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  1. Did Nagy really want to coach Trubisky? Quite often it didn't seem like did. How many times did Trubisky throw 30+ times? A lot, and he's not that type of QB. Pace should have gotten some flack for trading up one spot for Trubisky when SF was going to draft Solomon Thomas anyway. WE gave up picks 67 and 111 to SF, along with a 2018 3rd rounder. SF traded both 2017 picks, guess who was picked at 67 that year? Alvin Kamara. If we stayed at 3, took Trubisky(or Watson or Mahomes) and with our original 3rd rounder we could have had Kamara. It was rumored we wanted Dalvin Cook that yea
  2. As others have said, Leno far exceeded expectations for a 7th rounder. He was good, certainly not great. He has declined the last two years after a great 2018. He'll be a good player for a team.
  3. Slot receiver. And I do agree, he could push Wims off the roster
  4. Good pick, as others have said, could be used as a kick returner. A potential change of pace back
  5. Good pick, gives us another guy to protect Fields. Pace usually does well in the 5th.
  6. I love the pick, but with trading up twice and giving away picks like they're candy, Pace seems to think if he's not 20-0 this year, he's gone. He's had a solid draft, but but let's get a few more players. IMO, WR, DB and D-lineman.
  7. I'm not a fan of trading up, and IMO we gave up too much. A couple years ago, Pittsburgh traded from 20 to 10 with Denver and only gave up next years first. We likely could have offered that and still made the move. It's great to get a quality QB, so we'll have to see if Fields is. Hopefully we can trade back at 52 and/or 83 and try to get an extra pick or two. If we win the division for the next decade, beat GB, win playoff games, even a Super Bowl, it's worth it. Otherwise, we'll be mediocre at best the next few years.
  8. One thing I've heard about trading back is the number of spots you go back you should have that many players you'd draft. If Carolina moves 12 spots back, they'd need 12 or more players they'd draft in round 1, which likely they would. If Fields is a stud(as lots of people seem to think) then it's worth it, despite me be against moving up. If we make that trade and he's a bust, that sets our franchise back a few years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with Pace and Nagy, if we miss the playoffs this year, they're both fired.
  9. I will agree, but I've seen and heard mocks with us taking CB Horn and Farly, DE Rousseau, even one with us drafting the LB from Notre Dame who fell to us at 20. OT, WR, and maybe QB in round 1. I'm not against us drafting a QB in round 1, I'm against us mortgaging the future for one.
  10. I saw an article on facebook(so take this how you want) that the Bears haven't had many discussions with other teams about trading up. The Bears using a 2nd round pick on a QB Bears staying at 20 and drafting a D-lineman or LB Kellen Mond saying he's had 'Lots of interactions with the Bears' Car and Den drafting a QB in round 1 after trading for QBs this off season SF either Lance or Jones. True or are they going for Fields? Does Fields slide? If so, how far? Could he make it to 20, or past? ATL trading Julio Jones? Players that opted out last year c
  11. Drafting any(well most) QBs at any point is a long shot. While I wouldn't be surprised if Pace made a trade for one of the top QBs, I personally wouldn't do it. Dalton is starting game 1, we need to surround him with guys to help him win. LT, RT, WR are big needs that we can get at 20, 52 and 83(unless we trade) Does Fields, Jones, or Lance get us to 10+ win this year if they start game 1? Maybe, but then again maybe Dalton does as well. And for Dalton not to play, either, he has to suck so bad we want Foles in, or if god forbid, he gets injured (which we don't want) If it were up
  12. 3 of the last 11 OTs we drafted were in round 1. All the others were on day 3. Maybe I'm old school, but you offense is only as good as it's line. I'm hoping to hell our first pick is an OT at pick 20, unless we trade back. I'm hoping we use another pick on another OT, especially if Pace wants to win now.
  13. IMO trading up for a QB is an act of desperation by Pace. He's giving up future picks for a guy who may not pan out. We traded for Cutler, Trubisy and Mack. How did those work out? Cutler was 51-51, Trubisky was 29-22(I do think Nagy was partially why he failed) Making trades, giving up future picks hasn't really worked in our favor. Our first pick or two should be to help Dalton. Draft a QB in the 3rd, maybe 2nd to be the guy for next year. What good does drafting a QB in round 1 do for us if he isn't even going to start? Not to mention, likely 2 of the 5 top QBs will be a bust(not s
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if he was as well. Pace thinks we;re in win now mode. I think our offense is in rebuild mode. Dalton is serviceable for this year. Moving up for anyone would really tick me off with all our needs. We're not a couple pieces away, we're several. If we keep our eight picks, we can get a couple quality starters(hopefully more) and some good depth. Pace thinks eight picks is way too much and would likely trade up, even giving up future picks like he's done for 4 straight years. I hope Pace keeps his cool and draft the best offensive player at 20(unless we trade back)
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