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  1. The right to? I dunno what you mean by that. They certainly could if they wanted to. The gamble being you might choose to sue them. This question is very very gray. But if you are asking if it's illegal for them to do so, it is not (by itself) illegal for them to. Certain types of information may violate some laws, but there's not a blanket determination.
  2. It doesn't matter what I believe. Many courts have ruled in favor of employers to monitor your Gmail if you access it on work equipment, yes. I happen to agree with the courts. If you use your work computer for personal business you should have no assumption of privacy. It's THEIR equipment and THEIR risk if you do stupid stuff on THEIR network. Anyone who thinks they should be able to access whatever they want for personal use on work equipment without being supervised is entitled beyond belief IMO.
  3. Yes, on personal accounts. However, this was originally about work email AND I stand by my point that his absolute statement employers have no legal right to monitor personal email is still flat out wrong. In many cases they do.
  4. Of course Aaron reads my posts. Although I'm concerned that Bakh is running like a baby deer
  5. to add to this, Jaylon Smith has 3 seasons with higher AV than Mercilus did in his first 4 seasons
  6. you're being hyperbolic Jaylon Smith had a couple of very productive seasons in Dallas.
  7. i'm not wrong on any level about this the facts are VERY clear: employers absolutely have the right to monitor work email traffic in all cases and many courts have also agreed they can monitor ANY work-supplied equipment usage (as they should be able to).
  8. you're just flat out wrong. maybe that's what you WANT to be the truth, but it's not the actual truth. It's hilarious to me that you want SO much privacy on your company supplied equipment. What sorta things do you need to do so privately at work? Do they pay you to be private and sneaky on their time on their equipment? Such an entitled thing to feel. What happened to personal responsibility?
  9. We just saw that Preston is expected to play this week.
  10. Z Smith on IR P Smith with an oblique injury last week Depth signing, I'll take it.
  11. wonder if we cut Smith when we sign Mercilus
  12. Dude...seriously? These conversations happened over work email, of which your employer has every right to monitor. Furthermore, they can monitor your "personal" email if you use work equipment to access it. There is absolutely zero defending Gruden here.
  13. Considering there's no rational argument to exclude Rodgers from the top 5 all time QBs, pretty much every other QB belongs on this list instead of him.
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