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  1. Shady in. I assume this means Smith will be out. He should still be ps eligible though.
  2. I can't believe nobody has mentioned his injury history. He's inconsistent. We tag him, draft his replacement, and somebody else overpays him next off-season. But I think this situation also depends on the front office view of Houston and his future.
  3. Where you at in TX. I'm in Austin.
  4. New England losing. Next week is going to be huge for us, even more now.
  5. Pringle to IR to stash for next year. I'm a little surprised about Eligwe. I guess you go with the hot hand. Also surprised about Litton.
  6. The rest of the division matters as well. I don't think the Raiders will be better than last year, maybe worse. The Chargers were on the upswing, but Rivers seems to be slowing down. The Broncos have the opposite problem with an aging defense. None seems poised to gaffe a truly elite unit, whereas we could gaffe a top flight offense. If our offense can really put up points, that could help our run defense weakness as teams try to keep up. Mahomes has the weapons to work the field, but we need him to limit turnovers to limit the exposure on D. I think that will be the stat to watch. If he learned how to be frugal with turnovers from Alex, but still gunsling as we know he can, we're definitely in the running for the division title. Beyond that I continue to have little faith until we prove it justified.
  7. Toub called him the "Kicker Whisperer" as well. Further value given our young, allbeit stellar, place kicker. I don't even want to think about life between Aguiar and Colquit.
  8. I'm reading that he is super versatile as well. That is a good thing in a hybrid defense.
  9. I'd rather see him than Cousins in Denver. No QB on his 4th team is an All-Star. At best, he stabilizes the position, but their success will definitely still depend on the defense remaining top notch.
  10. Heck no! A competent qb helps bring that D back up a notch, in addition to whatever offensive improvement. I'd rather see them fail at drafting a guy again and then hopefully wave goodbye to Elway in three years when they have to totally rebuild.
  11. Given the cap issues that Dorsey left us with, and that allegedly lead to his dismissal, I could see this argument going further but along the same logic. We get something now and rebound quick as the overhaul continues, I get it too. The defense needs that kind of passion, even with its flip side, and we probably won't replace that production with one guy.
  12. We have been more active in recent memory than I think most wound expect. It's not like we need a drastic rebuild, but this may well be the off-season that sees a lot of familiar faces no longer wearing red and gold.
  13. I was hoping CB2. Last I saw that was speculated but not quite confirmed.
  14. There will be plenty of naysayers, but I remain quite positive on Smith. Not perfect, but stabilized the position which got allowed us to build the team so aquiring QBOTF Mahomes can start well. A 3rd + is definitely fair. Good situation for him, too.
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