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  1. I was down on Jones all year. Thought for SURE we would pay Linsley and maybe King. After the game i knows it’s almost a sin to suggest it but I’m on board with letting them all walk sans Jones. I know that sounds crazy but AJ is a huge part of why our offense was off the charts this year. If we want to repeat our success and lead the league again I can’t help but think he needs to be back with a reworked Rodgers contract. We drafted a C. Our line is DEEP as hell. We will be getting Lane Taylor back and Bahk next year plus the emergence of Turner and Jenkins, also Runyon was drafted. I do
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/25/source-aaron-rodgers-wants-a-new-contract/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/bengals/.amp/news/aaron-rodgers-wants-new-contract-packers https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thescore.com/nfl/news/2099999/amp I think this should put everyone at ease. He wants to rework his deal, he knows they need cap space. His hit is $37 million next year and the cap is dropping. This is good for all invoked. Make him happy. Free up money for the team. Win/Win.
  3. So Favre losing to the Atlanta Falcons wasn’t a stunt belt team?
  4. Rodgers on the Pat Mccafee show...wow. So cool to watch.
  5. Anybody watching this thinking we would have 40+ already? These teams appear to not be good right now...
  6. Im soooooo nervous, kinda felt like we were playing with house money last year. Then two years in a row without playoffs before that...this right here is for real. We may truly be the favorites in the NFC. Let’s take care of business.
  7. There is nothing more attractive than acting like you’ve been there...ya know? Not with these guys. A lot of them have even said it was better than Cavs over Warriors. One damn wildcard game...lol
  8. It’s been 19 years since the playoffs and 26 since a victory. The Steelers are their biggest rivals. It’s was one giant *** meme fest and semi ridiculous amounts of **** talking. You would think they won something important. It was just a wildcard game.
  9. I don’t see them lighting up the scoreboard, so even if their defense plays well we can still win this game pretty easily I believe. Go Pack Go!!!
  10. This is the way. Living in Cleveland land, this weekend has been quite annoying especially since Ohio State plays for the marbles tonight, but I’m happy for em. Beating the Chiefs would really be something.
  11. What this shows me is simple, we are all in. It. Is. Time.
  12. I’m selfish, I work Saturday but off Sunday/Monday
  13. I’ve been searching every Avenue to see WHEN we possibly play. Sunday late would be ideal.
  14. So looking back at the past, it APPEARS we will play Sunday afternoon on Fox (the 17th), depending on west cost team or not (I think). That is the ideal time slot and CBS has that spot for Wildcard Weekend, meaning Fox will get it for Divisional Weekend, and I’m assuming Rodgers/Brady will be there barring any upsets.
  15. Chatham. If you know where that is, lol. But I work for Elyria.
  16. Just doing a job. Me and my fiancé (ICU nurse) have both had the COVID already and are back to work. Wasn’t a big deal to us but we see how severe it is on the daily, strange, strange virus.
  17. Can’t get blackout if I gotta go back to work...
  18. Eh. If I was in a plushy suburb yes, I work in a big run down city. Amazing job, unbelievable action and experience, but the pay isn’t top tier.
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