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  1. AKA what governs the majority of fans’ opinions on being good at football
  2. Lol I am fired up - this is Wrestlemania, brother - I dare you to give me bulletin board material then enter the ring with the hulkster
  3. Sucks to lose Dobbins, he has been our best production lately. Apparently 90 percent of the betting money was on Pittsburgh for this one. Don't worry boys, Vegas will make it happen and we pull of the W. Unfortunately the kaleidoscope effect this will have means Roman returns next year, thus ensuring the "Ravens bad offence" eternal cycle that the blood gods of football demand. ......or we lose and Harbaugh's marriage to Roman and a dusty style of football begin to warm up the seat beneath him....
  4. I'd love to see the NFL media and fans online react if a polarizing QB like Cam Newton pulled the garbage of not going out to shake hands and running off the field after being completely outplayed by young quarterbacks. Guy's a complete poor loser - and the bias that there isn't the frothing at the mouth we see when players have the "audacity" to play inconsistently at QB, say the wrong things, or showboat on the field, etc. is pretty silly. FF and the media would be vocally disgusted and raging if another QB were to act like Brady has after big losses the last few years. Guy's shown punk behaviour every time he loses a big game. Get over yourself man, you lost.
  5. Thats Giselle telling him to look fierce on the sideline for his cologne ads.
  6. I can’t wait until once again we overdraft a project receiver with “upside” who can’t catch or run routes...
  7. It’s the Arians system of reads and players being on the same page that’s causing Brady to look off. He hasn’t adapted yet and when the Bucs finally did sync up and get cooking they brought in AB and now they need to build it up again. Really bad move when your offense is coming together to bring in AB over the coaches head when you already have two all star receivers. Just plain dumb and now their Offence has no chemistry and Brady is forcing the ball.
  8. Bringing in Brown killed all the mojo the Bucs offense was building. A few weeks ago Brady had a 5 td game and looked like he would consistently drop dots on the deep ball, and now he can’t even complete a pass and forces stuff that ain’t there. They had a good thing going but Brady flew to close to the sun and flexed on his head coach to bring in Mr Big Allegations and now the power dynamic is a joke and the team chemistry looks like it’s in the tank. Also it’s without a doubt in Brady’s head that Brees is right there for the TD record. Edit - and dodging Goff after is completely gutless. You got outplayed buddy, just go say good game at least.
  9. Could be, some guys also seem to know how to protect them self no matter how bad the O line is
  10. Maybe debate me based on my point rather than the fact that I like Lamar.. it’s better for discussion. For instance I didn’t mention that me as a ravens fan should be any less biased than a Bengals fan responding to me? Lol Edit - maybe we should just not talk injuries while it’s fresh for Joe Burrow. Too hot button right now
  11. I’m not sure that’s entirely fair when Dez is our best receiver and we can’t catch a cold. Also our route combinations seem pretty basic in a bad way, and our O-line is mostly buried in the fallen warriors haunted graveyard
  12. Seriously, it’s growing apparent that Yanda is an all time great.
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