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  1. yeah he would be eaten up by lineman London Fletcher says hi.
  2. And arguably harder to find.
  3. I guess I should make a pick. Subject to change: Favorite Team: Washington Redskins Week 1 Pick: Los Angeles Rams
  4. Not going to argue that our starters didn't look all that good, but it was just two drives. First drive: dropped pass by Pryor 2 yard run by Kelley sack of Cousins within 2 seconds due to bull rush up the middle Spencer Long trips over his feet in his backpedal and falls over Chris Thompson cannot pass block Three Ravens converge on the QB ... not good Second drive: 4 yard run by Kelley 5 yard run by Kelley a complete failure to handle a run blitz they brought out three tight ends and lined them up all on t
  5. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20323063/roberto-aguayo-waived-tampa-bay-buccaneers-missing-pat-fg-preseason-opener I believe it's the Seventh or Eighth Commandment of the NFL Draft: never EVER waste draft picks on a kicker or punter.
  6. At the same time, the Ravens defense looks quite good. Let's see what happens next week against the Packers.
  7. With Murphy out, it makes the outside linebacker corps more or less a much easier decision: Kerrigan, Smith, Anderson, and Galette. It could definitely open the door for Nico Marley, but as I said in my week 1 depth chart projection, I think Josh Harvey-Clemons could also make a push. Early returns on him make me think I was too hard on the guy when we drafted him. To be fair, the talent was always there; it was just a question whether the focus was and keeping out of trouble.
  8. So, we finally got to see some football against another team. I think we'll leave how they looked for the other thread. However, did it change your thoughts about anyone? What's your depth chart? QB: Cousins || McCoy, Sudfeld The only reason that McCoy still makes my roster is because of his experience. He's actually faced live pass rushes from NFL starting caliber players, something Nate Sudfeld has not. However, if he puts up another stinker like that, he's going to be looking for another job, experience be damned. LT: Williams || Nsekhe Nothing new here. Our All-Pro and #1 swi
  9. As for Murphy, it's a shame but I'm not sure it's that big of a loss. Much more like Galette makes the roster now.
  10. No, he can serve his suspension while on IR.
  11. Running around in the pocket is one thing, but if you cannot make a throw, it doesn't really matter.
  12. Honestly, the entire offensive line looked like dog doo. I don't recall him doing anything that said "oh wow!" or "oh ... wow ..."
  13. There are so many negatives in that sentence that I'm not sure what you're saying. However, I saw nothing from Colt that I would say was "pro"-like.
  14. To be fair, he was getting up off the turf and taking the second level in case Brown didn't make the tackle. Of course, he was blocked into the turf which basically put him out of the play.
  15. For early picks, we could have bypassed Allen/Anderson for DeShone Kizer (I still think he'll be a good QB); or Moreau for Davis Webb or C.J. Beathard. For later picks, we could have bypassed Perine/Nicholson for Joshua Dobbs; Sprinkle for Nathan Peterman; Rouiller/Davis for Brad Kaaya; or Harvey-Clemons/Holsey for Chad Kelly. Only one that would have made any sense would have been Peterman. Eh, maybe Kelly.
  16. I didn't really see Anderson (it might have been when I was putting the kids down), but everyone seemed to talk him up. Fuller ... yeah ... umm ... it's rust? Or he's a Hokie. Originally, I had put "stock up/down for non-starters" but removed it later. Taylor looked very impressive.
  17. Okay, so I created a league on Yahoo. I am sending invites to everyone who has said they were interested. We'll need at least 8 to have any decent league, preferably 10-12. So, sign up!
  18. True true. Forgot about him (so do a lot of people). The real problem is that while we've got a fair amount of talent on the defense, the offense looks woeful. Yes, we have Benkert who was decent last year, and our two leading receivers last year (if you can name them without looking them up, you're a better man than I). I've been beaten down enough as a Wahoo fan to expect next to nothing. Outside of one fluke season in 2004 (or was it 2005?), I haven't been wrong since George Welsh left.
  19. If Bridgewater is on the PUP, he misses six games. The Vikings then have three weeks to either bring him on the active roster or put him on IR for the rest of the season. In either case, he would accrue a season.
  20. One thing I can say for the Redskins: Kirk Cousins LOVED the way Colt McCoy and Nate Sudfeld played. "Oh, you'll just let me walk and let one of those two guys take over? AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!"
  21. Stock up/stock down for guys: Stock up Fish Smithson Joshua Harvey-Clemons Nico Marley Stock down Samaje Perine Colt McCoy Matt Hazel Anyone else catch your eye, for good or ill?
  22. The two obvious ones for the Cavaliers are LB Micah Kiser FS Quin Blanding Not to say that there aren't other guys, but those are the main ones (and given how little this team will likely do this year, you probably won't hear much of anyone else).
  23. Oh, @Thaiphoon, you can also witness some EXCELLENT refereeing too.
  24. Let me just give you some stats: PASSING McCoy = 6-13, 40 yards, 1 INT Sudfeld = 3-9, 53 yards Cousins = 1-2, 5 yards RUSHING Perine = 6 carries, 15 yards Thompson = 2 carries, 10 yards Kelley = 3 carries, 2 yards Brown = 1 carry, 1 yard Jones = 3 carries, -1 yard RECEIVING Quick = 3 catches, 20 yards Davis = 1 catch, 31 yards Grant = 1 catch, 17 yards Jones = 1 catch, 17 yards Kelley = 1 catch, 5 yards Sprinkle = 1
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