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  1. I just want Wilson to recover this week. Some of those throws last week with zero pressure were god awful. Not expecting a win, but I expect competitiveness
  2. If that is TRULY the case (Idzik comes to mind) it will never matter until we have new owners then.
  3. Well it’s a good thing the fans don’t directly impact the outcome of the games right?
  4. It’s always a process. Everyone always needs “more time”. Eventually you have to show something. And Douglas “rebuild” doesn’t look great so far. what was Hall the only player from his first draft on the field Sunday? Everyone has to do better. GM and coaches. It’s still ridiculous we handed Wilson the job and didn’t bother to bring in someone with experience behind him.
  5. Been this way for a decade now and it’s not changing anytime soon
  6. The coaching has been bad and that’s the worst part. I wanted nothing to do with Wilson at 2 but it became apparent it was their plan early. Joe Douglas is a C at BEST so far. We’re gonna be 4 years in soon and have like 12 wins to show for it lmao
  7. Wilson was a mistake. Build the team then get the QB. We set ourselves back YEARS with this strategy
  8. Nope. I was expecting competence though.
  9. Clocks ticking on Joe Douglas. If there isn’t a competent product on the field midway through next year he’s done.
  10. Right now it’s looking like replacing the QB wasn’t the answer. Players like Maye didn’t react the way they did for no reason
  11. That’s what I was told because we have Mahomes 2.0 starting for us
  12. This is the amazing part. Mind boggling throws just like Darnold
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