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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Your school is puny. I was in the 40s. Bumper crop for my school ha
  2. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Well, they are already subtracting the draft class money in that "calculation". $5million left after signing current draft pick slots.
  3. Green Bay Big Board - #2

    1. Nick Bosa I vote for Q Williams again.
  4. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    It's really not that hard of a concept to get behind either IMO. It seems so obvious.
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    What more needs to be shown? A 4.5 vs 4.7 TE is a very different player...
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

  8. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I got excited about Riley after reading Cadmus' breakdown TBH Would be pretty happy with another safety signing here...
  9. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    @Cadmus does
  10. oh you guys... it was a joke...NFL production
  11. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    I'm excited to watch @Outpost31 track Z Smith (and/or P Smith) vs Mack throughout 2019. I suspect the production might not be that far off
  12. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Little confused if Sweat had an elite 3cone, why is he last in "bend/flexibility". Seems those are at odds with each other.
  13. What's not to like? very little NFL production unproven
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    https://www.packers.com/news/adderley-family-tree-has-another-branch-reaching-nfl Good read on the Adderleys
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Also, I was totally joking about his name being up there. I thought they weren't even spelled the same. I just realized right now they are actually related ha