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  1. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    Browns - Darnold Bills - Allen Colts - Chubb Browns - Barkley Broncos - Rosen Jets - Mayfield as wonky as it sounds I think the Bills trading with the Giants would actually be alright. I don't know who they would take but I'd rather be bidding with the Broncos than the Bills to get up to 3 or 4. I think if the Bills trade with the Colts it does not bode well for us unless we can convince the Browns that Denver won't take the player they want. Let the Bills blow their load and then we may be able to send a 2nd up to the Colts.
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    There's no reason we can't beat their offer IMO. Go get our guy! The best thing that can happen is that Indy wants and elite prospect like Chubb.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    just a hypothetical but if that's the price for them to get up to 3 we should pull the trigger to beat that.
  4. FA Thread 2018

    He's liked a few of Adams' posts too. I think he wants to be here. I'm all for front loading his deal a bit. I don't think I like $15M per year though haha.
  5. Jets re-sign CB Mo Claiborne

    Mac was at Mayfield's pro day yesterday and Rosen's today. I'd have to imagine the Badger's contract might take a little more thought. My guess is he gets 5 years $55M with an out after 3 years.
  6. Jets re-sign CB Mo Claiborne

    1 year $7M! Bring in the Badger and Mac gets an A+ For this FA!
  7. FA Thread 2018

    Haha I don't want to bug him too much, he'll be in my dynasty league so I'll be talking to him a lot. As of the end of January we were really high on Mayfield. I tried to get info out of him while he was at the combine with Mac but no dice haha
  8. FA Thread 2018

    Just shot my buddy a text who works for the Jets telling him to have Mac sign the Honey badger. His response "we are trying" Get it done Mac!!
  9. Tanny constantly gave up picks. Given the terrible drafting history this past decade I'd gladly give up 2 to land a QB we should have for 15 years
  10. This is why part of me wants to sit at 6 and take whoever falls but when Buffalo is actively looking to move up of it only costs us a pick or two to block their pick while securing our guy that is worth it to me. At the very least I want us to drive up the price for them to move in front of us. I'd like us to have a decision at QB and not be stuck with the leftovers. I don't think it is worth gambling on.
  11. FA Thread 2018

    He was in one of the most prolific passing offenses in the NFL. I really think ASJ's stats do not reflect his value to this team. If we sign Ebron then great but I think there is something to resigning your own players. It looks good to the players that are coming up for new deals.
  12. I think all Jets fans are calling that this will happen.
  13. FA Thread 2018

    I'll go on record and say I don't want Ebron or Eifert. I'd be okay with either I guess but I'd prefer to have ASJ back. Ebron is basically ASJ, under performing former 1st round pick and Eifert can't stay on the field. Looking at it that way if the money is the same across all 3 then I'll take the healthy guy who openly wants to be here and at the very least is familiar with our team.
  14. I do like that we have the opportunity to see the first 2 picks play out. #3 is the pick we really want, no price too high, get it done
  15. We have the ammo to move up, we shouldn't be pinching pennies this year. I think I'd gamble on the Giants taking Barkley but if the first 2 picks are QBs then I'd throw the farm at Indy for #3, I don't care about price.