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  1. I get what you’re saying about getting your opinion disparaged as stupid because unfortunately that approach to different opiniions rears it’s head all over this website and really takes away from discussion, however this part I’ve quoted here is really disingenuous when it takes 5 posts into this topic to play FF’s favourite game: “Lamar Bad”. However I’m of the opinion that it’s not Ravens fans that are are too sensitive about Lamar, it’s that sports fans in general like to correct takes they disagree with especially when it pertains to their team. The reason you see so many Ravens fan
  2. Hey there's no need to talk about Chiefs fans like that
  3. I just saw you flip the script of this thread to troll Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in your last posts in a Burrow and Lawrence thread.. not sure how that makes Ravens fans the issue here. It's times like this I long for 2018. A simpler time, before the existence of Chiefs fans.
  4. How did this thread turn into a shade Lamar Jackson Thread? FF is getting pathetic when it comes to LJ. Guy has literally nothing to do with this topic. anyway, Burrow is quickly becoming overrated. Guy survived long enough to go 2-9 (one win which was the jags who were actively keeping their best QB on the bench to ensure the tank)and everyone watching objectively knew we were seeing a dead man walking the way he was unable to avoid big hits/ the fact his offensive line was trash. David Carr and Sam Bradford are quietly sipping water, knowing the direction his career is headed. He has a
  5. Vick has said plenty of times that Lamar is a better player, thrower, and works hard in all the ways Vick didn't
  6. Lawrence will be better in that he’s a more likely prediction to play the whole season, but I think both will be middling starters next year. Flip a coin.
  7. I was about to lay into this take about how it’s lazy and is in no way “brave” or “thoughtful” but I guess that’s the point of this thread. Here’s mine: Russell Wilson should quit crying about the offensive line until he grows tall enough to throw over the middle. Blaming everyone else is a terrible look for a QB and he only won a super bowl because of a historic defence, so for his legacy he might want to shut up before the narrative flips.
  8. This board thinks anyone who has decent stats but can't make playoffs is an amazing QB. Odds are- 2-3 of the first round QBs are busts, but I think it will be situational. I have a feeling Trevor Lawrence won't be horrible but he will be a little disappointing for a first overall pick. He's got those skinny Teddy Bridgewater knees you hate to see, and is going to a terrible team. I'll say OK. has a good career but doesn't take the Jags to the promised land or win the division. Mac Jones isn't athletic but he might go to a good situation and be a top 20 starter like a Jimmy G type.
  9. Good get for a desperate defence.
  10. You’d have to ask the Packers. If they think he’s a franchise QB then no. If they don’t then ya they’d trade him.
  11. I like this trade for Carolina a lot actually. Darnold is a gamble but the cost to roll the dice isn't too crazy.
  12. Supporting cast being important should be dependant on the context of the discussion. Coaching schemes should be way more involved in player evaluations too. You can scheme around bad players, but good players can’t as easily over come a bad scheme. end of the day you likely need 53 players who won’t singlehandedly blow a given game for you.
  13. When it’s so easy to get a legal gun in the US having an illegally obtained one is super sketchy
  14. Yeah I think Safety is a big chance. I like this Signing a lot. Watkins is a gamble but we shouldn’t have to panic take a receiver too early now. We can let the cards fall how they will
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