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  1. If Tyrod Taylor is a starter, Cam is a starter. If Gilbert and DiNucci were starters last year, Cam is a starter. He's gonna sit and wait for an opening. He isn't a "diva" like people are making him out to be, class act imo and all Panthers fans will tell you this.
  2. Tyrod will probably get injured anyway judging his history. Mills clearly isn't NFL ready but whatever, it's a wasted season anyway.
  3. I'm not saying the org isn't dysfunctional or that Watson had any reason to not be upset but like you said, the narrative pre-allegations was that Watson wanted out cause of the Caserio hire and the fact Jack held infinite power. Now the Caserio hire is heading in the right direction and the Culley hire is too (at least in my opinion with the staff he's built and the fact the players actually like him), the narrative seems pretty mute. He's either really stubborn, or the narrative pushed by Watson's camp to make Watson seem like he has been dealt a short hand is all smoke and he feels like he
  4. Cam isn't going to take a backup spot. I wouldn't be surprised if he asked to be released tbh especially considering Belichick was impressed by him last year, enough to keep him on the roster as a potential bridge QB for another year. I think Cam sits in FA until a starting QB goes down on a team and they are forced to resort to a Cooper Rush-esque player.
  5. I don't think Watson necessarily cares for Cal or Jack if I'm honest. I think that's just what people are running with. Though I am 100% sure they were a big part of why AJ didn't continue as a coach. I personally, if I'm going to guess the issue, think it's because Watson is frustrated and feel like his talents are wasted in Houston and I think he told AJ that. Then again, he's literally just being a complete idiot, wasting a year (maybe more of his career) and then electing (possibly) to go to the Dolphins which I don't think are any closer to a super bowl than we were two years ago and are
  6. I'd take him for the Texans, why not. Dude would probably sign for pennies and our QB backroom is absolutely trash.
  7. Yep. I doubt Cam would accept backup, where Hoyer will. That's the real point here.
  8. Come on dude. Not a "dress rehearsal" game at all, we didn't even have our starting O-Line and haven't this entire preseason.
  9. So funny to see this blow back in the face of DW4's agent. There is only one Rich Paul buddy.
  10. And we still don't even know what the issue is and why he wants out, he just wants out. We can't even speculate cause all possible issues honestly have been fixed (except Jack). Team improved over the offseason clearly, front office fixed its issues, he clearly was okay with the Culley and Caserio hire.
  11. This is OT but I want to say that no matter what Buzbee does, he is well-known in Houston law circles and is a very successful lawyer, super legit, fought against BP when they flooded the gulf with oil. Just remember that in these cases, how Buzbee is conducting himself is normal, I mean, lol, Watson's lawyer Rusty Hardin used to go on national TV and game shows to make his clients look good. ET is open to delete this as well if it is too OT but I just wanted to clarify beforehand.
  12. I think Lindsay's receiving skill and the narrative that has formed is wrong. Lindsay himself even addressed this. 70+ rec's in his first two seasons, 100+ career in college. 73%+ catch percentage, he hasn't got stone hands. Last season he regressed major but I feel like when he became RB2 at Denver, the staff stopped paying attention to him and that season became an anomaly. He's a good safety valve and check down option, he may not run crazy good routes but that's fine, he's not going to be used as a receiver like DJ was in Arizona. I think Denver just did him dirty, any Broncos fa
  13. I think he's admitted defeat at this point. He had a road path to getting to whatever team he wanted to go to before this news came out, but that's gone. Apparently he just took a flight out of Houston, there is a chance he never takes another foot in this city. The cards are all on the Texans side. I think we trade him but only because several FRP's for a player that is under NFL investigation and probably is going to be suspended is a steal.
  14. That's my future franchise QB! Nick make the trade!
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