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  1. You boys ready to take your rightful place and get your ***** kicked this week? Duck Dynasty a third stringer is going to have some fun with you boys. I just hope Watt, Dupree and Heyward don't enact revenge on your overrated QB. I am glad your undersized DL the one that cheap shotted Rudolph in the back will be playing...Decastro can't wait.
  2. Look at the Steelers this year. Their line was considered one of the best in the NFL last year. They did not lose any lineman but Big Ben went down for the year. The line looks like a shell of itself now. Good QB play and good coaching can cover a lot of warts. Another example is the Ravens without their current QB they are a very average team.
  3. Overrated. They should have kept Foles and traded Went for a couple first round picks. Foles won them a SB. I don't see how you trade a SB winning QB away.
  4. Okay just in todays NFL I will list better QB's than Brady. 1. Drew Brees 2. Aaron Rogers 3. Russell Wilson * Maybe Big Ben if he had the coaching Brady had early on. Ben is a better athlete but he probably isn't as accurate as Brady so it would have been interesting to see Ben in that system. Another proof it is more the system than the player is the year Brady went down you guys had a QB that came in and played pretty well. They traded him after the season and he never really did anything after that. Jacob Brisset and Pretty boy from SF were developed under Bellicheat and have gone on to be starters so Bellicheat knows how to develop QB's I will give him that. But you can not tell me Brady has benefited significantly from Bellicheats coaching. Could you imagine Brees, Rogers or Wilson in that system.
  5. I love this question. Brady is a great QB but absolutely he would not be the GOAT without Bellicheat. There are many QB's more talented than Brady who did not have the benefit of the greatest coach of all time. I would love to see Brady go to another team after this year to see how goo he is actually. I think he is very accurate and excellent at processing but his lack of mobility would really hurt him in other offensive systems. The proof in all of this is how great many players perform while playing for New England and then when they go somewhere else you never hear of the players again. Heck Bellicheat even had WR's playing DB and Lacrosse Players playing WR. I am a Steelers fan and I can't tell you how many times we had superior talent when going up against the Patriots and some how someway the Patriots always found a way to beat us and often times in an embarrassing fashion. The one thing I will say that is beyond frustrating to me is the Patriots get away with a ton of holding by their O-line and I believe that is just because the Refs want to protect Brady. They also get away with a lot of pick plays by their wr's and a lot of non calls on their secondary whom is very handsy. You ever notice when the opposing team has a big play some borderline penalty happens. I see it all of the time with teams against the Patriots. The Cowboys had two phantom tripping calls yesterday one of which was at a crucial time during the game. The calls seem to almost always go their way.
  6. Everyone is acting like Rudolph post concussion is drastically different than he was before it. I guess my expectations were too high with having Ben under center for so long. I felt even before the concussion his pocket presence and accuracy were lacking. I do feel post concussion he is playing more timid but honestly if you think about it pre concussion he was playing timid as well as he was constantly checking the ball down. Teams have figured that out and are in single coverage and are all over the check down now. They send an extra man and when the check down man is covered Rudolph panics and doesn't have the mobility to extend the play to find the open the reciever down field. I will give him the excuse that I think with the young receivers they don't know how to break off the route to get open when they know the qb is under pressure but I still believe his biggest issue is his feet. With this type of qb you need to have an amazing line, a great wr core and a good offensive coach none of which we have right now. I have seen enough of him to know he isn't our long term answer. Duck probably isn't either but at least give Duck a chance with some prep work to see what he can do and at the very least he can extend plays or scramble for a first down.
