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  1. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    IMO you still take the BPA at Edge Rusher. You can never have enough guys pressuring the QB. Pro Football Focus did a study where they watched 10 years worth of QB snaps and determined that just applying pressure to the QB drops their rating by 32 points. That's the difference in going from Big Ben at QB to Blaine Gabbert.
  2. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    Browsed the thread didn't see this posted, if you have 5 mins I definitely recommend watching this breakdown of Gregg Williams
  3. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    This is the reason. Practice time has been cut down so much that OL prospects take a lot longer to develop. There are certainly some exceptions but by and large that is one of the reasons NFL quality of play has dropped in recent years. Side note I don’t think we can understate just how terrible Wes Johnson was last year. We are talking like 35th ranked center or something like that plus having Winters injured since week 2. The inside of that line took a beating, I think adding Long and a healthy Winters will have us in good shape. Then we will look for OL next offseason.
  4. 3(72). Nathan Shepherd, DE, Fort Hays State

    I want Duke Ejiofor in the 4th out of Wake Forest or Okoronkwo from Oklahoma. I think both have legit pass rushing skills.
  5. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Went to the draft party last night, the roar from the crowd when Barkley was selected #2 was awesome. We are sitting pretty boys, let’s build up this team around him!
  6. Jets trade up to 3

    Video was from 3 weeks ago
  7. How would Pennington’s career have gone with perfect health?

    I think the Jets would have gotten a ring with the 2008, 2009, or 2010 team. People forget we were 8-3 in 2008 before Favre got hurt. Sanchez played well in the playoffs so maybe it's splitting hairs but I think Chad would have found a way to win in Pittsburgh.
  8. Jets trade up to 3

  9. Jets trade up to 3

    I agree that he probably should not have admitted to not putting 100% into learning their playbook but him doing this to the 17th pick in the draft doesn’t really bother me. If he were to say it about the Jets/Browns/Broncos/Bills/Dolphins who are probably all far more likely to select him then I’d probably make a bigger deal of it. I do like what Baker said about Kirk Cousins haha "I wanted to look at Kirk Cousins and say, I have a few places I don't want you to go so you don't take my spot"
  10. With the 3rd pick the N.Y. Jets select....

    Darnold Mayfield Rosen
  11. Jets trade up to 3

    Found this interesting: Rosen was under 37% in converting 3rd downs into 1st downs in his final year of college. Here is a list of the 15 QBs he shares that category with: Josh Allen Davis Webb CJ Beathard Joshua Dobbs Christian Hackenberg Bryce Petty Cody Kessler Cardele Jones Sean Mannion Derek Carr Matt Barkley Jake Locker Blaine Gabbert Jimmy Clausen Josh Freeman Rosen also ranks last of all the QB prospects when asked to move outside of the pocket, in terms of accuracy. Football Outsiders scores all QBs coming out and while there are plenty of prospects that score in the mid range that play well the upper level of their scores has been pretty damn accurate at finding star players. Their top 10 scores all time: Philip Rivers (1,964 QBASE) Carson Palmer (1,916 QBASE) Donovan McNabb (1,799 QBASE) Baker Mayfield (1,480 QBASE) Russell Wilson (1,288 QBASE) Peyton Manning (1,279 QBASE) Marcus Mariota (1,277 QBASE) Byron Leftwich (1,216 QBASE) Aaron Rodgers (1,216 QBASE) Ben Roethlisberger (1,211 QBASE) Stats can be miss-leading for sure and can be used to skew any argument but that is some interesting company. Will Rosen be Derek Carr? Will Mayfield be Leftwich?
  12. Jets trade up to 3

    I’m quoting you because this is exactly how I feel and it seems like Bobby doesn’t have an answer for your response. Pick apart Mayfield’s game all you want, I won’t argue it much, I disagree with the assessment but I think is valid to question. To say Mayfield is some type of thug is upsurd and feels very much like an agenda being pushed. If teams were remotely concerned about his off the field issues he would not sniff the top 3, clearly that is harping on something that no other franchise is doing. It’s like teams view his arrest as a kid in college drinking to much one time, not like we are hearing all these stories like we did with Manziel. The guy has blown people away in every single interview, has been the best on the white board, has a photographic memory, and hates to lose. This guy has been told “you can’t do it” every step of the way and refuses to settle. Mayfield is not Manziel just like Rosen is not Cutler and just like Darnold is not Sanchez.
  13. Jets trade up to 3

    You make is sound like Namath is a great player. He was Hollywood for sure and we should all love him for his Super Bowl but the only reason he is in the hall of fame is because of what Super Bowl III meant for the long term success to the NFL. If you are going on his on play, he is probably the worst player in the Hall. I think we are looking at Darnold and Mayfield, I don’t think Darnold makes it to us. I hope any issues we have with Rosen stem from his injuries and questionable passion for the game, not his outspoken political views. If it came out that we didn’t consider him because of the Trump hat thing I’d be pretty peeved.
  14. Jets trade up to 3

    Honestly I think the Giants are pushing that narrative in hopes the Browns pull the trigger on Barkley. I think they have their sights set on Darnold.