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  1. Draft Discussion 3.0

    You've come a long way from the urinal at Terminal Tower.
  2. Seahawks to release Malik McDowell

    ATV clauses in all future contracts, please.
  3. How MUCH do you not want Josh Allen?

    Close. Billy Madison.
  4. Mock Drafts

    Yup. Almost as many reps in pass pro for a starting back as carries, but an overlooked skill for backs. Chubb is among the top of the class at it.
  5. Draft Discussion 3.0

    I just can't. Can't buy gas at Pilot, can't root for the Browns anymore. I can post here, because I can relate to your misery, but I won't indulge in it myself anymore.
  6. Mock Drafts

    Royce Freeman is another guy I like if there is a trade down, and I think Chubb may be better for the Seahawks than Michel.
  7. Draft Discussion 3.0

    He shattered his collarbone, and there's a metal plate with 8 screws holding it together. Still getting #1 buzz. He's more myth than man at this point, and no mortal wound will stop the hype train.
  8. Draft Discussion 3.0

    This is actually your best take.
  9. How MUCH do you not want Josh Allen?

    He's scared of the Ducks. Imagine him against the Jaguars. Better wear the brown pants for that game.
  10. I'm just here for the inevitable failure and disappointment. Still comfortable with my choice with Paul Allen, John Schneider and Pete Carroll running my team. Haslam, Dorsey and Jackson don't inspire the same confidence. When all three of those names change, I'll be back. Haslam's statute of limitations for indictment is up soon. To me, that will have more impact on the future of the Browns than who they choose at QB. But they'd be a lot better off with Mayfield or Rosen.
  11. Giants looking to drum up interest for #2 is the only explanation I can come up with.
  12. How MUCH do you not want Josh Allen?

    Your #1 overall pick, fellas. A thread. Can't think of a better coach for this guy than Hue Jackson, who can fix QBs I've been told.
  13. Screenshot question...

    Here's how I do it. I have a Print Screen button on my keyboard, which I depress when i want to take a screenshot. I then open Microsoft Paint, select New. Then Ctrl-V. I then select Home on the Toolbar. A dropdown menu appears, and in the second from the left section (Image), you will see a rectangle with perforated lines. Do not directly click the rectangle, but just below it where it says Select above a small down arrow. From there select Rectangular selection from Selection Shapes section. It will be the first selectable line down in the dropbox.× Now I select my area I want cropped by holding down the left mouse button, dragging from the top left to bottom right of my selected area. Then I choose crop from top of the list next to the rectangle. (If you screw up, select an area outside the rectangle to try again. If you don't like your crop after the fact, just press Ctrl-Z to go back one step to the original image). Then, select the dark blue File tab on the Toolbar. Save as... JPEG I personally save mine to the Desktop, so I remember to put them in the Recycle Bin later. Next, I open a tab in Chrome with imgur.com (make an account if you don't have one, it's free and easy). Add Images, Browse, Desktop, select the icon for 1.jpg (or whatever you saved it as), the click Open. Click the uploaded image, highlight the second selection down Direct Link (the one that ends in .jpg). Ctrl-C there, Ctrl-V here. Takes less than 30 seconds once you get the steps down.
  14. Posters Dopplegangers GIF version

    I disappeared for a year or so after around 10K, and I'm not dead. My money's on the Browns killing his will to watch football. However, I'd like to believe he got a job that didn't allow him to have social media type accounts for security purposes, and he's the Deputy Something-or-other at the NSA. Watching this site, and many like it, in order to keep us all safe from the baddies.