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  1. Judon Signs Franchise Tag

    Judon’s our only reliable edge pressure right now. Next year may be a different story but I think this year we pay premium for by far our biggest need. The only way we improve on Judon is some kind of madden-type trade which I just don’t see personally.
  2. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    McPhee’s been on a super bowl winning team, if nothing else he understands the hard work required to go out and win. He’s also pretty decent at getting after the quarterback
  3. Jets sign QB Joe Flacco (One year, $1.5 M)

    I reckon he starts a game this year.
  4. Overrated Head Coaches

    I think you’re placing some of the responsibilities of a good GM as being a coaches job. Mike Tomlin isn’t the man in charge of finding a backup quarterback, it’s his job to win games which he does at a pretty incredible consistency. Just this past year, Mason Rudolph is basically a worse Brock Osweiler and somehow the Steelers were still dangerous. And Mcvay can’t bench Goff without casting the spotlight on his GM and throwing his boss under the bus so there are a lot of politics involved, as well Goff has played well enough to get to a super bowl before. As far as “not utilizing” his top 3 running back, I think Mcvay was just protecting a guy with arthritic knees so he could continue earning money. I actually respect him for that. Matt Lafleur I don’t really even see a point rating as he’s so new but a rookie head coach with a weaker roster got to the NFC championship game, which doesn’t just magically happen (even if your QB is a past-his-prime Aaron Rodgers).
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Tom Brady dumped his pregnant girlfriend to marry his current wife. Patriots probably should have cut him, eh.... The Ravens only cut Earl if they can upgrade the position or find a similar level of play for a cheaper price. If NFL teams start cutting players for sneaking out on their best gal well rosters around the league filled with young millionaire hotshots are about to get rather thin.
  6. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Schedule

    Rematch against the titans is low-key the matchup of the year for us. Can exorcise a lot of bad mojo with a win where we don’t get waltzed on like in the playoffs.
  7. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Schedule

    I’m pretty surprised that so many are chalking up the Philadelphia game as a loss. I just don’t see it.
  8. 2020 Draft Pick #92 - Devin Duvernay

    His route running is supposedly a weakness but I feel like from the slot, especially on RPOs that can be mitigated in a way that he seriously contributes as a rookie. Duvernay is supposedly a beast after the catch so I feel like those shallower catches on the play action and run read plays he will be in space a lot against defensive backs as they’re forced to make a play. I like the potential there as a chain mover for sure, turning short 6-8 yard gimme passes in the middle into first downs. Hopefully he pans out to play a role similar to Willie Snead as an ol’ faithful, only with a lot more burst.
  9. 2020 Rookie Talk.

    Yeah I like Proche as an intriguing guy to watch. I think he has a good chance battling for the punt return spot.
  10. Rank every division's QB situations: AFC North

    To me Big Ben has to be last or in the question mark tier just because of the Tommy John’s surgery. That has ended careers before, and Roethlisberger was already a slob on the fitness side of things. Seeing him lately he looks super fat and haggard, and coming off that surgery I don’t see how he isn’t totally done. But hard to rank Burrow anywhere - he looks like a terrific prospect but maybe he folds on a team that isn’t exceptionally more talented than their competition like he had at LSU. Time will tell. as for Baker, I think it’s telling they signed Keenum as a top tier backup, seeing as last year Baker looked like a less athletic version of his new backup Case. Hopefully he lays off the bud lite and commercials this offseason and actually shows up in shape and ready to play. and then Lamar is the mvp (a player who some have questions about that I personally don’t subscribe too). The AFC North could easily have some of the best QB play next year but also be a bit of a dumpster fire. Something to watch for sure.
  11. Baltimore Ravens 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    How quickly we forget that Lamar was Flacco’s backup
  12. 2020 Draft Pick #28 - Patrick Queen

    Lol! Anthony **** darn it!
  13. 2020 Draft Pick #28 - Patrick Queen

    I think he will play a role like a juiced up Anthony* Levine. Blitzing, covering, cleaning up backs. The team is super high on Chris Board and Otara Alaka, and has a history of finding thumpers (a need) like Zach Orr and Bart Scott undrafted. I feel like Queen plays a role like a poor man’s Isaiah Simmons might.
  14. 2020 Draft - Your Guy

    Never forget, those hamstrings retired Champ Bailey on the way to a super bowl!
  15. Gronk returns, traded to TB

    I don’t really get it from a team building standpoint but from an “attempt at gaining viewership” perspective the Bucs are putting together a real contender.