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  1. Around the NFC East

    Very true. However, if you remember, I was on the union's side until the NFLPA screwed us over on the salary cap penalty. Now I want the owners to roll them every time. But that's for another discussion.
  2. Around the NFC East

    Again, you agree that an employee can be punished for things that are not criminal but then seem to want to go by criminal burden of proof when it suits you. Doesn't work that way. The NFL has a civil burden of proof (preponderance of evidence). And that is what they relied on. And the recent war of words between the NFL and NFLPA just ensured that Zeke's suspension remains at the full 6 games. And now I'm pulling for the owners not to give one inch. Regardless, let's talk about the teams and how it affects the NFC East.
  3. You asked for data to back up my claim that our teams start out slow. I showed it to you. I didn't go back further than 2011 because frankly, I don't have the time, but you're welcome to. 2011 = we had won 2 games by midseason. Is that a fast start? Not by any measure. 2012 = 3-5 by midseason. Is that a fast start? Not by any measure. 2013 = Not a fast start by winning only 2 games in the first 6. 2014 = Started out even slower in winning just 1 game in the first 6. That's a fast start, for sure! 2015 = Woah, we improved by one game in the first 6 over the previous year. (^^^^ The 3 starts between 2013 and 2015 with a combined 5 games won out of 18 >>>and 15 games won out of 48 from 2011-2016 <<< are not what I would consider fast) 2016 = You countered with nothing My point again, so its clear: Ever wonder why our team plays like there are 5 quarters of football and with no sense of urgency early in the season? Its because they aren't in game condition. Players need to perform in the manner most similar to Week 1 game conditions for almost as long as the Week 1 game. They need at least 1 game in the preseason (Game 3) in which they play past halftime. This prevents them from coming out flat (Weeks 1 and 2 last year are prime examples). Now, we've had some poor teams to be sure. But we've also had some teams that could've made the playoffs and didn't. Last year was one such example. I just showed you our early season records going back 6 years. You're pointing at end of season records and 2nd half records as if they are the only ones that mean anything. I'm pointing out that our lack of work in the preseason for our starters is contributing to slow starts. I showed you the records. Here's some more information for you. Between 1990 (when the NFL expanded the playoffs to 12 teams) to 2015, only 23 teams of 204 to start 0-2 (11.2 percent) have overcome the winless start to make the postseason. Expanding it out to 1978, only 18 of 208 teams to start 0-2 make the playoffs. And only 2 of those teams were since 2009. So if you start 0-2, you have a 4% chance of making the playoffs. Also there's only a 14.5 percent chance that 1-3 teams will make the playoffs. And since the NFL adopted its current playoff format in 1990, only 25 teams have gotten to the playoffs after starting the season 1-3 or 0-4. Its not much better for 2-4 teams. By contrast, 66.2% of teams who start out 2-0 make the playoffs. And teams that start 4-0? Yeah, over an 80% chance of the playoffs. So if you want to see us in the playoffs, a good indicator is us getting a fast start. My contention (and I don't expect you to agree) is that us habitually resting our starters in preseason games and not getting them into game condition is a big contributing factor in our team's not being prepared for the first half of the season. The records back up my contention. Right now, you're asking for the status quo. I'm challenging it. I want to stop doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. We are currently not a good enough team to be resting our starters like we've been doing. If we were a perennial playoff contender, I might be giving them the benefit of the doubt that they would be ready for the season. But until they make the playoffs regularly, I reserve the right to have my doubts about methods. Cooley's interview with Jay Gruden this morning, he reiterated the line of "Week 1 and its the 2nd half and guys are thinking 'We're still playing?". Jay did indicate that he probably needed to give the guys more work. Like I said, I don't expect you to agree. But I know how to condition players to prepare them for game situations in many sports. And what we're doing by giving our starters almost no work in the preseason, has results we see in September and October. The records back me up
  4. I'll also point out that I kinda like his immaturity. The Sports Junkies have gone a long way with that as well.
  5. Re: Cooley, I respect your opinion. I completely disagree, but it is whatever. I'm talking about an NFL player who is relating things from his experience playing in the NFL. You can disregard what he has to say. But if it comes down to believing him or you about what its like on that field, I'm taking his word. Second = nothing conditions you like the game reps. You can't do it in practice. You just can't. Practice is already soft enough. Practice you get the ball back to run another play after an INT. Etc... you get the picture. As for unnoticeable? Hmmm... 2011 = 2-2 at the Bye. 2-5 by the end of October 2012 = We started out 2-3 en route to 3-6 at the Bye. Then we got hot with a 7 gamer heater 2013 = We started 2-4 2014 = We started 1-5 2015 = We started 2-4 and then the Code Red game woke us up 2016 = We started 1-2 in September. Including two bad games by the entire offense. We were 4-3-1 at the Bye in November. And IMHO, its because our starters don't get enough work in the preseason in terms of getting on the same page with each other and getting into game shape to play all 4 quarters.
  6. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    Correct. Additionally, I read the texts (at least what I could see so far), and they are not dispositive that she was completely making it all up. Do I think she was less than honest and had her friend be less than honest? Its possible. Do I think that , given the forensic information that the investigators had which convinced them that, she wasn't lying about him abusing her? Yeah.
  7. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    If they challenge it in court, I don't think it gets reduced even one game. That's not how punishments in the NFL recently have worked IIRC. Usually, if you admit it and appeal for a reduction, you get a reduction IIRC. But if they take it to court, Goodell will hold firm at 6. Also, from what I read recently, the punishment was the minimum punishment for DV (6 games at least, but it could've been more).
  8. Around the NFC East

