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  1. How the NFL should get to an 18 Game Schedule

    How about rather than a game count there's a snap count? Would reward efficient squads too then I suppose.
  2. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    Lmao at matt ryan over Aaron Rodgers!
  3. Bloodshed Mafia CIVS WIN!!!

    How does anyone even remember me? Is there a hall of fame?
  4. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I see 10 pees
  5. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    The proof of the minced meat filled intestine is in the eating.
  6. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    If our LBs pick up this attitude we will be the slowest team in the history of the NFL to react to the snap.
  7. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    I thought we already knew this? This was a big talking point during the hire.
  8. Wide Receiver Outlook

    This pic is a good example of how natural of a catcher he is
  9. Packers Off-season Mini-Camp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Who is the 2nd best impure punter of all time?
  10. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    He doesn't even looked pissed off though. Or intense. He just looks like a tired fool.
  11. Is Winston Moss on his way out of Green Bay

    Believe it or not but your's truly can sometimes have an acerbic tongue. I occasionally hear (from my wife) it's not what you say, it's how you say it. This holds here too. His demeanor is overall awful. Painful to watch. Nothing like BB's interviews. There's an enormous distinction.
  12. GM Brian Gutekunst is Having a Nice Rookie Year

    I have an opinion on all of this.
  13. Best weather in the country

    "The cold keeps the bad people away." - Prince
  14. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    This was a nudity joke
  15. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    And the white robe out