  7. Garrett should be ashamed of himself for playing the Race card. Anyone believing it is further promoting that foolish rhetoric. I am sick of people jumping to that conclusion right away. Rudolph was wrong for reacting the way he did but he did't kick him in the balls either. Rudolph tried to rip his helmet off and that is what set Garrett off. You guys have been so delusional by your hatred for the Steelers that you now have lost all practicality and can't even think logically. Here is the truth: Report: Garrett Accused Rudolph Of Using Racial Slur Thursday Night During Appeal Hearing (Update) ByDave Bryan Posted on November 21, 2019 at 2:22 pm 325 Comments UPDATE (4:23 PM): The NFL has said they found “no evidence” of Rudolph using a racial slur Thursday night. Our original story below. Did a racial slur from Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph directed at Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett escalate the melee that took place Thursday night? According to a Thursday morning report by ESPN.com, that’s what Garrett claimed during his indefinite suspension appeal hearing with the NFL on Wednesday. According to Josina Anderson and Adam Schefter of ESPN, Garrett alleged that Rudolph called him a racial slur just prior to the Thursday night melee that took place at the end of the game. That melee resulted in Garrett ripping off Rudolph’s helmet and then swinging it and hitting the quarterback in the head with it. Rudolph’s legal team, along with the Steelers, have vehemently denied Garrett’s racial slur accusations. “Mason vehemently denies the report of being accused of using a racial slur during the incident Thursday night in Cleveland,” Steelers PR spokesman Burt Lauten said in a statement. “He will not discuss this accusation any further and his focus remains on preparation for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.” On Wednesday, Rudolph told reporters he didn’t say anything to provoke Garrett or escalate the situation. Rudolph’s attorney, Timothy M. Younger, has also released a statement concerning Garrett’s racial slur allegations against Rudolph. “According to ESPN, in his appeal, Myles Garrett falsely asserted that Mason Rudolph uttered a racial slur toward him, prior to swinging a helmet at Mason’s uncovered head, in a desperate attempt to mitigate his suspension. This is a lie. This false allegation was never asserted by Garrett in the aftermath of the game, never suggested prior to the hearing, and conspicuously absent in the apology published by the Browns and adopted by Garrett. “The malicious use of this wild and unfounded allegation is an assault on Mason’s integrity which is far worse than the physical assault witnessed on Thursday. This is reckless and shameful. We will have no further comment.” According to Tom Withers of the Associated Press, no Browns players have mentioned anything about Rudolph using racial slur to this point. Additionally, several Steelers players such as defensive captain Cameron Heyward and guard Ramon Foster have both been since quoted as saying that Rudolph used no such slur. “I can tell you personally I talked to Mason right after the game and I said, ‘How did this escalate?’ And he told me he kept dragging him to the ground and they were going back and forth, but it never got to racial slur. For it to be used in your appeal is stupid to me,” Heyward said on Thursday. Foster talked about the soon-after-post-game tweet from Anderson of ESPN that suggested that Rudolph probably said something off color to get Garrett to react the way he did Thursday night. Anderson has since deleted that tweet, however. “The people that painted a picture of him saying a racist remark or him grabbing him in the groin area is ludicrous,” Foster said in a radio interview a few days ago. As of right now, it doesn’t seem like Garrett has much backing in the way of evidence that Rudolph used a racial slur last Thursday night. The fact that it took nearly a week for Garrett to bring that accusation up, and during his appeal hearing at that, makes it sound like the Browns defensive lineman is attempting to do or say anything to get his indefinite suspension shortened. Were any players mic’d near the Thursday night melee mic’d up? What did the referee nearest the melee hear? I’m sure the NFL already has the answers to those two questions by now. We obviously have not heard the end of the Thursday night melee and the racial slur accusations made by Garrett. It will be interesting to see what else comes out concerning this whole incident.
  8. Wow that is quite funny that you refer to the Steelers as being the dirtiest team after this game. You must be a Democrat and you probably believe in the Impeachment hearings. I have a nice plot of land for sale if your interested. That abandoned nuclear plant right beside it is nothing it is a wonderful government subsidized skate park now.
  9. Wow very classy. How does picking on Shazier make any sense other than show how classless you are? Nice choice of college as well, Miami hasn't been relevant since Jimmy Johnson way to go picking losers. It must be hard that the highlight of the Browns season was to beat a totally pathetic Steelers team depleted of a ton of our talent on offense. No worries, we will restock and be back to kicking your *** fairly soon.
  10. I don't think the steelers think Rudolph is the issue. Tomlin is already making excuses for him saying we didn't have enough weapons in the second half. Although there is truth to that it is obvious Rudolph isn't the long term answer.
  11. I am actually a Steeler fan you Idiot. Thanks for the personal attacks your a real douchebag. I was probably a little too harsh on Rudolph but it is frustrating not having Ben and going from the offense we had last year to what we have now. I believe Ben and Antonio covered a lot of warts that are just now coming to surface. The truth is the OL never was quite as good as we thought it was, especially in run blocking. Our focus in the run game hasn't been there for a couple years as we always passed to set up the run. Antonio really stretched the field and made it a lot more difficult for teams to cover underneath routes to the TE's and RB's and Juju not to mention teams were a lot less likely to blitz us or stack the box because Ben and Antonio would pick that apart. Ben also had great pocket presence, the ability to extend plays and mobility that Rudolph does not have. Finally Conner was pretty decent in pass blocking and we have lost that with him not being in there. What I am really trying to say is we had some serviceable veterans who were made to look much better than they were because we had elite talent in Ben and Antonio that carried this offense for a long time. I believe Bell was slightly overrated as well. Bell was a good back but more importantly his talents fit so well into this offense and he benefited from Antonio and Ben. He is just an average back at best in NY. I know his line isn't great there but other backs in the league have done much better with lesser lines like the Jaguars RB for example. The other thing we are really underestimating is the level of experience we lost with Ben and Antonio not being in there. So many times last year Ben would read the defense and he would call an audible and Brown would check out of his route and run a simple five step slant for a quick pass and first down. Brown was so quick there aren't a lot of receivers that can do that on a consistent basis. Plays like that which we constantly performed last year kept drives alive and opened up other plays for the offense. I realize Mason doesn't have an Antonio like Ben did but my bigger concern with Mason is his lack of mobility and ability to extend drives or his lack of accuracy on deep balls. The defense knows he isn't accurate deep so they are blitzing him more. Defenses know he lacks experience and they aren't threatened by our wideouts so they are teeing off on him. The biggest thing however is he is so timid he caves under pressure and he checks it down way to much. I just would like to see more confidence with him. Moving forward we at least know Rudolph is not the long term answer. We also know we have average talent on the OL. AV, MP and Foster need upgraded but they will be serviceable when Ben comes back. Conner isn't the long term answer at RB. We need another dynamic WR that can stretch the field and has football awareness to catch the quick slant patterns to convert first downs and keep drives alive. The OC is serviceable with Ben at QB but if and when we draft a legit young QB we need a dynamic play caller at OC to develop the guy. If we can retain the talent on Defense and use these next two years under Ben to restock the Offense I think we will still have a bright future.