    Give you an example of how I can be fired or punished without committing a crime. Let's say I work for PepsiCo. If I go around telling everyone that Pepsi sucks and Coke is much better, I have committed no crime. I have not been convicted of anything. However, what I'm doing is detrimental to the brand. Detrimental to the company. So PepsiCo would be well within their rights to punish me up to and including termination. In Zeke's case, he got the MOST lenient penalty that is called for under the CBA in regards to DV. The least severe punishment is a 6 game suspension. However, even if its the first time, the punishment could be MUCH harsher. Zeke literally got the minimum here. And I think that has more to do with the first time nature as well as the fact that he wasn't charged. However, the NFL still has to do something to protect their brand. Just like PepsiCo would need to in my example.
  9. Let's just not play him at all in the preseason then if you're worried about injury. Leave him in the locker room. Happy? Injuries are going to happen. Romo was injured last preseason on his first play. I'm talking about more than Kirk. I'm talking the whole offense needing the game reps. Its not like this team is a perennial SB team. We have a ton of work to do on offense. And right now, the only way to get game speed and game conditions is by playing in actual games. The only way to get actual game conditioning, is to play the games. And one way to get ready for playing 4 quarters of football is NOT to play 3 quarters out of 16 preseason quarters (in 4 games) leading up to Week 1. At least not with this team (until they prove otherwise). Statistical evidence? I'll leave that to others. I'm speaking from coaching experience, coaching various levels of sports. Want to know why a lot of rookies hit a wall right after November? Because they are used to only playing up until then. Want to know why our team looks tired, and unfocused in the 2nd half of games early in the season? Because we're not conditioning them to go at full speed, in game conditions for almost a full game in the preseason. Its not until Game 3 or so that our team starts to actually look like it can finish games. Cooley said as much on his show last week where he talked about too little work in the preseason and then Week 1 when the 4th quarter hits, guys are blowing and looking at each other like "man this is long". We currently do not have the talent, nor the coaching to overcome conditioning issues. We don't have the talent, nor the coaching, to overcome the rapport you get with another player that you can only get in game conditions. For example, the pick stunts the Ravens were using on us. We didn't practice against them in camp. We didn't even game plan against them. But these were basic defensive plays that the OL and RBs should've diagnosed and mitigated. They didn't. Know why? They weren't communicating...in game...in full speed...when it counted.
  10. Yes he should. So should the rest of the offense. We're missing our starting TE. Our starting WRs are both new. Our OL is playing like poo. And our RB is nothing special. Cooley said last week that the lack of work typically meant that players would get to the 2nd half of the first game and be like "man this is long". And it makes sense that as long as we keep doing this schedule of: Game 1 = 1 series Game 2 = 1 Quarter Game 3 = 1 Half Game 4 = Nothing Our team will continually come out of the blocks slowly. Its much better to do the following: Game 1 = 2 series to 1 quarter Game 2 = 2 quarters Game 3 = 3 quarters Game 4 = Nothing (a bye to get rested for Week 1). As for the last 10-15% of the roster, you're talking about maybe 5 players. Plenty of time in my schedule to get the bubble guys some playing time. And in reality, the coaches pretty much have the roster figured out by the end of Game 1. Ross Tucker gave a story about his rookie season where he got injured. Bubba Tyer calmed him down and told him "Son, these guys know if you're gonna make the team within the first two days of practice". You think that the status quo of our starters getting virtually no reps in the Preseason and not preparing themselves for the length of Week 1 game (4 quarters) is ok. Based upon our team's lack of ability to come out with a fast start, I challenge that status quo and seek to change it.
  11. Yes we did. We also are paying him a ton of money and he needs to get the reps. Or do you want to repeat the September start of last ye mear? This offense needs a lot of work. And the only way they are going to get the game reps is to actually get the game reps. Putting him in for a 2nd straight preseason with very little work in the preseason games is detrimental to the team.
  12. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

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  13. Around the NFC East

    Except that it hasn't been proven to not be true. Draw a distinction between the standards of proof in criminal (beyond reasonable doubt) and civil cases (preponderance of evidence) as well as the standards of proof that the NFL is going to need (much lower). The fact that the prosecutors didn't bring charges (which is what happened, he wasn't charged and didn't face court) is immaterial to the punishments are meted out by the NFL.
  14. Return To The Glory Hole (Need Your Input!)

    I'm down with this.