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  1. Congrats to the winners. The Sean Taylor award came down to a three way tie (and was why I was waiting for late votes to come in just to break it - they didn't so we have three new winners for that award. Each one is more than deserving of it IMHO) The best non WFT poster was pretty much the only unanimous award. Award Winners for 2021 - Most Active Poster (Russ Grimm Award) @lavar703 - Best Mock Drafter (Bobby Beathard Award) @LoganF89 - Most Knowledgeable Poster (Joe Gibbs Award) @e16bball - Funniest Poster (John Riggins Award) @Jeezy
  2. Results are in! I'm going to post them soon-ish. We have a tie for one of the awards and I think I'm gonna let it stand.
  3. So maybe trading out and so giving up our 1st for a team's 2022 1st and a 2021 2nd or 3rd wouldn't be the worst idea?
  4. I think it has less to do with any of that and more of the "more work for Webby". He shouldn't have to do two changes if he only needs to wait and do one.
  5. Yup. We have the draft capital to do it. But ONLY if we use one of the thirds. Anything more and I don't want to do it. And yes, if the QBs and others are gone by the time we pick, I'd love to trade down and/or out of the 1st and pocket another team's 2022 first rounder as a result.
  6. I'm liking my decision to make WFT a verb, more and more each day
  7. Nope. Webby said he will change it when the team changes theirs.
  8. Been traveling for work. Will circle with @naptownskinsfanand get the winners announced soon(ish).
  9. It's certainly possible that this is his new norm. But since it's such a small sample size and this is his best game he's played, I'm more confident in calling it the "game of his life" rather than just a normal game for him...right now.
  10. Agreed. But the question was how much would I be willing to move up for the LT. So I'm operating under that scenario. If it's an elite LT that locks it down for 10 years? I'd go up about 5 spots from where we are now.
  11. I'm not up on the LT prospects. But if we truly view this guy as a franchise LT (a la Trent Williams without the drama)? I'd move up 5 spots to grab him. Going all the way up to 8-10 would be too much draft capital to give up. Of course...<you know what I'm going to say>
  12. Which is why I said, if we're getting rid of Alex, we sign Fitz to mentor the QB we draft.
  13. I'm not one for wishing ill on someone, but for him? I hope he has a raging case of hemorrhoids that never heals.
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