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  1. NCOs can only provide feedback. Its the CO that forces separation from service. What you're asking for is the CO to turn over his lawful duties to people that are not authorized to perform them. Back to the team. The captains can enact punishment. Kinda like a players-only kangaroo court. They can provide feedback on how the team views the player. But the team captains do not work in the front office. They are not authorized to make personnel decisions on who to cut/trade/keep. And you don't want them to have that authority.
  2. Ok sure... then let's just go with last year. 2 turnovers vs. 1. Triple the tackles. And yes, Cravens is not as fast as he needs to be as a safety.
  3. Well then, in that case, why not remove the front office from all personnel issues? Just let the players decide everything. Sorry, that's not how things work.
  4. Redskins vs chargers GAME THREAD

    Looking at the two clips of Trent with Bosa, the most impressive one is the first one where Bosa has the inside and had TWill turned around and had a line to Kirk and TWill recovered and got his man. That to me is as impressive as anything I've seen him do. The 2nd clip looks impressive, but Bosa helps out a lot by missing on his right hand punch and basically knocking himself off-balance.
  5. Redskins vs chargers GAME THREAD

    BTW - you guys know that I was/am primarily a baseball player when I was younger. As you know, baseball players are notoriously superstitious. And sadly (although my logical brain says is bunk), I am too. So for this game...all the things I would normally do to get good "ju ju" for the game each week, I didn't do. And all the things I avoided because they were "bad juju", I did. The results we saw last Sunday! My fault guys. #tanking
  6. He's already bailed twice. Once in college and another time with us. You want to allow the blackjack dealer to 5-draw to 21 a third time in a row? Or do you just walk away from that table of chance?
  7. Correct ^^^^ He had a knee injury. That had nothing to do with his head.
  8. I'm not denying Compton's physical limitations and agree with his demotion when we brought in Brown. But right now, Will has made far more "game changing plays" than Suzy. Cravens is too small to be an ILB and too slow to be a Safety. I'm not really sure what we're missing here.
  9. His choice to forego that $. That was contractual. He cannot be allowed back in our locker room if you want us to become a mature organization.
  10. To add to this is that you're sending a message to the team that its ok to quit and no repercussions. One reason our team sucks so much now is that mistakes are not punished severely enough. Quitting on your team right before Week 1 of the season is kinda a huge no-no. Why should we reward behavior like that?
  11. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    I understand the thinking. I just don't want to go into the next season with our 2nd most experienced LB be Preston Smith.
  12. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    You sign Gallette. And over the offseason you see if Smith or Anderson improve. And if Gallette is odd man out in preseason, you cut him. Again, signing him to a low $ deal is not going to kill us. And it won't necessarily prevent us from playing Smith or Anderson if they improve
  13. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    Show me where I said we'd stand pat with Kerrigan, Smith and Gallette and not seek to add young playmakers via FA or draft.
  14. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    Yes. But if I'm choosing between either, I'll take Junior as I think he's more effective per snap. Obviously Preston is cheaper on the rookie deal. But since we have Kerrigan and Smith and not much else at OLB (don't get me started on Anderson), I think we should sign Gallette
  15. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    I'll chime in later on this but I think I would actually offer Gallette a low $ deal to stay. He's not had the sacks that Preston has had, but he has pressured the QB at a higher rate.