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  1. Quick! Everyone save all of @turtle28 's posts!
  2. Meant to post this yesterday and forgot. Thanks @turtle28for sharing.
  3. Trying to find that out myself.
  4. This might also be a "look" at the guy in case we need him due to injury later.
  5. I like the tone of the article. It was what I was saying earlier. There are always players who we aren't looking at who have great seasons and make the jump in their development. I'll be watching the QBs this season more intently.
  6. Yeah, I'm watching the tape on him and these are my random thoughts How Big IS He?? He's fairly fast. Not sure if it's an illusion because of the shorter legs or he really is that fast He's kinda slippery. That smaller size is helping Kinda smaller like Barry was. Wow for a small guy, he has some push to him when contact happens
  7. BTW - there were lots of things my Dad was good at that I wasn't as good at. Just because I share DNA with him doesn't mean I am his clone. I think that might be the same for Kyle and Beathard. So let's see how he does here. We know how Kyle did here and how they just drafted in Atlanta.
  8. @turtle28 I fixed the title. It was giving me Forrest Whitaker eye. You had it as Jeff "Bernard" instead of Beathard. And no way was I gonna look at that eighteen times a day. Sorry man. Just had to do it.
  9. Okay....weird flex but okay. Was thinking of after this year when Fitz is not on the roster.
  10. At this point, with the way they have approached the (re)build, this might be the better option. We're going to continue finishing middle of the pack and missing out on the blue chip guys at QB. And even then, they are all crapshoots. There's a premium to be paid to KNOW what you're getting in a QB like Watson. One of the only problems I have with it (now), is that there is a cloud over his head (let's avoid talking specifics please) and that needs to be taken care of first. Because given the scandal that this organization went through, I don't think we bring in someone with a similar one
  11. BTW - and this has nothing to do with the player selected. I actually really like the Cosmi pick. It's just his is the last one I saw, but I really love the video clips of the coaches talking to the players and telling them they are taking them.
  12. The more that I see of this kid, the more I'm in love with his play. He gets the route concepts in how they are meant to expose weaknesses in the defense and how to angle his routes and use leverage on the DB to get himself open. It will take some adjustment with his QB, but if it clicks, this is gonna be one helluva WR for years to come.
  13. Just saw this. https://www.totalprosports.com/2021/05/03/washington-red-wolves-emerging-as-leading-favorite-for-wft-nickname/
  14. Yup. I just had this discussion with my buddy. Houston is the favorite to go 1-16 next year
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