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  1. I can't imagine how hard it'll be for a new GM and HC to absolutely clean the house and rinse the OB sweat from the Texans, he has infected every single pore of this franchise with some kind of "guy", that's why we never poach from other teams, we just promote endlessly. We have former Texans in coaching positions (though I wont complain) and people STILL left over from OB's days at Penn State in our coaching tree (Tim Kelly is a notable one here... he has literally never been experienced in any other offense than the Texans. No wonder hes BoB-lite) The real question is, why does Cal feel so ready to fire Brian Gaine who btw, had a good time here if we count the fact BoB was probably trying to undermine him and we also compare Gaine's free agency to BoB's mess of a FA this season, yet Cal is letting BoB off the hook? I'm beginning to doubt the seat is as cold as we think it is. No WC win this season, BoB gone by 2022.
  2. The game was, so, so, so boring. That isn't like us, usually its really tense. The fact (what should be) our two most competitive games are absolute snoozefests shows what this season has in store.
  3. Don't know if any of you watched the Texans game but we got blown out in classic fashion and Bill O'Brien is our coach until the sun explodes.
  4. Had enough of this. I want us to absolutely lose this season. I don't want us to have a winning record, I don't care. If we're getting absolutely blown out by the Ravens and Chiefs now, then its pointless winning another AFCS title, giving Bill another year and getting trounced in the playoffs in classic Texans style. If it means a year of us losing a ton, I really do not mind. It's better than being stuck like the Cowboys got with Jason Garrett. Deshaun Watson is a good player, Bill O'Brien is a bad coach, Tim Kelly is a bad coach, the Texans have nothing but bad coaches.
  5. Cause Kliff is a modern coach and isn't trying to do a Belichick impression, he is actually trying his own style. Plus hes a legitimate QB whisperer, Bill O'Brien is a quarterback whisperer like how Adam Gase is a quarterback whisperer, it's on their resumes but I don't see it happening anywhere lol. We need a modern coach or at least someone who can evolve with the game. Hope we don't do a Browns or do what the Cowboys did when the time is up, we need a college coach who has a history of actually adapting to circumstances and winning, Bill's whole resume and experience in college is that he is a Belichick protege (automatic no for me, haven't seen a single one of those work out) and that he led Penn State to a winning record by thrashing bad teams lol.
  6. Can we give Dabo the biggest coach contract in NFL history.
  7. It's impossible. We have no GM to scare OB, Cal doesn't seem to care and people will keep attending games / buying merch cause we're in Texas and football is religion here. We are the Marvin Lewis Bengals.
  8. Throw the checkbook at a top college coach or Bieniemy. Can't be worse than this.,
  9. If we had a Lincoln Reilly or a Dabo, Deshaun would have 4 TD's today.
  10. BoB should be in the doghouse with the players, I can't believe theres still any confidence in this man. His players get frustrated and upset cause he leads them to horrible situations and then he gets mad at them for being upset lol
  11. I 100% believe in Deshaun to get us a TD with 6 minutes left. Too bad that the game was done when they converted on the fourth.
  12. He had a cheat year though, record for most players on IR and the rookie we traded for was injured. This is Bill's second chance and I don't think he'll get another.
  13. Justin Reid needs to be paid big time, he shows up when everyone else just wants to give up and go home.
  14. At one point you have to ask what's got to give for Cal to just fire O'Brien? Miami getting a top 10 pick, making fun of us and taking advantage of Bill being Chip Kelly-lite? Trading away one of the McNairs favorite players? I really wish we had an insider leak what the deal is there.
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