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  1. Would like to add draft picks, 6th round or higher. I know people are getting down to cuts, so not overly optimistic, but would be willing to listen on: -Any pitchers not named Fried, Berrios -Players like Kole Calhoun, Joey Wendell and would listen on young risers like Austin Hays, Nick Senzel, and would also at least listen on other guys depending on offer. Players like Verdugo, Marte, Gurriel Jr, Anderson and Edman are going to probably be cost prohibitive for anyone in this league.
  2. Feel like right now I have 12 solid keepers. Still sorting out those last 3 spots and I may use 1 or 2 on relievers. I am probably done with trades I believe. I've made something like 12 trades, 10 TEN of them with Herbie, 1 with Crab and one with BD. The BD trade (giving away Ian Anderson) is probably the one I'd like back and even though I traded both Jose Ramirez and Anthony Rendon, those deals did net me back Triston McKenzie, Nick Senzel, Geno Suarez and Jose Berrios, 4 players who all will be keepers. So I think I used those trades to replenish my teams talent level and now I have a team that has risen to 6th place. Trade negotiations in other areas have not be fruitful and honestly there have been some bad offers, but in other areas we got close in some things, but just didn't get anything done. So I am pretty much done even looking for moves and unless someone really "wows" me with something time to prepare to head into the off-season and continue to watch players like Dylan Moore, Dean Kremer and others to see if they can earn a keep on Professor Turgeson's Grinders.
  3. All players available except for Anderson and Fried. There are several players that will demand very high values so if you can't make a legitimate offer please pass. Turgeson. Looking for some combination of a #1 pick, top prospect, quality young player. The mix/match of such will depend on what is actually offered and what is actually asked for.
  4. Virtually anyone available. NOT AVAILABLE: Tim Anderson and Max Fried. I am not discussing either. I'll discuss anyone else. If you come for someone like Ketel Marte or Geno Suarez or Jose Berrios or Alex Verdugo, please know I want 2 major pieces, a young MLB player who I would not cut (he'd be a Top 15 player on my team) and an elite prospect. I want to talk to Tom Cody before any moves are made. Hit me up in IM, Discord or text 412-400-8065. Make sure you tell me who your team is, because some I can't tell. Signed, Professor Turgeson
  5. That's always a nice opening line. LOL
  6. Tom Cody, tried to DM you, but it says you are not able to receive messages.
  7. I did. Also emailed him. Time to make some deals.
  8. Is Tom Cody active on this forum? Asking for the potential agent of prospective player.
  9. Yea I didn't even check here. I know we get emails if someone contacts us, but we don't get emails if someone is just randomly shopping a guy in here. I'd have made a much better offer ofr Solak than Dozier. I'd have gone Kingery +. Oh well. **** happens.
  10. Well damn, missed that message on Solak. I gotta get my act together in this league.
  11. Shopping pitching. Looking for impact bat or close to ready hitting prospects. Could do a package. Starters, saves or holds available. I’m in rebuild mode and my lineup is just not good or deep in 15 tram league. I do have intriguing pitching options that can help out you contenders. Professor Turgeson
  12. Grinder Monkeys trade Steve Matz to Buies Creek camels for Miguel Andujar
  13. Trade with Herbie Hancock: grinder monkeys get -Alex Verdugo -Bryson Stott -5th for -Royce lewis -Sixto Sanchez -9th
  14. Willing to move Starting Pitching. Would like upside younger player, positioned doesn’t really matter. All pitchers are available other than Fried. Any of them could help a team make a run. In the mountains until Saturday so I’ll try to respond but may not be immediate.
  15. Still time. Maybe pro coaching will tap into the power. Even if the power doesn't come, a quality defender in CF who can hit .300 with 30+ steals wouldn't be a terrible thing. His hit tool is impressive and has outstanding splits, which tells me he has a track to being a full time player as opposed to a platoon guy. The defense will keep him on the field, in games. Yes he is "toolsy" and I get scared when it's "just about the tools", but he also has quality baseball instincts as well, his SB rate was also very impressive. There is a lot to like about him. IF THE POWER had been there, he would have been a top 3 pick. Maybe the power developing late allows the Brewers to get a player above his draft spot.
  16. Rocker is seriously the real deal.
  17. Shhh!!!! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this pick, at #20 it's a bargain. Brewers system is pretty weak, but adding this player gives it some juice. If the power comes look out.
  18. I am good with Roto, but am opposed to roster manipulations. If a guy gets Covid19 you can place him on the IR anyway. I would be fine with a special designation if a guy "opts out" however, which may be what you mean to begin with.
