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  1. Things could be worse. We could have drafted Tua. He’s awful.
  2. Positive note, we don’t quit. Team played hard again in the second half. Just not sure how long that will last if the results are the same.
  3. Huh? You disagree that we have a bunch of average Joe’s and no playmakers?
  4. Bottom line is we have a bunch of decent and solid players but no difference makers. No one steps up to change the game or make a big play on offense or defense. Carl Lawson could have been that guy to help us get off the field.
  5. Why was arguably our best receiver run a three yard route on 3rd and 10? Zach might not be ready but LaFleur doesn’t help him out at all. Awful.
  6. Honestly we should be banned from any national/prime time game. We never show up.
  7. Maybe Saleh heard how mad we were that we actually won two games last year, and is just giving the fans what he thinks we want.
  8. Sad that the highlight of my Sundays the last few years is watching the postgame to hear them explain this crap. It’s more entertaining than the games.
  9. Maybe later this year the Eagles will start Flacco and he can beat us too. Anybody else on our schedule?
  10. Has a team ever just thrown in the towel and forfeited? Might be an option today.
  11. This is all because we didn’t draft Ben Mason.
  12. Ok. Well Trevor Lawrence has 5 picks too. Should Jacksonville throw in the towel on him too. I know you weren’t a Zach fan to begin with but I’m sure you wanted Trevor like the rest of us. And wow, he has first year coaching staff (in the nfl) and no vet in the QB room just like Zach. I think some people on here are happier to be right about Zach being a busy than be wrong and see the team do well.
  13. Maybe one of you guys can remind me of a rookie QB - rookie Head Coach combo that worked from day one. The league is not set up for that to be successful. It’s all about the situation your drafted into.
  14. The difference between these two teams came down to one guy. Christian McCaffrey. Darnold will benefit all year long because every defensive coordinator will game plan to stop him not Darnold. Amazing how having a weapon like him that teams have to focus on opens up an offense. Gonna be tough for Wilson. Teams won’t respect our running game after today.
  15. Back to the Braxton Berrios show. Are we sure Gase isn’t still calling the plays. This is brutal.
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