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  1. They seem to be playing with a sense of panic.
  2. Ty its a football game. Remember the football game?
  3. And if everything else is perfect it goes right through the receiver's hands.
  4. Is Fuller following their top receiver? Vildor has made plays on both the left and right side of the D
  5. Being a Bears fan has many fringe benefits such as the strong arm muscles you get from constantly throwing things at the TV.
  6. You do realize if the Bears go to the super bowl that may just give Pace and Nagy the confidence, and leeway, to step back and rebuild the line like they should have done instead of trading for Mac. Yes that is with the benefit of hind sight but, hey, I'm a fan so I'm allowed😁 I think this is a measuring stick game. If the Bears are at least competitive with the team with the second best record in the conference I think they try and develop enough diversity in the Mitch friendly version of Nagy's offense and use the first round pick for a left tackle. I just hope it is a good one🙏 28
  7. Combine this with Washington beating the Bears in the Conference championship. The two worst records in the playoffs. The perfect end to a bazaro year.
  8. Not the way we want to get off the field
  9. I have about had it with the knee shots GB is taking on our ball carriers.
  10. Roquan has an elbow injury and he is questionable
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