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  1. Seriously?? That's like saying we're not gonna allow other teams to talk to Brice
  2. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Yup. Like I said. This guy is not Wentz. He didnt throw enough at NDSU to get any GM comfortable to take him before Day 3. And any GM who does, should be fired
  3. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I'll be the first to admit it if wrong, but he's gonna be a career backup QB.
  4. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    No. He is not another Wentz. I've watched a ton of his games. While he has an okay arm, and can make throws, most of his game is on the ground. The guy is going to be a backup in the NFL. I'd be surprised if he went before the 6th (right now). Obviously the combine, post bowl games and private workouts may change this. But his resume does not give one confidence to select him Day 1 or Day 2
  5. Kyler Murray

    Sorry Dad...
  6. Kyler Murray

    Not really. If you have a Lamborgini and I trade you 3 classic cars (corvette, mustang, comaro), plus my 2018 SUV, I'm still trading 4 cars to get your 1. Just because I got a car back doesn't negate that I gave up 4. I know its kinda hard to see it that way, but when dealing with picks, that's how you need to look at it
  7. Things other than Redskins

    Well...they promised!!
  8. Things other than Redskins

    We usually don't pay attention to JMU. Dunno why.
  9. The injury prone players need to go!

    I never said that S&C makes you "bulletproof". I said that you can reduce the likelihood of that collision causing damage. If you weaken the ligament through improper conditioning and recovery, you will suffer injuries at a greater rate. The torsion that ACL may take on a tackle may not cause a tear (partial or complete) if the ligament is not already weakened through improper S&C. That isn't an opinion. It's scientific fact. Strike 1 Yeah? They have. The teams that have good S&C programs in both the pros and the collegiate level do wonderful jobs. They suffer less injuries than their counterparts do. And their S&C coaches make quite a bit of money. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about S&C. This is fact. You're free to call me wrong all you want. But the fact is that S&C plays a huge part in helping to lessen the amount of injuries you have. Strike 2 Yeah? No. The "new" S&C head was a holdover from the previous regime. https://www.redskins.com/team/coaches-roster/chad-englehart He kept most, if not all, of the previous staff. So no...the reason why there was no difference in results is that it was the same approach to S&C. Strike 3. But by all means. Keep believing that the last 6+ years was just us being "unlucky".
  10. Things other than Redskins

    He's pretty good in coverage and I haven't seen many D1 DBs , coming out this year, with the hands and ballhawk skills he has Here's just a few of the highlights of his. This was his 100 yard pick 6 this year.
  11. Things other than Redskins

    Because with all this manure, there HAS to be a pony in here somewhere!