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  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Took my niece to see it this past weekend. It was good, but not great. Basically, if you've seen one Jurassic Park/World movie, you've seen them all. She liked it more than me.
  2. Deadpool 2

    Took my niece to see it last night, we both liked it. I think she liked it more than me. First one is better, but this one is solid as well. Wasn't the twist kinda predictable though? I give it 7/10, I'd see it again.
  3. Overall Draft Grade

    Roquan Smith-A Obvious need and pick. I'm glad we didnt give up anything for him. James Daniels-A+ We needed a center, we got a great one. Interior if out o-line is solidified. Anthony Miller-B Could be an A if he proves he's worth next years 2nd. Joel Iyiegbuniwe-B We needed LB help, not many people heard of him. Bilal Nichols-A Awesome for depth and a rotational pass rusher. Could be a steal Kylie Fitts-A- From what I've seen and heard, when this guy is healthy, he's a beast.Because of injuries, he fell. Javon Wims-B I see another Marquis Wilson with this pick. He might have a good game or two, but thats it. Overall A- We got Mitch some help in round 2 and improved our front 7. Great draft. Early needs for next year: RT, Safety, Back up QB
  4. Bears Pick Bilal Nichols in the 5th Round

    Solid pick, could be a steal.
  5. Bears Pick Joel Iyiegbuniwe in the 5th

    Not sure what to think about this pick. LB was/is still a need. For some reason, I'm thinking Hillenmeyer with this guy, as in HH is his ceiling. Who knows, he could be a quality player.
  6. Day 3 Mock

    I'd rather see a safety over a CB. All three of our CBs got new deals this off season: Fuller 4 yrs, Prince 3 yrs, Callahan a one year tender. Our safety depth Deon Bush, DHC are likely fighting for their jobs. Bring in some competition for them. I do like adding to the front 7 with our 4th and 5th rounders. We need to get after Rodgers, Stafford and Cousins.
  7. Bears Trade Back Into 2nd for Anthony Miller

    I like the pick, Trubisky needs more weapons. He could be a quality starter for us in a couple years. I hate giving up next years 2nd for him though. If Miller pans out, it'll be worth it.
  8. Bears Select James Daniels

    Awesome pick. Our O-line should be solid this year. OT depth is needed though, Massies contract is up after this year. Is Grasu gone, or depth at center?
  9. Day 2 and 3 Mock Draft

    With Rudolph and Guice still on board, I can see a possible trade down possibility. We have lots of needs, we need more picks. This looks good to me.
  10. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Good pick. Not my first choice obviously, but I like it. I hope he becomes a quality player for us.
  11. Final mock 24 hours out: 3 rounds with trades

    I'm not on the Nelson bandwagon, and we can't afford to trade up with all our needs. 2 O-linemen with pass rusher as our biggest need, I'll pass.
  12. The one you have been waiting for. 2 round mock

    I dont see the Bears trading up. We're in dire need of pass rushers, and with a weak class one of our first two picks should be one. Hubbard at 39 makes sense here.
  13. Bold Predictions

    Buffalo trade up to 7 or 8 and they take Nelson. They take Rudolph with pick 22 Giants trade back into round 1 for Lamar Jackson
  14. When it's all said and done, pick and slot is---

    Fair enough. I have a hard time believing Den, Indy or TB would pass him up though. All 3 could use him.
  15. When it's all said and done, pick and slot is---

    We could but we'd have to give up a high pick next year as well(Definitely a 2nd, maybe our 1st) We're not in win now mode, we're still in rebuilding mode. We need several pieces, not a couple. And who know whats going to happen, 3 years from now Chubb could be considered as bust. Of course, anyone drafted high could. IMO if we had more ammo, I might consider it. 99% chance Chubb goes top 4, we'd have to give up 8 and 39, possibly more depending on how high we want him. Chubb maybe the best pass rusher now, in 3-4 years Landry, Davenport, Carter, Edmunds, Smith could be better than Chubb. Or Chubb could be as good as advertised. If we did trade up for Chubb, I wouldn't hate it but I wouldn't like it either. If we trade up for Nelson(which I fear we're going to do) I'd probably feel like we just lost to GB in OT.