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  1. Don't see that happening, our d-line is young and good, the issues with the run imo was all coaching, the issue is our secondary. We have two good defensive backs, the rest are ST-level players roleplaying as starter level.
  2. What did the FO and owner do wrong to him other than not let him have the GM decision and not interview Saleh?
  3. And thats fine, he could just say that but he isn't lol.
  4. Is Collins really that bad? We already have a good safety we don't really need that, we need a leader and if he's that, then that's good enough. (JJ is a leader most definitely but in the secondary, that went after we let Mathieu walk)
  5. That would be awesome and I would be all for that. I don't want Watson traded hes a generational QB in my eyes but at that point we have a steady foundation for our defense and all we need to be competitive again is another defensive centerpiece and a QB.
  6. Organization is a mess. Not denying that but to put Watson as blameless is insane. Other Texans players didn't even know his intentions he's been that removed from the team, it's not a good look.
  7. I'd be all for that, thats actually what I'd prefer. I feel like the team itself is built to withstand losing those picks and Bosa too. I'm a closet 49ers fan so watching Watson on that team would be awesome.
  8. Of course I'm in coping mode, my franchise QB wants to leave and we've spent the last three years trying our best to do anything that could to not make him turn into Andrew Luck. And I didn't say improving the offense = appeasing Watson. He took 63 sacks in a season and we spent 3 FRP's on an o-line, if that isn't appeasing Watson and making him more protected I don't know what is, on top of that we spent 66 million on one of those o-linemen lmao.
  9. Surprised no one did it yet, in the grand scheme of things the blame is 50/50, entire team's future and cap space was demolished for him and he thinks he isn't listened to or cared about
  10. Yeah I get what they mean when they say that, problem is that the contract, at least in my eyes, is a direct endorsement of the FO at the time. Tagging him would give him the same amount of money as his new contract and I don't think the Texans cap space could handle tagging him for a second year anyway but I don't understand the exact financials. To me it just looks like he is upset at something but he won't address it, I don't necessarily think he's ring chasing. QB's who are seen as a lot more immature (like Baker Mayfield) were given a much worse owner and a much worse hand and made
  11. lol and you focus on that? clearly im Mr. McNair's FF burner account
  12. Not even four months ago did he sign a contract despite knowing the same FO we are talking about were making bad personnel decisions, sending the teams future away, trading his no.1 WR away and Easterby was walking around influencing Cal McNair to a level that even Bill O'Brien couldn't control. Most of the things detailed in that SI article happened before he signed the contract. A month ago he thanked the same people that are being called the problem. It's not all about the FO, if it was, he wouldn't have trapped himself in a six year deal. You can say "Well it could have gotten worse"
  13. We do care about him despite what he says. 2 FRP's given up to draft him, 2 FRP's given up to protect him, one pick we used to draft Tytus, once again, to protect him, let BoB stay after the KC game because Watson made a public plea for him, signed him to a gigantic deal, signed a LT to a gigantic deal and reset the market to make him happy and then let him pick his own OC for this season. To think this screams that the organization hates him is insane, he's been given everything and more and the Texans are in hell because they tried to appease him, he didn't get a say on the GM pick and appar
  14. Yes. What I said was that he looks like that to me, obviously not to the league itself but I can't imagine a team wants to give up 4 FRP's for a player acting like this, especially after signing a big deal and a month after saying "I will bring a championship to this city and not give up on it", it looks REALLY bad. Speculation of course though.
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