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  1. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Yep. I also can't remember an athlete doing what he did on the field of play at those moments he did them. It was remarkable. The Steelers of the 70s, Niners of the 80s or Pats of the new century success was all amazing, but no one player seemed to be the focus of those successes like Jordan.
  2. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Yea, good points. I figured someone would bring up the ear hole catch. To be honest, I just wanted to rile up the masses. I am literally going insane. My "final answer" is I don't see an MJ of pro football. Brady was part of the equation a damn great part but only part of it...if he's on any other team no titles. And as amazing as Rice was, NO receiver I don't care how good he is can ever carry that kind of weight. Niners had excellent defenses, good to great ends/receivers beyond Jerry and one of the most underrated running backs ever, Roger Craig. Craig is not in the Hall of Fame, but my eye test and even the numbers tell me he belongs in Canton. No 49er fan, but he was an absolutely sensational football player. If I was Bill Walsh and I didn't have Jerry yea that would suck, but I still got a bunch of greatness otherwise and I bet they still win anyway. Football is truly a team game, if one guy could win it all players like Marino, Fouts, Tarkenton,Kelly would have won it all. I am a bit antagonistic on "he never won it all" thing. I am sorry I believe Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly and Fran Tarkenton were all VASTLY superior to Trent Dilfer and even Mark Rypien. Using "Super Bowl wins" as a qualifier of individual greatness is madness. It makes no sense. The Super Bowl teams had far more than 1 or 2 great players, they typically had a ton of them on offense and defense. I do believe Brady is also vastly superior to Dilfer, Rypien, etc...because he has been able to be productive even as the offensive players around him have been in flux. I get that and respect it. But he sure as hell isn't doing it alone. No one in NFL history ever has.
  3. Who's the MJ of Football?

    I wouldn't even rank Brady ahead of Bart Starr (and I do like Tom Brady and think he is a great QB so don't get me wrong). But, how many Patriots championships have this dubious black cloud of incompetence, stupidity or luck that surrounds it? An idiot CB who intercepts Brady the game is over but he doesn't fall down and fumbles it Back to New England...or Seattle's hideous decision to NOT run Lynch...the tuck rule....Atlanta going so far Conservative even Rush Limbaugh blushed in blowing a 24 point lead...deflate gate....videos... Hell, even after the Tuck rule game it took epic levels of Mike Martz incompetence to see the game through as bellichick outcoached resident knucklehead Martz in that game. Complete dumb****ery by Martz who ran Faulk a measly 17 times (to an almost 5 yard per carry clip) while passing it 45 or something. Hoodie knew Martz was too stupid to actually run it and it was game over. As for Bart Starr, he has the wins and titles. He is also one of the greatest leaders in NFL history. The ice bowl touchdown was Starr's idea. Because Packers RBs couldn't get any traction on the ice slick in which they were playing, Starr suggested to the Master himself, Lombardi, on the play. I don't think anyone other than Starr even knew what play was being called. Despite Starr's overall brilliance as a field general, a champion and a world class human being, his stats are fairly pedestrian so that's why I wouldn't rank Starr as "MJ level" because Michael was crazy insane literally winning games with magic potion and pixie dust not to mention beyond epic generational basketball talent, it was incredible, but Starr should get a bit more love. Sincerely, Bears fan.
  4. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    LOL you can say that again. He did bring that "passion" to the table and I thought he was a really good coach at first. He wasn't overly innovative, but his teams were typically well prepared, and they were not a 3-yards and a cloud of dust team (despite lackluster QB and receiver play most years). Ditka also showed the ability to make in game adjustments and had pretty good instincts. But the promise he showed his first 3 or 4 years quickly vanished under the pall of Ditka's own hubris. He was clearly a Hall of Fame player, he has no business in Canton as a coach.
  5. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    Yep, they lost to the Giants (badly) in 90 and then Dallas in 91. The Bears really should have won that game in 91, but they were really no threat otherwise. Dallas wasn't quite ready in 91. But you are right, a tougher division at that time and it could have fallen sooner. Ditka, I think could have been great, but he lost his way and fell in love with himself (and his celebrity) too much. His over-use of William Perry in the backfield eventually became an obnoxious circus side show, eventually costing Walter Payton a TD in that game. He won the Super Bowl, then we had "Da Bears" on Saturday Night live where, constant run ins with the media, the inability to handle any type of criticism and an ever eroding sense of maturity sowed the seeds of Ditkas destruction. He took his clown show to New Orleans and we saw how that ended. Love him as a football player and he did bring back pride and toughness to the Bears, but he didn't reach any great heights as a coach.
  6. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    OK-so in another Covid-19 play I just watched the entire 1962 AFL Title game between the Dallas Texans (soon to be KC Chiefs) and Houston Oilers. YesI have no life right now. Thoughts. -It was a great damn game. -Before kicking the game winning field goal, the KICKING team called the timeout, "icing the kicker" wasn't a thing I guess -Len Dawson snapped the ball with maybe 2 seconds on the clock before the 2nd OT. Didn't he get the memo you just let the clock run out? -Post game was like 8 minutes. Basically, "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here". NO, neither of these teams would have stood a chance against the 1962 Packers, but they were still damn good teams, and the game was great to watch. There was a ton of talent on the field. I knew little of receiver Charlie Hennigan and in that game he made some huge catches. I looked his numbers up and in 1961 he had over 1700 yards receiving, that's insane. Jerry Mays, who was an icon on the great Chiefs teams of the 60s was in this game, playing great. Len Dawson didn't throw a ton, but when he did he was instinctive as a football player, smart and a great leader, I can see why he's a Hall of Famer. He makes a Bret Favre like play late in the game that the receiver unfortunately just drops. I am an old NFL guy, Colts then (after the Colts leave) Bears, but I really appreciate the AFL and the 1962 game is worth a watch to see that league in its infancy. The teams as I said would not have handled the Packers, but really...who could? The game was a fantastic football game.
  7. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    Don't remind me. The 1987 Bears were well on their way that year...UNTIL the strike. Any chance the Bears had was destroyed by Mike Ditka, the team went from being totally dedicated to winning it all to going through the motions after the strike ended. In 6 of their last 10 games they gave up 20 or more points, lost only 3 mainly because they feasted on a weak NFC Central, the good teams like Frisco, Seattle and Denver beat them with Frisco slaughtering the Bears 41-0 and Seattle beating the Bears on Payton's last game. All the joy I had entering that season and seeing the woodshed job the Bears put on the Giants on this MNF game was all for naught. Ditka called the scab Bears "the real Bears", made several other idiotic comments and effectively eradicated any chemistry that team had. The playoff game was mind numbing, both defenses pretty much dominated, but the Punky QB played like he was wearing burgundy and Darrell Green returned a punt to win the game in the third quarter as Chicago offense spent the entire 2nd half sputtering like a broken down jalopy. Bears D pretty much did all it could, Deadskins didn't even have 3 yards per carry, but to lose to Jay freaking Schroeder? Hell as mediocre as he was in that game, compared to McMahon he looked like Montana. Ditka (and Jim McMahon) screwed up the 86 team with how they both handled Doug Flutie. McMahon divided the lockerroom and that season pretty much went to ****. The way the coaches like Walsh, Gibbs, Shula, Lombardi, Landry did it was if you were not part of the program you were history. NO ONE divided lockerrooms for those coaches and they won BIG. Ditka, I love him as a guy, but he has always been a fraud as a head coach. I think a small assist can goto Mike McCaskey for allowing Wilber Marshall to leave Chicago. Fitting he helps the Redskins beat the Bears twice. BRILLIANT!!! By 1988 the Bears started to look old before their time. They won the Fog Bowl, then got dismantled by Frisco in the NFC Title game and the 1980s run was over. If you have a chance, you better strike, because it doesn't come around often. The 1980s Bears could have been a dynasty. Oh well.
  8. Haha, I hear you. I will say that now Steelers fans are converts to Bradshaw. All it took was 4 World Titles and 40 years. Hey it's baby steps. I do love the Pittsburgh sports fan base, but they got their issues that require some clinical assistance.
  9. Rank the hardest sports to coach/manage.

