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  1. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    https://www.ganggreennation.com/2019/9/18/20873320/jets-blocking-schemes-are-incomprehensible-right-now I mean the Cardinals have less talent and they aren’t having -12 passing yard performances well into the 3rd quarter. The Pats offensive line is makeshift and they are protecting Brady. This is the highest paid line in the league. Something needs to change
  2. Jets place QB Trevor Siemian on IR; sign David Fales

    Yeah, I think we’re better off just bringing in anyone to back up Falk next week rather than bring guys out of retirement/trade for someone. Jets are on bye week 4 so we will only need him for this upcoming game vs New England assuming Darnold comes back week 5 like he says.
  3. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    There was most definitely a lack of creativity Monday night. We saw it, fans from other teams saw it, the commentators kept going back to it.. Really hoping this isn’t the norm
  4. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Who else calls him an offensive guru? His offense numbers sans Peyton certainly don’t reflect that. I’m going to reserve judgement and see what the offense looks like 6-8 weeks from now. But I’m not feeling good about the hire today. -12 passing yards into the 3rd quarter is inexcusable. Media talk is media talk. Peyton can say whatever he wants, it doesn’t make it true. Todd Bowles was a defensive mastermind! The reality was he was just an above average DC, nothing more.
  5. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    This is what Dolphins fans were talking about
  6. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Last week we looked just like the Miami Dolphins of the last 3 years
  7. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he really did want out. I wouldn’t blame him. I wouldn’t blame any player for wanting off the NYJ
  8. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Williams took him out after the back to back flags. He needs to suck it up
  9. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Lol Beachum and his “world of suck” comment. That’s putting it lightly as far as his performance I have a bad gut feeling this team is going to mail it in realllll early though.
  10. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Ugh, talking with this dolphins fan this morning. He makes a good point, unless Darnold turns out to be VERY good we might be in the worst shape of any team in the league. The amount of draft picks the Fish have the next 2 drafts is disgusting. We would be salivating over it. If they do land the first overall pick and take their guy, I have to say he’s right. The Jets are not a team on the rise
  11. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Agreed. Gase wasn’t my first choice but the offense needs to look very, very, improved 6 weeks from now with Darnold, Herndon and the offensive line given time to mesh.
  12. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Media already going after Gase. He was hire no one wanted, and the guy with the most previous (and not impressive) experience.
  13. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Kalil might be JD first little blemish
  14. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    I hated the hire and he hasn’t shown anything to change my mind but he will/should get through next season. But nothings off limits with the Jets. Any event could transpire
  15. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    This offense is so bad. Damn