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  1. Cooley Film Breakdown vs. 49ers

    I'm cool with this. And in the meantime, coach him up on coverage!
  2. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    With his city ways and his city things. Like wearin' shoes, goin' to school and walkin' on pavement
  3. Cooley Film Breakdown vs. 49ers

    Only problem I have with him is he makes too many mistakes in coverage.
  4. Things other than Redskins

    So good week for me (except losing my fantasy game because Succop scored 21 points for my opponent). College Gameday came to my Alma Mater last Saturday and then we extended our win streak to 18 (longest current streak in D-1). And I just found out today that the baby my wife and I are expecting is a boy!
  5. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    For that matter, so do DL. The ability of Allen to take on double teams has freed up the other lineman and LBs to get home. As for OL not having any impact on other OL, I completely disagree with this. The presence of Scherff has helped Moses become a better RT. Its not a coincidence that he started playing like a legit RT when paired with Scherff on the right. As for a dropoff on the OL, I think there would definitely be one. IMHO, Moses would not be the player he is without Scherff to his left. Again, I know you disagree and that's cool. I just think you're wrong if you're assuming that only the OL work as a team and not the DL.
  6. Quinton Dunbar

    Agreed. I like how Dunbar has progressed. But if I'm picking Bree or him, its Bree 100% of the time.
  7. Matt Ioannidis

    I love how he has been beasting this year. I'm worried about his play dropping off as he takes on double teams that Allen was taking on. Allen really has been a fantastic addition to this defense.
  8. Cooley Film Breakdown vs. 49ers

    Yup. He mentioned the Niles Paul goal line play and how the bad blocking by the TE ruined that play as it was a score (IIRC)
  9. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    Nope. He's just a dink and dunk QB. We don't need him.
  10. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    Noted. And I agree (right now). I reserve the right to change my mind later.
  11. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    Yes. But his premise was that even IF you knew it was going to be a HoF Guard, you don't take it at #5. My point is that we won't really know until they both have played more years in this league as to which one was truly the better pick. Right now, I'd rather have Williams. But if Scherff plays longer and becomes more dominant and is a HoF Guard and Williams is just a good player, the scale tips to Scherff (for me).
  12. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    Again...for how many years? Your scenario was that going into the draft that I KNOW that Scherff will be a HoF Guard. You said nothing about a crystal ball about any other position. I have no surety that that LB...that DL...that WR...that DB is going to: A) Be able to play at a high level B) Stay healthy so he can be able to play C) Play long enough to lock down that position so I can go elsewhere in my future drafts But if I KNOW that the Guard is going to be a HoF Guard for my team, that means he's got that position locked down and will not only be elite in the running game but also pass blocking. Which is pretty darned important as many good/great QBs have had their careers cut short because of poor OL play. It also lets me focus my draft picks on a LB, DL, WR, DB in the first rounds of the next 9 drafts (assuming a 10 year career for the Guard). Again, I'm not talking a HoF Guard vs a HoF LB. I'm talking the surety of having a HoF Guard vs. the possibility of having a "good" LB or Dl or etc... Finally, I completely agree on the positional importance of some positions over others. The caveat here is the HoF calibre player and the crystal ball to know that I'm not wasting that pick on a Jamarcus Russell type player. That's worth something to me. And to me its worth #5. We can disagree. And I definitely see your point. I just disagree
  13. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    You can disagree all you want. And I understand why. But even at the top 5 or even top 10 of the draft, its a crapshoot as to which picks are gonna pan out. If you KNOW a player is going to have a HoF career for you, that surety is worth that pick. Again, we can disagree whether it was worth it now. Right now, I agree that I'd rather have had Williams. But if Williams develops into a good/great player...but not HoF type of player...and Scherff develops into a HoF Guard? Yeah, then its worth it to me.
  14. Cooley Film Breakdown vs. 49ers

    Yup. Cooley mentioned that our inability to run the ball really well on Sunday was more about how badly the TEs blocked (or didn't block) and that the OL actually did pretty well. Its just that when the TEs don't do their job, it screws the play up.
  15. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    A Hall of Fame Guard is most definitely worth a #5 pick. To me that's not even debatable.