  19. I wouldn't have either in the Top 10. Perhaps Taylor's star rose after he died, but I do think he was becoming a great player, especially after they moved him to FS.
  20. Gonna go ahead and have to disagree with you there. Taylor could have been a Hall of Fame safety, but I would rank guys I didn't even mention like Dawkins, Atwater, Harrison, Mel Bount all ahead of BT. Don't get me wrong, Taylor was turning into a special football player who could play both run and pass equally well, and while he was a great tackler I can't rank him with those other guys.
  21. Yea I like this one. Atwater for sure. Good call. He's certainly in the mix. The Okuya hit was insane.
  22. That is exactly what it was. The NFC was LOAD-ED in the 1980s (Niners, Bears, Redskins, Giants) and the AFC rolled out teams with serious flaws, to include Denver. As I said I am not sure Denver is any better than a Wildcard team had they played in the NFC. They rolled through a bunch of AFC creampuffs, mainly because Elways was often the difference, got to the Super Bowl and got rolled, EACH and EVERY time. Elway was going against some of the games best defenses while his own defense was getting door matted. Denver was NEVER going to win it all in the 1980s, the same way Dan Marino and Dan Fouts never won it all. BUT, unlike Marino and Fouts, before Elway retired they got him the requisite supporting cast and all he did was close out his career with two straight rings. The guys with more than 2 rings? Brady, Bradshaw, Montana, and Aikman. So lets take a look at THOSE teams? Those are probably four of the five greatest dynasties in league history (along with the 60s Packers). IOW, they were LOADED. Elway was playing with a mediocre team most of his career. He was a gamer of a Quarterback and he proved it every season of his career and I am glad he won it all so we don't have to hear the talking heads blather about how he isn't "all that" because he never won it all, the same crap we hear about Dan Marino and Dan Fouts. The fact that winning a Super Bowl validates a QB's standing is hogwash. No sane thinking person would ever say Trent Dilfer was better than Dan Marino. Give Dan Marino one of the greatest defenses ever and I promise you he has a ring. Not only was the Miami defense not good, for most of Marino's career it was downright putrid.
  23. I watched the NFL Top 10, have googled it and the lists make no sense. Did they watch these guys? Who do you think are the greatest hitters in NFL History. Here are my Top 5 1-Jack Tatum-How he is not the consensus number 1 is mind boggling. This guy was downright dangerous. Forget the Stingley hit, Tatum's a legend period. His collision with Earl Campbell is Cat 5 earthquake level stuff. His hit on Riley Odoms is incredible, the Super Bowl hit on Sammy White. He played the game to destroy people. In fact, the Immaculate Reception probably doesn't even happen had Tatum just played the ball instead of trying to destroy Frenchy Fuqua. But that was Tatum...to destroy. Given he actually was not a big guy makes his ability to hit all the more impressive. 2-**** Butkus-A player that defined brutal football, arguably the greatest MLB in NFL history. Watching highlights of Butkus and the guy looks like a predator ready to unleash a brutal end to any opponent. He has a hit against Detroit that is one of his signature hits. 3-Ronnie Lott-Could hit nearly as hard as Tatum and I think was bigger, but didn't play it quite over the edge like Jack, of course rules changes didn't help him also the Raiders just didn't care about rules. On a personal level, Ronnie Lott is one of my favorite non-Bears, no Baltimore Colts players ever, the dude is just awesome. And he had part of a finger amputated so he could keep playing football. Is that awesome or what? Lott is the absolute man and unlike Tatum is probably a lot more likable (though I understand Jack was a nice dude off the field) 4-Jack Lambert-A true enforcer. Like Jack Tatum he really was not a big guy, but he could destroy people. Lambert doesn't rise above the top 3 because I can't remember any signature hits. Lambert was a stud, but his signature plays are enforcer type things (the SB 10 Cliff Harris deal, and running down the sidelines to confront an opponent who had run one of his teammates against the Bengals I think). Lambert was like a hockey enforcer. As far as #5, guys like Ray Lewis, John Lynch, Ray Nitschke, Nighttrain Lane, Hardy Brown, and Mike Singletary come to mind. One thing I notice here is there are no D-Lineman. That's probably because many hits by LBs and Safeties are out in space where things are moving faster. Any other ideas from you old school football fans?
  24. Martin was a steal at #5, he had real potential to go #1. Jays may not need a middle infielder, but at that point, take the best guy, he'll find a way onto the field eventually.
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