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  1. The Rental was garbage, don't waste your time. Dave Franco's directing of the movie was the best thing about it. 0/10 The November Man was solid. Pierce Brosnan was good in it and it has some good action in it. 7/10
  2. Remember the 90s when if you didn't watch the Bears we won. Seems like that's how it's been the last couple years. Does Nagy even want to be here? The so called QB whisperer ruined Trubisky, Foles sucked last year, Fields is a rookie and he's struggling. We'll have to see how he develops over the next couple years. While I've heard rumors that Pace is safe, I'm not sure if I want him around either. For five straight years he's traded up in the draft and given up a future pick as part of the deal. You build teams mainly though the draft. How can you build a quality team through the
  3. I wanted to turn this game off, but I stuck through with it. The offense was crap except for Herbert. Our defense was crap except for a few plays here and there. They did play better in the second half. While I didn't expect us to win the game, I did expect it to be good, especially with our defense playing as good as it has been. It doesn't get any easier either. SF, Monday night game at Pittsburgh and Baltimore after our bye week. I bet we gave the Giants a top 10 pick
  4. 8:20 PM Denver Broncos Cleveland Browns Sun Oct 24 1:00 PM Atlanta Falcons Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM Carolina Panthers New York Giants 1:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM Kansas City Chiefs Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM New York Jets New England Patriots 1:00 PM Washington
  5. I watched The Birds for the first time, it was very good. I rewatched the Scream movies, I liked them all. Even 3 is good, although that one is the weakest Those Who Wish Me Dead was better than I expected.
  6. God, I HATE losing to the packers. Our offense looked sharp at times and lost at others. Same with our D. The reffing was iffy as well. The non offsides call that lead to an INT which in turn led to a GB TD. Also when Fields called timeout when we were penalized for delay of game. I understand that refs will miss calls and make bad calls, but those were obvious. I'm sure Fields will be good. He's looked great her and there, but not for a full game(yet) Herbert was awesome today, hopefully he can build on his big day. Next week TB12 in Tampa, maybe we can get him on 4th down again.
  7. Bonus: Highest Scoring Team : Denver Bonus: Does Myles Garrett get a sack No Bonus: Does Trevon Diggs get an interception Yes
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Philadelphia Eagles Miami Dolphins Jacksonville Jaguars ¹ Cincinnati Bengals Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs Washington Football Team Los Angeles Chargers Baltimore Ravens
  9. Lazor should call plays, we score 24+ when he does. Fields looked good last week, I'd go with him.
  10. Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks 9:30 AM New York Jets Atlanta Falcons ¹ 1:00 PM Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 PM Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM Green Bay Packers Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM Miami Dolphins Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 PM New England Patriots Housto
  11. I watched Parasite last night. I liked it, the first half was funny. Didn't care for the ending though. I get what they were going for, but I wasn't a fan of it. Overall I liked it and might watch it again. 8/10
  12. I believe it was released the same weekend as this movie no one heard of: Jurassic Park. Part of the reason why it bombed. I haven't seen it in along time but I remember enjoying it as a teenager.
  13. Seems like Lazor was calling plays. Our offense was solid today. Fields was good, I wish Mooney would have scored a TD. Our D was good, we seemed to play soft in the 2nd half with our lead. Detroit is known for shooting themselves in the foot with a couple dumb plays. Raiders in Vegas next week will be tough. Hopefully we can build on this win. Who cares if we beat the lions, a win is a win.
  14. Thu Sep 30 8:20 PM Jacksonville Jaguars Cincinnati Bengals Sun Oct 3 1:00 PM Carolina Panthers Dallas Cowboys 1:00 PM Cleveland Browns Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM Detroit Lions Chicago Bears
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