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  1. Also, with a win Sunday Brady will tie Flacco for the most wins by any QB on the road - 7 (excluding the Superbowl) Yet all I here is Brady is trash on the road in the playoffs, tell me what QB has gone on the road and won games consistently? Brady went on the road early in his career twice to Heinz Field and beat the Steelers in the AFC championship game, later on in 2006 he went to San Diego on the road and beat the hottest team in football in the divisional round. Then in 2018 he went on the road in Kansas City in that hostile environment when no one gave Brady a chance and beat
  2. Damn Vita Vea being back is huge! If he's actually ready and healthy to go along with JPP, Shaq, and Suh oh boy we all know what's happened to Aaron Rodgers and Matt Lafluer when Rodgers has gotten pressured and there run games been shut down. Ala 49ers and Chargers last year and the Bucs this year
  3. Man prolly me second favorite QB behind Brady of course. Grew up watching Drew and it's so sad to see it end but Thank You Drew it was an honor to have grown up watching this guy play he always did it the right way!
  4. Hold the Packers and Rodgers to under 30 and this should be a win. I don't see how that trash Packers defense stops Brady and co. Bucs win 52-24 BRADY FOR 7 LFG
  5. I'd give you all my picks in New England for the next 2 years and Gilmore to take him off your hands
  6. Feels like I've seen all the good movies lol gotta watch these average movies now but I just watched Blumhouse's Truth or Dare (2018) I had seen another version that came out back in 2017 at friends place so I saw this on Netflix gave it a go and I'd say it was an upgrade over the 2017 version of Truth or Dare I'd seen. I'd give it a solid 6/10 since I actually enjoyed the movie. Also the other day I watched John Cena's movie Playing with Fire on Prime Video and it was Brilliant of course I have to give that a 10/10 lol but no I really enjoyed it I'd say I'd give it a 8/10 just because o
  7. Bucs and Brady to route the Packers. Man I couldn't wait for this weeks game Brady vs Brees, now I already can't wait for Brady vs Rodgers. Sunday can't come fast enough!
  8. Offense gotta be better next week, but if they can do this against there worst matchup, - the packers defense isn't nearly as good - I smell a blowout next week.
  9. Brees what happened you were pretty happy after that meaningless week 9 win lmao🤣 Like I told everyone come back in the playoffs.
  10. Buddy you've been talking like the Bucs been getting molly whopped all game...
  11. The season wouldn't have been complete without a Brady whooping of the Bills! The packers defense is trash I expect Brady to light it up 52 points next week.
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