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  1. Still working out the bugs, my vote goes for Washington at 1, Jax at 2, Detroit at 3, Miami at 4 and the chargers 5th.
  2. I am preparing to do a 2021 mock draft. I figured i would let everyone have a little say on a few things. I am going to break down picks in groupings and let everyone vote on where they think the teams would up in that particular grouping. First up 1-5.
  3. I am just curious but you have Indy moving back into the first round for a qb. I do not see any other qb needy teams from their trade to 34, so why trade. I am assuming you have someone thinking of jumping them so which team would that be.
  4. I do not know how the Denver boys are going to react to the Simmons pick. I am not saying I dislike it but it does not address the needs at wr or ot.
  5. I tend to like outside the box thinking. It was nice to see Detroit taking an offensive player for a change. I don't mind the Isaiah Wilson pick either, if he was good enough to start for Georgia as a Redshirt Soph who is to say he isn't only gonna get better. At 6'7 340 if i was a qb i would take that on my line.
  6. well it seems like the debate might be running out of steam so now may be a good time to change things up. Assuming we pick Chase young i want to know thoughts on who is moving inside on passing downs (a la Justin Tuck) to use the full set of pass rushers, Kerrigan, Sweat, and Young, or is Kerrigan watching from the sideline.
  7. It has been a train wreck for years. Rivera is just now starting the cleanup and here come an engine from the back right thru the dam kaboose!! The phrase that i read is that he demanded to be traded or released. I did not see anything about having his contract reworked! Previous administration was asked about an extension but not the new one.
  8. thanx everyone for the friendly welcomes. i reckon most of this will be for turtle as he commented on the trade down idea. I had 3 players from SF on my champion fantasy football team this year so i watched alot of them and i agree that Bosa made that D a force to reckon with. Chase Young could have that affect as well. If things can be repaired with trent, which im not sure they can, we resign the right guard then yeah im good with Young. Trying to teach a qb that isnt ready to play and not having no offensive weapons is not a good combo. No blind side protection either. I just rememb
  9. It looks like everyone likes to introduce themselves and talk a bit. My father has been a life long NY Giants fan and the only time he could see them in Va. was the redskins game. I wondered in on that day and decided to root against his team and became a life long skins fan. For years i have blamed Mr. Snyder and his flunkies for what we have had to suffer, but no longer. I have been told it is bad to speak ill of the dead, so all i am going to say is this. The previous owner is kicking his own *** for not leaving this team to his son. I like the Del Rio hire and i am not sold on the Ri
  10. Changing the focus of the topic a bit here. With all the junior qb's that have a high draft grade this year and all the senior qbs that have no choice but to be in the draft, which juniors will go back to school and say i am fine with being maybe 2nd Qb behind Lawrence. It looks like Tua has to come out and right now i would put herbert as the 2nd qb (senior) and Burrow now with his meteoric rise as the 3rd qb(senior), why would Love, Fromm and Eason want to come out to be the fourth qb in this class at best. How much money are we looking at being top 10 next year and bottom 20 this year?
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