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  1. Le'Veon Bell

    Yeah I don’t really see the point in giving him a mega deal behind this offensive line and lack of cast. But good linemen don’t hit free agency and if they do we can’t sign them, so it sucks. This team is far away with or without Bell
  2. Todd Bowles

    Reports that Bowles has already been fired. Just do it already, stop wasting time. Sometimes these things galvanize a team and it’d be nice to see them not just going through the motions every Sunday. Get Bowles out (let doumeyer coach for all I care) and let the team get behind Darnold and win some games down the stretch.
  3. Todd Bowles

    Albright says the Jets already began a “short list” for replacement
  4. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Well if he wishes to continue to suck and deflate everyone even more, that’s the move
  5. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Realistically is there any chance Bowles gets fired tonight? End of the season seems certain now though
  6. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    lol turned it on and immiediately saw our 70m dollar CB getting burned like usual. Turned back off
  7. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    I remember arguing with fans on here in the off-season about Cousins and the Browns being further along than us “but they’ve only won 1 game”
  8. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Please fire Todd tonight. We’re already 2 years behind
  9. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Is the stadium booing them into oblivion?
  10. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    24-0? LOL
  11. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    That was such a terrible contract I couldn’t believe I was the only one who didn’t seem to like it
  12. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    I knew this would be the week to play Shady in fantasy. Thankfully I did that
  13. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Yeah won’t bother watching this one
  14. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Standard scoring, in the second Flex, McCoy or Christian Kirk?
  15. Todd Bowles

    Interesting Golden Tate was asked if the Jets should fire Bowles. He said they should fire Bates and included a trash can emoji. I think Bates coached Tate when he was a rookie