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  1. I watched Goodfellas on Netflix tonight, one of the all time best films ever made. Despite seeing it for the 4th time, the 2 1/2 hours flew by. 10/10 doesn't do it justice. infinity/10
  2. My gut tells me we're trading up to the top 5 for either Wilson or Fields. If we do this, we're mortgaging the future for one guy. We already traded away picks for Trubisky(which we didn't even need to, those picks could have been used for O-linemen, weapons, defensive players. We traded a few picks for Mack. In 2018 it seemed like a good trade, but now it does seem like we gave up too much. Pace track record of giving away several picks is iffy. We're also not a QB away from being contenders. If we lose Robinson, WR becomes a big need, in addition to LT, RT, D-line and DBs Person
  3. This right here guys. If we trade up for Fields, Lance, even Wilson, atleast one of those guys will bust, we all know it. The QB situation is the most in need of fixing, not our only position in need. We all know we need a new LT, possibly RT, along with DL depth(Goldman coming back would be huge) If we trade the farm and then some for a QB, he better be a top 5 QB for the next decade, or we're right back here again. Pace operates like he needs to win this second, constantly trading picks and future picks(he's done that 4 straight years) We have 6 picks I believe(correct me if I'm wrong)
  4. NFL Playoffs: Wildcard Round: AFC: (7) Indianapolis Colts at (2) Buffalo Bills (6) Cleveland Browns at (3) Pittsburgh Steelers (5) Baltimore Ravens at (4) Tennessee Titans Bye: (1) Kansas City Chiefs NFC: (7) Chicago Bears at (2) New Orleans Saints (6) Los Angeles Rams at (3) Seattle Seahawks (5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at (4) Washington Football Team Bye: (1) Green Bay Packers Cleveland @ Kansas City Tenneessee @ Buffalo Tampa Bay @ Green Bay Seattle @ New Orleans Tenneessee @ Kansas City Tampa Bay @ New Orlea
  5. The Walter Payton game. 6 days after Sweetness passed we had to play in Green Bay. Up 14-13 with seconds left, GB tried a chip shot field goal to win. DL Bryon Robinson said that Payton lifted him up to block the FG, giving Da Bears Da win.
  6. Last time we played the Saints, Foles was our QB and we lost in OT. Trubisky is better than Foles(that's not saying much) Kamara and Thomas are likely back, so that really helps the Saints. I don't expect to win, but if by chance we do, I'll be happy and surprised.
  7. Offense: Jimbo Covert our O-line needs improvement(I'll be honest, I don't remember which position he played, I was 8 when we won the Super Bowl) Honorable mentions-Sweetness, Gault, Defense: Mike Singletary with him and Mack, our pass rush improves. Honorable mentions Dent, Danimal, Peppers, Tommie Harris, Tillman, Urlacher
  8. I saw 3 different sites about our opponents, and none of them showed the 17th game. So who knows who our 17th opponent would be against.
  9. Home: GB, Minn, Det, AZ, SF, NYG, Bal, Cin Away: GB, Minn, Det, LAR, Sea, TB, Pitt, Cle 2nd place schedule, I can see anywhere between 5-12 wins
  10. Anyone here play cribbage? I usually play a game with my mom when I go see my parents.
  11. Finally saw Endgame. I would have liked it more if I didn't know a certain character would die before hand. Still a solid movie
  12. If the packers make it, as long as they get crushed it'll be great. Otherwise, Either Buffalo or Tennessee winning would be cool to see.
  13. Well, we're in. Not the way we wanted to get in, but we're in. Anythings possible. Last time we played the Saints, we lost in OT with Foles as QB. Hopefully we can get a win, but the Saints D has been good, and Trubisky struggles against good defenses. We'll see how things play out.
  14. What if we beat the packers and make the playoffs? How far do we go? One and done? Win one game? Super Bowl champions(it's happened before)
  15. I watched Platoon last night, makes me glad I wasn't in the army. Also makes me appreciate the men and women who are on the front lines. Directer Oliver Stone actually was in the Vietnam war and this film is based on his experiences. And the fact that 'We were at war with each other' is scarier. Great film, very little rewatchability
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