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  1. She ain’t gotta know just tell her you’re texting your side chick Joshasaurus.
  2. Aaron Rodgers vs Deshaun Watson vs Drew Brees

    Watson>Rodgers>Brees The latter two are trending down
  3. @Pickle RickI think Naz was saying he wants in.... in his own Nazzy way.
  4. I am glad that the NFL would be taking this seriously for a change. THC/Marijuana shouldn't be a banned substance due to the health benefits that the player base needs so much.
  5. Redskins Release Jordan Reed

    Jordan hang up the cleats buddy. For the sake of your family and friends, it's not worth it anymore.
  6. Redskins Release Jordan Reed

    Do you guys feel good about these comments/jokes or....? The dude has had 7 concussions to our knowledge and this isn't something I would joke about because this is absolutely a serious thing for him. He was in concussion protocol for 6 months. Nothing to laugh at there
  7. Random Game Talk

    I do I do I do
  8. Sure why not. Do I get to play Michael Jordan in basketball and always win?
  9. Mahomes vs Wilson

    If you want my complete and utter honesty on that second front, I would tell you I think the results would be similar if the systems were switched.
  10. Relationship Advice Thread

    Well Naz is pretty much the absolute good so they say opposites attract.
  11. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    Addendum, I would be okay with 17 if we do same place finishers by conference unless the other team is already scheduled.
  12. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    Pettiest reason ever. I don't like uneven numbers. I am going to be completely honest. My thought for schedule layout: 6 division (one home one away each obviously) 4 interconference games (2 and 2) 1 in conference division (2 and 2) Same place finishers from other 2 division in conference (home and home for each) That all said, I'm perfectly content with 16 games but I just want even numbers for it tbh. I would just rather 18 than 17. It's awkward.
  13. If Jurassic Park/World were a real place, would you go?

    Always Dinosaurs. He's not even a bounty hunter, lol. Turok is meant to protect earth and the Lost Land. The game is about how some alien wants the Chrono Scepter which was broken to protect it so Turok is gathering the pieces together to protect the world. I literally just played through this game.
  14. If Jurassic Park/World were a real place, would you go?

    It was always Turok: Dinosaur Hunter buddy.
  15. Mahomes vs Wilson

    And let me be clear, that's not an indictment, I think Mahomes is great, but my god it was the literal perfect storm of talent surrounding him.