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  1. Didn't say he was just sitting around doing nothing, it's not like I expected Tebow to come in fat. What I am saying is there is a missed opportunity potentially for someone who has been doing this already, whose focus is on football, and who doesn't have to have your mark from the past on. I loved Tebow for years but the dude has just been holding onto fame forever, and Meyer is enabling it.
  2. Tebow will be 34 at the start of the season, has never played the position, and has spent the last what...6 years trying pursue baseball? What are his credentials? What exactly does Tebow bring to the team?
  3. Oh god. As a guy who love Carnage (by far my favorite Marvel villain and a top few character for me) this looks awful. Just looks... AWFUL
  4. I didn't go that far in, I have about a million coins now.
  5. Honestly I'm going to get into this one. Its way too low not to right now.
  6. I think the obsession is warranted, because we don't have this position set IMO past 2022 unless something miraculous happens. Next years top QBs aren't as sexy of picks, if Rattler is somehow within reason for us to get to him, I want him or Howell. More Rattler, I just trust how he's been coached so far.
  7. My wife would have been so out of it by the time extra innings even became a thing.
  8. Is it a sexy pick? No. Is it a good pick though? Yes. Would I have loved to see Terrace Marshall here instead? Also yes.
  9. I feel like hating on ESPN anymore is like hating on Nickelback.
  10. Friermuth or Terrace Marshall. That's my hope.
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