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  1. Oh no. A hatred with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns will burn you.
  2. Agreed. As much as I stood on the table for him, I want him to deliver. I don't want the only guy I've gonna out on a limb for to bust. If he delivers like he did in college, we will be happy. It's why I'm mostly muted when people are talking about him. I want to wait until we see him in the preseason games.
  3. Moved the OL discussion to its own thread.
  4. Not gonna go too much into this since he pimped my guy Moreland, but I will say that Norman should stay...for now. Also, @turtle28, please don't quote the entire article. Remember, we only use snippets.
  5. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    3-4. Which is why I said to get rid of Kerrigan and use Allen, Payne and Ioannidas. But most of the time we're in 4-3. So it's almost like we run a 4-3.
  6. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    This ^^^. Kerrigan is an OLB. Sweat will be also. Allen, Payne and Ioannidas are our DL. And they are the best of the East amongst starters. But the Iggles have the best 2 deep depth. So there's that
  7. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    Right. Didnt he have like a 45% catch rate?
  8. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    There's a difference between "he gets open" and "he gets open at the right time". Chris Cooley has explained this ad nauseum and I wish I had a recording of it. When the QB is at the line he's identifying what coverage the defense is in. That tells him who he needs to work first. When he's dropping back, if the primary is not winning at a certain point in his drop back, he HAS to turn them down and look elsewhere. He cannot continue to hold onto the ball, lock onto one receiver, and hope the receiver gets free. Sometimes, after not winning on their routes when they shouldve the receiver gets free. Or the QBs eyes have changed to the other side of the field and it frees up the S ptoviding help and this making the receiver look "open" So, as Cooley explained, the receiver doesnt win when it counts. QB goes another direction. This is on the receiver. And Doctson didnt do that. The only times he "got open" were when the QB had a day to throw.
  9. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    He also has to run good routes and get open. Otherwise QBs will look the other way.
  10. Thanks Jeezy
  11. One...season. Singular. At this point, unless he follows it up, it's an anomaly. Baldwin went 3 in a row. And that's in addition to another 3 seasons that were as good or better than Woods' best season (pre-2018). Stats he's better. Just watching him work, he's better. And yeah, even in this age of inflated passing stats, I still think that a receiver getting 1k yards and 8TDs is a great year. Anything above that is even better. But again...Woods did it once. Baldwin did it multiple times. Can Woods do it again? Maybe. But please don't start comparing Robert Woods to Baldwin. There isn't any. Oh and BTW, I actually LIKE Woods. I'm just being objective in how I evaluate their respective game. Show me where anyone has said Baldwin was an elite WR with elite production. I'll wait. Great. No one is disputing that you guys don't run the ball. Try to maintain focus. As for this, I'm not buying your bona fides to evaluate WR talent when you originally lumped Baldwin in with Amendola in the same tier of WRs.
  12. Pretty sure that the following counts, arguably, as great: 2015 - 78recs, 1,069yds, 14TDs 2016 - 94recs, 1,128yds, 7TDs 2017 - 75recs, 991yds, 8TDs Even with his health declining, the guy still basically posted a 1K season and 8TDs. And then he STILL went out in 2018 (with all his injuries) and did more than Amendola could do except his best year (when Danny got about 60 more yards or so in 3 more games).
  13. And yet, it's very possible to be one of the best route runners in the league without being an elite WR with elite production The two do not have to be mutually inclusive. Baldwin was a very good receiver. I put him in the 2nd tier of WR's right below the elite. Was he someone that made DC's lay awake at night? Probably not. Did he cause DBs to worry a little and DB coaches to have to warn their players about him? Yeah. Amendola? LOL. He's in the 3rd tier. No way you can compare their production and tell anyone that they are in the same tier. As for Goff? Yeah, he's been pretty good since McVay came. Sean is the QB whisperer. He made Kirk a lot better when he was in DC. So yeah, good to see Goff live up to his potential.
  14. Ranking the (B)East - OT - Second Starter

    Yup. "Intelligence test"