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  1. Everytime I see standings it shows the Saints as the #1 since they have a better conference record. Not sure why but ESPN and Fox have it that way.
  2. Does anyone know if that’s the record for most 75 yard TD passes in a career? Nobody ever answers me about this but I thought I read a few years ago Rodgers was tied for the record and that should be it. I need a stat head!!! Don’t ignore it!!!
  3. So Bucs and Seahawks losing was huge for us, even though ESPN has the Saints ahead of us in the standings with the same record?
  4. Joke or not the refs are out to get us today. He never looked at the ball and just hooked him and the ball hit HIM in the back after. How’s that not PI?
  5. Like what’s the argument that it’s not?
  6. I mean that was 100% pass interference right?
  7. I mean what the ******* **** is going on.
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