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  1. Putting aside his obvious idiocy about cancer (Rivera had melanoma so it's not something he put into his body), I'm just struck by the inability of professional athletes to use proper English. These guys presumably graduated public school. And they had at least 2-3 years of college. It's a good thing he made some $ in the NFL. Because he won't be getting a well-paying by job speaking or writing like that. #thingsthattweakme
  2. I wanted to address these: At the same time, one had multiple 1,000 yard seasons and one hasn't. Barber's best season as a pro would've been Miller's 6th ranked season (he only had 2 worse than that - 3 if you count 2020 when he didn't play). Do we have the luxury of a one trick pony right now? If...and that is a big IF...Miller can return to form (or 80% of it), I think he's more valuable than Barber. But the elephant in the room is that ACL. And that gives me BIG pause. I get what you're saying and part of me agrees with you. This is why I'm on the fence right now w
  3. TBH, I think I might be okay if we just trade him now for a 2nd rounder in 2022. Instead of watching him walk and then only getting a 'possible' 3rd in 2023. I realize we're gunning for the division and that gives me pause in that analysis (and why I'm probably on the fence about trading him). But I am open to being persuaded.
  4. As much as I would love to see what we have in Patterson, if Miller is back completely from his injury, I think Jaret goes on the PS (barring us keeping a 5th RB). I'd love to keep Miller (again if he is healthy and shows out) and trade Barber, but that's probably not gonna happen.
  5. PM me the link. I'd like to take a look at it.
  6. I read this one a few months ago. Anyone into Fantasy or Military Fantasy, this is a GREAT book. https://www.amazon.com/Trials-Horseman-Dark-Sky-Book-ebook/dp/B08YN6XK8V I'm also reading "The Cleaner" by Mark Dawson. P.S. - I'm also re-reading the Jack Reacher series in anticipation/research of a new SciFi series I'm writing.
  7. I'll be moving out of the area in the next few years and one of my have-to-haves is that I will have a huge area in the basement that is a bar/gameroom/sports watching room
  8. Does my Curmudgeon's Cave count? If so, then yes.
  9. Guys, I would urge you all to proceed with caution. The road I think some of you are about to go down (even with the best and honest of intentions) is not one that ends well.
  10. One one hand this is great for Manley. I grew up with this guy terrorizing QBs. OTOH, this sucks for Ryan. I was rooting for him to break the record. I wonder if there still might be a 1a and 1b here since Manley's rookie season they weren't an official NFL stat?
  11. Thaiphoon


    Agreed on almost all of this (except the using W/L record - that's a team stat). I liked Kirk. I liked his production and he has more GW drives and 4Q drives to put his team ahead than many realize. He also makes mistakes that no one who has his production should make (agreed completely there). I loved him at $21M AAV but we declined to pay him that. I argued it would be a great value in a year or two. And it was in less than a year. But like you said, there was no way I was gonna pay him what he was asking in the following 2 years he was here.
  12. This is what I was coming to say. Slow it down and watch Chase's eyes. He doesn't go too much to the left and overcommits as he crashes down. His eyes are focused on the handoff. And when he sees Hurts pull the ball, he lights him up. This was textbook P.S. - watch the blocking. You're right. No one missed an assignment. That play was designed to have the LT block the hell out of the DB. It was designed to fool the DE into crashing down the line or penetrating and overcommitting to the RB. Then the QB just simply runs left for a big gain because the LT is pushing the DB back to Paduc
  13. So Tanya is appointed Co-CEO right before the investigations drops informing Dan that he must not be involved in day-to-day operations for 3 months? So the person who is going to be involved is: His wife? Whom he's still married to? Who lives in the same house and sleeps in the same bed? And they think this means he won't actually be involved in day-to-day operations? I mean I love the child-like thinking there. Or perhaps they know he will but want to give the patina of plausible deniability (even if it's really not plausible)?
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