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  1. Best Movies I have seen All Time

    L.A. Confidential Inception Goodfellas Cabin in the Woods Scream series(although 3 was very lackluster) Speed Terminator 1 and 2 Looper Mission Impossible series Hot Fuzz The Departed Rounders Big Lebowski Kingpin Skyfall Machete Die Hard 1-4 The Rock
  2. What does everyone do for a living?

    I work for a company that makes drugs (penicillin) for hospitals. It's good, but damn all the overtime, I feel lucky I have time for a bowling league.
  3. GDT 2 post game thread - theories & rants

    Trubisky is 1-6 when throwing 35 times. We need a more balanced run/pass offense for Trubisky to be effective. We only ran the ball 15 times the other night, none by Cohen. Montgomery looked good the few times he had the ball, he should have gotten more carries. It sucks loosing to the packers, but theres 15 games left, including a rematch.
  4. We Really Need To Pin This One 'Til January

    Unless we get hit with the injury bug(And we don't want to see that happen) less than 10 wins would be disappointing. We're a very solid team. We need depth in a few areas, but overall we can average 20+ points a game and our D is good enough to keep opponents under 20.
  5. Whitehair officially gets extension

    Great signing/extension. Whitehair has been great for us. Pace keeps getting it done. Also today is the one year anniversary of the Khalil Mack trade.
  6. Cedric Benson dead

    Horrible to hear
  7. The Adam Shaheen Thread

    He needs to stay healthy first and foremost. He's also like our 10th option in the passing game now. His career he has 17 receptions and 4 TDs(If I'm wrong on that let me know) You expect 17 receptions in 3 or 4 games not 2 years. I'm rooting for him, but I'm not expecting much either.
  8. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    Awesome movie, killer action scenes. If they keep making them like this, they can make all they want. 8/10
  9. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    ' If we didn't have extensions for Whitehair and Floyd hanging in the wings it was still a maybe but not any longer.' Not to mention Eddie Jackson, Cohen and Trubisky. Piniero looks like he has a hell of a leg, hopefully he does well for us.
  10. Chicago Drafts RB David Montgomery

    Cohen, Davis and Montgomery our RB core looks good. I'm sure there'll be packages where two or all three of these guys are on the field at the same time. That would be a match up nightmare for opposing defenses. Let's get us a pass rusher.
  11. New Trade Down Mock

    87 DE Zach Allen Can't have too many pass rushers and we need another Bears trade 126 to Buffalo for 131 and 181 131 RB Justice Hill Seems like the type of RB Nagy likes Bears trade 162 to Giants for 171 and 232 171 OLB Tim Ward We need some depth here and Ward could be a sleeper 181 QB Jacob Dolegala We need a better back up QB 222 OG Keaton Sutherland We need O-line depth 232 K Matt Gay We clearly need a kicker, I wouldn't be surprised if we drafted one sooner 238 S/OLB Chase Hansen More depth and another possible sleeper
  12. The All Private Workouts-Meeting Mock

    I wouldn't mind this. I do believe we're going to double down on RBs. I'd like us to draft a back up QB and a pass rusher, but with 5 picks, we can't get everything either.
  13. 2019 Schedule

    5 prime time games, I'm disappointed we only get one Monday night game. 4-1, even 5-0 before the bye is very possible. I'm predicting 12-4 and NFC North champs again.
  14. AZ’s Trade Down Mock

    I wouldn't mind that. I believe we should draft a QB on day 3. Chase Daniel is so-so, we certainly can improve there. I have a gut feeling we're drafting 2 RBs. One with our 3rd or 4th pick and one with one of our 7th rounders.
  15. Zach Miller Officially Retiring

    He was a solid player. Too bad his career ended the way it did.