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  1. I use the following algorithm to remember how: Step 1: Type the "@" key
  2. that goal-line run defense where Z picks the inside gap is super super gross
  3. #bringbackCapers #butseriously #betterthanPettine
  4. The vikings don't belong in this thread. They don't qualify as a rival this year.
  5. I wanted him gone last year already. I was fully onboard replacing him when we hired LaFleur. I wanted Steve Spagnuolo
  6. this is highly inappropriate, young man
  7. i missed the malf nomination even if i had seen it i still would have done this
  8. I'm ready to carry the torch for awhile since @Outpost31 created a losing game theda last week. When: 12:00 Noon Central Daylight (last one!) Time Where: A New Blue State Why: Unadulterated Entertainment Who: Us, Them What: A blowout. A crushing. A formidable display of force. An unstoppable object (LaFleur) that meets a moveable force (BoB's backup). GB: Gets back on track against a lousy defense - 38 HOU: Realizes they still suck even without BoB - 27
  9. i was concerned for his ribs on that one, but it looked like he took the brunt of it on his hip. Likely a big bruise - but no excuse for his mental weakness/poutiness the rest of the game.
  10. There wasn't a blue-print that dismantled the offense. We jumped out to a 10-0 lead and then the following: (1) Aaron stared Davante down and threw a pick-6 (2) Aaron forced a ball to Davante that was deflected by DB for another pick (3) Aaron missed several throws to wide-open guys BADLY Aaron dismantled this offense pretty much single-handedly after the offense looking pretty sharp to start.
  11. I spent $0.24 on the ramen and like $8 on the organic, free-range bone broth i cook it in lol
  12. Fired Offensive Coordinator in Dec, 2012. Went onto Super Bowl. so not playoffs, but a few weeks before ha
  13. i think we would have been fine if not for the 2nd int that was an emotional trainwreck. I think he just got pouty after that, missed a couple throws that could have made a difference, and then everyone stopped caring
  14. We jumped out to a 10-0 lead. We definitely didn't come out flat. This team/game fell apart after the 2nd INT and gave up. Nothing more, nothing less.
  15. he's been out of hte league for awhile, right? I remember including him in all my Mach's before his issues became known. As a player, he was/could have been, a fantastic piece.
  16. yadon'tsay.nickcage.gif lol pretty sure you tell us all that every chance you get
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