    I have coached baseball, hockey and basketball, on a youth level. My take overall is baseball easier to "game manage", but can be harder to do great practices where the players got a lot of reps, especially if you had limited coaching coverage. If you have limited coaching help in hockey (and probably basketball too) you can do small area games where the instruction is basically "game play", but not actually a scrimmage. You can't really do that with baseball unless you want a lot of standing around. Imagine working on a double cutoff play. Basically you are using the entire infield and half the outfield to run a practice drill involving 4 players. Meanwhile you have to do something with the other players. Some can roll into the cutoff drill, but the others? I guess move them to the other opposite field? Or work on swing mechanics behind the fence, etc. It's just not easy to really coordinate well. However, to me there is more to the other sports. Hockey and basketball have "systems" you run. Football has different systems as well. There are no "systems" in baseball. So not only do football, basketball and hockey coaches have to teach technique and skills, but they also need to teach systems, be that offensive or defensive systems. So I believe baseball is the easiest to coach at the higher levels, however, great managers have great instincts on knowing who to put where, when to replace a pitcher, etc., but it's just not the same as the other 3 sports. I do believe devising baseball practices for youth practice is harder than the other sports. But the overall practice of baseball coach in my view is easier. I believe the type of personality is also a factor of the coach. Football, basketball and hockey coaches can be sedate or be screamers. Yes I realize guys like Earl Weaver would go crazy on the umps, but they were always calm and cool with their players in the dugout. I tend to think the going Happy Gilmore on umpires was mostly a release for those managers who were penning up their frustrations with how the game was going. In basketball or football just yell at the ref, easy and it won't impact the players a bit, may even fire them up to do better. Hardest to easiest...Football, hockey, basketball tie, baseball (i lean to football even though I never have coached it)
  10. Again, WHY rename it? I have nothing but the utmost respect for Coach Shula, but the trophy should remain the Lombardi trophy. Why is this a thing? If we want to recognize Shula or in time Bellichick there are plenty of ways to do it. Where is the salutes for Paul Brown? His impact on the NFL is quite possibly without peer?
  11. Who wins the AFC East?

    Going Bills. Still like their defense a lot.
  12. I am a Bears fan (Colts fan until 1983) and am trying to figure out why ANYONE would want to erase Lombardi's name such as this? This is an outlandish suggestion.
  13. Onside kick versus 4th and 15

    I am a traditionalist and don't like to tinker too much, but the onside kick replaced by 4th and 15 I think will be pretty much ago about nothing in the grand scheme of things. If they want to do it, go ahead. It won't destroy the integrity of the NFL.
  14. Chuck-Love Pittsburgh (I live here and after the Bears I like to see them win), but Steelers fans are like Bears fans in that their favorite QB is often the one not starting (at least until the QB is proven). Don't forget what Bradshaw had to go through up here and even back there was always doubt about Bradshaw (not many know he lost the starting QB job entering the 1974 season to Joe Gilliam). Some Pittsburgh fans also treated some of their baseball players pretty poorly. This used to be a ROUGH city, but it has really grown away from that and the ire and angst isn't as bad anymore even though the people here live and die with the black and gold.