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  1. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    Agreed. 16-0 or GTFO
  2. New uniforms in 2020

    Still think the number should be white, but it's a good alternate look.
  3. New uniforms in 2020

    Single thin white stripe, white numbers. Yes, please.
  4. New uniforms in 2020

    If those are a concept drawing, it's the best that I've seen. It's pretty much what they should have done the last time.

    I gave up after Jimmy gave his speech committing to a future with Hue Jackson minutes after the end of the 0-16 season. Baker brought me back home from my 5 month fling on the west coast. I should have known this whole thing was Sashi's plan. I'll never doubt him again.
  6. Preach. Having a child is the complete opposite of narcissism. All my goals in life went from being about me to being about her. Deciding that you are so important that you should be the end of your parental lineage seems like the pinnacle of narcissism to me. And in the case of some women, the changes to their body are a notable factor in the decision, which is textbook narcissism. The idea that having children as being a self-serving act can only be proffered by a child, in my opinion.
  7. Brownie Man’s First Post OBJ Full Mock Draft

    Talent is useless in street clothes. What's unreasonable is to expect a 300 pound lineman coming into the league with a bad knee to be an impact player for you at some point in the future. Fatties tend to have a more difficult road back from an ACL tear, and rarely do they ever perform at the same level again. The whole idea of drafting a guy and giving him a medical redshirt in year one is so overwhelmingly unsuccessful, that you have to wonder why people keep trying. Same reason people play Powerball, I guess.
  8. Brownie Man’s First Post OBJ Full Mock Draft

    Either would be enough for me. Both is overkill.
  9. Brownie Man’s First Post OBJ Full Mock Draft

    I agree, but I would take it a step further to say that Simmons is damaged goods and should be off the draft board completely. Maybe 6th round you can take a risk (like Brantley), but not with the first pick we have. Or the second. Or the third. Or....
  10. Legacy of Sashi Brown

    His legacy will always be based on two actions that prevented the team from getting a QB. 1. The Wentz trade, which is still bearing fruit. 2. The McCarron trade, which is the greatest thing any GM has ever done for the Browns... ...outside of drafting Baker Mayfield 1st overall, but the work he did to gain assets to fix the team is legendary. I mean, he got a 4th rounder for a punter that got cut before the pick was made. Ate a contract to get a 2nd rounder. He just did so many weird and noteworthy things that did so much to turn this team into what it is today.
  11. Around the NFL and General discussion

    🗑 Fish Tank
  12. Very grown up of you. Just might work.
  13. I literally spent an entire day getting mine right. My wife wanted a wider tub than what was taken out, so there was a lot of plumbing that had to be done to line everything up right. I feel his pain.