them then, it paid off now. It's a risky strategy. When you hit on a reclamation piece, why don't you sign that piece longer term? No, that doesn't mean break the bank, but 3y/$30M shouldn't have been unreasonable for retaining Darby's services. They apparently tried to lowball him again, and it backfired. The original plan was to build internally, so selecting cheap one year pieces made a bit
  13. It's not so much they are "doomsayers" as "mediocrity minstrels" ... everything that is being done right now looks to keep the team built for the 7-9/9-7 "La Meh-a Tar Pits"
  14. Wait, you mean it didn't make any sense when they completely changed their game plan last season because the rest of the East was a dumpster fire?
  15. OHHHH! His winter yacht! I totally forgot about how he needed to have one to keep up with the Joneses. Everything makes so much more sense now.
  16. If we're waiting for draft day, don't make a move until Day 3. He's not worth more than that relative to his contract.
  17. The sad part is that this is not the offseason to be inactive in free agency in. That's next year.
  18. Where? Whom? At what price? At the price Denver got Darby, there should have been no question that he was re-signing in Washington.
  19. One would hope they would learn and sign players to 2-3 year deals that are escapable quickly. But that requires them to sign players.
  20. I had hoped you were wrong, but worried you were right.
  21. Unfortunately, the answer is looking like it will still be "no, you cannot have two."
  22. A little low on these two, but definitely got it in the ballpark.
  23. WFT couldn't afford that? #smh The "they're going to be cheap and likely always be cheap" crowd is looking more and more correct.
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