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  1. I said good theme and I was given one. Lime *vents*
  2. I should have stayed on MWil and I was so sure right on D1. I hate this game. Don’t invite me unless you have a really good and somewhat nerdy theme next time. Any of you. I’m retiring with @Counselor
  3. I don't think alot of people realize just how much Dak means to his team, because that's fairly evident. I don't see Dallas letting him walk, he will get tagged again. They have so many holes defensively to address that it would behoove them to let Dak walk and not address that early and often.
  4. I’ll address idiotic statements made to me in the postgame.
  5. God you people are effing dense. Happy Thanksgiving, you piles of garbage.
  6. Yes. I cooked dinner and went to therapy after doing schoolwork all day. You want my hour by hour?
  7. WELL As I admitted, I was wrong on last nights lynch sooo not much for intuition on my end. However, I am indeed scumhunting
  8. Yes but your assessment of me isn't correct. I'm not as active as many people but that's consistent whether I'm scum or town.
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