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  1. Maybe I'm being a homer, but it's hard to see a lot of holes on the talent side. A more disciplined team would be more effective.... Anyway, CB, MLB, or OLB I think will be the early off-season foci. I do think we keep Logan, but also try to draft an early DL. We have got to figure out how to setup the run. Oline in mid-rounds. Assuming we are gong with a young qb, we need or running game to help open things up.
  2. Looking Ahead to Week 11

    They need to do something about the run game. By all accounts, partly scheme/play calling, and partly DJ not being the old DJ.
  3. MNF: Chiefs vs Broncos GDT

    I expect a rebound performance. I expect this gane will be more like the Houston game. I have no evidence for why I believe this, but I do think this coaching staff has too much experience to not make adjustments.
  4. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    He hit Alex In the back of the knees pretty hard. It was flagged. I wasn't watching closely enough to see if he was blocked into it, but it was late and it was flagged. Added a few yards to the biggest play of the game for us to that point.
  5. Reid and Staff

    Andy is great at scheming. His play calling has always been criticized. I'd add I feel that the 2 minute offense has been much more effective this year. And since clock management is also one of the main in - game criticisms as well, maybe that is another Nagy impact.
  6. SNF: Chiefs @ Texans GDT

    I really think that's why Poe began to fall off; he was shop heavily utilized his first couple of years. It is fortunate that we finally have depth that can step up to the challenge, but eventually we may lose to many screws and be exposed. That said, IMO the early trades mean that the front office thinks this is a year we should be maxing out. They think we are legit contenders and have made tweaks on the back end to negate our fault lines.
  7. Wide Receivers

    Link Arrowhead Pride posted an article on this. Seems to suggest Robinson, which I agree with. I don't see that position as DAT suitable. Chesson is a rookie and the Reid prefers experience of for no other reason than knowledge of the offense. Robinson allows for the smoothest transition. While Conley was developing a niche, it should be said that we shouldn't see much if any drop off in the offense. The role is basically leftovers after Hill, Kelce, and the short passing game get theirs.
  8. Weird. Santos must have been in the edge already, they just didn't have better competition.
  9. TV Exposure

    IIRC we have had decent exposure the past couple seasons. Even with dunk and dunk Alex this team is fun to watch. With the way Hunt is breaking out, Tyreek last year, Peters before that, Kelce earlier, Houston and Berry plus Andy... that's a lot of recognizable pieces.
  10. Kareem Hunt Comp

    I'll guess Larry Johnson.
  11. Travis Kelce

    That was a pretty good article. Like two sides of a coin. You can't doubt house passion, but you do need to harness it.
  12. Haha, the shovel pass actually worked!
  13. Whole coaching staff is solid and that starts with Big Red. Playcalling, yea, too cute too often. Combined with comparable roster management from the front office, the difference between now and the previous regime is pretty astounding.
  14. Teams in the QB market for 2018

    Worth a 3rd? We had this discussion on our page. Was wondering the outside view.
  15. Teams in the QB market for 2018

    Related question: Chiefs have Mahomes and he is legit. Alex Smith is essentially in a contract year. Where would be a likely landing spot for a stable option, 2-3 season stop gap qb? Better than the existing, allows other positions to develop so a tbd qbotf has more support, potential playoff berth.