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  1. Predict QB Haskins

    I can live with this ^^ I watch him and his feet drive me crazy. It's why he throws so many balls that are inaccurate and ugly. Once he fixes his footwork amd a few other things? Hoo boy...he's gonna ne fun to watch. But everyone (including me) needs to bear in mind the guy is a rookie. He is gonna make boneheaded plays
  2. I've always liked him. He's had that position locked down since he got here. Not the fastest twitch. But he makes plays on effort. And you cant teach that
  3. Things other than Redskins

    I have 2
  4. Things other than Redskins

    Awesome man. What a great day to be born too! Sorry I missed your post. But let's be honest. Right now you're not reading anything we say here. Sleep deprivation is real.
  5. You read all of @Woz post and that is what you focus on? I mean...I realize WHY (because he destroyed your ridiculous argument about Alex) but Im seriously in awe at the brazenness of your gambit. Kudos.
  6. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! Amen!
  7. Things other than Redskins

    Nope. Just displays a banner for Hugedomains<dot>com
  8. It boggles the mind how much revisionism you're doing to justify why Alex didn't do as well on a per game basis. CT missed about the same # of games with Alex that he did with Cousins. He missed CAR, DAL, ATL, TB. And HOU but that's the same game Alex got hurt early in so that doesn't count. Reed was healthy the entire time Alex was in the lineup. Not so with Cousins. The #1 and #2 receivers for Alex were far better than Cousins had in 2017. Alex' best game statistically came with PRich out of the lineup. So even with his absence, he didn't miss him. And no...a good running game most definitely makes the defense honest. We're not talking about a RB running for 1500 yards and 13+TDs taking away opportunities to put up big numbers. Even though he did just that with Hunt as his RB in 2017. Remember the whole "best deep ball thrower" comments? We're talking about a 1k rusher who kept the defense honest so that they couldn't just pass rush and drop their backers and DBs into coverage all the time. This should've led to more big plays and more big #'s in the passing game. Not less. A running game keeps them on their toes and opens up the middle to long routes. As much as you know about football, you know this to be true. Cousins had a worse supporting cast. But somehow you're willing to ignore that in order to try to revise Alex' tenure with here and tell us that the drops of liquid we're feeling on our heads is just rain.
  9. Things other than Redskins

    Okay. Apparently the location where my Sean Taylor award (2nd Sean Taylor Award) sig went belly up. Who can make me a new sig? I'll pay you double what I paid the last guy.
  10. We've covered this ad nauseum. Yes. Alex had the benefit of a run game here. Which should've led to bigger plays and more yards/game. Not less. Reed was healthy all 2018. He was not healthy at all in 2017. In most games in 2017 he was either a decoy or at 1/2 "strength". Crowder was a fumbling machine in 2017 and caused at least 2 INT's. Agreed on CT. He missed 5 of Cousins' games in 2017 and 4 of Alex' games in 2018. Ryan Grant? Hmmm...yeah, I'm not sure that's who you want to highlight from our WR corps. LOL...PRich missed only 2 games that Alex played. This is serious historical revisionism. What Cousins had in 2017? 1) Pryor and Doctson = WOO HOO! CHAMPIONSHIP!! 2) CT = Did well, got injured in last 6 games. Bright spot of the offense 3) Crowder = turnover machine. 4) Reed = banged up and even when in the game was a decoy 5) No run game to keep the defense honest and open up the passing game What Alex had in 2018? 1) PRich and Doctson = Better than 2017 2) CT = played most of Alex' games just like Cousins' games in 2017 3) Crowder = yes was hurt for 1/2 of Alex' games, but that was addition by subtraction. Still an argument in your favor could be made that his loss hurt our passing game. I doubt it, but it still can be argued. 4) Reed = healthy and played all year 5) A run game that produced a 1k runner for the first time in ages. So no...Alex did not have a worse supporting cast than Cousins did.
  11. Why not? Cousins' numbers dipped jn 2017, but not too terribly much relatively speaking. Without a run game and no Reed or anyone else to throw to, he still went for more yards/game and TDs/game than Alex did in the same offense
  12. OTAs

    Shhhh...he's fantastic! He definitely will always have his spot locked up for as long as he wants.
  13. OTAs

    Asked and answered. Literally a dozen times already. Go back through the threads. I'm not going to rehash the rehash of the repeat of the saying-again of the restatement. I'm.just.not Oh...and just by asking the question above, you've revealed that you've completely missed the point we are making. But, please. By all means, engage in "Groundhog Day" all by yourself. I won't join you.
  14. Some people also think the Earth is flat. So that's something to think about also.
  15. OTAs

    The interesting thing about that throw is his feet were wrong there. That was all arm and torso. Once this guy fixes his feet, wow...(*) (*) yes I know not all throws can be made with perfect form