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  1. How your team rookie have looked like week 2

    I'm his biggest fan and I agree. He's gotta be better with that stuff. Which mostly stems from his aggressiveness. Just gotta be smarter. At JMU he usually learned from his mistakes quickly. We'll see if he does in the NFL.

    Favorite Team: Redskins Week 3 pick: Dallas Cowboys
  3. 2020 Draft thread

    I'm gonna back you on this I'm too lazy to actually do a visual check. But it sounds right. Because each year, by October, this thread is pinned
  4. Because they hate us and want to ensure extra "L's" in our W/L record
  6. Judging from the amount of times @Woz and I have had to delete or edit the pictures of the girls @Doc Draper has posted, I do not recommend him as the official "picture-putter-upper" No offense Doc. Just less work for the mods.
  7. Trade Colt McCoy to the Jets

    This ^^^ Colt coming back from injury wont bring any compensation. There's only 1 QB on the team that we can trade and he's starting right now
  8. Week 2 G,B&U: Cowboys stadium at Fed Ex Field

    Even worse. My friend was kinda pissed off. His tickets are $100/seat. And you have to buy the entire season including the preseason, like you said. But scalpers were selling lower bowl, near the field for $65. Why pay for season tickets? Just wait until game time and see the game for ridiculously cheap.
  9. Week 2 G,B&U: Cowboys stadium at Fed Ex Field

    Trust me I get it. But I spend next to no money in the stadium. We eat and drink our own food prior to the game have maybe a drink or two there. And the tickets I buy are already paid for, by others first, so I'm not adding much, if at all, to his coffers. I literally was not going to a game this season until my friend wanted the DJ for the girls game and my wife and daughter piped up that they wanted her to be able to go to her first NFL game (since my wife is a Jints fan). It's just too much of a waste of time to go now unless there is something personal like that.
  10. Week 2 G,B&U: Cowboys stadium at Fed Ex Field

    You are correct in your assessment. Where we tailgate is the same place we have done for the past two decades. And that used to be nothing but Redskins fans. On Sunday? It was mostly girls fans. And I have a picture from Section 307 (club level, home side, on the left in corner of end zone as you're looking down at the field) [*] And that picture is of the lower bowl. I saw nothing but white and blue after halftime. The only burgundy I saw were empty seats. It's sad because this USED to be the hot ticket of the town. If you had Redskins tickets, people would clamor to get them. Now? People have other things to do. Even me, my tickets are in a different section usually. I actually sold the tickets to this game before the season started. And only bought club level because the guy I usually tailgate with wanted my best friend to come DJ the tailgate. So I bought 3 tickets. I'll be buying club seats again for the Jints game because my wife wants to go and my daughter wants to go to her first NFL game. And with it being in December, I'd rather not hear an 8 year old girl whine about being cold. If she's cold, she and mommy can go inside and get warm and watch it on TV and leave daddy outside to drink and curse. [*] My tickets are usually in the same end zone as you (in between the tunnels). I'm in row 17 behind the right upright. P.S. - one of our tailgaters has been going to Redskins games since they played in Griffith stadium - hasn't missed a game. He's disgusted by the team but doesn't want to break his streak.
  11. Bruce's Last Stand

    Because the owner isn't gonna change. But yeah, completely agree
  12. 2020 Draft thread

    I get that. I do. But many times it's a manhood issue and you need to drive your guy off the ball. And most times we dont
  13. 2020 Draft thread

    True. Which is why I want to replace almost the entire OL with guys who can do both. Because right now, they either suck at their job. Or suck at their job + whine about stuff not related to it (Moses)