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  1. Depends on who's asking.
  2. According to the ads I get on here, Google thinks I am a black dude from Chicago. (I'm not either one of those things). So yeah, I'm pretty cool.
  3. Dez off to meet with the Browns

    How much longer you gotta sport that avy?
  4. What Do You Need To See For Tyrod to Be Re-Signed?

    The only situation that should prompt him being resigned is the complete and total failure of Baker Mayfield. Resigning Tyrod will cost a 3rd round compensatory pick that we would get when he signs elsewhere, which has to be the plan. An extension means the plan failed. Does Baker look like he's failing to anybody?
  5. Victory Beers for everyone!!! Dilly Dilly

    As soon as they drafted Baker, that tractor beam locked on me and started pulling me back.
  6. Victory Beers for everyone!!! Dilly Dilly

    Greeks. With an R. Lower on the totem pole than geeks, as geeks don't buy their friends.
  7. Like I was saying all last year, this kid is the best QB of his class. And the class looks pretty good.
  8. Victory Beers for everyone!!! Dilly Dilly

    How many wins for a free appletini?
  9. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Doesn't make it less corny.
  10. Hard Knocks Discussion

    "I thought you were having a tea party over there." - head ***.
  11. Corbett and Drango were in the car with him I guess.
  12. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    #47 McKinnon had himself a game. Best tackler in the secondary all night. The PI call against him was nonsense.
  13. Also, please refer to his avatar to understand a tender moment between one man and himself.