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  1. There's just no other way to cap 2020 than to see Brady win another ring. It's the year of the awful. This was so obvious.
  2. I'm convinced if the ref hadn't called that, Rodgers legacy is COMPLETELY different.
  3. The correct answer is: nobody cares because the NFL season is over Won't watch this is the next game. Don't care at all.
  4. Maybe Rodgers is the curse I don't understand why we seem to fold as a team after he makes mistakes, but it seems like clockwork. someone (not me because it's depressing af) should see how many points our defense gives up after Aaron Rodgers InTs on a per INT basis and compare it to other teams. Maybe it just hits harder because they're so few and far between...but man we seem to fold so easy. Like it opens the floodgates for everyone to mess up suddenly.
  5. Brady threw up like 3 terrible ducks... He played badly, and we didn't come close to capitalizing. He should have had at minimum 4 INts (redmond), so I'm not convinced by using brady as a shining example of QB play today.
  6. And I can't believe we lost that one, either. Football is stupid
  7. There's probably 10 teams that beat us the way we played today...
  8. You pay him. This OL was the engine of this offense. You keep this OL in front of your aging Rodgers without question. Linsley is elite and there's no reason he won't be for another 2-3 years where'd he be seeing the bulk of his new money.
  9. I think Clark will likely grade out well, too, off the top of my head.
  10. Agreed. Pettine's error here is the elephant in the room though. It was the most egregious mistake of the game with the most significant consequence. Other errors happened along the path this one set us on.
  11. I'll be shocked if he's back. Not that this game is to blame on him (although I accept the argument it can because of the completely inexcusable call at the end of the half) but it's obvious after what has happened this season, for it to end like this, that it would be too toxic to keep him around regardless of his actual ability. You don't call him out as a HC repeatedly, have vets approach him, blow that play knthe NFCCG, and have success with him on your staff moving forward.
  12. It's hard to ignore an backbreaking, boneheaded call that changed the entire game plan, however. As good (ish) as the defense was for 59+ minutes. That one play is just purely inexcusable from a coach in this game. It's a fireable offense.
  13. Yes, that was a bad ball by Rodgers. He missed that, Lazard wide open for a TD, a walk-in TD and a wide-open Adams on the free play (forgot how that drive ended, however). Rodgers wasn't perfect. If he played as well as his had in probably 75% of the games this year, we win. But the same goes for several other players and coaches, too. On their side as well. Davante doesn't sniff the list of people to lay ANY blame on today, however.
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