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  1. Love Adams as well, but this isn't the offense you pay the biggest WR contract for. That ruins the value of having a guy like MLF as your coach.
  2. They have full autonomy. They can choose to be selfish and risk the consequences in or out of the NFL. No one is forcing a vaccine. However, the league is implementing potential consequences for the choice. The choice is still their's to make!
  3. Hopkins didn't pack a SINGLE ITEM in his locker!
  4. I wonder what would happen if one team had 5 guys with covid and the other team had 7 and they cancelled. Would they both get a loss?
  5. Same logic: those who don't get vaccinated are responsible for anyone's medical/funeral bills that they pass covid along to.
  6. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-covid-19-outbreaks-unvaccinated-players-forfeit-cancelled-game Love the hard-line stance the league is taking. Let teams be responsible for who they employ. This will hopefully encourage vaccine-resistant players to recognize their jobs are at SERIOUS risk now if they fail to protect themselves on the rest of society. Guilty team would record a loss and have financial penalties. It makes total sense to do it this way. Well done, NFL.
  7. same. this makes up for my anticipated 2021 GB Packer letdown. I have more faith in the brewers to win the world series with their pitching than GB to win a super bowl
  8. lol, you stole my point a couple minutes before me while I was typing and looking at the season results
  9. too bad Aaron Rodgers isn't Tom Brady and would have decided to man-up like Tom did after drafting Garapolo in 2014. Brady proceeded to win 3/4 super bowls in the 5 years following his drafting. Rodgers is a enormous d-bag beta who is threatened by Love now and wants to take the ball home. The GBP went all-in at several super bowl runs. One draft pick (where literally no "weapons" were even available) is not indicative of the FO mindset. Rodgers is soooo butthurt he ignores the dozens of other moves that CLEARLY indicate the team is "all-in" NOW. He's so pathetic. This is why he'll n
  10. And the deer district just counts for one household/tv!
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