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  1. How to deal with a scammer

    The third option sounds like it could be fun. I'm not giving her anything. So I might take the 'buzz off and ignore her' option. I'd take option 3 if I could actually see her getting her hopes up trying to get the gift card. That would be good to see. Thanks for the help.

    I'm Mike 39 Bears fan since I was born, saw them win super Bowl 20, I was 8 I believe when that happened. I work in production/manufacturing.
  3. What do Bears fans think of Mitchell?

    I hope he's our answer at QB, god knows we need it. Hopefully he makes us contenders for the next decade.
  4. I put my pic on Facebook dating a month or so ago. I got a catfish or two, a couple fakes. And a girl who I know is trying to scam me. At first we text each other and it was getting to know you stuff. Then she claims she needs an iPhones gift card to update her apps on her phone and to give her phone more data. This girl keeps insisting that I get her this gift card. She says her parents and sister live out of the country. Her brother is a contractor and has jobs all over the country. She says she can't turn to her friends or co-workers. I know she's pulling a fast one on me. The other night, she sent me a text from a different number and didn't say who she was at first. That's creepy. Do I ignore her? Tell her to leave me alone? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance
  5. Adopt a Bear sign-up

    I'm in
  6. Bold Predictions Thread

    Tarik Cohen gets 3 TDs on KR/PR Eddie Jackson gets a pick 6 Leonard Floyd 10+ sacks, 15+ tackles for loss Adam Shaheen 800 yards, 8 TDs