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  1. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Well, here come the Jamal Adams contract drama again. This is going to drag out all year. It’s obvious Jamal wants a new contract now and JD isn’t budging yet because he doesn’t have to. I think JD is in no hurry because the team couldn’t care less if he sits out a “virtual” offseason. I think it gets done eventually, but Jamal is in uncharted waters asking for an extension this early. Just hope this all works out, with hindsight being 20/20 that Dallas first rounder would have been Ceedee Lamb. I love Jamal but if he ends up walking away, this will be another chapter in the NY Jets woulda coulda shoulda book.
  2. Jets sign RB Frank Gore

    This tells me that the Jets don’t love Bell as the veteran presence in the RB room.
  3. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Not sure about the Maye rumors. Davis is t ready to start right away and I don’t think we’d get much more value for Maye than what a comp pick would be if we let him walk. But, JD has to be thinking how much can the team afford to invest in the safety position. Adams will be the highest paid safety in the league. Not sure how we could afford Maye after Jamal’s extension. I think he stays but signs elsewhere next year.
  4. State Of The Roster

    I said it going into the draft that I just wanted to come out in the end with some confidence in our front office. After last weekend, I’m happy with all of our picks and I can see the direction we’re going. Nice to know we actually have a guy with a plan running the show.
  5. State Of The Roster

    Depth!! There is actually a little bit of depth!!!
  6. 2020 UDFA Thread

    Looks like JD is attacking one position group from both sides of the ball this offseason, secondary and o line
  7. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Think we might be done guys.
  8. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Awesome pick. Just need to know why he fell so far?
  9. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Gotta assume Bryce Hall has a serious medical red flag. Could he be this years Blessuan?
  10. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Clark means we can cut Winters. Does that make anyone like the pick a little more?
  11. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    I get caught up yelling about the guys I want that we don’t pick. But those guys aren’t getting snatched up by other teams either. Got hit singles and doubles too. Past years have been mostly strikeouts.
  12. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    I’m starting to see JDs plan. Sign vets to one year deals, draft behind them to either step in if it doesn’t work out or just be great depth at positions. OL, S, QB, RB.
  13. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    Building depth. This roster is a mess. JD working from the ground up. This big was for all the Luke Falk haters. Lol.
  14. 2020 Draft Day Thread

    We needed a rb and if he was tops on our board that’s cool. Building depth.
  15. 3.68 Ashtyn Davis

    After sleeping on this pick, I’ve come around too. Think we’re going to see a lot of 3 safety looks this year. Jamal is going to be lining up all over the place.