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  1. Sounds like exactly what I did to mine. Complete ACL rupture, MCL partial tear, PCL sprain, torn meniscus and cartilage. I played pickleball in gym the next day with a brace on and beat a girl named Jessica to secure my #1 overall seed in the tournament. This is all actually 100% true.
  2. i know MY employer has a checkbox for "have you placed your hands on an infected person's bottom?"
  3. now might be a great time to sell. Hospitals are buyers for real estate currently.
  4. Has this ever been in doubt about anything the league implements for "player safety"?
  5. I know what you meant, but I still want to promote this as a running joke for the forum now. so i will.
  6. this makes me question my own recent promotion to WFA senior analyst now...
  7. i guess i don't remember that. I just remember a lot of people saying he needed to re-focus. But I also have a lot of people on ignore (probably the type that would say things like that) so it's possible I missed it all.
  8. there is? how? Rodgers being better in 2020 doesn't mean he wasn't good in 2019
  9. It's hard to argue against this point. It's odd to me because he flashes sometimes and you're left thinking he's better than he actually is. If he puts it together though...
  10. Need to see the character of this team after a tough loss. If we win like 42-10, I'll have a shred of hope for the playoffs. Still wish we'd have replaced Pettine. Someone needs to wake the f up on that side of the ball.
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