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  1. Redskins Minority Owners Want Out

    Amen. These guys bought in 2003. That was before they had 2+ decades of Snyder's mismanagement. And back when the place was packed. Right now, they can get about $340-$350M for each 10% they own of the team. I'd cash out too if I were them.
  2. Okay. Since I started it, I'll go first. I will continue to not publicly take a side (for now) on the issue. I WILL state that I am given to understand that Snyder has already had the Warriors name trademarked well before this. Which is smart business sense. So odds-on favorite would be Warriors.
  3. Okay. I'm bringing this back so we can have this discussion. Many people feel this is a worthwhile discussion to have, so let's have it. So let's have a nice talk from me...your friendly neighborhood moderator. This site is a business for Webby. The more content posted, the more valuable it is for him. He also created it to allow us to discuss, laugh, poke fun at, etc... NFL teams (provided you follow the rules). But the value of this site diminishes when we go astray from the rules he set up. I hate locking threads. I hate giving out warnings. I hate being the bad guy. I'm the bad guy at home a lot when my kids act up and I hate it. But I'll do it if it means we can keep this place from devolving into a cesspool like tons of other forums are (seriously, take a gander at some of the other ones and see how much more civilized it is here). That's the job I took on as a Moderator when I was asked. You'll notice that I post here but I don't feel the need to jump into every discussion. That's because my role is to help foster discussion and keep us following the rules (and most times by the time I've read all of your posts, I'm too tired to post myself so if someone says something I would've said, I just give them a little football). When someone gets out of line, I warn them unofficially. If they keep going they get an official one. If they keep going after that, it's in Webby's hands (only a handful have been actually banned since I've become a mod). You guys are pretty good at self-moderating. So let's keep that up. So with that in mind, here's the deal: Discuss the team name change. Please. Do it. Pros. Cons. For it. Against it. Keep to the subject at hand. If you want to discuss the origination of names. That is fine. But follow the rules (No politics, etc...) Stop with the sexual innuendo and graphics. Stop with the stupid jokes (DC Snipers? Really???) Keep it on point. If you and another poster start having another discussion that has nothing to do with this topic. Open another thread. Everyone has a point of view. You may not like it. But that doesn't make them a bad person for not sharing your viewpoint. Always assume good faith on their part even if you think the position is wrong. No discussion of race. Obviously that will be tough considering we're discussing the current name. I know it's a thin line but the mods will help you understand where it is and gently nudge you away. Gonna keep this post open as much as I can. And instead will just start handing out official warnings. So if you have something that is more appropriate for, say, Twitter? Say it there. The mods and I will be closing or merging any other new post that deals with the name change. I know this is counter-intuitive to the above (no one likes reading the rules, I get it). But have fun. As @naptownskinsfan said:
  4. We're done here folks. Some of the posts in the last few hours (guy takes a break to eat dinner and relax and then comes back to some of these posts) were over the line. Gonna start insta-locking these threads from now on. They never end well and we end up locking them.
  5. Matter of fact, I just found out that Snyder has already trademarked Warriors.
  6. BTW @Beast, I think your comment about a name he can trademark is apropos. If the name is changed (and I were Snyder), I would go with something I could trademark and have exclusive to me. Going with other football team names or names of other sports teams is not gonna happen.
  7. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    5th. Best I can do
  8. Just reviewed the posts I missed before. We're done here as well.
  9. I did immediately. Could've gone with words "the team" in most of the places they inserted the name.
  10. There might be some ray of hope (for those wanting to keep the name) in that statement they put out. Two things I noticed immediately about the statement: 1) The word Washington Redskins was used an awful lot in that statement where the words ,"the team" could've been used instead. 2) Extensive Review/Exhaustive Review is DC doublespeak . There's no time frame listed and it could be just a way to play out the clock on this. Of course, it's entirely possible I'm wrong and they are trying to review and change before the new season starts. You're an attorney, what does the release say to you?
  11. I know quite a lot of people who would be done if the team changes the name.
  12. Oops. Just looked at some posts I missed. We're done guys.
  13. The FedEx deal works out to only about $7.5m a year. And it still is the biggest naming rights deal (none of the subsequent ones have been for as much). So even if the name were changed, Snyder is not getting that much again. Like I said, he can either go with another sponsor once this has died down or forego sponsors and just name it after something he likes. The other things (branding, marketing, fight song, etc...) have monetary value whether people want to believe it or not. So he will have to weight that when considering a name change.
  14. Yup. Winning cures everything.
  15. Again, you're looking at it via only a dictionary. The people protesting aren't caring about where the word comes from (the origination was not what the protesters say it is) or the current definition (dictionary definitions change over time and are a result of people -with their inherent biases- deciding what to place into it). My point is that any of those words can be the target of pressure on the league to force the owners to change the name. And then all one has to do if they balk is to point out that the Redskins were forced to do it an now the Kraft family must comply. Or the owners of Minny's team must comply. For example. I'm of Scandinavian heritage (father's side). My ancestors certainly never wore horned helmets. That could be viewed as offensive. And the term Viking is also offensive to many people in 2020. So if the Redskins are forced to change the name by the league, the dominos will fall eventually for the others. You might disagree and that is fine. But I'll bookmark this and come back in 10 or 15 years (after the Redskins are forced to change - if they are forced). and see which one of us was right.