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  1. 2018 Draft headed to Dallas

    Was hoping it would be in Philly so I didn't have to go too far. Not sure I'll make the trip to Dallas. Doesn't surprise me that the got it, Jerry Jones gets what Jerry Jones wants.
  2. Week 7: Jets at Dolphins

    Points per game (offense/defense) Jets: 25th - 18.2.....13th - 21.7 Dolphins: 32nd - 12.2.....3rd - 16.8 Yards per game (offense/defense) Jets: 21st - 318.7.....25th - 358 Dolphins: 32nd - 242.8.....11th - 297 Offense Rank (Pass/Rush) Jets: 22nd/18th Dolphins: 32nd/27th I want to see no hangover from last week, get up and play mad. I expect us to go into Miami and win, prediction: 24-17
  3. FA QB's for 2018

    If I had to rank the QB position: 1) Would love Petty/Hack to take over 2) Cousins 3) Smith or Brees + Draft Pick 4) Jimmy G 5) Tyrod/Bridgewater/Bradford + Draft Pick
  4. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    Not wrong, just overly salty given it has nothing to do with Sunday's game.
  5. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    I got $20 tickets to our Thanksgiving game the year we played the Bengals haha it was great.
  6. FA QB's for 2018

    I'm sure Howard is going to be good but I'd also rather upgrade our weakest position (which was safety) and use the young TE that was a highly touted recruit than take a 2nd TE. Dalvin Cook suffered a non-contact injury. It's not like that was a freak tackle where we would have been playing a different opponent, his leg gave out without anyone touching him. We haven't had the opportunity to add a stud WR like OBJ, Julio, AJ Green so your argument there is irrelevant. Of those 3 receivers only Julio has a playoff win on his resume. You can even add Hopkins, Brown, Thomas and Dez to that list, having a stud WR doesn't instantly make you a Super Bowl team. You still need to have a QB, all signs point to us looking for a QB this offseason. I wanted Amari Cooper but he was selected before us. So unless you are claiming Kevin White or Treadwell should have been our pick your argument doesn't make sense. Why isn't Stewart playing more? Have you watched anything Mac/Bowles have done since being here? Our 1st round picks always start but after that we try to slowly ease guys into the starting lineup by learning behind veterans.
  7. FA QB's for 2018

    You would really want OJ Howard? ASJ has been great this season. You would rather have Dalvin Cook with a torn ACL over Maye who's looked like a stud? Stewart has flashed, he may not be up to speed yet but he's fast and has made some impressive catches. I think we'll be impressed with him by the end of the year. A center would have absolutely been an upgrade at that point but I don't feel like Stewart is a bad pick. kearse and Kerley have both made some good catches in crunch time. Plus I feel 100% confident that Kerley is going to catch the punt.
  8. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    I won't waste my time going to games anymore, they priced fans out of the stadium. I get it 8 games per season means there is a premium on tickets but for a family of 4 to go to a game: tickets - $100+ per person Parking - $30 Food - $50 You're looking at a $500 day without beating an eyelash, then you have to add in gas to get to the stadium and traffic. If it's a 4 o'clock game it's even worse because then you miss all the 1 o'clock games, half the night game, and if they lose then the traffic just makes the drive home that much worse. It's cheaper, more convenient, and overall a better experience to just get Sunday Ticket.
  9. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

    I think he'll get to that all pro level he just has to work through the growing pains. He's being asked to cover some of the hardest players to cover and really hasn't done a bad job all things considered. His attitude has been a huge positive influence on this team, especially since he's just a rookie. I can understand the Dawkins comparisons, give him another year or 2 and hopefully we can compare the on field play as well.
  10. FA QB's for 2018

    Since there are so many rule changes to help the offense, there is now a premium on good defense. Lets assume you are talking about every position on offense outside of QB, since you haven't pounded the table for a QB in round one that I'm aware of. Teams will reach or trade up for QBs so I'm going to eliminate those selections in hopes of slightly leveling the playing field. By your thought process you'd have to imagine the majority of draft picks be spent on the offensive side of the ball. This has not been the case, in fact it's almost split evenly down the middle because you still need good defenders to stop teams since the rules are so slanted. 2017 - 62% teams went defense (3 QBs) 2016 - 54% teams went defense (3 QBs) 2015 - 50% teams went defense (2 QBs) 2014 - 59% teams went defense (3 QBs) Point being you can't just blindly say we need to go offense; you need to base your pick on the talent available at your selection. Of our last 4 drafts what offensive player would you have taken at our pick?
  11. FA QB's for 2018

    "The team that Mac has built is good enough to make the the playoffs but Mac is to blame for why we don't make the playoffs" that's how I just read your post. Leave your agenda at home. No one is thinking playoffs, just watch the growth and development happen and go from there.
  12. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Yea if I had to rank the QB position: 1) Would love Petty/Hack to take over 2) Cousins 3) Smith or Brees + Draft Pick 4) Jimmy G 5) Tyrod/Bridgewater/Bradford + Draft Pick
  13. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

    Yea both these safeties look like their being asked to do a lot. Both already look way better than Pryor ever did.
  14. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I wonder if Mac has a rough plan in mind yet. Are we willing to trade up, are we going to let the draft fall to us, or maybe we go BPA in round 1 and then move up/take one round 2 or do we have eyes on any of the FA QBs?
  15. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    I think Alshon will be tagged. Robinson will likely sign a prove it deal since he tore his ACL this season.