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  1. Whatever it takes to give us the Washington Warthogs, let’s have it. Hopefully we can get two birds with one stone and get a terrible owner out of the league at the same time by forcing him to sell. Nickname: the Hoggies. it needs to be done.
  2. It looks silly, but this is actually a pretty standard drill
  3. Yeah man I saw the Ravens videos from mini camp and was thinking “oh cool we don’t usually run that kind of play” in one of the clips, and realizing that when they were new plays to new players we’ve brought in, I do get it. This just seems like a total Harbaugh move to me. It might be overkill but it’s definitely a move that’s well within something he would do. Guy runs a super tight ship, and that has to include some paranoia in a league with the media giant like this
  4. I was addressing the weird overwhelming response to this topic I keep seeing and assumed you were in that same camp, if it’s not the direction you were going that’s a misunderstanding on my end. So what’s your theory then if mine is so silly? I’d love to hear it
  5. Yeah you’re right it’s actually “widdle Lamaw got his feewings huwt by a 5 second clip 2 weeks ago so we’re acting on this now and you can’t video him”. Stay nuanced, FF
  6. Ravens are putting in a new passing scheme and trying to eliminate leaks. Our stupid media team already uploaded videos that gave away new concepts we are installing (Receivers running route combinations we didn’t run last year, players in different slots, etc. ) so Harbaugh is just going for the tv blackout on that. At least that’s how I understand the situation. You don’t want your own beat team already giving away your new tricks in mini camp.
  7. The Bucs are about to get a cake walk to the Super Bowl. The NFC minus Rodgers is a B-league compared to the AFC
  8. Flacco is still the man. Also Hollywood looks sick as heck in #5
  9. Pretty shrewd when you factor in that having Gus poaching carries means JK Dobbins will probably be cheaper come extension time
  10. He didn’t really pan out for the Ravens (though I remember thinking we used him weirdly in our scheme) but he’s great in the locker room.
  11. Any team who’s star offensive players had a phenomenal career year that’s an outlier from their normal production in a season where games were played without any fans could come crashing back to earth next year, IMO. This lines up the Bills and Browns potentially regressing as I think fan noise and the added pressure could see their QBs numbers revert a bit closer to their career norm. communicating and executing is a lot different without 65,000 screaming lunatics shouting at you.
  12. I think that was probably Atlanta making leaks to try to raise the price
  13. Anquan Boldin’s first game with the Ravens where he had 100 yards against a really good Jets defence. Also included Ray Lewis harvesting Dustin Keller’s soul. and often forgotten in the mile high miracle game is Torrey Smith absolutely dominating Champ Bailey
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