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  1. I hope you’re always here when we need you, friend.
  2. The Big Cheese, Neal Parmesan honestly sounds like a Godfather role to me. FWIW I had a thought about Pickle anyway and I kinda feel validated now.
  3. Yes I realize Mafia reads this thread. We’re not idiots.
  4. @Malfatron who should I use my move on? No one will get hurt by my hand
  5. I don’t know that we had people who were talking so highly about our weapons
  6. I am doing this because I feel terrible for Sam Darnold. My god get him some help. Who has it the worst though?
  7. I gotta tell ya, I don’t think Wentz is long for this league. With the hits he takes and all that goes with it, he’s gotta be running out of time. He’s also very clearly regressing.
  8. Pray tell Malf. I’ve got nothing to hide.
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