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  1. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    Franchise tag for a DT in 2018 will be $14.159M, which is far more than he would get on the open market. He might be a better candidate for the Transition tag, which lets other teams make an offer that would give the tagging team a chance to match or let him go. It's risky, but not as damaging as Franchising him. On one hand you are not overpaying, because you are signing him to exactly the deal that the market would bear. On the other hand, you may find that the market bears more than you can afford and he moves on. To me, it just makes the most sense if you can't work out a deal to keep him before tags are applied. My other take is that Austin Pazstor would not be the worst signing. He is a serviceable vet who won't break the bank. Moving Ifedi inside and signing Pazstor could improve both spots over last year. I still have hope at RT for Ifedi, because the learning curve at OT is steep, but if he could be better short term at OG, by all means move him there.
  2. Seahawks announce changes in coaching staff

    When your best player on defense is happy about it, how can you not join him?
  3. OC Brian Schottenheimer

    From what I've been reading, this is just a move to bring the offense back to what Pete said he wanted to do the day he was hired: to be a dominant run team. Brian's most effective units were able to run on teams at will, even though defenses knew what was coming. I'm certain that's why Pete brought him in, and thought so highly of him as to hire him before the end of the playoffs. FieldGulls has a very comprehensive longform piece on his career, if you are into that sort of thing. This move makes a little more sense through the view that ProFootballTalk published recently, which is that the offense would be incorporating more college elements to suit the QB. The article speculated that was the reason for the (unrequited) interest in John DeFilipo, but Brian has actual college coordinating experience as recently as 2 years ago. What it boils down to is that this offense is going to be exactly what Pete Carroll wants it to be. History shows that generally means success.
  4. http://www.seahawks.com/news/2018/01/16/seahawks-announce-changes-coaching-staff All rumored moves have been made official. Previously unreported is the firing of LB coach/assistant head coach - defense, Michael Barrow.
  5. Cousins would seriously consider Browns

    What the other major sports did to Marge Schott and Donald Sterling are your only hope. We'll see if the NFL has a backbone or not this year.
  6. Cousins would seriously consider Browns

    So as not to completely derail the topic with my soapboxing, there is 0% chance Cousins plays in Cleveland next year, and 100% chance this statement was a leverage move. Sorry if that's already been stated.
  7. Cousins would seriously consider Browns

    I'm just back to let my fellow sheep know that there are greener pastures out there, and the gate is wide open if you wish to walk through it.
  8. Cousins would seriously consider Browns

    You may be interminably misguided, bruce, but at least you're principled.
  9. Cousins would seriously consider Browns

    I will judge you for your inability to take a stand, as I judge myself for not taking one sooner. Guilt by association is a real thing. "Real fans stick by their team" is something that I've been told. I reply that fan is short for fanatc, and as such, anyone who would overlook his heinous , distasteful behavior, and financially and emotionally support a product owned by such a person, has eschewed all logic. I'm a hoot at parties.
  10. Cousins would seriously consider Browns

    I was thinking of putting one together for the rest of you still supporting the team owned by the guy who headed up Operations Manuel and hired a CEO who sang the song "Greasy N-word" in board meetings. I worry about your mental health, kids.
  11. Cousins would seriously consider Browns

    Damn, y'all are harsh.
  12. Tom Cable Out?

    I also include Britt's extension and the Joeckel contract as part of that investment. Trading for Brown was a shrewd move, given how difficult it is to hit on quality offensive linemen in the draft recently. No doubt he will be extended at some point, but the record after that trade vs before shows you that although the talent level was improving on the line, the production and the record was not impacted. That falls on coaching. That record is also indicative of the injuries, but it's odd that in the area that the talent actually improved mid season, the play got worse.
  13. Tom Cable Out?

    ."Given permission" is a nice way of putting it. With the investment made into the offensive line financially and with draft capital over the past two seasons, the decline in production is inexcusable.
  14. 12th Man Rise Up - Introduce Yourself!!!

    Thank you. I have had a soft spot for the Seahawks ever since a phantom holding call took away a Super Bowl trophy that was rightfully theirs and gave it to the Steelers. As for my former team, I've been saying that since '99, and believing it. Won't happen the way things are set up there organizationally. Plus, whoever they are getting at QB will be ruined by Hue Jackson. From the top down, the entire franchise is set up for failure, and compounds that failure with one stupid decision after another. No draft class will save it. I wish those players success, but like many others before them, they will have to seek it elsewhere. Would be nice for me if one of them landed on the Seahawks roster.