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  1. Ugh, one day when I get bored I'm going to set up a database that determines an expected AV for a given draft capital class and then calculates the actual. Do this for every draft and rank GMs of the past.
  2. The funny thing is, if we had drafted: 1st - Aaron Jones 2nd - Kevin King 3rd - Josh Jones 4th - Jamaal Williams everyone would have AT LEAST one letter grade better on their grade, with the exact same players lol.
  3. The scheme fit is the nuance I mention. But hopefully you hire a coaching staff that can pivot as well. Ultimately, that's another way to grade the GM
  4. I think that of course the decision on 2nd contracts is part of the grade for a GM. But it falls outside of a "draft" grade. Two distinct staffs as well to manage.
  5. More or less I feel of a player succeeds elsewhere the blame lies with the staff and not the drafter. There are nuances, of course, but I feel this is largely the case.
  6. He adds another 9 AV. But one should probably increase the expected AV if adding in UDFAs as well. Wish that site had an equation for that curve...
  7. Kevin King is, at worst, a C. C'mon... Let's have realistic expectations here. https://statsbylopez.com/2016/05/04/approximate-value-and-the-nfl-draft/ As an example, King has a career AV of 16 (already) and his draft position looks like (roughly) a career AV of 30 is "expected". King is 26 years old and will almost certainly have several more years of starts in the league. His AV is hampered primarily by health as well, so if he finds a way to stay healthier as a veteran he will likely surpass expectations. He's definitely on pace to meet expectations currently and is therefore
  8. please edit your post this is the WORLD WIDE WEB
  9. in cases like this, I HIGHLY suspect this contract will be structured in a per game bonus way that he COULD get up to $9.4 mil if he plays in every game or something
  10. Had a dream last night that he came back to play but then sat out mid-game after a bad interception lol
  11. So the template is to get as many really good players as you can? I think everyone agrees with that "template", the difficulty is execution. Not a lot of really good players at the most important position willingly taking below market deals and keeping their ego in check enough to build a team around them. n=1 in modern NFL history in finding the key piece to make that template executable.
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