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  1. Stipe, harbinger of champions?

    LMK if he has O positive kidneys. I know a guy looking for some.
  2. Stipe, harbinger of champions?

    IDK but DC may need a new liver after those.
  3. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    But this is the training camp thread so look at this. To the ref who threw the flag at the end:
  4. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/jarvis-landry-14473/# After this year, that contract calls for Jarvis to earn $45,950,000 over the final 3 years. Or they can pay $4.5M dead cap hit in 2021 and zero cash cutting him after this season. All $34M that was guaranteed will have been paid out. If Dorsey feels like being generous, he can help Jarvis save a little face by adding a few million in new money, while also adding a year or two to make his cap hit more closely resemble his role, skill set and production. If that contract is not addressed after the 2019 season, I will be very surprised.
  5. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    You may see it as Landry having leverage, but I can assure you that John Dorsey will try to use that as leverage to keep him here at a discount after this year. Spread current contract money over more years to ease the cap is the only way forward with Jarvis. I don't dislike him, nor do I think that he should go. But something has to be done about that contract. It's prohibitive and excessive.
  6. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    Higgins is better than Landry. He was last year, and the gap is widening already this year. Higgins is a better route runner, gets better separation, catches better, is more efficient, and has a better connection with Baker. Landry blocks better and throws a better deep ball. So he has that going for him, which is nice.
  7. So disappointed

    I think we should just take the man's advice here.
  8. Has. He married her, and you're damn right she's solid.
  9. So disappointed

    I came for the Rex Ryan jokes. I am disappoint
  10. My interpretation of "problem" is "obstacle to winning the AFC Championship".
  11. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    Yeah, but it's not too early to call it the worst pick of Dorsey's tenure. Imagine if you will, an alternate universe where he takes Harold Landry and BJ Hill instead of Austin Corbett and Chad Thomas. John Dorsey you could have made that dream a reality.
  12. Duke traded to Houston

    Hey, guys. Take it to another thread.