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  1. An exchange from Mark's Twitter:
  2. No. And I can honestly say the thought never crossed my mind. It's monumentally stupid to trade for Cam given what the compensation would be required and the fact that it shelves our rookie QB in the portion of his career when he will cost the least against the cap.
  3. We're 3rd!

    Which is why I got the whip out!!
  4. Kyle Smith Promoted to VP of Player Personnel

    Yes, but not always. JMU is bigger than many FBS schools (and also a larger stadium). Quite a few other FCS schools are too.
  5. 2020 Draft thread

    I completely get that and I am apprehensive about it too (and largely agree with you). It's why I won't use higher than a 5th on him. At that point you're looking for depth or special teams players. And since we have depth, he might turn into a low risk/high reward pick at that point.
  6. We're 3rd!

    Just an administrative notice. We're currently 3rd amongst the team forums in amount of posts at almost 91k First is GB with 240k Second is Cleveland at around 134k We're 3rd at almost 91k I don't mean to crack the whip but... CRACK!! GET BUSY!!! hehe
  7. Centennial Class revealed for Pro Football HOF

    Me too. I loved watching him play
  8. Centennial Class revealed for Pro Football HOF

    Jacoby still out (with Covert in)? Cliff Branch still out? I'm not happy about either one of these.
  9. Chris Cooley on the Staff !?

    Could be right. I'm not following it that closely
  10. 2020 Draft thread

    I'd gladly take him in the 5th though
  11. Chris Cooley on the Staff !?

    Offensive QCC? Or Defensive QCC?
  12. Kyle Smith Promoted to VP of Player Personnel

    Correct! The only real difference between FBS and FCS is the amount of scholarships they are allowed to give out. FCS has 22 fewer scholarships.
  13. Chris Cooley on the Staff !?

    I would hope that a QC coach would be one of those that doesn't need to be announced?
  14. 2020 Draft thread

    Isn't Breeland injured?
  15. Even more impressive is that we had a panoply of QBs throwing to him so it wasn't just one QB getting in synch with one WR