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  1. Both had stacked teams at a certain point, Garrett more (including this season.) Rivera and Garrett didn't use their weapons well and honestly when you look at it from a different angle, 9 seasons for Garrett, 4 with winning records, (not counting interim), 9 seasons for Rivera, 3 with winning records, it looks pretty weak.
  2. Deshaun DOES have a cannon, it was one of his knocks yeah, but it's been proven completely wrong. Yeah, he doesn't throw it as hard as Baker or Josh Allen but he can throw it very very far down field without struggle. Also, how is his mobility a crutch for him? Have you seen him this season?
  3. Is anyone getting Ron Rivera as a DC a good thing though? Yes he's had some incredible highs but as stated earlier in this thread, he took over defensive playcalling duties this year and the Panthers have a bottom five defense even with their talent.
  4. Tytus Howard to IR

    Impressive season so far, I don't see him regressing through injury, he's gonna come back next season and be stronger, he already has the markings of a NFL tackle.
  5. XFL blocks Lions from pursuing QB Josh Johnson

    It isn't a red flag, you're right, the XFL isnt minor league football, its trying to be an alternative professional league people can watch that obviously isn't going to have the same talent but will be fun to watch, so like the CFL to people desperate for a little bit of football (even if its different.) If leagues like the CFL can block them from leaving automatically to join the NFL, the XFL should too, its like a baseball player from Japan just leaving their league and signing with some MLB team, you can't do that, you have to bide your time, show how good you are, THEN you should go higher up, it's better for the sport overall, it'll help these leagues last longer especially if they aren't competing with the NFL.
  6. XFL blocks Lions from pursuing QB Josh Johnson

    Yeah but in the XFL, they tier the contracts, so if you play well enough and the team wants you enough, within a while (hypothetically), they would use their first tier on you, which would land you with 700k per annum. Which is about the amount that top CFL players make. Not to mention, if the XFL becomes more and more successful, revenue increases and eventually more people are making more.
  7. Lamar Jackson

    He'll regress cause he'll get figured out, but he won't regress like, say, Goff has done this season and I don't see the Ravens struggling next season either. The only way I see him regressing is through a huge injury but he's played this way his whole life and I think he's never been injured before so, that says more than it needs to.
  8. Around the NFL 2019

    Here's another thing, read this somewhere can't remember where but why didn't we try trading for Marcus Peters? Baltimore got him for barely anything, sure, he isn't as good as he used to be but are we really in position to start being picky?
  9. Who is the most underrated player of the decade?

    Still the leader in sacks this season and he had that nearly 20 sack season in 2017, crazy how under the radar he is.
  10. Around the NFL 2019

    Titans looking kind of scary. Probably because everyone underestimated Tannehill cause no one cares about Miami and then its like 'wow! this former wide receiver is athletic, and Ryan Tannehill can throw??' I expect the aroma to eventually wear off and Titans fans know he isnt the guy but its fun to see this player who I've always thought was pretty good getting noticed cause he isnt on the Fins, lmao.
  11. Around the NFL 2019

    pass, just get an OC from an effective system, someone like Pete Carmichael from the Saints, if you really want to replace BoB. I just want to remind people that BoB was touted as the next big thing, a possible genius on offense who was able to make Christian Hackenberg good and make Penn State stay competitive around coaching changing after that sexual abuse scandal, he was the new big name and he hasn't turned out to be anything other than someone who can rally bad players together and then when he gets good players, can't take them further than the wild-card round. Would prefer someone who is tested by NFL defense, but it isnt time to fire BoB yet, its time to force him to use an OC and let him have a good GM who will make him do that.
  12. Mahomes or Jackson

    No... No he isn't... he has to get like, 20 td's in the next few games to do that lol.
  13. Bill O'Brien or Jason Garrett

    ^This^^^^!!! Garrett had two more better seasons statistically sure, but you need to really dive into the time O'Brien has had in Houston. Winning the division repeatedly with players like Ryan Mallet, Brian Hoyer, Osweiler, players that aren't good enough to even be considered third-string now and some of them (e.g Mallet) being out of a job in the NFL for a long time really does speak to his ability as a HC, the only issue is that he isn't consistent and makes stupid, stupid decisions, (most recent ones I can think of is throwing flag at CMC catch and that Hop throw in the redzone.) He has never improved upon that ever, he should get fired 100% if we dont get to the divisional round this year.
  14. Week 13 SNF: Pats @ THE Houston Texans

    Well aren't we lucky that for some reason we've established the rush this season and Bill LOVES to rush it in stupid situations. The Patriots are looking ridiculously bad against the rush, we're lucky to have a mobile QB who is durable (yeah, I said it, Watson takes so many hits and still stands up, it counts as durable in my book) because sure they have Gilmore but we have Houdini who can scramble out of the pocket, and Hyde who can bulldoze himself over their petty-looking d-line.
  15. It's a defense that allowed only 4 tds though...