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  1. Same, but will it be worth it when they're riding down Broadway with the Lombardi? Hell yes 😁
  2. Ok are we facing the Colts or the ******* zebras today?
  3. I truly believe we see a big turnaround this week. We start out slow but play a complete 4 quarter football game and play like we are supposed to.
  4. Are these announcers openly pulling for the jags first win? Pathetic pieces of ****.
  5. We are really going to lose to a qb who hasn't even hit puberty.
  6. Thanks. I know people are down on only getting a 7th, but I think it will be for the best in the long run.
  7. Hey guys. Not sure how all this cap stuff works, but could this trade be to free up money for Henry, and Logan Ryan? Or are we trying to land someone big?
  8. That's what I'm worried about. What about free agency? That's a bunch of players flying around lots of places.
  9. I still feel confident going into the 2nd half with Tannehill playing like he is today. Defense HAS to get a turnover and/or rattle the **** out of Carr.
  10. Arthur Smith has got to be fired during the bye week. When I can sit back and predict every single play, imagine what a NFL defensive coordinator can do. This is just pathetic.
  11. They still need to get open a little quicker, but yes it seems like they are playing harder for Tannehill, or maybe he is just making better decisions.
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