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  1. Jordan Palmer sucks. Didn’t he talk up Hackenberg? A lot of it is Sam, but Gase was hired to develop him and he’s failed miserably. Darnold has never once looked as good in Gases system as he did at the end of his rookie year under Bates with an also pretty bad supporting cast. I think they both just suck at their respective jobs at this point. it’s irrelevant, both are gone soon
  2. “It’s not hard.. this is not hard”
  3. I very much prefer getting the first pick in the draft lol keep rolling Darnold out
  4. These kinds of mocks never ever even come close to fruition
  5. Just watched some of this now and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB regress as badly as Darnold has. We were all wrong about him, regardless of having a bad team and by far the worst head coach in the league. He has completely lost all feel for the game. I feel like he’s just checked out waiting for this to end like the rest of the us.
  6. Jets are gonna get smoked again in this one
  7. Whatever makes you feel better 😉
  8. It’s going to be okay man.
  9. I remember there was this one guy on here who wanted Gase. Forgot who it was
  10. Didn’t watch a second of this one but winning would have been so Jetsy
  11. Not if the other choice was Adam Gase
  12. I would have taken my chances on another rookie DC if you told me the other option was Gase.
  13. Miami and Buffalo are so far ahead of us it’s sad. Hiring Adam Gase was one of the worst moments in this franchises history IMO. The presser was really all we needed to see
  14. I’d stop being a fan of this team if we actually went into next season with Gase as HC.
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