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  1. Only reason I didn't is cause he was still in the top half of the league (127 ranked WRs this year, the rest were omitted because of low snap counts)
  2. Over the last few years I've had fun ranking Free Agents using the game F*ck, Marry, K!ll. My first episode in the series comes out tonight at 6pm: The Rulez - Players will be graded in 7 categories, you can earn up to 3 fighter jets but beware of the Butt-Fumble, you get no points for Butt-Fumbling 1) Age 2) Availability 3) Yards Per Game 4) PFF Grade 5) PFF Rank 6) Catchable Ball % 7) Career Drop % - Decided to include snap count at each position to determine how often they played in the Slot vs out Wide - All players will be g
  3. - Watson geotags a location in Edgewater NJ (40 mins from Florham Park - Comments on a picture of him whereing a Montana jersey - Rumors he wanted the Texans to interview Robert Saleh - Jets have the cap and the picks to get it done with more than enough left over to build around him. - Daniel Jeremiah floating trade rumors for his good buddy Joe Douglas - Biggest threat, Miami with Tua. Going to come down to Fields/Wilson/Sam vs Tua. - If racism is an issue in Houston then Tua and Fields may not be options, Wilson is a perfect fit for the Jets so good chances he
  4. Yea I think TL will be the pick just because no GM will be blamed for doing that. If you take Fields over TL there will be a ton of pressure on that entire team.
  5. If there is any truth to Urban Meyer and Ryan Day as the Jags new HC, there is a very real possibility that Fields goes #1. No one saw Baker going #1, all year it was Sam - then the day before the draft we got wind Baker was going to be the pick.
  6. For those who don't want to watch: - Zach Wilson Declares - more QBs more options in the event we were to trade down - Najee Harris looked good, that jump over #4 was wild - DeVonta Smith is a BADDDDDD man, kids got wheels - Justin Fields slinging the ball on Clemson was huge. If he can do something similar against Alabama he is going to have a legit shot of going #1. Our desirability as a landing spot looks far more attractive today than just a day ago. Free Agents will likely be comfortable for either QB and may actually have some excitement to come here. Fields seems lik
  7. That's happening with Mike Kafka in KC right now. He's someone I'd love to have as well. Edit- just saw your post above me haha we are on the same page I think.
  8. Without being an OC. He was blocked from interviewing for other positions, that's why they gave him the title.
  9. Lattimore has another year left on his contract, so you don't have to sign him until 2022. Ramczyk is the player I'd love to target though. If you play around on OTC you can see how boned the Saints are for next year. Had to look this up but apparently a violation of the salary cap can include up to $5m fine per violation, termination of the contract that put the team over the cap, and a loss of draft picks. In this instance I'd imagine they'd have the fine plus a loss of draft picks. Seems pretty steep for a team that is likely losing Brees and should want to bottom out for a year o
  10. Lattimore and Ramczyk are prime candidates to get traded. Both going into the final year of their deals with the Saints $90m over the salary cap. If we were to trade Sam I'd like to explore those 2 options. Lattimore had a bad season this year, so that seems like a realistic trade.
  11. HC - Brian Daboll OC - Ken Dorsey (Bills QB Coach, was with Cam in his MVP year) DC - Marvin Lewis - LG Joe Thuney, never missed a start, has 2 penalties in the last 2 years, and can play every position on the OL. Daboll was on the Patriots staff as the TE coach when Thuney was drafted. - WR Curtis Samuel, was drafted when Dorsey was still with the Panthers and could be a solid replacement for Perriman. I think the price point will be right for Joe Douglas as well. - CB Ronald Darby, rebounded beautifully after a down season in 2019. Has the Eagles connection wi
  12. - I said Connor McGovern played under him at Penn State, was the wrong Connor McGovern (oops) - Chris Godwin played at Penn State with Brady there, perhaps he has an inside track in landing him via FA? - Michael Thomas had his 2 best years with Brady on staff with the Saints. - Joe Burrow couldn't beat out Dwayne Haskins at Ohio State, transferred to LSU in 2018. Burrow before Brady 2018 58% 222 YPG 16 TD 5 INT Burrow with Brady 2019 76% 378 YPG 60 TD 6 INT - Panthers may be 5-10 but they were within 1 score in a bunch of losses inclu
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