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  1. Yeah, currently JMU has the most FCS players in the NFL right now. For example...Dallas' 3rd QB is JMU's QB from last season. Too bad he's behind Dak and Dalton. And some of these other teams are just great to watch, I agree. I mean, for example, the guys not watching FCS didn't really know who Goedert was (outside of some scouting report and some youtube videos) until the Eagles took him and he played great for them. He's gonna end up their starter after they refuse to pay Ertz. And for good reason. Meanwhile, I watched that kid just destroy competition for years, for the Jacks at South Dakota St. The point of the post was to talk about the part of D1 that the snobs don't want to realize exists but in fact is producing quite a lot of NFL caliber players. I just wish FCS wouldn't have the 22 scholarship disadvantage from FBS that exists now.
  2. Again...guys. Keep it light, please. If you're gonna talk a little smack, be prepared to get it in return. But keep it light, please.
  3. Relax friends. Keep the smack talking, light...please
  4. Guys...I'm only gonna say this once. I was pretty disappointed in many of you last week. The .gif game was moribund, to say the least. Get it together. Have .gifs on stand-by. But let's have more than just 2 or 3 people posting them... mmmkay??? P.S. - you're all on double secret probation
  5. I know that stung. What stings me is the lack of defensive coordinator for JMU in last year's natty (just ignoring Trey Lance running everytime his first read was covered). Guy killed us. Or two years prior, Houston going conservative against NDSU (we meet them a lot in the natty apparently) The other one was in 2015 when Vad Lee got injured in the playoffs. I was SURE we would get another natty that year.
  6. I get it, I do. In FCS, those types of teams are usually gone by the 1st or 2nd round. It's why you have the automatic qualifiers for the conference champions and then the at-large bids and then you play over multiple rounds rather than just 2. Any team can get hot (including the ones that munch on creampuffs) for 2 games in the current FBS playoffs. Try to do it over 3-4 games (*) against teams from tougher conferences. It's tough to do. Think about if we didn't have March Madness for basketball and instead only had the top 4 teams play for the championship. That's insane. (*) JMU had to do it with 5 games in 2004 when they won their first natty. They are the only visiting team to win every game on the road in the playoffs.
  7. LOL... You got two more than JMU. But JMU actually has to work in the playoffs for it. You get a 2 game tease to the confetti. Just bustin' yer marbles.
  8. It really is a wussy (sorry I can't use other words here) bunch of excuses about why they don't. The $$ will still be there as the bowls aren't going away. Some of them can just be incorporated into the playoff system. There's literally no reason why FBS cannot have a 24 team playoff like FCS does. None. The excuses I keep getting are for the same things that FCS has to deal with (exams, classes, too many games (*wah wah*), and yet FCS does it. Meanwhile the FBS darlings get their two game waltz to a "championship".
  9. That's cute. A bunch of pollsters select the 4 teams to play a two game "tournament" for the "championship." *yawn*
  10. Relax. FBS might get a real playoff system...one day.
  11. I really wish we could like posts more than once.
  12. Ace. Do me a favor and do a new bet in a new post so people don't have to read through a zillion pages to get ot the current week. It's not an issue now, but by Week 10 it will be. Just save the URL's and link to them in the new weekly bet. Closing this for now until you change it up and add a new post.
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