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  1. David Andrews for less than 5 mil a year!?! I thought it would have been a 4 year 40 mil contract or something!
  2. He's a great #2 and a solid deep threat, love this signing just wish we could have got him for 20 mil instead of 26. Going from Jakobi/Harry/Byrd/Asiasi/Izzo TO Agholor/Edelman/Bourne/Jakobi/Henry/Smith Is a HUGE Upgrade! I love Jules but I honestly think it's time to replace him we have two younger guys who are great in the slot Jakobi and Bourne, I'd honestly think about releasing Jules and signing or drafting someone who can be a true #1. I've wanted to draft Jaylen Waddle maybe we could pick him up, or maybe even sign Will Fuller.
  3. He's an excellent #3 wide receiver, and if you watched any of the 49ers games this year you'd know that I love this signing!
  4. This is great our run defense was atrocious last year! Now we got Judon and Kyle back we should be the best defense in football again next year if we can keep both Gilly and JC.
  5. Also, JC Jackson is great and we need to sign him long term, but man if we have some money left definitely pay Gilmore an extra 3-5 million to keep him around for this year at least, he's the best corner in football imo, and JC's great but Gilly's on a different level, I would hate to see my favorite defensive player leave.
  6. Wow I haven't been on here since the superbowl, but what a great week! We back in this thing! I've loved all the moves, although I wish we could have got Agholor for 10 mil instead of 13, but he's still a great deep threat if Cam can get him the ball. My only regret is we didn't sign Curtis Samuel, I really liked him.
  7. Umm wherre tf was Lenny or at least sneak it with Tom?
  8. Meh I wanted the red jerseys that red and pewter combo looks really nice, I'm not a huge fan of white and pewter. Plus why do the Chiefs get to wear home colors, and not the Bucs?
  9. That's the worst comparison I've ever heard...
  10. Especially when you have Shaq and JPP coming off the edge, just ask Green Bay... twice now.
  11. I laughed so hard when I first read this yesterday the man who has made a career out of diminishing Brady finally gave it up. Yet Chris Simms still wants to sit there and hate I can't tell if Chris Simms hates Brady more or loves Aaron Rodgers more. No other player would get defended like Rodgers is for being 1-4 in the championship game, he literally had 3 chances to go up in the second half and he couldn't do it. Stop the hate and realize that Brady is just better than Rodgers don't give me this BS he's more talented so if that's what we're going to base it off and not winning we should just
  12. YES!! To just put it simply Tom Brady >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jimmy G I think the Bucs win this Superbowl this team is stacked, receivers are deep, O-Line is playing like the best in football right now, run game starting to do just enough with playoff Lenny, that front 7 is by far the best in the league and with Vita Vea there it is honestly one of the best front 7s I have seen in a while they can get pressure up the gut, and don't expect to run up the gut on them, they can get to your QB off the edge as well, there inside linebackers are so fast that you
  13. I find it laughable that Chris Simms comes out and cries about Brady having all the talent and Rodgers having nothing, so Edelman, Hogan and Amendola were better than Davante, Lazard, and MVS? This dude like many other Brady haters has a list of excuses for Rodgers the guy who is 1-4 in championship games but when it comes to Brady "oh he's only winning because of others on his team" or like it was in New England for 20 years "it's all Bill." Give it up lmao. People need to seriously grow up 10 Superbowls in 19 seasons he's been a starting QB that's just insane, and he could honestly get
  14. Lmao go home Buffalo🀣 You've been spared of the annual Tom Brady A** Whooping
  15. I don't care about those plays if your team is down 2 touchdowns in there biggest game of the season. Come on now you can't just pick a play or two he had if his team is down 2 touchdowns to defend him.
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