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  1. Been saying the saints are washed Might finally be right ha
  2. That year to year consistency is nuts
  3. Must be why he lasted til the 5th round You're such an asset here lol
  4. I think Jones is a plus player, absolutely. There's no question there's risk in trying to replace him. Odds are his replacement will be less valuable. But I suspect the overall product would be better with his expected resources used elsewhere. He's a weapon and I would love it if we can find a way to keep him that makes sense for our roster construction. I just have my doubts.
  5. if you rearrange that sentence a little bit, same thing happens to me
  6. i remember when @palmy50 still posted here and you had a big ol' crush on him
  7. Why is there more than one scheme in the league at all? People have different ideas. There's really nothing more or less to it than that lol
  8. not every team runs a scheme that maximizes the skillset of Aaron Jones type players...
  9. This is the hard part. It's tough to analyze because you see a guy get 240yds and 3 TDs (and look good doing it) and you assume he's a special talent. Aaron Jones has some special parts to his game, BUT, that guy is in just about every draft and can be had for low capital. Obviously our team is worse without him in a vacuum, but it's likely our team is better with whatever price he'll be spent elsewhere.
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