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  1. I like riding but I`m with you. Spend $400 on a decent bike and the rest on goodies.
  2. I have only been there few times but it seems like almost no one actually drives to Soldier field, probably due to limited parking. It seems most people either take CTA shuttles or walk from near by L stations. I am assuming Arlington will not have the same alternate infrastructure. Besides part of the attraction of Arlington is lots of room for parking, and tailgating, but that takes good roads. Since lots of state legislators come from Chicago and the down state Republicans will likely not want to spend the money that gives the powers in Chicago leverage. Time to find a back room and
  3. If he can stay healthy. He only manage 8 games in 4 seasons in Denver
  4. It may be convenient when you`re only talking about 30,000 to 50,000 people going to the races or a concert but 90,000+ people on 53 even with the Metra stop sound challenging unless the state comes through with some infrastructure improvements. That may prove challaning unless whoever is the mayor gets a bone or two.
  5. I've had to check my phone at the door when visiting a few customers.
  6. Sounds like a feature that someone who works for a defense contractor would really need to turn off when at work😰 I used to work for an aerospace company and in my "spare time" I was an export control focal for them. If we gave foreign customers a tour we had to make sure they did not even see some pieces of equipment even when all they would have seen was a metal box that looked like it contained electronics. I can't even imagine the possible export violations if google assistant was listening in on some meetings 😱
  7. I don't disagree. I was talking a gadget or "what are they doing" type plays. Also I really don't want to see it until we start to see the basic of fence starting to roll'
  8. Kind of a Wierd Al/Tom Lehrer type of thing! I'm eager the hear it.
  9. just to take an excursion into the crazy here but what do you think the chances are that Nagy will try lining them up in a wishbone or T with Williams, Cohen and Monty all on the field at once. Maybe they actual run, maybe two of them suddenly split out as WR or they all go out in the pattern with Kmet and Graham. The variations could be interesting and once Fields is behind center life could rally get fun!
  10. I worked my way through collage working nights in a grocery store. Went to work in holey blue jeans and torn t-shirts. My first "real" job when I graduated I had to wear a shirt and tie. My first day I barely made it out of the building with my tie still on. It was 6 months before I made it all the way to my car before I had the tie off.
  11. I think you could make a case for either but Heinz D. is right about not mattering much who is second place. The reality is that neither ever rose to the level of a franchise QB. McMahon largely for the very reasons dll2000 mentions. Kramer was never good enough to elevate the team around him to playoff contention also his lack of mobility exposed him to injury as much as McMahon's aggressive use of his mobility made him injury prone.
  12. Looking at the beef they now have on the OL and Montgomery's performance at the end of the last season I'm guessing we may see a resurgence of the running game to start the year regardless of who is the QB.
  13. That was the Bears chance to have a 20 year run with arguably two back to back "franchise" Quarterbacks. Instead we've had almost 80 years of visits of the QB clown car interrupted by intermittent periods decent QB play that never lasts long. Even Wade and McMahon were really just good quarterbacks on very good teams.
  14. One should never spurn a gift from the NLF gods. Re: the Bobby Lane curse. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2652877-urban-legends-the-curse-of-bobby-layne It should be note that the Bears also traded Bobby before he reached the Lions and took them to four of the next seven NFL championship games winning three of them. Though the Bears have won two championship games since then they have never had a truly special and durable quarterback since then.
  15. Yes we must remember that our stomachs can only take so much acid before we get an ulcer so lets not waste it.
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