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  1. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    Yea I think that would be the perfect situation, they just have to be okay will losing a lot of major players on that defense. They are currently $8M over the cap for next year. cutting Bortles will get them up to $10M, you'd think that would be used to sign their draft class. They are going to have to trim a lot of fat unless Cousins is willing to take a cheap deal.
  2. Week 15: Jets vs Saints

    My big thing is that Hack is under contract for 2 more years and anything he showed in 8 games this season would not have changed how we were going to approach this offseason. We don't need to see what we have in Hack this year, he's not a FA so he isn't going anywhere.
  3. Team Needs?

    I'm not sure he's going to get $99M guaranteed when Stafford who just set the record is at $60.5M. Heck you could say the 2 years are fully guaranteed making it $75M, he'd cost that much if he's on the team anyway. I don't think Cousins is looking for some Earth shattering deal though, more so a record setting deal with a team who believes in him and gives him the best chance to win. I believe this deal, city, and team does that better than anywhere else.
  4. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    Denver is going to have a lot of cap casualties after the year if they want to sign Cousins, I'm not sure that roster will be as attractive once that happens. Not to mention you would be signing up to play against Carr and Mahomes the next decade. Jacksonville is the sexy option but I don't think they shell out $28M for a QB to hand the ball off. They are a team that would be perfect for Eli Manning to go to with his 2 year $33M deal. Lets them resign their key defenders and they can draft a cheap QB to groom either this year or next year. Kansas City just traded up for Mahomes and they will have no cap space, I'd say there is less than a 0% chance he goes there. Arizona has a nice roster but will need to make some big cuts to fit Cousins under their cap. Does Cousins want to play in a division with the Seahawks, Rams, and 49ers with Jimmy G? NYG are interesting, if they get a top 2 pick then no chance they look at Cousins. If they get the third pick then maybe they consider it but then they will likely need to trade OBJ or let him walk. I don't see how they could pay Cousins, JPP, Vernon, Jenkins, and OBJ. This would also put him back in the division with Wentz and Dak who both seem to have teams poised to contend the next 3-5 years. IMO it comes down to the Bill or the Jets. Both have similar talent pools, but the Jets can offer him far more money. This isn't taking into account the $6M he'd likely make from endorsements coming to NY. The Jets have also tried to trade for Cousins in the past, with Mac and Bowles potentially on the hot seat and the Jets starving for a franchise QB is seems like a match made in heaven. Jets could pay Cousins $40M in year 1 and $35M year 2 and still have $54M in cap space. They won't have to sign anyone to big money until 2020 when Leonard Williams, Robby Anderson, and Jordan Jenkins contracts expire. If you franchise Cousins I think there is a strong possibility he opts to play for the $34M tag and then test FA next season. I don't see any team that would give up 2 firsts if they could just wait it out nor do I see Cousins wanting his next team to give up those valuable assets. He plays the most protected position in the NFL so I don't see why his contract next offseason could be any worse than what he'd get this offseason. Why not take $34M guaranteed that is going to be half the money he'd get guaranteed in a new contract this year anyway. He'd have to sustain a massive injury to not be offered at least $30M in guarantees on whatever contract he'd sign in 2019. Maybe you convince him to look for a trade, I don't think it will be anywhere near a 1st round pick though. It just makes too much sense for Kirk to not look for a trade and collect his $34M, I don't think the Redskins will be willing to do that.
  5. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    They have the cap space but I don't think they believe he signs a long term deal with them so the owner is not going to waste $34M on the franchise tag for Cousins to walk next year anyway.
  6. Team Needs?

    6 year deal with an average of $28M per year with $65M in guarantees coming in the 1st 2 years. This contract would make Cousins the highest paid player in league history. Year 1 - $40M Year 2 - $35M Year 3 - $24M Year 4 - $23M Year 5 - $23M Year 6 - $23M This will likely prevent the Redskins from matching a deal if they use a transition tag, allows us to cut bait after 2 years if he bombs out, and our next big contracts that will be coming up are not until 2020 when his cap hit would be $24M and the cap is projected to be $200M. (12% of our cap space) To put that in prospective Brady, Eli, Rivers, Big Ben, Wilson, Palmer, Newton, and Matt Ryan are all over 12% of their teams and they are SB contenders year in and year out. Oo yea and if we signed Cousins to that deal we'd still have $54M in cap space left this season.
  7. Mock and other considerations

    The golf course I work at we call XXL shirts "double Chubb" haha
  8. Week 15: Jets vs Saints

    I think we hold onto him until we sign a corner or 2. There is no reason to cut him if we don't have a replacement for him. My ideal timeline would be: resign Claiborne before FA sign Johnson once FA starts release Skrine
  9. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Yea that's what the franchise tag will cost the Redskins and them at is their only method of preventing teams from signing him away. You could argue a team may want to trade for his right but I think Cousins will opt to block a trade by just playing out the 1 year franchise tag and then hit FA next year.
  10. Team Needs?

    I'd consider not cutting Skrine but I think we absolutely still need an outside CB long term. Skrine is only here for 1 more year so striking now would be the way to go since there will be a few good ones in FA.
  11. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I don't think he wants to sign there so the owner will have to decide $34M for 1 year of Cousins or just let him walk now. My guess is he is going to let Cousins walk, I feel bad for that fan base.
  12. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    My rankings are: Rosen Darnold Cousins Mayfield Jackson I'm not sure I'd call that drooling.
  13. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I think they have it locked up, I wonder if the Browns will try for Cousins or if they would rather draft one. If Cousins chose the Giants and the #1 pick were up for grabs I'd move mountains to get there. IMO the #3 team will look to move back unless they want a QB or Chubb
  14. Week 15: Jets vs Saints

    Cameron Jordan is no slouch, Petty throws accurate passes and we win that game.
  15. Team Needs?

    QB - Cousins or 1st Round Edge - Draft Center - Jensen or 2nd round CB - Butler or Johnson in FA RB - later 2nd round or 3rd round