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  1. This is OT but I want to say that no matter what Buzbee does, he is well-known in Houston law circles and is a very successful lawyer, super legit, fought against BP when they flooded the gulf with oil. Just remember that in these cases, how Buzbee is conducting himself is normal, I mean, lol, Watson's lawyer Rusty Hardin used to go on national TV and game shows to make his clients look good. ET is open to delete this as well if it is too OT but I just wanted to clarify beforehand.
  2. I think Lindsay's receiving skill and the narrative that has formed is wrong. Lindsay himself even addressed this. 70+ rec's in his first two seasons, 100+ career in college. 73%+ catch percentage, he hasn't got stone hands. Last season he regressed major but I feel like when he became RB2 at Denver, the staff stopped paying attention to him and that season became an anomaly. He's a good safety valve and check down option, he may not run crazy good routes but that's fine, he's not going to be used as a receiver like DJ was in Arizona. I think Denver just did him dirty, any Broncos fa
  3. I think he's admitted defeat at this point. He had a road path to getting to whatever team he wanted to go to before this news came out, but that's gone. Apparently he just took a flight out of Houston, there is a chance he never takes another foot in this city. The cards are all on the Texans side. I think we trade him but only because several FRP's for a player that is under NFL investigation and probably is going to be suspended is a steal.
  4. That's my future franchise QB! Nick make the trade!
  5. He was good at NC State, maybe it was just Cincy. I would have preferred we just sign some XFL player off a practice squad but whatever.
  6. Could still be, if TK uses them right and Culley and Pep helps guide him properly. Lindsay and Johnson have similar skillsets, the difference is all in age and durability. Ingram, yeah I don't get the signing, is he a good blocking RB? They're both good for Lindsay's development and aren't going to deter him and take away snaps like Gordon did.
  7. 11 WR's on the roster... Creating competition. I like it.
  8. Why we talking about cutting Roby? He's a good value #1 CB who delivers every year, the only issue was the suspension. We don't need to save against the salary cap that much more, obviously some moves like trading Merc would be smart, but Caserio has proven he can navigate the cap well and like a real GM. Right now it's all about addressing the issues and Roby isn't one of them. Caserio has probably given us the first real defense we've had in a while. The LB's and backfield look good finally, we just need a good safety. I can't have one more season with Eric Murray.
  9. I like Caserio so far. Making the smart moves we've been asking for since Rick Smith. I like that he's building depth too. The last time we had a legitimate GM (I'm not gonna talk about Gaine, he wasn't here long enough) it was Rick Smith and he built the squad like a Madden Franchise mode fantasy draft, you pick up all the best players and then don't really bother with the depth because you think all your star players will carry the squad, then we face one season ladden with injuries and we crash and burn. I am confident we'll hit on a QB too, I don't think Deshaun will be here in 2
  10. The Texans lose, Watson loses and the only one who wins are the teams that want him, but that's probably such little now. Only a few teams can take chances on reclamation projects like this and will want to. Watson is most definitely never getting money like he did before. If that's deserved, only time will tell. There is also a possibility he'll never play a NFL snap ever again, but he is a QB. I see the suspension going to 2022. The Texans will still have Watson under contract then and that no-trade-clause everyone was talking about when Watson can choose to go to some amazing market, t
  11. He's either never playing another snap in the NFL again or he's on this team suspended until 2022 at the minimum. Zeke had allegations that had NOTHING behind them. He was still suspended six games. I'm trying to not speak on the allegations here but I'm just saying that this apparently has screenshots collaborating these womens stories. It's going to be a harsher sentence.
  12. Don't see that happening, our d-line is young and good, the issues with the run imo was all coaching, the issue is our secondary. We have two good defensive backs, the rest are ST-level players roleplaying as starter level.
  13. What did the FO and owner do wrong to him other than not let him have the GM decision and not interview Saleh?
  14. And thats fine, he could just say that but he isn't lol.
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