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  1. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    I saw on a FB thing that some former Packer (JJ?) Is going to break it.
  2. I'm TRYING to replicate and cannot...
  3. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Both Moore and ESB are legit deep threats IMO.
  4. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    Yup. Exactly this. I didn't think either of Cobb or Jordy were worth their 2018 numbers. Jordy would be a serviceable #3 RZ, 3rd down guy on a dirt cheap deal. That's about it.
  5. Ha Ha graduated

    It just seemed like a weird thing for you to say, just struck me as funny
  6. Ha Ha graduated

    I laughed out loud at this.
  7. Hope he measures up. For his sake.
  8. Oh I knew he wouldn't though because it was obvious watching him.
  9. Are you saying I'm cwoods daddy?
  10. Also, who was the first one here to spot the talent that a team traded away 2 first round picks for??? Eh eh? I remember @CWood21 scolding me for suggesting Davenport was a first rounder. Tee hee
  11. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    I am hopeful that MM completely overhauling the playbook this year results in more opportunities for talented young pass receivers. Graham, Moore, ESB, etc are all going into their first year with Rodgers. If we want the most out if the roster, MM and AR need to craft an offer see that gets them involved sooner than later. Gone are the days of Jennings, Jordy, Driver, Jones, etc. coming back every year. Somethings gotta change. And sounds like MM realizes this.
  12. 4th Round Pick (133rd Overall): J'Mon Moore [WR; Mizzou]

    Yes that's what talent means.
  13. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    Can anyone point to a time that Gutekunst cut a 4th round rookie? THOUGHT NOT
  14. It wasnt a proposed nickname, it was a decree.