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  1. Rosen had only one year's worth of meh-to-bad tape on him, and three years of a rookie contract remaining (plus 5th year option). Darnold has the opposite: three years meh-to-bad tape, 1 year of rookie contract (plus 5th year option).
  2. I guess where I differ from you is that while envision his ceiling as an Andy Dalton, I don't see him progressing to those not-so-lofty heights.
  3. Unless they think Charles is likely going to step up into Schweizter's replacement, they probably need to be looking at two new guards in 2022.
  4. If that is the plan, and I'm not necessarily against it, they need to sign another guard this year and likely use a 2nd or 3rd in the draft as well.
  5. I assume with random people and not friends since that would suddenly lead to a lot of ex-friends. White press? Gray press? Black press? Favorite country? Should Italy Lepanto always?
  6. He would have to put on like 40 lbs at least to play hand in the dirt. Don't know if he can with that frame. Now, if he could and maintain speed, he would be in the same ball park (from an athletic frame perspective) to Julius Peppers. He could be intriguing as a backup to Chase Young, but I think I would put him at LB to take advantage of him.
  7. Duke and Kentucky out of the tournament? UCLA vs. Michigan State as a play-in game? What a weird year.
  8. Or, you know, you could activate his 5th year option (guaranteed for injury only until the start of the 2022 season, when it fully guarantees) so he doesn't leave the team after just one year. That makes more sense if you are going to send the Jets a 2nd, right?
  9. No. The Jets (or whatever team has him) have until May to make that go/no-go decision.
  10. The more I think about it, the more I would wait. The Jets are either going to sell out for Watson(1), draft the next QB at #2 (2), or the Jets stick with Darnold(3). There is no real value in being aggressive to acquire Darnold. (1) In which case WFT can probably get Darnold for a song (2) In which case WFT can probably get Darnold for cheaper than a 3rd. (3) In which case WFT probably dodges a bullet.
  11. That was actually me that first tossed that phrase out there. And I stole it from my girlfriend, who uses it liberally 😂 @Wozdid make it famous, though, so he obviously deserves much of the credit.
  12. Live look in at @e16bball and @Woz
  13. So much for that prediction. Had he actually hit the market, I would absolutely have signed Newton at 1y/$5M
  14. That's probably my scenario, but I think Mariota is more likely than either Fitz or T. Taylor.
  15. So, on the trade up front, one thing that I have seen some mockers (including DraftTek, which confused the foo out of me) was having Washington trade up with teams like Carolina or the NY GIants to be able to get a QB. That makes zero sense to me since Carolina needs a QB something awful and there is next to no way the Giants or Dallas assist Washington into possibly getting their QB for a decade. This leaves the number of possible trading partners as follows: Way high up, would they be willing to drop down to 19? #3 - Miami #4 - Atlanta #5 - Cincinnat
  16. Hmm, would it be fair to then say that one uses the "long a" for the present tense ("waift") and "short a" for past tense ("wahft")? Maybe the "short i" ("wiffed") for the future continous tense? Examples: They have WFT'ed (WAHHfted) the quarterback position for decades. They are WFTing (WAIFting) the opportunity presented by having a lot of cap space and an above average number of good players due to the salary cap dropping this year. They will WFT (WIFFt) the fact that the rest of the NFC East is going to implode going forward. ?
  17. Same here. How could I have been so wrong about Alex Smith?! How could I have not railed against the trade and extension?! /s
  18. I don't need to see anything more on Kyle Allen; I'm quite convinced he's the QB equivalent of dryer lint. Unfortunately, Ron Rivera thinks differently. I am willing to roll the dice on Heinicke because of his one brief shining moment. I would also plan for one of the vet QBs. I personally prefer Winston and Mariota because of their age and possible chance at a Tannehill resurgence, but I'm not counting on it. Given that they each will be on their third team in their seven year career, their contract can be commensurate with that fact. My next option would be Dalton. No, I'm not thinking
  19. @Thaiphoon told @naptownskinsfan "You'll learn my young padawan that being a moderator here comes with turmoil in the offseason when we should be kicking back on a Caribbean beach " @Wozturns to @e16bball
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