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  1. My gut right now is feelibgva trade down with Cincy. Bengals move up for Sewell to protect Burrow and were still in a sweet spot to grab Smith or Chase. Probably won’t bring us the huge haul of assets if someone was moving up for a quarterback but I’m not sure yet how teams view Fields and Wilson. Time will tell.
  2. First I had my heart set on TLaw. Now the Watson rumors. I can’t take it. Are we just setting ourselves up to be played as usual?
  3. Nice job. Thanks for laying out what we should expect out of our offense next year. Sounds like night and day from Gase’s garbage schemes. If we keep the guys you highlighted, Darnold and Herndon for example, we should be putting an end to the debate of whether it’s the system/coaching or the players. I’m kind of intrigued to give a few of these players one last shot under Salah and LaFleur.
  4. How is it a terrible idea to bring relatively cheap players into position rooms/meetings to help speed up the learning process? Plus coming from an organization that just went to the Super Bowl.
  5. Yeah, was just wondering if they’ll look into bringing in guys from SF to help install their systems. Guys like Beathard, Brieda, Juszcyk, Solomon Thomas, Witherspoon. Guys that won’t break the bank but the coaching staff is familiar with and know the culture coming into the building.
  6. With Saleh onboard, my gut is telling me we stick with Sam. If we went with an offensive coach, they’d be more inclined to want to start fresh at QB. Saleh has seen the formula of solid QB play, a great rushing attack and great defense work. Gotta think he and LaFleur will bring that philosophy to NY.
  7. Like this hire. Really gives off that vibe that’ll he will be the coach of an entire football team not just focused on one side of the ball. Now we wait to see what he thinks of Darnold.
  8. Give me Smith and Harris in the 1st. Period.
  9. Was really hoping Trey Sermon could be a 4th or even 5th round steal if we waited on taking a running back. That’s not gonna happen if he has another huge game tonight. Oh well.
  10. Sounds like both sides are hedging their bets. Low buyout says both sides wouldn’t be devastated if he decided to leave for the NFL.
  11. in a dream scenario, I’d only offer them either the #2 pick this year and a 2/3 next year or both Seattle first rounders for Watson. In scenario # one it would be we’d like giving up #2 QB prospect and a 2/3 for Deshaun. Basically get a superior, proven QB for a second round pick plus cap space ( which we have). In scenario #2, it would be like trading Jamal for Watson and two 3rds. If we did that trade before this season, we would have all gone nuts. Then trade Darnold for future draft assets to keep going with the overhaul of the roster. Too bad Bill O’Brien isn’t still runn
  12. Could you imagine being a Texans fan and watching them trade Hopkins and Watson in back to back off seasons? Would almost be enough to make me feel lucky to be a Jet fan.
  13. Total hypothetical, but if there was a Chase Young or Nick Bosa type edge in this draft would that change your opinion of sticking with Sam Darnold? In total Jet fashion this is the first year in a few without a stud pass rusher in the draft. Just curious to see what the forum thinks. Would you be more in favor of keeping Sam IF there was a monster edge or would you still be ready to move on to another QB?
  14. Ugh. That’s a very appealing job for a top candidate. Joey Bosa and Justin Herbert are nice pieces to start with for any hire. More competition for us. JD has his work cut out for him.
  15. But he does have a big contract and may have worn out his welcome. Plus you could argue they’ve played better without him. Just throwing another name out there. He’s still a game changer and we haven’t had one of those in a long long time.
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