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  1. That's funny cuz Tom Brady owns the Bills and the Chargers.
  2. At least they took a shot lmao
  3. And after week 9 my point stills stands the Cardinals are clearly still the best team in the league, and the Bills are no longer even a top 5 team.
  4. Tom Brady is really going to win MVP at 44 years old, just incredible.
  5. I'm so excited to see Mike Mayock's first draft because let's be real we all know Gruden had full autonomy.
  6. Bill Belichik broke him in the 2019 MNF game.
  7. Woah guys watch out this was Chris Simms favorite QB coming out of college, he ranked the 25th best QB in the NFL without playing a single snap in the NFL. Even now it's not his fault that he's been absolutely terrible it's the "offense asking too much of him." Chris Simms is a clown lmao, at least accept that you were wrong when it's so obvious.
  8. 1. Ravens 2. Titans 3. Patriots 4. Chargers 5. Chiefs 6. Bills 7. Browns
  9. Lmfao the team that's bullied on the garbage teams and lost to the steelers, titans, and jags and looked terrible against the dolphins is not the team to beat. They're not even a top 5 team in the league.
  10. It has to be said, Kyle Shanahan like Josh McDaniels is an AMAZING OC but not a good head coach. Obviously Josh was worse as a head coach in Denver but they're both better off as OC's imo.
  11. It's hilarious to me how these two aren't on the hot seat.
  12. Seriously can we give Arizona their credit?! I see people still saying Buffalo is still the best team in the league even after tonight’s L. Some people’s logic is actually maddening. Yes because losing to Pittsburgh, and then beating on Washington, Miami, Houston, and a reeling Chiefs team is more impressive than blowing out the Titans, Rams, and Browns en route to 6-0. Also, people try to defend that week 1 loss as if it didn’t happen, or as if week 1 isn’t apart of the NFL season lmfao. I’m not even an Arizona Cardinals fan but it’s time to give them their damn respect. If the Bill
  13. It was game over as soon as we gave Dallas the ball back, all they need is a field goal
  14. That was 4 down territory can’t believe we didn’t go for it…
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