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  1. Yea I don't think Mixon is going to do mine much good this week but I'll take it
  2. He does need to work on his pillbox menuver
  3. I think someone finally found that old box of defensive Mojo in the locker room
  4. Love seethe fat men get an INT
  5. So it appears the rumors of the Defenses decline are a little premature
  6. Now that is a turnover celebration. Be careful you don't get called for taunting🤣
  7. Actually on the first one the entire D line twitched when Fields did.
  8. Feilds is twitching. Needs to settle down.
  9. A real learning experience And the first turnover
  10. Now theO needs to put some more points on th board. Can't expect the D to stop them all day
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