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  1. This past week I watched the Godfather trilogy for only the second time. Even the third one is good, but the first two are masterpieces.
  2. To fix our offense, first give the play calling to Lazor, he is our OC. Nagy has proven that the casual fan can be just as effective as him in calling plays Second, we need new OTs Leno needs to go, he was servicable for a couple years, but that's it. Massie is just ok. Third, we need a quality QB. He doesn't need to be top ten(we won't complain if he is) but a guy who can win games for us. Easier said than done, and the last two can be done in the draft. Hell, I can be our new play caller and our offense wouldn't get any worse because of it.
  3. Do we draft a QB in the first? Only if we feel he's the BPA. Personally, I'd rather draft an OT, maybe a RB, or a pass rusher who could be another Hicks or Mack. I'm not against drafting a QB with our first pick, but our track record(Trubisky, Grossman, McGown) suggest otherwise.
  4. Our offense is offensive to watch. Out O-line has guys out, but it's next man up. Hambright made his first start, Bars has little experience, I can cut them a little slack. But our O-line has been bad all year. I doubt Montana, Marino or Elway all in their prime could succeed. With the way our offense has been going(play calling, and execution) I doubt we win another game unless our D plays like Lovie is our coach. Our D can only do so much. They've kept us in every game up to a point. I'm disgusted by our offense. As of now, I doubt we could beat the Jets, and you only need 10-13 points to do that.
  5. This mock draft is how I'd do it if I could. IIRC we have 6 picks. No 4th, traded to Minny for a pass rusher who's mostly been inactive. Our original 7th to LV for Pinero. I'm giving us Miami's 6th for Shaheen since he signed a 2 year extension. I see us picking 16. 2nd round pick(48) traded back to 2(53) and 4th rounder 1 OT Sam Cosmi Leno and Massie are ok, but both OT positions need to be upgraded 2 QB Zach Wilson Trubisky is gone, Foles can't get it done unless he's in Philly, we need a QB of the future 3 RB C.J. Verdell Montgomery is just ok. Part is the line, but after 2 years, he's better suited with help. Next year, we'll have a 3 headed monster at RB 4 OT Stone Forsythe Our o-line sucks 5 S Kolby Harvell-Peel Gipson is fine, but we need another guy to help out our DBs 6 DE Khyiris Tonga no such thing as too many pass rushers 6 OLB Wyatt Hubert another rotational pass rusher
  6. I just watched 'The good, the bad and the ugly' for the first time. One of the best films ever. Nearly 3 hours, didn't feel like it. 10/10
  7. I haven't played chess in years. I don't remember en passant. My uncle taught me how to win in four moves, I think I remember how.
  8. Sad to hear. I never saw him play, but was one of the best. R.I.P.
  9. If we get the Trubisky from the 4th quarter of the Detoit game and the first half of the Giants game, we win. If not, we're in for a long day. Trubisky needs to play for 60 minutes, not whenever he feels like it. Also seems like when our offense is good, so is our D. When our offense is bad, so is our D. We need a good pass rush. Have Mack, Hicks and Quinn on the field at the same time most of the game. Mooney has looked good so far, can he be our #2 WR? Miller is inconsistent. Mooney has caught every ball thrown his way so far. Keep the run pass ratio around the same. Put pressure on Ryan, create a couple turnovers, and lets have awesome Mitch play all game and we'll win. Easier said than done, but if we have that formula all year, we'll have double digit wins.
  10. https://www.nfl.com/news/bears-rb-tarik-cohen-nearing-contract-extension 3 year deal 17.25m extention
  11. Da Bears miracle in the desert game. Grossman was 14-37 144 yards 4 INTs, 2 fumbles against a 1-4 cardinals team. We were down 20-0 at the half. In the final 15 minutes, we scored 2 defensive TDs and a Hester punt return TD. Rackers missed a FG as time expired to give us the win and the best tirade ever 'They are who we thought they were!'
  12. Our pass rush needs to show up. We only had 1 sack and 1 INT against Detroit. We need more pressure and more turnovers. Last week 28 runs and 36 passes. One of the few games Trubisky won throwing 35+ times. Keeping the run-pass ratio along those lines will help our offense. If Trubisky starts like the 4th quarter last week, we're gonna win. If it's more like the first 3 quarters, it'll be a struggle. Get our rookies Kmet and Mooney more involved in the passing game. The coaches are also high on Ridley, why was he inactive last week? Will he get playing time? Giants have a rookie OT, Put Hicks and/or Mack on him all day. We should win, it's our home opener and the Giants aren't good. The lions lost last weeks game, we didn't win it, still we're the better team today. 24-14
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