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  1. He's playing better than MVP candidates, he's no.1 in passing yards right now, could end the season with 5000 (!!!) He's also two touchdowns away from beating his own record in a season, I think we could see Deshaun get close to 40.
  2. I agree. One of those games we lost cause of a stupid fluke run (Titans), a TD ruled where only one foot was down (Titans) and dumb OT rules no one likes (Titans) and the other one was cause we had to rely on the run and it was ineffective (Browns), and it wasnt cause the Browns were stopping our pass so we had to abandon it but weather conditions. We'd be 6-5 rn realistically but we're not sadly. We can still make the playoffs somehow but I dont see it happening, the best possible scenario now is 7-9 or 8-8 so a future HC candidate sees we can be playoff contenders next year
  3. Houston probably wanted a first rounder for him. Packers fans should be thankful lol, just draft a WR. Even if it was "just" a second round, Packers don't have the money to pay Will Fuller 14 mil a year lol hes a 10 game rental
  4. Crennel is 4-3. Not saying I want him back but he hasn't been as horrendous as he has been in the past.
  5. Realistically, if the game in Cleveland didn't have 40+ MPH or whatever insane number it was winds, then we'd be 5-6 right now. (Also if NFL OT rules didn't ruin the Titans game, 6-5) I think we finish this season 7-9, yes I am that confident. Maybe 9-7 is possible but I think we lose one of the games to Indy.
  6. If we were like 6-4 right now or anything above .500, Deshaun would be in the MVP conversation.
  7. proof right here we should be 4-6 or at least 5-5.
  8. Texans should be 4-7. Tornados ruined us last week
  9. All I need is to destroy the Patriots title chances, then I'm fine closing this season with the worst record.
  10. What happened to Wentz? Seriously. Eagles fans help me here.
  11. Murray finally made a saving play, cant say I'm not surprised but yeah.
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