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  1. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    Which would work in their favor, I will almost guarantee you this upcoming NBA tournament will gather some of the biggest viewership totals the NBA will ever have. The NFL, I believe, thinking about their greed, will probably cancel early citing COVID-19 and then restart a bit later.
  2. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    I am thinking they do what the NBA and MLS has done, tournament style, world cup preferably, shortened season but still fun for fans
  3. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    NFL will fight tooth and nail to have a season, just like how the NBA has fought tooth and nail to close out it's season and how the MLB haven't given up on trying to get on the field. The NFL will still make a lot from even having to concede a little on the seatings.
  4. Super Bowl LV predictions

    Chiefs v Saints, Chiefs win despite Drew Brees good comeback drive in 4th QTR.
  5. 2021 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking:

    I mean he doesn't need to be a super high first round pick he just has to be a first round pick and hes guaranteed the team's confidence, trying to go high is just a game / wanting a bigger contract but you're already making millions as a 21 year old so I don't think it'd be foolish if he wants to be making money earlier. I also don't think that QB-wise the NFL is stacked. I can think of several teams that will probably need to draft a QB in the first round. Patriots (in case Newton is a bridge QB), Colts, Jaguars, Bears, Panthers, Buccs, perhaps 49ers. That's just being modest and not pushing out teams like Falcons and Steelers, they could if teams wanna plan for the future and have a QB sit. I think specially the Panthers and Buccs would LOVE Trey Lance, he fits their offenses very well.
  6. Notable Stats

    Not that he sucks, its just that hes mediocre and that doesn't win championships. He's not a franchise guy (or he was, back in 2016, that needs to return)
  7. 2020 Stupidity Virus Outbreak

    Patrick Storm said hes logging off twitter until Friday, maybe something is coming up 👀 he's a good insider alongside PatDStat. PatDStat said a week ago Texans weren't done with roster moves. Gotta hope this is something.
  8. What players make a comeback in 2020?

    I think that too. Beat up when it comes to the running game, definitely, receiving? still got some juice as a receiving back, probably a lot of it. The Cardinals was my "other" team last year, as in the team I watch in the NFC waiting for a Texans game to come on lol and DJ was deadly last year, sometimes it felt like the only threat Kyler had on the field or the only real safety valve was David Johnson, he caught a lot of first down passes, 1st down percentage the same as his 2016 year (50%) and if you watch DJ's highlights last year he still lit it up on the receiving end. So obvious that with not resigning Hyde, trading away Hopkins, bringing in Cobb, Cooks, we're moving to a pass only offense, DJ having a bounce back, hoping 1000 all purpose cause Deshaun LOVES his safety valves.
  9. What players make a comeback in 2020?

    For my Texans, Brandin Cooks Texans love stretching the field, Deshaun LOVES stretching the field. That's why we have something like 15 more PPG with Fuller on the field, having a player with better acceleration, more experience and he's only missed like two games his entire career (concussions a worry though) will help a lot, Cooks bounces to 1000 yards a season again. Oh and JJ Watt, most definitely.
  10. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Garrett is the closest thing he will get to Watt but yes I think Clowney's best years are behind him, signing him even in the top 20 of DE's in a mistake.
  11. What players do you think will have a comeback season in 2020?
  12. Teams whose Super Bowl window is open and closing/closed

    Nah no first round pick next year and I believe we don't have a second that year either. We failed to sign a good defensive blue-chip player in the FA (we were close on Chris Harris but KJax told him to not sign with us + it was at the same time as the Hopkins trade, bad look on our part) and we won't have time to sign one this free agency. The Texans right now are relying on our new DC being good which I think he will and our rookies and younger players to step up, the younger players like Martin, Omeihu, Johnson Jr. who have shown last year sparks of greatness (especially Martin, he was awesome last year) I am more sure on, the rookies, yeah I don't know, looking at the tapes they seem good, Grennard (our third round pick) recorded 10 sacks and 16 TFL in the SEC last year but he has a lot to work on. If we get some of those players that I mentioned hitting FA for a bit cheaper than I expected then we're very lucky but I doubt it, especially with BoB's track record of giving Eric Murray and Randll Cobb 20 million dollar contracts smh.
  13. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Can we be honest looking back and say we won the Conley and Clowney trade though? Martin is great and Conley had like 14 PD's for us this year and won the Chargers game up front. I think BoB does have an eye for talent (or at least the Texans personnel do) but he cannot be a GM to save his life.
  14. Teams whose Super Bowl window is open and closing/closed

    I would agree with closing yes, but not that it's closing because of BoB if anything it's expanded cause of BoB cause he FINALLY gave up on OC duties, replaced Crennel and made our offense truly some college-style air raid stuff with probably no run game (which plays to Deshaun's strengths). I just disagreed with it closing cause of BoB, I think it can remain open though, that just depends on rookies and young players, it's an if but not a big if (also depends on cap space which seems fine now, just have to hope the DW contract works out)
  15. Teams whose Super Bowl window is open and closing/closed

    It's open until we have to go to the table with Fuller, Conley, Cooks, DJ, McKinney, Stills and that is for almost all of them just after the 2020 season. You forget we still have a good squad plus a new OC who was much better than BoB (night and day) when he was given the chance to call last season plus a better DC that seems like his head is in the right place for the role + has also shown he knows how to work the defense. Trading Hopkins too, despite being something I hate deep down, plays to Deshaun's advantages, mainly when it comes to big plays which is why Deshaun holds the ball for so long, he LOVES big plays, there's a reason why we scored something like 15 less points a game when Fuller was out lol, the speed is needed, now our three main receivers can stretch the field and two of them being top 5 in 40 time OAT.