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  1. Okay. So we've been talking about guys who we are hoping to continue great seasons from last year. What I want to know is this. Who are the more under-the-radar guys (the ones that not everyone is talking about constantly) who you want to see improve, and why? I'll go first. Kelvin Harmon Go watch NFL Game Pass (Free right now) and watch this dude. He's good on his routes. Catches some balls that I didn't think he would and is sneakily fast. At times got left out of the conversation, but the dude WAS getting open. Especially when I could watch the games in person. You couId see it easily. Is he a burner? Will he be DJax speed? Nope. But I'm hoping he's improved his speed a bit. Because if he also takes another leap with TMac on the other side, I won't be too sad if we don't take a WR (or more than one) in this draft Jimmy F Moreland You knew this was coming. I love this guy. I love his tenacity. His aggressiveness. He is a better outside corner than inside. Which is also one of his downsides because of his height. However, covering tall receivers is not a new thing. At times he did play like a rookie (too many penalties) , but those were mostly from being too aggressive rather than he got beat and held. The times he was put outside, he usually locked his guy down. He likes to bait QBs into throwing and then make up the gap (which led to him getting 18INTs in college). He had a similar situation at JMU. So-so freshman campaign and then improvement as a sophomore and then skyrocketed in Jr/Sr seasons. I'm hoping that continues here.
  2. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    I'm completely convinced if, last year, Trent just says "hey I want an extension" and they say "Well, you have two more years, how about come play this year and we'll work one out" (and he came and played) that he would be extended by now. Probably in the same area you're talking about and with it the guaranteed $$ he keeps saying he wants. Alas, they chose scorched earth tactics
  3. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    Like I've said multiple times before. His agent is a moron. The only one who is a bigger moron is Trent. For continuing to employ him
  4. FFMD II Washington Redskins Front Office

    Thank you! At least SOMEONE loves me!
  5. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    If we can get a 3rd, he's gone.
  6. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    Ah yes, correct. That was @HTTRDynasty. Think what you want, but just because Dunny was our best CB doesn't mean that another team with better personnel and a better organization is going to regard him as a true #1 CB. Does he have talent? Yes. At times he plays very well. Other times, not so. Is he always injured? Yes. Last year was his best year and he still missed 5 games. Given the above, it's not a shocker that a malcontent with the above who is on his remaining year was shipped out of here. And not a shocker that we got a 5th rounder. Remember, being the #1 CB on this team last year doesn't mean much. I'll give you an analogy.
  7. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    Not if Trent sits out or only shows up for the last 6 games. The other team has to give him a large contract for him to trigger a 3rd round comp (while we don't sign many players for high contracts). Another team isn't going to give him a large enough contract if he's basically sat out for 2 years
  8. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    That won't happen
  9. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    Completely reasonable fear here. And I'm with @e16bball in saying I'll accept nothing (via no trade) rather than less than a 3rd (value - so it could be a 4th and another player - hopefully a starter). We need to be changing the culture n a positive way, but also letting the players know that they don't run the organization. In my current stint, for one of the contracts I manage, I joke that I've had to "beat the xxxx out of them" (where xxxx was the former company and we took over their employees). They had gotten too used to doing things the way they used to be handled. Which is why they were unsuccessful and my company took over and I was placed in charge of the transformation. This meant jettisoning some of the people who I could afford to, and telling some of the others to shape up. Most times it involves the carrot approach. But the stick absolutely works.
  10. FFMD II Washington Redskins Front Office

    I'm hurt. Hurt I tell you. Been a moderator here for over 5 years now. No one even sends me a card <sniff> J/k, I pinned it.
  11. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    YESSS!!!! And this leaves out that Trent's agent said one strategy he knew to get the organization to trade a player is to bash them. Hence his strategy from the beginning