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  1. Free Agency 2018 || Redskins Re-Signings

    Last year, we had even less than they had in terms of imparting fear in opposing defenses. They also had the #1 rusher to keep defenses honest.
  2. Remaining Possible Free Agents...

    Yeah...Hankins needs to be signed. Yesterday
  3. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    Guys, while I love a good Cousins debate as much as the next person, the fact is that he is now a Minnesota Viking. And since that is the case, I think we should wind this down so that we can focus on the players, coaches, and front office who are still here. However, I am leaving @Woz the prerogative of opening it back up if he wants to (since he was the OP).
  4. I locked this thread for obvious reasons. You guys literally know why. A few things: 1) You guys know Webby's rules. You know you need to follow them. They are posted. And in a language we all understand. 2) @Wozand I have families. We're both married and while Woz has 2 kids, I have one (with another one on the way in about 5 weeks). In the meantime, we have jobs, spouses, parents, inlaws, errands, hobbies, etc... that take up our time. So we cannot be on the forum 24/7. But even with that, you guys can refer to #1. 3) When we come on the boards we like to interact and respond to the topics. But then we also have to moderate. So then we will read through the posts that you guys put up since our last visit. And while we may not see every post, we will generally see what people have posted and then do our jobs (if we need to). 4) Moderators are here to help facilitate discussion and enforce forum rules. Sometimes that is done by locking threads (like this one) when its gotten out of hand. Sometimes its telling people to cut it out. Sometimes, if nothing has worked, it is by warning people. 5) See #4. When someone gets warned a few too many times, Webby makes a decision on banning that poster. And the recommendation of the Moderator is heavily taken into account. 6) Let the moderators do their jobs. If you have an issue with a post or someone, PM one of us and we'll take a look. 7) Given that we generally view this forum as family, Woz and I are pretty lenient with you guys so that you can discuss topics without stifling conversation. 8) However, if you want us to be strict hard***es we can be. Your call. 9) Since this is something akin to a family here, its natural that we are going to argue about things and sometimes get a little heated. If you feel that you're starting to get angry, step away or just ignore the topic. Its not hard to do. 10) I see people complain about "so and so" has a long rope, etc... Now, I can't speak for @Woz but I can tell you that pretty much everyone on this forum has been given a lot of rope many times. So when you want to start complaining about the "other guy", realize that to someone else, YOU might be that "other guy". Just discuss football, guys. Please.
  5. Free Agency 2018 || Redskins Re-Signings

    A few I do know that. You are right. I just don't think anyone had it near as bad as we did last year. We had a salary cap issue at the end of the year, if you remember, where we couldn't have signed Zach Brown to an extension even if we wanted to because we had to account for all the guys on IR for cap purposes.
  6. Free Agency 2018 || Redskins Re-Signings

    Yeah, we had guys that we picked up on Tuesday, starting that Sunday (see: Dallas game). The OL coach didn't even have a chance to learn the guy's name that he's yelling at in the game.
  7. Agreed. Had you talked to me in 1992, I would've been the most positive fan you would've ever met. And even still positive in 1999. 2 decades of dysfunction has replaced that. Having said this, I think its time to retire this post since we're no longer discussing football and instead are discussing "who is a better fan".
  8. I mean, yes and no. Orakpo's rookie season he got 11 sacks and Andre Carter also got 11. Check out the numbers for Clark, Sanders and Monk during the glory days. But yes, it CAN happen. As for who is the better pure pass rusher, its Quinn. Who would I take? Kerrigan. I think he's a more complete player.
  9. Very true. In fact, I would hope that is how it played out. However, the way Jay worded it, it appears he didn't know they were pursuing Alex until Brice called him to ask "How do you like him?" I also saw Chris Russell get blasted. Doesn't mean asking the question (which is what he did), was wrong.
  10. The way Jay worded it was that Bruce was already dealing for Alex and then he got asked about him.
  11. Things other than Redskins

    Yeah, for a few years, that is very true. Back when I was there the ones winning were JMU, ODU, VCU and occasionally Richmond or UNCW
  12. Things other than Redskins

    Yeah, sorry man. My previous post was not intended as snarky but sincere. I have some College BB heartbreak too. JMU under Lefty had one of its best teams ever (which couldve gone deep ijn March) in the CAA tourney as #1 seed. We lose first round to Navy. Frickin Navy. So I empathize
  13. Things other than Redskins

    Please do not get near @Woz with sharp objects right now. Sorry man. You need a cuddle or something?