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  1. This literally happens all the time. It’s basically why every hold out happens. Super common.
  2. The Christmas game against the Browns SUCKS.
  3. All you guys saying “team first” and Gutey over Rodgers, are you okay with being a perennial non playoff team? Because that’s a real possibility if we don’t fix this and we lose Rodgers. It doesn’t matter how much talent we have on the roster if we don’t field a good QB. And I for one would rather watch a good product than a bad product. Look at Cleveland post James or Chicago post Jordan or Van Halen post Roth or even New England post Brady. I don’t give a damn about Gute, football is entertainment to me, so make them two grown *** men fix the situation and keep the band together.
  4. Personally I think it’s all bull****. Things will be back to normal by season. Y’all are sheep to the media. Clickbait. Fake news.
  5. He is not and will not be traded. It’s all a **** and bull story.
  6. I mean...yeah. You have no choice. Pout like a ***** or do your job. It’s simple really.
  7. Yeah I mean that’s just not going to happen no matter HOW unhappy he may be. It’s impossible and he’s simply making going to have to deal with it.
  8. There has to be extensions coming for Z, Adam’s and Rodgers. There’s no other way we’re doing deals. CB, MLB or WR would really make me happy. I’m never mad at Oline depth either.
  9. I hate every single one of you. If we didn’t sign Jones and he balled out next year and our offense was middle of the pack again you would all complain complain complain. This almost assures we bring back a top 3 offense next year, I’m ******* FINE with that. Evertime he scores next year I get to cheer and you guys don’t.
  10. Well, the obvious answers would be Chase Claypool, but I don’t see anyone that honestly would have stopped what happened in the NFC Championship game. A missed defensive play call and an Aaron Jones fumble were the difference.
  11. I mean. We’ve actually down this multiple times with success. White. Woodson. Peppers. 2 of them helped us win Super Bowls, the other, well, 2016 happened...
  12. I was down on Jones all year. Thought for SURE we would pay Linsley and maybe King. After the game i knows it’s almost a sin to suggest it but I’m on board with letting them all walk sans Jones. I know that sounds crazy but AJ is a huge part of why our offense was off the charts this year. If we want to repeat our success and lead the league again I can’t help but think he needs to be back with a reworked Rodgers contract. We drafted a C. Our line is DEEP as hell. We will be getting Lane Taylor back and Bahk next year plus the emergence of Turner and Jenkins, also Runyon was drafted. I do
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