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  1. Pickle didn't say a word in chat I think. No one assigned the gun and we were running out of time, so I picked KSJ thinking "Well, easy to screw up."
  2. No, @Beavishas the gun. Why it got passed to him I have no idea.
  3. This is sad, once people ran out of memes and things of that nature we never got anything done. Such a shame because I love the concept of this game.
  4. So is Bucs the only thought or...? Swag says Rack... but Swag always says Rack.
  5. This game puts me in a Garth Brooks mood. I’m gonna make a list for my fallen friend of who we could be as country stars in the postgame.
  6. So... @MWil23do you have a list of some sort of stereotype or something we all fit again that will make me somehow a woman one more time?
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