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  1. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Jenkins looks like he's poised to start, Robby Anderson has consistently gotten open, Shell up until last night hadn't given up a pressure, Burris has been playing well. I don't think it's fair to use Leonard Williams as a negative when he was considered the BPA for the other teams that were ahead of us too yet they passed on him. It's only been 2 preseason games but it looks as though Macc has turned this defense around in a hurry especially the secondary. (With minimal spending) This season is about seeing which players will stick and where we should focus our draft picks/$80M in cap. I could be way off base but I'd have to imagine that will be heavily invested on the offensive side of the ball. Reason we didn't spend this offseason is because you might as well see which players we have can actually play before you dish out big FA contracts, all while assuring a top 10 pick in the event the young players fail. Some may hate Macc but he has given us a lot of options moving forward.
  2. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Unless Chris has any control over signings/firings I can't imagine he'll have any impact on the field.
  3. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

    Preseason game 2, let's give him a few more games before we consider him a terrible pick.
  4. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    OL stinks = Can't accurately grade QB/WR/TE/RBs + defense is so tired after a good start. I'm not sure what I want to see in the 2nd half, even if we play well it will be against 2nd stringers.
  5. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Josh Martin is a lock to make the team and should receive some starting reps. He's been in on special teams and has been making plays the last 2 weeks on defense.
  6. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    He missed a tackle earlier the game too
  7. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    This OL is going to be the reason I stop watching this season. Can't even get a gauge of any of the WRs/TEs. I hope the starting offense stays out there all game until something happens, not worth seeing the backups if you can't get the starters moving.
  8. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    It's the entire OL, there hasn't been a single push forward yet.
  9. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Was still the right move, Mangold would have been nice though
  10. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Eh Hack hasn't done anything good but I don't feel like he's deserving of blame right now. The OL has been so putrid, I'm not sure anyone could have done anything better. If this line keeps playing this way then it won't matter who we have at QB.
  11. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    He's looked terrible
  12. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Defense is probably gassed, too many 3 and outs. Not impressed with Adams after 1 quarter, nothing given up deep yet though. I still think it was a good idea to keep Winters, we didn't really have another option without drastically overpaying. Gotta hope he can show more though.
  13. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    It's hard to get anything positive when the OL can't protect the QB. Sacks are killing our drives.
  14. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    yea Winters got blown up.
  15. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    OL is hot garbage