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  1. Bears Hire Matt Nagy

    We'll have to wait and see if he's a good coach or not. I saw that KC was top 10. even 5 in a few areas. Passing yards, rushing yards, points scored and QB passer rating I think were the ones. Correct me if I'm wrong on those. I just hope that we don't have another Trestman on our hands.
  2. Bears fire HC John Fox

    Good, he was bad. Team wasnt disciplined(lots of penalties) According to Rapoport, we're going to look for an offensive minded coach.
  3. Bears 2018 Opponents

    Looks tough, but theres only 4 playoff teams. anything is possible. We're going to get a new head coach(likely offensive minded) The Rams went from being bad to being in the playoffs with a new head coach. Teams go from worst to first all the time.
  4. Bears @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    We finally got a complete game, that was nice. We had a bunch of stupid penalties again. Where was Inamn? I saw him a couple times on the field, but thats it. I dont think a pass was thrown his way. The D looked great. Why couldnt we play like this all year? Detroit is beatable, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  5. Week 12 GDT: 49ers (1-10) vs Bears (3-8)

    We can beat the Steelers, the Ravens and the Panthers, but lose to the 49ers? I wouldn't be surprised if we lose to Cleveland. Fox and Loggans should be fired now! Absolutely pathetic outing today. My parents cat could be a better OC. Kyle Fuller was one of our best players today. Nice strip for the INT. Nice to see Inman get his first TD. Correct me if I'm wrong, but after his TD, he wasnt targeted again. He's our best WR, throw him the damn ball! And get Shaheen more involved as well. Maybe the new coaches we'll have next year actually know how to move an offense, score points and know a few things on defense. I doubt Fangio is be back next year.
  6. Quick Thanksgiving weekend mock

    Not bad, but why draft a RB? Jordan and Cohen are a good duo. Also, I think its a given we're drafting a WR at some point.
  7. Bears Sign K Cairos Santos

    Yesterday was the 2nd or 3rd time Barth missed a game tying or game winning FG for us. That miss was god awful.
  8. Halfway Through Mock

    No, but with Miller's injury, I'm betting on he retires. Sims and Daniel Brown, will they be on the team next year? I also saw a rumor on Facebook(if you want to believe this or not) we were going to draft RB Dalvin Cook in round 2 before Minny took him. For Mitch to succeed, he needs players around him. This upcoming off season and draft should focus on making Mitch take the next step to being a stud. and he needs weapons badly.
  9. Halfway Through Mock

    1 OLB Arden Key He and Floyd will wreck havoc for opponents 2 TE Mark Andrews We need to get Mitch help and we lack weapons for him 4 G/C Ross Pierschbacher The draft should be focused on Mitch taking the next step. 4 WR David Sills Another weapon for Mitch and addresses a big need. 5 QB Jake Browning We need a back up QB 6 K Daniel Carlson Barth isn't good, we draft his replacement
  10. Aggressive 2nd Quarter Mock

    I like it
  11. Bye Week Mock Draft

    This off season and draft is about Mitch and trying to help him as much as possible. Also, trying to make our defense better. I like this
  12. So, uh, the Bears Trade for Dontrelle Inman

    Thats my line, I say that at work all the time. The trade, its a low risk high reward deal. Awesome if it works, if not, 7th round picks don't really make an impact, so we don't lose much.
  13. Bears Pick 'Em 2017 - Week 8

    Thursday, OCT. 26, 2017 Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens 8:25pm Sunday, OCT. 29, 2017 Minnesota Vikings at Cleveland Browns (L) 9:30a Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills 1:00pm Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00pm Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots 1:00pm Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints 1:00pm Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets 1:00pm San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles 1:00pm Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00pm Houston Texans at Seattle Seahawks 4:05pm Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins 4:25pm Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions * 8:30pm Monday, OCT. 30, 2017 Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs 8:30pm
  14. Week 7 GDT: Panthers @ Bears

    I only watched the first half. The game is still on my DVR and I'm debating whether to watch the rest of it or not, since no one scores in the second half. Our D was awesome. Eddie Jackson, the first guy to have to defensive TDs of 75+yards in a game. My only issue was kicking the FG. We should have went for it, we likely score a TD and if we dont, Carolina starts on the 1 yard line, ad with our D playing the way it did, theres a good chance we would have gotten a safety. Offense did enough, it was like watching Lovie coach. Saints are next, that'll be a good game.
  15. Notable Stats and Observations

    The Bears 2 interceptions against Baltimore was the first time the Bears had 2 int returns of 50+ yards. Also, the 142 INT return yards were more than what the Bears has in INT return yards in all of 2016(73) , 2015(103) and 2014(141) In 9 years under Lovie Smith, the Bears trailed by 26 or more points at halftime 8 times. Since Lovie was fired, the Bears have been down that many points at the half 9 times.