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  1. Nico Collins, Tyler Johnson, or Dyami Brown the byepocalypse hit me hard in my Dynasty league
  2. Ravens/Bengals is a good one on paper. Last year we spanked them but they’re a whole new team this year. Their weapons are pretty spoooooky this season and I keep expecting our injuries to finally catch up. luckily Harbaugh and Lamar are the great equalizers from all the injuries…
  3. Yeah it's definitely not all on the Browns. His approach to the game has been suspect since he got there. It seems like he checked out mentally but still expects the same reverence
  4. Beckham needs to be traded. probably should have been after the "come get me" stuff a while back, but man he just visibly hates being in CLeveland and I imagine it kinda sucks to play with him like that.
  5. I'd be into it. Teddy is tough to watch at times.
  6. So Drew Lock ain’t happening is he? Teddy’s not bad but he’s certainly not the answer either
  7. Yeah that’s it, I forgot Kubiak was under Mike Shanahan. it reminds me of the ravens the one time we gave Flacco a competent OC
  8. Is there a more QB friendly scheme than Stefanski’s? You can sure see Kubiak’s fingerprints on this offence
  9. My deep sleeper for trade bait is DJ Moore based on absolutely nothing but a hunch
  10. Jaycee Horn looked like a stud before the injury so I doubt they go with Fields who really hasn’t shown anything, IMO. With a time machine maybe they don’t go with Darnold, but I don’t think Fields factors into that decision at all.
  11. I’m for it. None of the QB candidates have separated from the pack, IMO
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