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  1. Notable Stats and Observations

    The Bears 2 interceptions against Baltimore was the first time the Bears had 2 int returns of 50+ yards. Also, the 142 INT return yards were more than what the Bears has in INT return yards in all of 2016(73) , 2015(103) and 2014(141) In 9 years under Lovie Smith, the Bears trailed by 26 or more points at halftime 8 times. Since Lovie was fired, the Bears have been down that many points at the half 9 times.
  2. Bears Pick 'Em Week 7

    Sunday, OCT. 22, 2017 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills 1:00pm Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears 1:00pm Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns 1:00pm New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers 1:00pm Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts 1:00pm Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams 1:00pm New York Jets at Miami Dolphins 1:00pm Baltimore Ravens at Minnesota Vikings 1:00pm Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00pm Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers 4:05pm Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers 4:25pm Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants 4:25pm Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots * 8:30pm Monday, OCT. 23, 2017 Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles 8:30pm
  3. Relationship Advice Thread

    Don't worry, I haven't made any effort to contact her. She's means less than nothing.
  4. Notable Stats and Observations

    In overtime the Bears are averaging 13.3 yards per rush. The rest of the league 2.8 YPR Bears punter Pat O'Donnell and RB Tarik Cohen both have perfect passer ratings.
  5. Week 6 GDT: Bears @ Ravens

    Run game and defense were awesome. Special teams kept Baltimore in the game. We keep scoring on trick plays, thats gonna catch up to us if we keep it up. We gotta let our offense make plays. Our D played very good, and if they keep it up we'll be in games. With a couple offensive weapons for Mitch and better STs, we can be a contender.
  6. Relationship Advice Thread

    We were chatting and she said the same 'You're not interested in me' crap again, so bye. I'm temped to send her a message that says 'if I wasn't interested in you why would I waste out time getting to know you?' something along those lines. Not sure if I should though. but as of now, moving on.
  7. Relationship Advice Thread

    A few minutes after that she messages me with 'What do you want from me?' I said I was hoping to make friends possibly a girlfriend. She said she was sorry, I forgave her and we chatted a little more until I went to bed. She also wanted me to take her out on a date after chatting for 20 minutes or so, is that normal these days? I don't know if shes on the rebound, or what. Or does she think all guys are like her ex(abusive, left when she told him she was pregnant) I guess my best play here is to just proceed with caution. But if she pulls crap like that again, bye.
  8. Relationship Advice Thread

    I was chatting with a girl on OkCupid. Just 'getting to know you stuff' She said she was 23 and a single mom. We were chatting for a bit and I mentioned I work tomorrow but I could stay on for a bit longer. A couple minutes after that she says that she thinks I'm not interested in her and no longer wants to chat. I said I am interested and was asking questions about her. The last of it goes like this: Her: Yeah I see what you're doing Me: What do you mean? Her: nothing bye WTF? Was I not asking the right questions or something? Or is she immature?
  9. Notable Stats and Observations

    The Bears first pass play of 30+ yards was on a fake punt. Bears rookie TE Adam Shaheen has one catch all year. His only catch was a TD and it was the only game the Bears won Monday nights game The Vikings won the coin toss. The Bears won 15 straight coin tosses before that, including overtime.
  10. Week 5 GDT: Bears vs. Vikings

    Trubisky looked good. We all know there will be growing pains with him, but in time it looks like we got a solid QB. Now we gotta surround him with weapons. Hicks was good, Floyd was good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't he now have 3 safeties since last year(GB, SF now Minny) Cohen needs to stop dancing and just run. Why the hell don't we get Shaheen more involved in the passing game? Stupid penalties hurt us the most, but some plays were questionable and we have no one at MLB. Next week we're at Baltimore. We get destroyed on the road, hopefully Trubisky will keep us in it.
  11. Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

    Saw it tonight, it was fun at times. About as good as the first, this one is long at 2 hours 21 minutes. Seemed like some parts could have been cut out If you liked the first, you'll probably like this one 7/10
  12. IT - Stephen King Remake

    Just got back from it, it was great. A couple good scares, lots of laughs. It was scary, tense, and funny. A must see 9/10
  13. D82's 2018 7 Round Mock Draft v.3.0. **UPDATE**

    6. Chicago Bears: Derwin James S, Florida State 37. Chicago Bears: Andrew Brown DE, Virginia 107. Chicago Bears: Darius Leonard EDGE, South Carolina State 128. Chicago Bears (via ARI): Andre Chachere CB, San Jose State 143. Chicago Bears: Allen Lazard WR, Iowa State 183. Chicago Bears: Cody O’Connell OT, Washington State 229. Chicago Bears: DeAndre Goolsby TE, Florida I'll give you props for doing a 7 round mock, but this one for the Bears isn't good. WR is our biggest need, and you're having us get one in the 5th. As of now, I wouldn't be surprised if we draft 2 WRs next year. Our first four picks on defense? Our D isnt that bad. Sure we could use help on D, but our draft won't be defensive heavy either. IMO, WR in round 1 or 2, and another one later. Pass rusher with other 1st/2nd round pick, maybe another one later.
  14. Quarter Through Mock

    Bears pick 6th overall no trades 1 WR Equanimeous St. Brown-We need a deep threat badly 2 OLB Clelin Ferrel-We're thin at LB as well and another pass rusher 4 C Bradley Bozeman-Grasu can't stay healthy, and this allows Whitehair to play guard. 4 WR Brandon Powell-Double down on WRs 5 DE Jerry Tillery-Can't have too many pass rushers 6 QB Kyle Allen-We need a back up QB 7 Safety Drue Tranquill-We'll need help here as well
  15. Week 4 GDT: Bears @ Packers

    I took the night off for this? What a horrible performance. We play tough at home but get killed on the road. Trevethan was an idiot for hitting Adams like that. I hate Green Bay, but that hit was way out of line. No excuse for that. Glennon looks good on one play and horrible the next. He'll be a journeyman hopefully after this year(if not sooner) Does Trubisky start against Minnesota? I think we'd all like that. He can't be worse than Glennon.