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  1. Supp Draft at 1 p m ET Today

    I love the use of a 6th on this guy! Like E said, we get an extra year with him and if he had stayed I'm hearing he's at least a Day 2 pick in 2019
  2. He's HOF worthy in my book
  3. Only because youre entering a richer county
  4. I don't kno how many times it needs to be said. I DONT WANT IT IN ASHBURN. ITS FINE WHERE IT IS. That being said, the drive west is no different than me and the rest of Virginia coming east to Landover.
  5. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    YES!! BACK OFF!! Its gonna be like a Black Friday sale if you don't lol
  6. You talked about your personal commute. So am I. The entire DMV is made up of people on their personal commutes. I'm going from Landover to Leesburg. That' a pretty fair stretch. But whether the route is only 15 miles or 55, those areas are still parking lots. And 95 is still the only route that has the capacity to handle the traffic. Argue all you want about that last statement, but you know it to be true. As for working out for the entire DC area, let's review some #'s: Caps/Wizards seating capacity = 18,277 Nats seating capacity = 41, 313 For a total of 59,590 (*). That's around the old RFK #'s. So you've replaced the RFK people traffic (metro and vehicle) and broken it up into 2 different geological areas inside the city. Additionally, neither sport is a big tailgating sport so the outlay for an area for parking is not nearly as large. Now add a football stadium of 90k people into the mix. Over 50% more traffic than if both those sports were playing home games on the same day. All going to ONE location (not two). Yeah, not seeing how that's much better. And then add to that the rushhour traffic and if one of the other sports is at home that night (100-130k people)? That's a disaster for anyone who wants to get anywhere. (*) The Caps and Wizards can't both play a home game at the same exact time so the number gets counted only once.
  7. NFL Expansion Draft 2018 - Redskins

    This is not going to be pretty.
  8. And it's still within walking distance. And still just as packed after every game as if it were closer. And if it were closer the first cars would be even more packed. Yes, the beltway is awful. You'd still need to access it or cross it at some point regardless if you're in the city or not. Its 8 lanes that can handle the 10s of thousands of cars pouring out of the parking lots. Moving it into the city isn't going to magically fix the beltway. Nor will it improve metro As for DC, I used to work right next to Farragut Square for many many years. Not to mention going to all the bars on weekends. 295 is backed up every afternoon almost like a parking lot. That's just with daily traffic. Same with 395. If I tried to get home taking either of those routes, I'm looking at over 1.5 hours to my door. 66 just from Farragut Sq is 45 minutes in rush hour traffic. And you're still in DC! Not to mention the tolls now on 66. 495 is on the west side of the city (past 66). All of those routes suck to begin with during rush hour. They will suck the same on game days. But with the added bonus that DC streets will now ALSO suck more while having to deal with 10s of thousands of cars navigating through them so they can go sit in the 295/395 parking lot. Metro? Dont get me started on how it wont solve the issue. Meanwhile, from the moment I start the engine in my car, to the moment I pull in to my driveway in Leesburg, I rarely take more than 1 hr (longest was 1hr 25 mins). Because 95 can handle the load of traffic dumped on it at 4pm
  9. Huh?? Fed Ex field also has a metro stop. Look.At.The.Map As for the current location, its 1/2 mile from the largest interstate artery on the East Coast. With multiple directions from the stadium and multiple entry points onto that interstate. Emptying out the stadium is child's play now compared to what it would be if the stadium were inside DC. So yes, the location is just fine where it is.
  10. Things other than Redskins

    Yup. I wouldve been up there
  11. Gonna need Guice to be good as advertised. Gonna need Richardson to take the tops off defenses. And gonna need Alex to repeat what he did last year.
  12. Actually, take a look at the map of metro next time. Metro is an option. The stop is right near the stadium. As for most people driving to Nats, you're proving my point. Getting to RFK already sucked. Now add Nats car traffic to the mix. Best location is right where it is currently
  13. I have zero issues getting to Landover from all the way here in Leesburg. I like the location and think they should stay there