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  1. The worst part was Jackson was standing there like hw wasn't allowed to go in the end zone
  2. Not sure if it was the 35 year old popcorn popper or the 5 year old popcorn but my second half snack was most unsatisfying?
  3. Is this a complicated way to say he might not be bad?
  4. The longest gain on that Viking drive was the sack on Dalton😉
  5. If Dalton can run for a TD then you know the Vikes are already on the way home!
  6. Fair question and any enthusiasm needs to be tempered but you have to play who you play
  7. I think it is safe to say more of the Vikings are mentally in the off season then ther are Bears players.
  8. Desai has always struck me as a guy who would lean and improve and encourage those around him to also.
  9. I think it will continue into the playoffs. Yes.
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