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  1. If Tomlin were traded to Skins

    Tomlin has been successful here but he has always had the luxury of a HOF QB. My concern with Tomlin is he has struggled to field a competent defense after the Cowher era players left and he has been abysmal in developing or drafting secondary help. He wasted quality years with the 3b's when he should have been more aggressive in going out and getting defensive help to complement those guys on offense. He has mismanaged the cap by either holding on to players when he shouldn't have, overpaying depth players like they were starters and mismanaging Bell and Brown when we could have done better trading them for quality draft picks in return. I will give him a pass with AB I guess but he could have done better with Bell. I lump Colbert in here as well. More importantly I believe Tomlin has been poor in his selection and management of coordinators. Carnell Lake, Joey Porter along with Butler just to name a few. I just feel like we have been really poor at developing talent outside of the offensive line, defensive line and wide receivers. Mike Munchak is the perfect example of a quality coach getting the most out of your talent. I feel like Tomlin kind of let us down on the defensive side of the ball since that is where he appears tone most involved and we didn't see the development fast enough on that side of the ball when we had a strong offense to legitimately position us for Superbowl runs as of late. The window has passed us by now and the timing to me is ripe for Tomlin and Colbert as well as others to move on and get more innovative young minds in here to truly maximize the talent we have on the team. If we can position this team draft wise to go after the QB from Clemson in a couple years now is the opportunity to do so. The other thing I want in a new HC is one who can make proper half time adjustments and better play the chess game to keep up with teams like the Patriots and maybe better clock management would be nice too.
  2. How many believe this is realistic? I'm personally mixed on the idea of trading Tomlin. I know he has his flaws but the risk of getting someone a whole lot worse is very realistic. My concern is with Ben retiring in a few years, I believe there is a real possibility Tomlin either steps away from the game or we do not resign him and we start the rebuilding process. If we have an opportunity now to get some high draft picks out of this it would be really hard to pass up. If we could receive something similar to what the Raiders received 2 1st's a 2nd and a 3rd I would take it. We could get Jerry Juedy or the OLB from Ohio state this year and in 2021 with two 1st rounders we could have the ammunition to trade up for the Clemson QB for a legite blue chipper to set the franchise up for the next decade. The big question would be are there legit candidates out there that are better than Tomlon for today's game that can position us to be more competitive against the Patriots and Belicheck? I feel inevitably change is coming so if we can benefit from it with a blockbuster trade we might as well take advantage of it now.