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  1. It’s the Trevor Lawrence award until it’s not
  2. The Becton stuff is a little concerning. He’s gotta shed some weight
  3. Knicks are gonna exit the playoffs real quick
  4. I still don’t like this pick really hoping he and Douglas prove me wrong
  5. Love the player Those arm tats though. Come on brah
  6. Well, let’s hope for the best
  7. Rodgers on the Pats or Fins is nightmare fuel
  8. Man I just can’t sell myself on Zach Wilson, and I’m trying really hard
  9. Reminds me of my brother in law who’s a Jags fan and was sweating over the #1 pick all year. I offered to bet him any amount of money we would lose the pick. He declined lol
  10. This is the flaw he has and you can see it on tape. It’s why people say he throws “jump balls” or balls that would be “picks” in the NFL
  11. I have no issue taking a RB at 23 or 34
  12. This all day don’t care if we give up 40 ppg this year as long as we go into 2022 knowing we have a QB
  13. I like the draft equity he got. In the context of Idzik, yeah he needs to actually hit on them for it to mean something. I like Douglas, but I’m not going to talk myself into every decision with the track record of this team. Not yet
  14. We aren’t obligated to praise every move this team makes. Cause you know it’s been such a successful decade
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