  12. Whats is like to have never won a Super Bowl? How many coaches have you guys had in the last five years? What is funny is you go out and get high priced free agents and they end up sucking for you guys along with all of those first round draft picks. You guys are 4-6 and some of you are talking about going to the playoffs. I find it so laughable. The Steelers are terrible this year and yet we still have a better record than you guys with half of our good players injured. You guys still trot out Jim Brown because you have no recent players to celebrate. So pathetic....
  13. There is a reason you guys are called the mistake by the lake. Your city sucks and so do your sports teams. Heck even Lebron couldn't stick around. The Steelers are having a down year where we have been ravaged by injuries and free agency and you guys are happy with a win over that. A Thursday night home game against our practice squad and you guys are acting like you won the Super Bowl. Myles Garrett initiated the fight. Their was 8 seconds left and it was a swing pass in the flat where we left Garrett unblocked. He goes in and tackles our QB well after he released the ball and then he doesn't let him go. What is Rudolph supposed to do. Garrett was rubbing it in. I have watched the video a hundred times and Mason did not try to kick him in the balls. Stop trying to make Garrett the victim you sound like a bunch of Snowflakes. Rudolph was wrong in retaliating and trying to rip Garrett's helmet off but what Garrett did was on a whole different level. Then your punk D-lineman comes in and blindsides Rudolph when he isn't looking and with his helmet off. If you watch the whole video Cam Heyward came out on the field and got in your D-Linemans face. He didn't want anything to do with Heyward. Be happy Garrett is only probably going to be suspended for this year. It isn't like you guys are going to the playoffs anyways. The Steelers aren't either but at least ours is because of misfortune and bad luck not because of ineptitude year in and year out like you guys. Stop promoting Baker so much too. He hasn't done anything yet. He is a poor mans Brett Favre a very poor mans. Can't wait until we play again in two weeks.
  14. There really are no Pros. He isn't accurate at all. He under throws on deep passes, throws behind on slants or crossing patterns and overthrows on seam patterns. He is way to conservative and panics anytime there is pressure. He can't scramble he has legs like Brady. No pocket presence or field vision. He stares down primary receiver. Throws short passes to hard and does not throw a catchable ball. Poor field awareness, no finesse or pump fake. Just not a heady QB, no fire. Even when Ben was young in his first year you knew he had the "it" factor. Rudolph is like a less athletic Mark Malone. At least we know he isn't the long term answer. Yes the run game has not been great and the line and the receivers have not been great. But the only changes were Ben and Antonio not in the lineup since last year. I am convinced if you had those two back our line would look better and so would our running game.
  15. Duff


    It is so hard to judge the line and the run game without Ben and quite frankly Antonio. Those two more so than Bell made such a difference on the way defenses schemed against us. Not having a true deep threat or somebody who can create space and get open when they play breaks down really hurts this offense. The TE's can't get open underneath now because the safeties aren't worried about the threat of a deep pass they cover the TE release. Juju is getting doubled and they are all over his crossing patterns underneath because we have nobody to stretch the field. The defenses are stacking the box because they aren't worried about the pass let alone the deep ball. I honestly think the Oline has had it easy for the past few years and now they are struggling because we have no offensive weapons to pose a threat to the other team. It is easy to pin your ears back and blitz when you aren't worried about deep coverage or the qb you are going after isn't accurate with deep passes and only checks it down. Rudolph has the legs of Tom Brady, the processing and field vision of Kordell Stewart and the accuracy of Bubby Brister. If he could at least scramble he could extend the plays but he can't do that. His pocket awareness is terrible, he is skittish and his ability to find the second or third option is questionable at best. At east we know he isn't the long term answer.
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